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  1. Beginners questions: What are the differences between those three processes? But more importantly are there advantages/disadvantages of each on a multi-layered photo? Thanks, Bob
  2. BobMoyer

    Tools Stop Working

    @Rick G: I,too, have noticed this on a couple of photos (Affinity Photo I just closed the project and reopened it and got the functionality of the tools back. However, I lost any changes I had made prior to losing control of the sliders. I did not save the changes as I was not sure if the photo had gotten corrupt or not. Bob Edit: oops, this is not concering the Beta version--sorry.
  3. BobMoyer

    Portrait help

    Toltec, thank you very much for the advice. After some trial and error on my part, your advice has given me the results I was hoping for. Thanks again, Bob
  4. BobMoyer

    Portrait help

    I have a photo of my two grandsons standing in a green pasture with a bright cloudless sky as the background. I have made a selection using the selection brush and used the refine option to clean it up. I cut/pasted it into a new document with a 'mottled' type of background (the type a professional photographer might use). The new background is darker and I have a very faint light outline around my selection. Questions: How do I eliminate this outline (if possible)? Would the 'grow/shrink/feather' options work? Would I shrink and then feather or vice-versa? As far as making improvements to the photo (adjustment layers) should I do this before I make my selection-cut/paste, or after I pasted this selection into my 'portrait' background? I have viewed so MANY tutorials and even purchased several courses at Udemy but my old brain can only retain so much information. Thanks for any guidance. Bob
  5. BobMoyer

    Print portrait help

    I just tried the various suggestions and the one suggested by @toltecworked best for me. Thanks again everyone. Bob
  6. BobMoyer

    Print portrait help

    Thanks again. I just watched the tutorials that @toltec suggested. They seem to answer my questions. I will give them a try after work tonight. Bob Edit: that should be "that @artofmtl"
  7. BobMoyer

    Print portrait help

    Thank you all for your quick responses. I will try your suggestions (all of them). @Alfred: the crop tool completely confused me. I saw the presets and tried them but when I selected the whole photo, I expected the overall size to change to the preset 4x6 or 8x10. After selecting, nothing seemed to change in the photo. Sorry to be so 'dense' but this fantastic program is just so powerful that I get overwhelmed with all of the options. Thanks again every one. Bob
  8. I have just finished following some course tutorials on Udemy's site. I have successfully used layers and filters to enhance a picture of my wife. The question I have now is how (step by step) to correctly resize and print this to two different formats - 4x6" and 8x10". As finished, the photo is 6 layers which I assume I should 'flatten', correct? It is 6016x3384px or since I am used to inches it is 83.556x47". It's DPI is 72. I realize that to get my desired formats that I will have to crop the photo but this is where I am stuck. I plan on printing this myself on an HP photosmart printer. How do I proceed with this since I have corrected the photo? Thank you for any guidance you can give me. Bob
  9. Thank you for your presentations. It is very interesting to see how others accomplish various tasks. I learned several new tricks today.
  10. BobMoyer

    B&W play macros

    Thank you very much for the B&W macros. I won't get a chance to try them out until this weekend. If they are anything like your previous 'gifts' to the forum, then they should be awesome. Bob
  11. Thank you very much for your offer to help. I have sent a link to the file on 'dropbox'. Bob
  12. I could not find an "off topic" section so I apologize for posting here if this is the wrong forum. Problem: I have recently found a 48 year old picture from our honeymoon. It is overexposed and I don't know if it can be rescued. If I upload it, could someone experienced with Affinity Photo see if they can correct it? I don't want someone to do the work for me. They should put some sort of watermark on the photo so that it can't be used. But what I was hoping for was this pic to be corrected and then a step by step tutorial on how they did it. I have more than one photo like this. Thank you, Bob Moyer