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  1. It seems fine at the moment in build
  2. You can usually speed it up a little and experience less beachball if you switch snapping off - which is something that appeared after the Beta - it was beta that I notice the massive slowdowns and screen lag and periods of the app hanging for around 5 mins
  3. A lot of us are having similar problems with 1.7 by the look of it - hopefully they'll sort it soon so we can get back to 1.6 fast and fluid performance with the added features so we can get some work done?
  4. Just noticed this thread goes back to 2014 so I've probably already added a few +1nz - but sod it heres another: +1
  5. I also find 1.7 very sluggish with large files compared to 1.6 which is really nippy in comparison
  6. Yes please - I've also requested printable slug from the first beta, I'm guessing theres not a lot of designers asking for it at the moment, hopefully, has publisher becomes more popular after release more people may ask for it and maybe they'll consider adding it - I used to prefer laying out book jackets in InDesign as 3 separate pages that butt up together to output as spreads with bleed and slug for custom guides, folds and spot swatches - hopefully within the 1.7 - 2 app cycle?
  7. 1.7 seems loads slower and jittery than 1.6 especially with large or complex files but I found you can cut down on beach ball by switching off snapping I only noticed the massive slowdowns from beta 1.7.8 Be amazing to get somewhere near the speed and fluency of 1.6 with 1.7
  8. Dazmondo77

    1.7.0 Weirdness

    My budget won't allow for prob another 10 years - I've only had my mac pro for 5 months which is a total BEAST (and upgradable!) compared to my old macbook pro which seemed to run 1.6 quite a lot slower than my mac pro, but now my mac pro under 1.7 seems quite a bit slower with large files than my MBP under 1.6 ?????
  9. Yes please I don't use this feature too much, but found I needed it to produce a swirly pattern for some invites recently (see pic): I know everyone wants to move over completely to Affinity but it's not gonna happen for a while, maybe well into version 2.00 before I can delete Illustrator CS5 which I keep as a kind of gap plug which I use maybe a couple of times a month to do things like Blend, simplify nodes on a path, distort vectors, quick vector 3d plus a few more things that designer doesn't currently do
  10. This problem keeps happening so must be a bug - I'm sure if I quit and re-fireup publisher the tabs and tables overlays will be back, but looks like they'll vanish again once I come back to them after doing other things
  11. I've just quit and re-started Publisher and it's back to normal - the tables number overlay had disappeared and is also back - NOTE TO SELF : QUIT AND RE-START BEFORE BOTHERING THE FORUM