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  1. R C-R I was actually using the mouse for the screen capture, but it was the same using the stylus - I quit and did a reboot and all seems fine - for now - I'm wondering if it was an OS prob defaulting to the standard mac arrow curser, as my system as been acting up a bit after the last (mid July-ish) mac security update, with some unusual hangs after boot-up where everything locks and seems un-responsive for a few minutes, then comes back to life??? I see you're on Mojave, have you noticed any unusual hangs after the last security update? I've done various searches and can't find anything recent that relates to my prob
  2. R C-R - Just been having a play around and I'm kind of getting used to it - I guess it should help with the problem of mistakingly placing an object inside a container when you just want to place it behind which I've done many a time - so yes, dragging to the middle and right is working for me now, although it's the preview of the action which seems a bit slower to update ---👍---
  3. I'm assuming this is a bug - whatever tool I select, the curser changes to the move curser and doesn't show the correct curser until you use the selected tool, after use it quickly changes back to the move curser - I can't remember seeing this behaviour before? Screen_Recording_2020-08-04_at_15_47_58.mov
  4. I't worked great before, quick and snappy, now seems like a huge back-step with delay and uncertainty wether the goal is achieved DAMN! I have the mac App Store version so can't go back to 1.8.3 - well still works better than Illustrator CS5
  5. Hi Updated all to 1.8.4 👍 well done on all the bug fixes, drawing with the pen tool seems to be working great. I'm just struggling with the dragging layers into vector containers behaviour, weras in 1.8.3 and previous it was instant, now there seems to be a delay which is slowing me down quite a bit - I get that you now have to really move to the right and wiggle whatever you place inside the container - is this by design? if so maybe a colour change to green for the overlay to show what's happening or something to indicate you've achieved the goal - just wish it was as responsive as before which always worked great. It's really getting to me so thought I'd upload a quick demo vid just to check to see if others are experiencing the same problem? Screen_Recording_2020-08-04_at_10_18_08.mov
  6. Sorry sfriedberg I was on a rant after yet another added session of box ticking. So lets agree that "the only sane option" would be to have a master tick box or preference to enable ticked or unticked as default - I think we probably work in different sections of the design industry and yes with logos I do normally convert all strokes to paths, it's so many times I've done something like an album cover where I usually work to 320mm square incase theres a vinyl release, usually all vector and usually pretty complex so I have to size down for CD and size up for say a 2meter square backdrop and I always get caught - I remember when I mainly used Illustrator for vector illustration it was a few seconds to fix with the find same options - also really looking forward the find same options being available in affinity (as hinted in a few forum posts), and who knows when this feature finally lands, we may have a way around the problem???
  7. Sorry for the rant! Forgot to just do this: True Vector Brushes +1 Blob Brush +1
  8. Yes very frustrating Yes - been requesting since first release?!?!?! I have to say as there years slide by I find myself turning less and less positive towards Affinity, as I think my first set of posts when this forum was first made available, was the need for a fair few things including true vector brushes and a blob brush along with my No1 missing "feature" Vector distortion / perspective warping, I say "feature" as I wouldn't class any of these as features, I see them as bog standard vector tools for any software that classes itself as a professional vector application - I have been trying to keep positive, especially when receiving any kind of moderator feedback and seeing that old list of goals for the future - I used to just try and be patient - thinking what are we gonna do if it takes two or three years for these basics to appear ---- FIVE YEARS LATER ----- and now it pisses me off that I have to use the ten year old (and considered obsolete) Illustrator CS5 to plug gaps - I just wish Vector styler was as easy to use as Designer as it has all the basics (including vector brushes, Vector distortion / perspective warping) along with lots of other "features" it looks like it's been in development for around two years and it's not even released yet
  9. This method only works for parent items - it's the vectors inside vector containers that are the problems and with a complex piece of work, currently the only way around it is to dig down through the layers, groups and containers within containers within containers etc... and tick those pesky tick boxes then after what seems like an age resize and discover you've missed a few so go on a hunt for the offending few - say you create a logo or a vector album cover or whatever it will need to be sizeable from button badge to billboard with no bother - just having those tick boxes pre- ticked by default can save loads of time and a potential ton of grief
  10. DREEEEEEAM DREAM DREAM DREAM - Everly Bros or Bross???!!!???!???!??!??!??!??!??!??!?!?!?! KIN-ADE-AHHH
  11. Just messing around with other option for vector distortion ........... now its time for my READY BREK!!! Screen_Recording_2020-07-17_at_14_27_49.mov Screen_Recording_2020-07-17_at_14_36_58.mov
  12. Seeing as over the past five years I've failed to raise a response, I'm just wondering if it's just down to me being pig thick and missing some obvious trick that forces SCALE WITH OBJECT tick boxes to be ticked by default ----- surely one of you forum boffins have a solution???
  13. Damn done it again ----- yippeeee another hour of mindless box ticking
  14. Thats the way to do it - yes it is confusing if you're used to photoshop - I'm sure you'll get used to it, plus you retain the full image resolution
  15. I'll really try not to dominik, just so frustrating when it's a tick box that should be ticked by default, I can only think of a few scenarios where I might want to temporarily un-tick these boxes but then quickly switch back to TICKED - I'm sure the dev team member who decided on this arse over tit logic is in league with the devil - in my head I can hear them laughing hysterically. Really can't believe this is not a massive issue for all users, I know i'm a weirdo but............🤬🤮👿💩
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