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  1. People has been asking for this quite obvious feature since 2017. So it looks kind of pointless waiting. Artstudio Pro is more focused on painters and concept artists. Hell, I even use it more on my iPad than Photoshop on Mac and PC. Stable, fast and some really focused and content aware programmers that knows how to keep their project lean, clean and mean.
  2. Ok I got tired waiting. Affinity Photo is made for people working with photos. It's quite obvious where the focus lies. I would suggest that artists that paint for a living to take a look at Artstudio Pro. It got most of the bells and whistles you could ask for as brush outline and non destructive painting with live filters and so on. It's fast and rock solid. Even their betas are stable.
  3. Love Affinity photo on the iPad but photo lacks one important thing on the iPad. Brush size indicator when painting and erasing. For me that's a showstopper that made me go for Artstudio pro and Infinite Painter instead. Did they forget or is it by design? I will not go 100% iPad until that is fixed. Undo will kill my fingertips.
  4. I agree with msdobrescu. Serif choose the platform they want to deliver on but shouldn't rely on statistics. There are a lot of artists out there that would love to move to Linux without hesitation if the Affinity suite gets ported to Linux and even buy it a second or a third time. As of right now I'm forced to Windows and Mac by the industry when working professionally but I'm always looking out for ways to move to the Linux environment. The freedom to customize your desktop to your workflow outside your tools without hacking the system to instability. "Dark mode"? Nothing new, we've had it for decades. Seriously?
  5. Please! I bought the iPad version to use when I'm off location painting and for me it's useless without this feature.
  6. One thing you should know if you decide to go the Affinity Photo on iPad route. On the iPad AP have no outline and feathering indication when drawing so you have to estimate the current size of the brush all the time. It can be confusing for some artists. Some might like it that way. I didn't. I get distracted all the time and have to resize the brush to se how big it actually is.
  7. I'll test W-ink with every new release/beta and see if it works with my setup.
  8. I use the Cintiq 16 that is pretty new so I can't use older drivers. The implementation of a choice between W-ink and Wintab in 610 did the trick. I unticked Use Windows Ink and everything is back to normal now using brushes over ~650px. Now I can go back to illustrating childrens books again. ūü•į
  9. I'm very surprised this hasn't been done yet. Outline of the brush when painting and erasing is essential stuff. It's like painting with real tools but they are invisible.
  10. I don't experience any lag with smaller brushes. When I use up to 700px and above I get more and more lag the higher i go in size and longer lockups in the interface. A lot brushes work beter in large sizer but the airbrush type with fine grain seems to be the most problematic. I have compared the brushes with fine and more scattered grain and the difference is just the image of the brush nozzle.
  11. With a size over 1000px both 1.8 and the beta slows down to a crawl with W-ink enabled. Please, implement an option to select W-ink or Wintab.
  12. Big thanks and hugs to you all. More images and covers can be found on: https://www.deviantart.com/raniande/gallery
  13. I have sort of the same problem on my Windows 10 setup with 32GB of ram with a GTX 1050 TI (Lenovo Legion Y530). A couple days ago I was going to work on details on my painting and bumped the resolution up from 4000 to 8000 pixels. A couple of minutes after that the computer slowed down to a crawl and memory allocation whent from ~3.5GB to 27GB. I was working with a small amount of layers, about 8. This problem is not a new problem for me. I've had this problem as long as I can remember in AP. I'm not trying to be rude or be a wiseguy, but are you sure you are handling system resources the right way on the Windows plattform? MacOS version does not suffer from this and do not rush memory allocation when I increase the resolution of my canvas and layers or using a huge amount of large textures. AP is my daily driver at work eight hours a day and I love it. I use AP on iPad, Windows and MacOS.
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