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  1. This happened yesterday at my ipad 12” for the first time and only once! I use Affinity a lot, every day several hours and I thought I did something wrong. 🙃
  2. This is not possible at Affinity Photo for the iPad? I’ve search all the filters but there is no Distort?
  3. I love the drawings, the colors and the details. But...(there is always a but....) the eyes are a little creepy. To big or to round and without a glance. They are not adorabel as they should be... Anyway, nice work!
  4. I think they are not compatible even if they are written in ttf. This happends with some brushes too.
  5. I made a line of dots in Designer and I like to make a brush of it. I found a tutorial but that was in Affinity at a computer. I work with an iPad Pro 12”. .
  6. If I understand this correcly there is no possibility to add some fonts in ttf format in Affinity as you add brushes? I’m working with Affinity Photo and Designer at my iPad Pro 12”
  7. Thank you for the tip! I didn’t know this one but it was not what I ment. In the meantime I figuret out how to draw a circle with a thin line. I use the shape tool and choose for donut. If I put the hole radius to 98 I get the line thickness I want! (I used Photoshop for ages but that doesn’t work at the iPad and now it so much fun to work with AP.) Thanks a lot everyone!
  8. Hi, maybe it isn’t possible but I just like to know and I hope I can explain what I’m looking for: I like to know if it is possible, just the way I draw a straight line with the pen tool and put the Width at 5 pt. to make a circle with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (persona selections) and do the same. So it will be still a circle when I deselect the dot line. (To make a circle with the pen tool is to difficult.) I work at the iPad Pro with Affinity Photo.
  9. Save and Export from Pixelmator is possible in 4 ways: pxm, png, psd and jpeg. So I cann’t export in .pdf
  10. Hi, I love to work with Affinity at the iPad Pro 12”. Before I had Affinity I was working in Pixelmator. Now I was drawing in Affinity and needed te watercolor brush. Sorry to say but only these brushes are in Pixelmater much better. So I started to draw in Affinity, put the drawing into the Cloud and than I swiched to Pixelmator, loaded the file and everything was oke so I used the watercolor brush at several layers and uploaded the file again into the Cloud, as a psd file. I start Affinity and loaded the file from the Cloud but this time I got a message in Affinity that “the psd file could not be parsed because the offsets within the file were incorrect”. This is also when I make the file a png. The only way I can work with the file is when I upload the file in Pixelmator as a jpeg file but than I loose all the layers. Is there a way to download the file included the layers from Pixelmator?
  11. I've tryed several things with the pen and I think that I push to hard when I put the pentip at the screen. Because drawing with a thin line asks more of my concentration. Thank you for your help, when you mentioned the long press for colour picker I thought of the pressure when starting a thin line!
  12. I use AP since the iPad Pro 12" and never had this problem before. Let me explain: I would like to draw a thin line at a new layer. I use the brush basic 4 pnt and choose black (or any other colour When I place the pen at the tablet I get a magnifying circel with pixels and the colour turns into the background colour. I thought I needed a new pen point but when I chagend it, I had the same issue. Please let me know what the solution is, it drives me crazy!
  13. How about this issue? It's so frustrating to try to move a layer! I'm working with Affinity Photo on an iPad 12" and use v. Please let us know if there is any chance Affinity Photo can fix this and if so, when will the update be? Thanks in avance!
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