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  1. Just had a quick play - looking good Still major bug rasterising on a page ignoring bleed - not tested any of the other bleed problems yet - but getting better with every update
  2. Print as booklet does work (kind of) also save as pdf from the print dialog but pretty useless for me without bleed support - single pages show bleed but click on booklet or book and the bleed disappears
  3. Dazmondo77

    No bleed in pdf AD...

    I've had similar problems in the past related to adjustment layers that seem to rasterise on output (as you'd expect on a complex page) but it rasterised without bleed - the workaround should be to group the prob graphics and duplicate, then switch off the group below and rasterise the top group - BUT this has the same problem, it rasterises to the page trim size and not the bleed - which is a pretty major bug - so other work around is to create another document the same size plus the bleed size on the page then copy paste the prob group, rasterise then copy paste back to the original prob page - that should print OK
  4. Could be you're saving your PDF with a different colour profile to you're document
  5. YES YES YES - I just assumed this would be a standard feature - hopefully soon?
  6. I'm hoping maybe in a future update, there'll be an option to set default bleed settings for all print documents so when you create a new doc everything is already setup?
  7. Noticed a bug with imported pdfs - the measurements always default to points but in the latest build you can no longer change to mm or cm or whatever - I've tried with a few imported pdfs and it's the same with all - spread setup, all spread, show in units, change points to mm - OK = still points It did bomb Pub after a few goes (and I lost all my panel placements) and tried restarting a few times + rebooted my mac but still having the problem
  8. ---ACE--- Just tried out the latest build - imported table info from numbers and pasted into pub table pre-setup with specific cell column sizes and it doesn't change to equal column sizes, keeps my formatting --- ACE Layer shortcuts are here for moving forward/back --- TOP STUFF although I can't seem to use that same shortcuts I've assigned in Designer and Photo - no worries I'll change em to the set I now have assigned to pub ---NOT ACE--- It says above in the Print / Export fix list "- All formats now export with optional bleed´╗┐" so tried to print/export as pdf a booklet with bleed = still no bleed - looks like all the other formats bleed just not Booklet and Book Still no fix for rasterise bug that crops to page instead of cropping to bleed ------ well done anyway for cracking on with all the other stuff - seems more stable
  9. I used to use the blob brush all the time - love to see something similar in designer also for desktop
  10. I've taken InDesign for granted for years with global colours - such a pain in the trutocks to have to set up a document colour palette on start of a job to get globals - if the they were to make global the standard they wouldn't have to bother with the silly 'global colour5' naming - Just had a request for a 2 fold dl leaflet setup reflex blue and black but can't fathom why theres no way of colouring up a greyscale tiff in spots, another thing we've taken for granted for years ---- oh well back to InDesign for that job
  11. For digital painting I always go to Clip studio paint - which has brilliant blending and smudging - I've tried using AP but can't get the results I'm after, although there are some great brushes available from Frankentoon and Daub which are pretty good, just wish you could mix and blend like Clip Studio
  12. Surely they will add the ability to have single pages that will butt up to each other, it's such an easy way to work for doing book covers, multifold leaflets, even manually paginating a document which is the usual request from cd manufacturers for a cd booklets - the guides workaround just isn't flexible enough, what happens if a client changes the weight of the paper stock for a book? it's just a couple of clicks away to widen the spine, whereas the single page guide method means moving all the items on the page
  13. Serious flaws which I hope will be sorted soon. I think the prob you have is the gradient map is a layer effect so the end result won't be a spot as the effect needs to be rasterised on output and theres a lot of flaws with the affinity bleed situation, which is improving with every update, my main gripe is if you have a page with some complex effects which render incorrectly to pdf, the easy solution is to rasterise the problem items but rasterising anything on a page crops to the page, so no bleed - very frustrating - I've just had n enquiry about a 2 fold DL leaflet set in Reflex blue and black which will require all the photos to be in reflex blue --- can't be done....... YET!..... hopefully, so back to InDesign CS5 for that one. Hopefully there'll be a update at some point that allows the standard use of spot colours and duotones that we've taken for granted for years in Quark and InDesign, making your solution a mouse click away.