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  1. image-vectorizer https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/image-vectorizer/id789656124?mt=12 I use this all the time it's ACE!
  2. Great work on the Designer iPad release (if only I could afford one!) just a wee niggle here with something thats driving me round the bend (since the first release of Designer) I've adapted my workflow to accommodate a workaround for accurate bleed but I'm just wondering when we're gonna get the ability to rasterise bleed and not just clip to only whats on the page? I've just been working on a CD digipak and noticed that my print ready PDF/X4 file is viewing an vector area with transparency oddly on adobe reader on iOS (looks OK on Acrobat pro on the mac) - easy problem to solve: rasterise but....... screen cast Yeah already got a workaround in place but a one click solution would save me a few rounds of F's Praise be to PUBLISHER (which will hopefully solve these probs?) Rasterise prob.mov
  3. Just use the PDF templates that should be on your CD manufactures website they should just load straight into designer all to size - I find it so easy in designer and the majority of my work is this kind of stuff - one thing I have noticed is that most cd repro houses always require CMYK artwork in their guidelines, but a few templates I have downloaded from some companies have their templates setup RGB so always check once you have the PDF open in designer.
  4. ideally all scale attributes should be set to scale with object by default - massive time saver - just need a tick box to turn it off, for the rare occasion that you might need things not to scale
  5. This is something I came across early on - and have never had these problems in THE ADOBE, my workaround is to always start a job using the same colour profile, in general I'll stick to Fogra27 - the shitter is if I you start a job using another profile say Fogra39 and set a bunch of colours say a rich black (20C 20M 20Y 100K) and a standard black (0C 0M 0Y 100K) then copy paste your artwork into a document with blacks set exactly the same, set in Fogra27 your rich black will be 75C 74M 59Y 87K and your standard 100% black will change to 77C 73M 58Y 82K even if you have them setup as global colours even resetting the colour profile to Fogra39 once your work is in place will leave the colours wrong - this is where select same colour would come in handy - I've now just got into the habit of sticking to one colour profile Fogra27 and have had no problems so far - my usual 4 colour offset print provider always insist on :ISO coated v2 300% (ECI) which I change on creating a PDF/X-4 for print, which have always come out looking nice and punchy and don't look that different to similar jobs supplied in InDesign
  6. Dazmondo77

    Select Same Colour

    I really miss this feature but have adapted to creating global colour palates on starting a job, which would save loads of time if colours where global by default and maybe there was a little tick box to switch the feature off - I remember one time when I'd worked on a big NHS document in inDesign where I done maybe 400 line illustrations setup in lines, tints and shades of a pantone purple, all illustrated within inDesign, then the customer came in and said "I don't like purple" so got her to choose another colour, added the new colour to the palate then deleted the purple which flags the option to swap to another colour in your palate on delete -- 2 seconds later the whole document is sorted
  7. Ugee 19" screen tablet plugged into an old 2009 Macbook pro, which I've had for around 3 years - works great - I now take it for granted - I was up and running within 10 minutes (just needed to calibrate the screen) - it paid for itself within the first two days I had it - works ACE with both AD & AP - within the first few weeks I did also purchase a monitor arm thingy which enables you to have it in an upright position for the majority of the time and then just fold it down into a comfortable drawing position when needed - just wish Apple would make an iMac studio with pencil support and I'd upgrade cos I just can't imagine going back to a bog standard iMac and wacom intuos and I don't get on with windows so the Surface studio is out - but I'm just happy that I have what I have for the time being I also bought my daughter a ugee graphics tablet for christmas that works great on her iMac - so I would give a big thumbs up to Ugee gear
  8. YES! -- I just discovered this when getting a 28 page (artboard) children's book sorted as a multi page PDF with 3mm bleed, the original pdf took 3 hours to make, but I noticed a few unusual effects when you leave the app to flatten layer effects, transparency and wot not so figured I'd make a duplicate document and rasterise all the artwork before pdfing which resulted in the horizontal size of the flattened artwork being the size of the original biggest thing on the page sitting off the edges of the art board but the vertical on all pages was cropped to the trim size -- defo needs fixing -- pref with a bleed preview, which I'd prob have switched on all the time and only switch off to view trim -- at the moment my only option is to increase the page size H&V 6mm, place all to be rasterised in a page size box, rasterise and copy paste into the doc I want to export as PDF ---- ffffffffffffsfsssssfssssssssk
  9. Dazmondo77

    Chung tweaks

    I couldn't help do a few tweaks to this as the first one had a few things that where bugging me - also have tried to add more of a sense of depth and movement
  10. Dazmondo77

    Emperor Chung

    Another all vector Chico comic style
  11. Dazmondo77

    Emperor Chung

    Just had a go at redrawing an all vector version of Chico Chung, a Kung Fu penguin character I did for the band EMPEROR CHUNG - I originally did the logo in illustrator so I cheated a bit
  12. Dazmondo77

    Blue demon

    ACE work Tony I usually do most of my raster painting in Clip Studio Paint and finish off the layout in designer - never heard of Krita before this post I'm downloading it right now - maybe Photo will get some of the blend features in future release?
  13. Dazmondo77


    Great stuff Peter - right up my street