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  1. Checking PDF's before I sent them off to the printers is something I've done for around 15 years, it's just a piece of mind thing just to check for errors and make sure spot colours and stuff are all intact - I can't imagine sending to printers without - it's flagged loads of potential errors over the years, stuff like missing spot colours, blacks with an ink density over 300% and vectors that rasterise - all easy fixes, can't believe theres nothing out there to plug the gap at a reasonable price
  2. No work on at the moment so decided to have a play with designers vector watercolour brushes
  3. Damn - in that case I hope Serif continues to develop for El Capitan as I'm gonna have to stick with Acrobat 9.5.5 which works great in El Capitan - wish I could afford pdftoolbox - shame they can't do a trimmed down version for skint freelancers
  4. I'm a Mac user who has no choice but to use El Capitan as I need to use illustrator cs5 to plug the gaps of all the stuff that Designer doesn't currently do - but as theres light at the end of the tunnel, I would like to move to Mojave at some point but have the main hold back of Acrobat pro 9.5.5 and X being 32bit applications (so not Mojave compatible) - so just wondering if anyone can recommend an alternative that does all the print stuff - Check separations and ink density, Verify PDF/X standards conformance and all that, also with the ability to print nice sharp vectors and text to postscript printers for proofing purposes (something Affinity doesn't currently do), I've been searching around and theres loads of alternatives that do all the forms stuff, text edits, annotations, pdf merging, but I can't seem to find anything that will do the really important, piece of mind stuff before I send a pdf off the printers, apart from Calls PDF toolbox which is around £500
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  6. I usually use Clip Studio Paint for raster painting as it's super responsive and the blend and mix tools are brilliant, but I thought I'd work on this piece in Designer and Photo using some of the Daub and Frankentoon brushes I've purchased over the past couple of years - seems to have worked out OK although I still prefer mixing and blending in CSP
  7. ACE stuff with the Black only and also the ability to colour up greyscale images as spots - I ran a few tests and it worked great - overprint works great, but even better, tried turning off overprint and used multiply and it works - it basically overprints spots with the added ability of being able to view the effect from within Publisher, I'm guessing adding any other layer effect will convert to cmyk on output, initially, I tried first using PDF/x 2001a which converted all spot coloured raster images to cmyk - but worked perfectly using PDF/x-4 ACE STUFF
  8. Sorry for this - BUT I just can't let this lie -- it's just that the new logos on all the splash screens don't line up and it's driving me crazy - is this aimed at winding up the neurodiverse (I'm on the autistic spectrum) I can see what you were going for with equal space around and between but I just a can't help it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!
  9. When it's just a taken for granted feature you've used for around 15 years, it's really frustrating when you want to grab a corner and tweak but you can't which is a feature I used to use all the time in Illustrator Heres what I mean using Illustrator CS5 Free Transform.mov
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    black in CMYK-PDF

    Sounds like a colour profile issue - double check your working profile and output profile are the same
  11. The new Node tool improvements are brilliant especially transform Mode and lasso selection Visible bleed.... hallelulya! although it still doesn't work with artboards???? Isometric' Studio isn't really something i'll personally use but looks like it could be adapted in the future for a perspective grid which would be ACE! Bit disappointed there's still no distort (hold down a modifier key and drag a corner point of any vector or group) or envelope distort, which are taken for granted, every day features many designers and illustrators have used since the mid 90's - just a bit frustrating that we have to create work around affinity's current limitations or just fire up a ten year old version of Illustrator just to distort vectors Just wondering why theres no lock guides in Designer?
  12. ACE ACE ACE it might seem like a small thing but being able to rasterise objects and not have them clipped to the page (so no bleed) is massive plus --- thanks guys tested and works perfectly --- this could save me loads of time Next ---- time to test tables