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  1. Can we get a tutorial (step by step) of this? Please????
  2. I’ve figured it out for the ipad in Affinity Photo! Draw a pen line or choose a shape tool. Set this item at active so there will be a square around it. Choose the text tool. Set the cursor it at the line or the shape and start typing. The text will follow the curves of the line or shape. And the best part..... if you draw a line with the pen tool and like to change the curves, the text is moving also!!
  3. Thanks a lot!!! I enabled it and so far it works! I’m working at a new iPad 12” 2020 and looked at my old 12” but the Touch for gestures only is not enabled at that one. So I think the screen of the new iPad is more sensitive.
  4. Hi, I have a weird problem when I draw with the Apple pen at my iPad 12”: very often a stroke appears, this is a straight line and comes from my wrist or my sleeve. Is there a possibillity to let AP “know” that I only draw with a pen and not with my fingers? This issue is new for me. I use AP and the pen several years and I never had this problem before. Do I have to put the pressure for the screen up/down and if so, where can I find it? Hope there is a solution for it.
  5. Thank you so much for the answer. I had Adobe Fresco installed too so I removed that app and now I can download the psd files but when I install Fresco again, the problem is back, psd files are not downloadeble. I do need Fresco sometimes also Procreate and that’s why I save my paintings as a psd. For now I can use Affinity but is there a possibillity to use both programms?
  6. This happened yesterday at my ipad 12” for the first time and only once! I use Affinity a lot, every day several hours and I thought I did something wrong. 🙃
  7. This is not possible at Affinity Photo for the iPad? I’ve search all the filters but there is no Distort?
  8. I love the drawings, the colors and the details. But...(there is always a but....) the eyes are a little creepy. To big or to round and without a glance. They are not adorabel as they should be... Anyway, nice work!
  9. I think they are not compatible even if they are written in ttf. This happends with some brushes too.
  10. I made a line of dots in Designer and I like to make a brush of it. I found a tutorial but that was in Affinity at a computer. I work with an iPad Pro 12”. .
  11. If I understand this correcly there is no possibility to add some fonts in ttf format in Affinity as you add brushes? I’m working with Affinity Photo and Designer at my iPad Pro 12”
  12. Thank you for the tip! I didn’t know this one but it was not what I ment. In the meantime I figuret out how to draw a circle with a thin line. I use the shape tool and choose for donut. If I put the hole radius to 98 I get the line thickness I want! (I used Photoshop for ages but that doesn’t work at the iPad and now it so much fun to work with AP.) Thanks a lot everyone!
  13. Hi, maybe it isn’t possible but I just like to know and I hope I can explain what I’m looking for: I like to know if it is possible, just the way I draw a straight line with the pen tool and put the Width at 5 pt. to make a circle with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (persona selections) and do the same. So it will be still a circle when I deselect the dot line. (To make a circle with the pen tool is to difficult.) I work at the iPad Pro with Affinity Photo.
  14. Save and Export from Pixelmator is possible in 4 ways: pxm, png, psd and jpeg. So I cann’t export in .pdf
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