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  1. I also ran tests a while back and found similar results: any vector information looks like it's rasterised before it hits a pro level printer or rip - also even if you run a CMYK workflow, for some reason Affinity converts to RGB then back to CMYK resulting in a 100% K being reproduced as a 300% plus rich black. The only option currently available for accurate output is to create a PDF and print from Acrobat?!!?!?!?! Hopefully, this has to be a priority fix - as what's the point of a pro level print and publishing app that doesn't support pro level print I suspect the the Affinity team are a little embarrassed by all this, which is why you probably won't get any response from the team, the only response I've seen on this type of prob is: Pauls QA Moderators 198 1,661 posts It looks unlikely that we will support printing directly in cmyk to printers - as you have found exporting to PDF/x standards and printing that is the workflow for this occasion.
  2. Just wondering if I've missed a key combo for cancelling current operation as I've been waiting 50 mins for a live perspective warped photo to rasterise and it's prob at 10% - Pub is still responding, it's just ridiculously slow, - if theres not currently a key combo to halt an operation, could this be worked into a future update as it would really come in handy - also would be handy if we could assign a scratch disc as I've already had to split my latest childrens book into two parts to try and cope with huge slowdowns with memory diag flagging high pressure memory usage and locking up my whole mac - even the beachball doesn't have enough memory to spin and I have 48GB and the only app open is APUB
  3. Dazmondo77

    Text Ruler not showing

    I've raised this a few times
  4. Dazmondo77


    So glad it all worked out Patrick as studio link is next level, as 95% of the time I only need Publisher as it covers most things, it's only really export persona really that I occasionally miss. Just out of curiosity whereabouts was the previous Serif HQ - I remember one of my colleagues, Bob mentioning Bobbers Mill? I'm guessing this was way before your time?
  5. Dazmondo77

    Share your HALLOWEEN art

    I always finish off Halloween with a viewing of this classic - all vector
  6. Dazmondo77


    Years ago, around 1997 I used to work for a repro company based in Nottingham as a graphic designer, illustrator, photo retoucher, drum scanner operator and loads of other stuff. Occasionally we used to output all the film separations and run match print proofs for the Serif Page Plus box artwork, as Serif where apparently based just around the corner from us (I never found out exactly where. we where on St Peters street in the Radford area) one of the Serif team would drop round a floppy disc with a PRN file??? - we where Mac based although we did have an artwork PC which prob got switched on twice a year, but Serif would always pop a floppy with a PRN file over to us and one of the repro guys would run it straight to the Hyphen image setter, to film and then make Matchprint proofs - I remember one time when we where a bit under staffed, I was on match prints and making Page Plus box proofs - I had a PC at home and did have page plus which compared to QuarkXpress 3.1 which was the industry standard at the time, was really deep whereas quark was very bare bones and super expensive but rock solid - One time my boss wheeled in the artwork PC and said "got a little job for you" and explained that the folk at Serif where thinking of doing a vector artwork package similar to Xara which he handed me to install on the PC - Serif wanted to know what we thought of it - once I had a play around I thought it was brilliant, and the first thing I asked my boss was if they would do a version for the mac, which he said that he asked the same question and they said they had no immediate plans but there may be a possibility in the future, I said they'd make a killing as at the time, we where using Macromedia Freehand 7 for all vector artwork which didn't do a few things that xara did - anyway I went out and bought xara a few days later and the first thing I had a crack at was this MEAT BOIST t-shirt design and shortly after I moved over my home setup to the Mac and have never found a way to open the few xara files I'd worked on - tried again today to find a way, and gave up so thought I'd have a go at re-creating a similar design Designer (see attached all vector) One of the first things I did when I found out that Adobe where moving over to the subscription model, was email Serif saying they'd make a killing if they would port the Plus suite over to mac, they did reply with thanks for your interest... we have no plans to port over to the mac - I was left with nowhere to turn but use old Adobe stuff until - DESIGNER - what a set of fibbers, they must have been working on designer at the time!
  7. I've also had this problem for a while seems to be a transparent overlay glitch as it only seems to effect the the tables columns and rows and tabs rulers - quit and re-starting pub seems to fix it but it can return in minutes or days???
  8. Dazmondo77

    Puppet Warp

    APhoto has deform in distortion filters, that on the face of it looks like it does what puppet warp does, letting you add points but it's pretty rubbish compared to puppet warp, it works more like a mesh distort - I still use PS CS5 just for puppet warp
  9. I have been caught out before with this issue, although I have a CMYK end to end workflow and setting all the CMYK blacks to C0 M0 Y0 K100 (solid black) has always solved the problem, I can only guess that it may be a colour profile issue, I did however notice that you didn't change the documents colour settings to CMYK before changing blacks - therefore the document would still produce an RGB PDF, and even selecting a CMYK colour profile on output to pdf would change the blacks, affinity stuff can really mess up blacks if you change colour profiles which is why I stick to an end to end CMYK Fogra27 workflow, although I sometimes use a print provider that requires ISO300 CMYK profile which is (currently) a nightmare to sort once you change over profiles on an existing job, as all the single solid black will all change to 4 colour black I've done a quick screen grab of the issue I've had - in the end PDF you can see the 4 colour black looks slightly bold - although most print providers would reject 400% black as it would cause set off and not dry correctly tst.mov
  10. I think that maybe you'll find that the bold looking text will be a four colour black and once you make it a single solid black it should look OK - I setup my own application palates for CMYK and greyscale, as just selecting a standard affinity swatch can cause loads of colour bother like super dense blacks that would be rejected by most print service providers
  11. This is why we need a slug area
  12. Dazmondo77

    Blackout in Technicolour

    Really happy with the speed of Pub 1.7.3 on this album cover for the Steam Kittens new release, although I started off the digi painting in Clip studio paint, I did a fair chunk in Pub using studio link photo using Frankentoon and Daub brushes plus some vector colour overlays - did need to use Illustrator to distort the SK logo and the colour wheel around the image but really impressed with the speed of using studio link on tonnes of layers
  13. Dazmondo77

    Exporting to PDF Loses Outer Shadows

    This is a known bug with 1.7.2 when exporting to PDF in fact it also effects live effects so currently a workaround is to copy groups which use live filters and effect and rasterise before Pdf stage - hopefully they'll fix this for the next update - I've not yet tested the latest beta so not sure wether all is well yet
  14. Dazmondo77

    Printers Marks

    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG please! Another truly sluggish request for SLUG - I guess they've been working on this for a few years......................... at snails pace - CANADA DRRRRRRRRRRR-EYE!!!!!

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