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  1. Sorry guys forget all the above just had a thought about checking the top layer distressed texture on page 2 THE LAYER STYLE WAS SET TO ERASE ----- DOH! Changed back to normal and all sorted - all spots correct SOZ again
  2. Hi Got a bit of a problem with a 2 artboard T-shirt design (2 variations) setup as 3 spot colours to print onto black t-shirts - not had this problem before and I've done quite a few t-shirts all setup in spots with front and back prints and everything as worked great unto yet. The one difference on this job is that I've created the caricature as a symbol in spot colours so any tweaks are reflected throughout the document, everything has worked great until saving the print ready PDF - the first page is as it should be set up as pantone 148 and 032 and a black (which will be output to film or direct to screen in negative for the white) - but the second page of the PDF is CMYK??? Back in the designer document all the spots are set as global colours so by editing the colours you can easily track down anything throughout the doc which is not set as a spot - and everything is setup correctly Anyhow I'm just gonna re-lay this one out as single pages which I'm guessing will fix the issue but just thought i'd make you guys aware (see attachments) Cheer's
  3. Yes Ros - praise the features we already have and now take for granted
  4. MASSIVE time saver - although I've gotten into the habit of creating global colours from the outset. it would be great if there was a tick box or preference enabling you to change the default to global as I sometimes forget and then its a real pain in the truttocks to manually change the colours on a complex job - so yes to select by colour
  5. YAY! Client just approved these today
  6. Thank's Alfred
  7. ACE!
  8. Nice!
  9. Always great work boss
  10. Select same fill/stroke would be a MASSIVE time saver
  11. Thank's Garry It felt a little odd at first - but I'm really comfortable working this way now
  12. Thank's Ros Yes, still have old Illustrator CS5 knocking around for the odd vector distortion - although I used illustrators 3d tool on the rocking for the children, then simplified it and copy pasted into affinity and built the rest from there - I gather Serif have no plans for a vector 3d tool in designer so looks like old Illustrator will be hanging around for a while. Really REALLY looking forward to some vector distortion tools in designer
  13. Been working with one of my oldest friends on this one - children book, which is something I've done in the past at a student level but always fancied doing something pro - I realised my normal ragged comic-esque style would look a little out of place so I tried to come up with a different kind of style for this one - I kind of started off with my first Affinity Designer dabblings and let it snowball from there, I've used photographs of local wood textures to create most of the art - we are just coming to the end of the book now, just 3 or 4 pages off and then Aron, my poet extraordinaire, partner in crime is gonna start fishing to get it published - I'm all pretty new to this, and would really appreciate any advice from anyone on the forum on getting a publishing deal rather than self publishing. Also, I've been dragging it out so that I'd be able to do the print ready layouts in Publisher but it's looking like I'll have to do this in InDesign CS5 - nay mind maybe we'll have Publisher for the next book in the series? --- THE TREE IN THE SKY ---
  14. Cheer's Garry
  15. Just a few bits from the NLC Rockin for the Children Festival 2018 - all vector Noize Level Critical hold a Festival each year now named "ROCKIN FOR THE CHILDREN" and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. In 2018 we are funding some awesome charities including "NLC for Autistic Children" and " Rock Against child Pornography and Abuse UK" . The Festival is family run and will be held in Nottingham on May Bank Holiday Weekend 5th and 6th May at The Maze. ALL bands give their time and performances freely to help raise the funds and we also rely on sponsors to help with certain costs....This will be our 8th Festival and over the years we have raised £18,000 to help Children.. please get in touch at noizelevelcritical@hotmail.co.uk if you can help..Cheers BiG D