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  1. Thank you very much for the answer, the question will be resolved.
  2. Dear readers, Is it possible, In Affinity Photo itself determine where the pivot point light when using mirror. Thank you for the possible answer.
  3. Would it be possible to also place an adjustable grid as a tool in the photo with Lens? Seems more pleasant to work with and clearer to see what you do.
  4. Thank you for your replay. I'm just watching this now, try it out. The update to 1.6 works excellent.
  5. Dear reader, How do I want to print a photo second time witout a picture.(see screen picture) The print menu also does not remember the setting, every time I start AF and want to print it must be reset. Thank you for the answer and maybe the solution.
  6. Thank you for this great update. To see this, it works well. The Uplift Epic Skies is a great bonus.
  7. Forum members, Is it also possible to display the used picture in, Live Perspective Projection, colored? The video does not talk about it. Thank you for the reply. Up to 1.6 Windows Update.
  8. I understand that remotely places things on my PC without permission from me.
  9. 3. I mean advertising for your other programs.
  10. Dearreader, 1. If A.P. has crast or problems, there is therefore the possibility to reinstall A.P. 2. Wen does the 1.6 update arrive, we have been past Easter for 6 months. 3. I also find it annoying that you always remotely customize the boot screen. I'd like to love what I want to see on my PC. Thank you for the answers
  11. wim

    Crop tool

    Thank you voor the explonation.
  12. Dear reader, Is it possible to place the ratio 2 : 3 standard in Affinity Photo for the crop tool? This is also a fixid picture for a picture. In addition to holding it in cm or mm, it now starts with pixsels. Tank you very much if this can be processed in the update.
  13. Dear reader, Do you also know when the UI is being updated? I think it works a lot nicer with the light user Interface. Thank you for the reply.
  14. carl123, Your explanation works perfectly, thank you again very mutch.