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  1. Never mind, I just had to select the RGB color space. Sorry for the false alarm!
  2. Title pretty much says it all. I have a (Windows) APub file with a small rectangle with a "Retro" style from the default styles in Photo. When exported via PDF-X (both versions) the gold colored rectangle transfers to a green. What have I done incorrectly and can I correct it so that it will show up with the correct color? TIA, Bob
  3. "Digitally Fearless" has some very nicely paced tutorials on YouTube. He has eight or nine on just the tool bar options. He has others also.
  4. You apologized several times for the length of the video, but I found the whole project very informative and quite truthfully mesmerizing. You began with a disaster and repaired it quite well. Thank you. Bob
  5. Just finished watching your 'live stream' presentation. VERY informative and very entertaining. Thank you for all of your time and effort it is well appreciated. Will watch it again as time permits. Bob
  6. VERY nice. Thank you. Bob
  7. BobMoyer

    Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this, Sometimes 'roll-outs' of new websites do not go as smoothly as we would hope for. Bob
  8. BobMoyer

    Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!

    I,too, registered yesterday and never received a confirmation email. As of today I cannot log-in. Error message says I am not registered. BobMoyer
  9. Thank you for the video. Very well presented. If 'part 2' is still being created, could you possibly include using 'swashes' or some of the very decorative designs that come with some of the fonts. Bob
  10. Thank you VERY much for this 'gift'. It is my first Christmas present this year. I am looking forward to working through the course and if it is as good as the last three I purchased it will help me immensely.
  11. BobMoyer

    Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors

    @StuartRc , thank you very much for these vector assets. They are very well done and will enhance our productivity. Bob
  12. Ship should make it to Baltimore on time, but seas are going to be a little on the rough side. Good Luck on your cruise. Thanks for the videos. Bob
  13. FYI, I cannot view the tutorial video nor do they even show up using Windows 7/Internet Explorer 11.0.5 (from the Affinity Publisher page). They do show up however if I use Google Chrome. A minor inconvenience but I thought I would pass this on. Thanks. Bob
  14. Thanks for your input and links. I had watched those videos previously but just couldn't achieve the results I wanted. After trying again, I managed to get acceptable results. All of the pictures I received (to be cleaned up/fixed) were taken with various iPhone models. Seems like only the professionals carry 'real' cameras anymore . Bob
  15. Toltec, Thank you for the quick response. That was one of the things I tried but my results were not as good as yours. It gives me hope and I will try again, I must not have done something right. Bob Edit: I just tried again and got the results I was looking for. Thanks again.