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  1. I'm using PA1NT's technique with EOS utility 2 to shoot and open straight up photo - it works great for my needs
  2. I have this vector halftone workaround that has worked well on a few T-shirt jobs, which involves using Publishers data merge layout tool, it also works well for creating vector fill patterns - still no substitute for a real vector fill tool, but still usable. Just realised the attached vector halftone workaround .afpub file was done in the latest beta so isn't compatible with the retail version😮 Screen Grab 2023-08-18 at 10.02.34 am.mov Vector halftone workaround.afpub
  3. I can confirm that PA1NT's tethering automator script works great, in conjunction with EOS utility 2 - this will come in real handy👍
  4. Changed to open with default application and it's now working great
  5. PA1NT - thanks for the automator script, the only problem I have is, I've changed the application to Affinity Photo 2 but it still opens in 1 so I created an automator script from scratch and just used 'Filter finder items' (which I have set to CR2 for my EOS 7D) and 'Open finder items' and select Affinity Photo 2 which works and opens in V2 but also in V1 which is a bit annoying, even so, this will still be really useful
  6. Say you have a ton of pix to place and you want to flip through whatever is loaded in the place holder before placing, I can't seem to find the shortcut for this, so just wondering what it is and is it possible to change it to the arrow keys?
  7. Or if you want to retain all vectors, warp separately to the background image - see attached, open and inspect PETman Stramien [PRINT] warped.afpub
  8. Exactly = studiolink - total game changer - I only use Photo for Raws and PS filters, and have only used designer professionally, over the past two years, on two exhibition display jobs, that where a bit of a nightmare in designer, and would be an absolute breeze in Pub if we had multipage spreads
  9. It seems to go through the motions of loading all the images, although, the place timer thingy seems to load all images separately, rather than loading all images at once as in 2.1.1 - it doesn't then show the place images panel, but loads one image to the curser ready for placing - see vid grab: Screen Grab 2023-07-06 at 5.44.37 pm.mov
  10. Brilliant feature for painting and smudging - I just finishes some artwork yesterday where this would have been sooooo useful ---- total joy to use👍
  11. I always start every job with a set of globals which are set as a default palette for all CMYK jobs, which is a good starting point for starting a piece of artwork similar to above (very nice MikeO). A workaround for not starting with a global palette, would be to copy paste into Vectorstyler and use maybe a channel mixer filter, which actually changes vector colours, then copy paste back into Affinity which will remain vector - quite handy for quickly doing muti-page/artboard colour variation mock ups - hopefully get something in Affinity in the future?
  12. I find Affinity really good for this kind of thing, as anything can be a mask (see screen grab example) go if you make a mask group (or multi mask as I call em) you can add multiple layers of whatever you want that add to the mask Screen Grab 2023-06-24 at 11.55.12 am.mov
  13. FF 12.0 is working fine for me on Monterey, but only works by setting up via Preferences / Photoshop Plugins / Plugin Search folders (my other plugins are just placed into the APhoto plugins folder) see grabs
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