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  1. Just wondering when we're gonna get page bleed view and guides as I'm struggling producing PDFs with documents with artboards that need bleed (see attached) - If I do the pages separately (non artboard doc) it puts as expected - I also flagged this same problem in March Also I can't seem to get a work around for page order when using artboards - the second screen shot shows how the Designer doc is set up yet the PDF (see first screen shot) seems to order pages in order of when the content was created - I've tried tricking designer by creating new artboards and cutting and copying content from pages to reorder rather than dragging artboards into order position - just doesn't seem to work
  2. Cheer's guys I'll just carry on using the work-around (using groups instead of layers / convert layers to groups) Really tempted by the Quark offer - just don't have the cash knocking around at the moment --- 'HURRY UP PUBLISHER!'
  3. Just completed some artwork for DBD new album ---- all vector -----
  4. Cheer's for the recommendation MikeW PDFToolbox would be the obvious choice but at £400 odd it's a little expensive for my piece of mind, as I'm currently self employed - my mind is put to rest after Sean ran the PDF through Acrobat Pro DC and it verified. PDFToolbox would have been a dream come true for me 10 years ago when I was involved in repro as well as the design and illustration side, The amount of times I had to take a clients PDF and insert it into InDesign, add bleed and allow for creep (when possible) and output using indesign's print booklet feature - we did end up with a massive time saver, once I'd talked the boss into getting bad printools though
  5. Great stuff Sean Tried your suggestion of placing contents of any layers into a group and deleting the empty layers and it verified ACE although, as you say, it should be fine as most print providers will be using latest Acrobat or Pitstop to preflight pdfs - I did actually try copy and pasting the contents of the whole designer file into indesign and generate a PDF/X-4 file and it verified, although, it rasterised some of the transparent objects pretty lo-rez - ACROBAT 9 hey!!!!! Awesome work Sean
  6. They're just the standard set of profiles in Acrobat 9 Sean - they always work as expected with indesign generated PDF/X-4 output - thats why I thought it may be an Affinity bug - PDF/X 2001a output from Designer is verified but rasterises any transparent objects - Nay mind - looks like maybe it's something thats over sensitive to non Adobe generated output - looks like it's now fixed with the latest version - still not gonna upgrade Cheer's
  7. Just tested the PDF you generated Sean and it failed - looks like my latest version of Acrobat (Acrotwat) is obsolete! Now we know "-THE ADOBE -" would recommend I upgrade...... erm no tar! Cheer's for you time on this mate -
  8. Cheer's Sean ----- Adobe Hey tsk tsk! This is what I'm getting flagged up from Acrobat Pro 9.5.5 Results (Summary) Error Optional content configuration dictionary has no BaseState entry Optional content configuration dictionary has no ‘OFF’ array Optional content configuration dictionary has non-empty Order entry I'm done with greasing the coffers of Adobe but would welcome an alternative if anyone has any recommendations? -- if one exists? My PDF attached: Really appreciate your time mate DBD STRAIGHT JACKET RACKET CD COV.pdf
  9. Very odd - never had a problem before maybe it's down to Acrobat 9 pro flagging something daft? What version are you using Sean?
  10. Cheer's Sean Here's the Designer file plus a couple of screen grabs showing my settings and outcome. I'm just using Affinity Designers standard PDF/X-4 setting with bleed turned on with crops and page info DBD STRAIGHT JACKET RACKET CD COV.afdesign
  11. Having problems exporting PDF/X 4 When opened in Acrobat, when checking Conformance Standard: PDF/X-4, I'm getting: Status: verification failed I've tested a few jobs exported PDF/X 4 (my print providers recommended format) on first view it does a great job retaining transparent vectors and spots it's just that I'm guessing most print providers check conformance as part of workflow and I'm assuming if it flags any red X's it prob reject the file The way round it is to convert to PDF/X-4 in acrobat preflight but I can see it becoming a bit of a balls-ache - just thought it wise to flag this Other than that I'm really enjoying beta 10 ACE STUFF I've attached the Acrobat preflight report if this helps DBD STRAIGHT JACKET RACKET CD COV_report.pdf
  12. Possible bug with type on a path control points? I'm not able to move the red control points, it's as-if they are locked?
  13. Captain Noise character I originally came up with for Nottinghams NLC charity festival
  14. Super quick re-creation of a direct mail valentines card I designed a few years back which was originally done all in InDesign as vector artwork using blurs and bevels - the chocolate heart text was set up as variable data and output 10up on an SRA3 sheet and run to a Xerox digital press - the choc text was originally smaller to accommodate longer names from the database - worked a treat
  15. It was just an experiment really, just to see how easy it would be to produce a vector apple so never got around to doing the stalk