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  1. Dazmondo77

    Transform Mode

    Been waiting for this feature since the first version - so frustrating having to make compromises or just having to do this in illustrator and import back just to simulate perspective in vector work - hopefully soon?
  2. Dazmondo77

    black in CMYK-PDF

    Sounds like a colour profile issue - double check your working profile and output profile are the same
  3. The new Node tool improvements are brilliant especially transform Mode and lasso selection Visible bleed.... hallelulya! although it still doesn't work with artboards???? Isometric' Studio isn't really something i'll personally use but looks like it could be adapted in the future for a perspective grid which would be ACE! Bit disappointed there's still no distort (hold down a modifier key and drag a corner point of any vector or group) or envelope distort, which are taken for granted, every day features many designers and illustrators have used since the mid 90's - just a bit frustrating that we have to create work around affinity's current limitations or just fire up a ten year old version of Illustrator just to distort vectors Just wondering why theres no lock guides in Designer?
  4. ACE ACE ACE it might seem like a small thing but being able to rasterise objects and not have them clipped to the page (so no bleed) is massive plus --- thanks guys tested and works perfectly --- this could save me loads of time Next ---- time to test tables
  5. Dazmondo77

    Gradient Mesh

    You can kind of achieve what you want in Designer - just made a screen capture, which goes on to me just riffin' with another idea of applying to text (I thought I'd switched off the screen capture at that point but just left it in to illustrate another technique) the only prob here is the output will be rasterised, if I remember right, affinity only supports 2 colour gradients at present so creating artwork in 3 spot colour gradients, for example, would be rasterised and lose the spot colour information Gradient.mov
  6. Dazmondo77

    The Noises in the Night

    The follow up to The Tree in the Sky
  7. It all works for me but is pretty useless without bleed
  8. Just downloaded the latest beta - not really noticed much different apart from the preview mode thing which now takes away the bleed wether you have clip to canvas on or off (I thought it was a nice feature to be able to toggle the bleed) - I'm guessing theres stability improvements, not had chance to mess around yet. I'm just including the following just incase no-one as seen my previous posts - I know you guys are working real hard, but there are a few bugs standing which are the first things that I test on the past few betas : Selecting a group of objects on a page and rasterising trims to page - it needs to trim to bleed surely, or just not trim and rasterise everything sitting outside the page area - it is currently unusable for commercial work that requires bleed. Importing a PDF works great apart from measurements default to points which for some reason can't be changed to millimetres or whatever - you go through the motions of changing units but it stays locked in points. Print as booklet still doesn't support bleed. I've not yet had chance to check tables to see it the last row bug is still active
  9. I've had this one - and trying to reduce the height in the tables menu also increases the size even using the reduce arrows so clicking once on the reduce arrow increases the size by a huge amount - but only on the last row?
  10. Dazmondo77

    [AD] Brian Hermelijn - Visual Design & Illustration Journal

    Your stuff is ACE
  11. Noticed a bug with imported pdfs - the measurements always default to points but in the latest build you can no longer change to mm or cm or whatever - I've tried with a few imported pdfs and it's the same with all - spread setup, all spread, show in units, change points to mm - OK = still points It did bomb Pub after a few goes (and I lost all my panel placements) and tried restarting a few times + rebooted my mac but still having the problem
  12. +1 As well as spreads of more than 1 page, what about single pages that butt up together, something I use all the time for folders and roll-fold leaflets