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  1. Chris B, Thank you for your answer, so I will do what seems better to me. I will also download another program and I am curious how that program will process it.
  2. Am trying to take an evening HDR photo. The photo were taken on 4-18-2020 around 9:00 PM. The photo without the check mark at tone mapping looks better. Is it possible a setting error, or am I doing something wrong? I’m using Windows 10. Sorry for the bad English, it has been translated by Google.
  3. Dear forum members, I am having a problem with a background placement, after selecting and refining. When I have placed the background, I see hello as an edge around the building. Is this a bug in 1.7.3? Thank you in advance for the answer. This is translated from Dutch to English by Google Translate
  4. Thank you very much for the answer, the question will be resolved.
  5. Dear readers, Is it possible, In Affinity Photo itself determine where the pivot point light when using mirror. Thank you for the possible answer.
  6. Would it be possible to also place an adjustable grid as a tool in the photo with Lens? Seems more pleasant to work with and clearer to see what you do.
  7. Thank you for your replay. I'm just watching this now, try it out. The update to 1.6 works excellent.
  8. Dear reader, How do I want to print a photo second time witout a picture.(see screen picture) The print menu also does not remember the setting, every time I start AF and want to print it must be reset. Thank you for the answer and maybe the solution.
  9. Thank you for this great update. To see this, it works well. The Uplift Epic Skies is a great bonus.
  10. Forum members, Is it also possible to display the used picture in, Live Perspective Projection, colored? The video does not talk about it. Thank you for the reply. Up to 1.6 Windows Update.
  11. I understand that remotely places things on my PC without permission from me.
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