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  1. Sorry forgot to mention I first drew a vector clipping path then dragged the bag of almonds inside the path
  2. blend ranges usually works for me - see vid Screen Grab 2024-02-02 at 4.36.03 pm.mov
  3. Thanks for clearing that up Sean P - a great addition to Pub. Hopefully, there'll be improvements such as colouring states and highlighting the whole state, similar to layers, renaming and maybe the most obvious, double click to activate 👍 Damn! I'll just have to move PDF's over to my Mojave mac so I can check in Acrobat pro 9 which is a total PITA -- such a shame that PDF Toolbox is so expensive - I remember Quark did a special bundle deal a few years ago that included PDF Toolbox for a special price - shame there's no other options☹️
  4. Great to have Layer States directly available in Pub persona but I'm having problems with update not working as expected. I have had problems with drop shadows showing pink boxes when viewing a PDF/X-4 in Packzview, switching off advanced features when creating a PDF gets rid of the pink boxes but there's a slight difference in transparency where the drop shadow sits, my workaround is to duplicate the text with the drop shadow and place inside the background group which displays the problem and click off fill knocks out shadow and set fill opacity to zero in layer FX, and switch layer FX off on the original text layer (both layers are set up as custom fields for easy future updates) then duplicate the problem group and rasterise, then set up layer states, first by setting separate layer tag colours, Blue for Raster and Red for editable, in the queries section, then create a captured state for each, which works great but if I then make an edit to the editable group then duplicate and rasterise and set to blue, the queries section behaves as expected but the update button doesn't work in the captured states section, currently the solution is to delete the captured states then add new captured states which then works as expected. If this is by design what is the point of the update button? See vid capture Screen Grab 2024-01-11 at 4.20.38 pm.mov
  5. Just rasterised the circles and they now view correct in Packzview although now colour profile info doesn't show up so looks like a Packzview bug?!?! - PDF toolbox would be the obvious choice for checking PDF's but it's so darn expensive at over £600
  6. Your struggle highlights this massive problem small agencies / freelancers / self employed graphic designers have if they choose to break away from Adobe - checking separations, spot colours, profiles, etc are a crucial part of the process of getting a job out of the door so if you are on PC you have the option of getting an old copy of Acrobat pro (pre subscription) or apply for a free Packzview serial, although, you'll need an online portfolio with at least a few packaging examples to land a serial - if you're Mac based and are running Affinity 2, you can no longer run 32bit apps so you'll need either Packzview or a pre- Catalina Mac / Partition to run a pre subscription version of Acrobat - I'd always hoped we'd get an Affinity output / checkup persona which I've been waffling on about since around 2016 but I don't think checking PDF's is a current priority - there's hundreds of PDF apps knocking about, why can't at least one of these apps add these crucial features?
  7. The pdfs you uploaded all show the correct CMYK profile but there seems to be pink boxes in place of the circles in your design which should reproduce correctly if you rasterise them before PDF-ing (I usually rasterise duplicates) better still recreate vector circles which will print a lot cleaner and leave you the option to scale up if the band decide to put out the release on vinyl or need posters, base drum art, backdrop etc. Also noticed that the photo of the band has a maximum ink density of 326% which some music duplication companies, auto workflows will flag, I usually try to keep it below 300%, and for vinyl, 260%
  8. For mac based designers who's work is destined for print, Packzview is pretty much essential for getting a job out the door, and I'm one of the lucky ones who very occasionally have done a spot of packaging design which features somewhere on my web portfolio, but such a shame that self employed / freelancers can't get a Packzview request approved without a back catalog of packaging design - there is a gap in the market waiting for an app suitable for PDF print ready compliance, although I have a mojave MBP that also still runs Affinity 1 and CS5 Acrobat pro 9 if I have any concerns - the only other option that that doesn't have a £1000+ annual subscription is callas pdfToolbox Desktop which is £625. Am I right in thinking that PC's running 64bit can still run 32bit apps? If so an old version of Acrobat is still usable. I can't believe there's nothing else available to check PDF's. I was kinda hoping that serif would step in and some point and maybe add a Print ready checkup persona so you could check separations, Ink density and PDF/X compliance before sending a job off to the printers - I would also be handy to be able to print proper CMYK to postscript devices.
  9. Great news - a lot of us really need to print accurate CMYK output to pro devices, I've freelanced at a couple of print providers that still prefer to RIP direct from either Quark or InDesign with total confidence - The first thing I checked when InDesign 2 was hyped up by the press as being a "Quark killer", was how accurate ID2 can output to fiery and harlequin RIPs, if ID2 had have first converted to RGB and then rasterised BEFORE hitting the RIP, only to be converted back to CMYK and RIPed as a 300dpi image (as Affinity currently does), ID2 would have been wiped from our macs and shelved, I'm pretty confident that Quark would still be the industry standard, so really looking forward to re-running the tests I ran years ago on Affinity designer, and hopefully not wasting stupid amounts of paper and toner.
  10. I'm using PA1NT's technique with EOS utility 2 to shoot and open straight up photo - it works great for my needs
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