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  1. Good afternoon, Thank you for your explanation. After the mask it won't work. That's my problem. Think I'm forgetting to do something. Go try again. Nice day
  2. Good afternoon, It just won't work for me. Can you write down the actions, I'll print it so I can track it. Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Iconoclast, It works as you described it, thank you very much for that. Have a nice day Met vriendelijke groet, Wim
  4. iconoclast, thanks for your reply. Maybe he'll respond to this? I am going to try out your proposal. Kind regards, Wim
  5. hello, thanks for your response. When I select the curve and choose a color, nothing happens. Sincerely, Wim
  6. Hello, How can i change the Color? Thanks for the answer
  7. markw and walt.farrell Thank you both very much for the help, it worked out.
  8. Is de macro alleen voor mac? Affiniteit Foto kijken naar .afmacros en dit is .afmacro Bedankt voor het antwoord
  9. I also think it will get better and importantly it will go faster. Now the refine does not always work perfectly.
  10. Chris B, Thank you for your answer, so I will do what seems better to me. I will also download another program and I am curious how that program will process it.
  11. Am trying to take an evening HDR photo. The photo were taken on 4-18-2020 around 9:00 PM. The photo without the check mark at tone mapping looks better. Is it possible a setting error, or am I doing something wrong? I’m using Windows 10. Sorry for the bad English, it has been translated by Google.
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