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  1. (Plus a couple of detail shots). Originally called “Miss Angelique is Very Disappointed with You”, but I felt it was just too long, hence “The Bombshell”.
  2. Always makes me laugh when I see people who probably don’t like each other very much air kissing in greeting so I thought I”d draw it. I’d previously abandoned this piece as I couldn’t get it to work, but after returning to it last week it suddenly came together, so I’m really pleased I made the effort to revisit it. It’s given me a lot of confidence to go back and examine some other projects I’d previously given up on.
  3. Working on a new vector piece of two women air kissing, called “Mwah”. I started this months ago and abandoned it as I couldn’t get the lady on right to work. I’ve picked it up again this week and really like how she’s turned out. Now I need to start woman on the left again so she matches the vibrancy and ludicrousness of the woman on the right! (She seems a bit dull and conservative in comparison). This is just a detail shot. They do have bodies/arms/cocktails in the full picture!
  4. This is a recently completed commission, which was fantastically enjoyable to undertake. Frankentoon’ s Texturiser Brush Set was a great help In creating the patina of the leather and the cushion fabric,, and Gagatka’s fur brush set really helped in creating the texture of the throw over the back of the chair. Otherwise, the smudge tool in pixel persona was essential in creating the sheen of the dog’s fur.
  5. Thank you mate! Not really. I’m just an amateur at this stage. Trying to build up a portfolio, and would love to make a career of it one day, so fingers crossed! Thanks for your support though.
  6. Quick doodle in between larger projects.
  7. New piece. I seem to have developed a penchant for drawing bored looking women smoking - so here’s another! Cant’t think of a title though, so for now she’s just “Smoking Woman”.
  8. Started this as a Malika Favre inspired negative space piece, but it evolved into something a little different...
  9. Partially completed negative space pic I’m working on. Inspired by the work of the fantastic Malika Favre.
  10. (Very) quick digi-doodle to celebrate International Polar Bear Day.
  11. New commission: Winnie. I was nervous about this one, as I’ve never done a portrait of a dog before that was just one colour, but I actually really enjoyed it in the end, picking out all the brown, grey, and even purple tones in the sheen of the fur. Have to say, the smudge tool was essential in creating that fur effect!
  12. Trying to get away from the photo-realism of my recent work, so set myself the challenge of creating a much simpler piece, and this was the result.
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