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  1. Glad you have something sorted White Art. Once you get into the swing of the Affinity way, it becomes pretty straight forward, although Acrobat pro (I'm using 9 from CS5) is currently an essential tool for checking before sending off to your print service provider or printing a CMYK proof, although, the free Acrobat reader can also print CMYK proofs - there doesn't appear to be anything else out there to replace Acrobat yet
  2. My first reaction was to want to turn it off, but got used to it pretty fast and set ⌘` shortcut to reset rotation - now love it
  3. It's a colour profile issue - adobe lets you setup once and crack on with confidence - where as Affinity needs involvement from start to finish - By the look of it, you have you're above document set up as Fogra27 in Publisher - if so looks like your problem is at the output to PDF stage - I'd recommend trying the settings below then have a look at the result in acrobats output preview - it should then match - as any profile change at this stage will result in a change in colour - Affinitys approach seems to be aimed at people who work in RGB and just need a decent approximation of colour when converted to CMYK via selecting an output profile -
  4. For any other Mojave users who have had trouble with the MAS hanging on all downloads (for me on two different macs running Mojave) I found a solution that worked from a user (User366) on stack exchange, that sorted the app store: APP Store Fix Go to Activity Monitor and force-kill appstoreagent process. The app started to download at once. After force-killing appstoreagent, there was no need to log out and log in again in the App Store. Updates and downloads just work again. Hope this helps Now have Pub Des Pho working great on both Macs - Great work team
  5. After multiple re-boots today, since around 10.30am I'm now seeing Designer and Photo in MAS but they still hang when clicking on update - anyway- looks like the El Capitan MAS works as expected so downloaded via external boot volume - just have to update my production mac via the external drive ------ FFFFFFAAAHHHHHHHHH!
  6. Does anyone have any pointers on how to get MAS working normally on Mojave as it seems to be a Mojave problem - my production mac can't go any further and I need CS5 and Acrobat pro on my non - production mac so can't update to Catalina - I don't even know it booting from an external El Capitan volume and downloading from the app store will cause problems with Affinity
  7. It now appears that the problem is with the app store in Mojave, as I tried rebooting from an external ssd with el capitan and signed into the App Store and it works as expected (the way it worked a few days ago in Mojave) showing update, Designer and Photo are now downloading and hopefully I can copy the apps to my Mojave drive and hopefully it will work - but I could really do without all this faff Have any other Mojave users having the same problem?
  8. Thanks R C-R - Tried that this morning - I can find and click on the cloud download icon but just doesn't download
  9. Are there any other options for downloading from the app store as other type of downloads are working great - nothing seems to download from the MAS - I've tried a load of workaround - signing out, rebooting, refreshing, rebooting wifi box around 8 times - does anyone have any pointers - never had any problems whatsoever before
  10. In uk on mojave - app store icon tells me I have 2 updates - once i'm in app store theres no updates - manually finding Designer and Photo (which now show 1.9.1) I download and leave for a few hours and nothing - really pissed off as publisher direct from serif downloaded in a minute or so ----- is there some new problem with the app store on mojave?
  11. This appears to be some kind of problem with the latest 1.9.1 update - looks like everyone is in the same boat if you're trying to update from the MAS as it still shows 1.9.0 but just hangs on download - looks like MAS side problem - updating my copy of pub was super smooth (direct from serif) and working great
  12. Cheer's Patrick - look forward to next beta, although, for me it's effecting all master page items regardless of where they sit on the page 👍
  13. Gradients are working as expected for me copy / pasting back and fourth between Publisher beta (latest) and illustrator cs5 (15.0.2) - even rotated gradients inside shapes inside shapes x5 remain fully editable both ways, although skewing the gradient even slightly seems to rasterise once pasted into illustrator
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