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  1. Greggry P


    Hi Patrick - please do!
  2. Greggry P


    My vector portrait of Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Affinity Designer, made with restricted (5) colour palette.
  3. Greggry P

    Butterfly Girl

    Designer, using both vector and raster layers.
  4. Quick doodle in between a couple of more complex pieces.
  5. Greggry P

    Berry walk

    Wow. Stunning. Fantastic work!
  6. Greggry P

    Bear Gulch

    I wanted to learn how to apply textures to my work using the pixel profile. Although some of this is a bit rough, I was generally really pleased with the result.
  7. Greggry P

    Milo (1st Post)

    Portrait of my magnificent hound - vintage poster style... This is my first ever post, and I’m a complete amateur, so all (constructive) comments gratefully received!

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