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  1. Does that mean it will capture from other apps - as most of my workarounds involve VectorStyler, ImageVectorizer, Illustrator CS5, ? FFFFFAAAAAHHHHHH! - although what few vector tools we have, I love ----- how frustrating ----- Right I'm off up the yard to hit myself repeatedly in the right eyelid with a lump of lead pipe ------- AAAGAGGGAGGAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  2. Further to Williams solution, if you want to retain the black lines, just group and duplicate the original line layer, and proceed with the method, then move the original line layer to the front of the layer stack
  3. Publisher seems to be the star, with regards to receiving dev time. Very well done for what the devs have achieved so far My main needs for publisher are double + page spreads, printable & PDF-able Slug area, easier spot colour handling/export, separation preview (including spots, overprint, knockout) & macros Designer is really desperate for love - Select same is the biggest addition in years - ACE - still a lot of work to be done - even though I have a 'top moan' about missing basics, I still remain optimistic. Photo - really need puppet warp or just some improvements to Deform to allow for isolating say limbs and construct joint nodes that are rotatable. I'd love to see all receive the expanded ability to Isolate groups (alt - click layer) and be able to work exclusively on anything within that group - then click outside the group to exit isolation
  4. Further to the last screen recording, thought I'd do another detailing symbols placed inside a data merge layout to simulate vector patterns - for me, it's loads more powerful than the new pattern in photo as I like to work with vectors (although I've not used the very latest beta yet) it also works with photos and brushes Screen_Grab_2020-11-26_at_09_06_41.mov
  5. Jowday - reading your posts and comments gives me mixed feelings, especially when I've made a smarmy comment on a post that I later feel guilty about, usually posted after working on a job where I've had to use an awkward workaround, that would have been a taken for granted, piece of piss to pull off, 25 years go in Freehand 8. I'm guessing you must care where it's all heading deep down or you wouldn't be as active on the forum. sometimes I post a comment that's fuelled by frustration, then one of your posts land and it's like 😬🤣😮, admittedly, I do go off on a top moan from time to time but I do genuinely enjoy using all three apps professionally, it's just the brick walls that spoil my enjoyment as I've spent the past 6 years (very very (in-)patiently) waiting for A few more of the tools I need - that will nearly always get the job done Just a simplify path option would suffice - which is another basic I've been moaning about since the birth of the forum
  6. The problem is there's loads of similar posts based on this same topic - I kind of like having new Affinity pro users creating a fresh post rather than adding to one of the many - keeps our dreams and screams alive - as it still states on the Designer web page "just all the tools you need, implemented how you always dreamed. Affinity Designer is a stripped back, pro-end workhorse that will always get your job done." not sure wether that's a little white slight exaggeration or a massive big fat lie (depends what I'm working on) - probably best do a search for all the things listed in the bullet points separately - = Six years of workarounds?!?!?!?
  7. The great thing about affinity is how you can use any shape or pic as a mask plus it's dead easy to reposition if you want to rejig your composition rather than just rely on a standard layer mask Screen_Grab_2020-11-24_at_13_36_33.mov Screen_Grab_2020-11-24_at_13_44_08.mov
  8. Convert you pagemaker files to PDF and open - Pub is great at opening and reusing old documents via PDF
  9. I like the way it currently works, as putting it at the side would be too much and a little hard to flag when you use colour to identify items and groups - the way it currently works makes it obvious to differentiate layers and groups which is great for us thicko's
  10. Did a search for this which didn't turn anything up - Delete Column and Row shortcuts don't currently work but going through the menu does
  11. I think as it stands, the layers in Vectorstyler are really annoying, as there doesn't seem to be an easy way to place items to a specific place in the layer stack, unless this is a bug, as all the copy and paste options seem to disregard the current layer you have selected and only paste to the top or bottom of the entire stack, At least that was my findings, so dragging through the layer stack seemed to be the only way to do it - So frustrating to look back five years or so to when the road map was put up and it looked as though we might be approaching a finished basic toolset within a two or three years, but six years on from release we seem to be discussing Vectorstyler as a solution to plug gaps, which when finally released, will have a complete tool set - I don't want to use Vectorstyler, I want to use Designer but what choice de we have?
  12. It's probably something to do with Affinitys eps parser that breaks up all the gradients - solution = open in illustrator (I used CS5), select all and copy paste into designer which still retains all editable gradients 17.afdesign
  13. Phew nearly ran the 1.8.6 update just now but just read this and cancelled - Cheer's Dannyg9 looks like you saved me possible grief - I nearly updated a few days ago in the middle of finishing an album cover that had a deadline for Wednesday morning 18th - boy am I glad I turned off auto update on MAS - there seems to be a lot of this going on, although I had it a week or so ago where I saved a copy of a publisher 1.8.4 job to desktop which had the same corruption issue, I just brushed it off as I had already saved to a work storage drive and was able to open and Finnish the job without issue Dannyg9 have you tried opening a copy in beta 1.9+ ?
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