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  1. Just select your vector object and select the node tool then hold down Alt (on mac)and lasso freehand or click once to have a lined selector (not sure what the correct terminology is?) works great heres a vid grab to demo: Screen Grab.mov
  2. I really hope this is a bug and not a feature as it only effects the swatches panel, the colour panel updates globals as expected.
  3. I only tried PS and decided it was too un-maclike, no point in messing with other adobe apps. I'm pretty happy with V2 on the whole, but just feel Float mode is a massive step back from Separation mode, and really really miss the ability to do the Application windows, quick view shortcut to fill the screen with all your open affinity docs as thumbnails, super super handy for instantly tracking down a file when you have a silly amount of affinity windows open, but only works in separation mode, and the annoying dock to tabs behaviour seems even more sensitive and even seems to dock the tools to the active window
  4. You don't know what you've got, til it's gone ----- I had a few gripes and moans in the past about separated modes quirks, mainly shortcuts not working for certain things and the inability to switch off auto-docking to tabs, but always hoped for improvements - it's the way graphic design app's have always worked on the mac which I guess a lot of us have always taken for granted. I remember when I first got the option to switch on Application windows in PS, (which was horrible) I had a 3 second mess around and switched back to proper mode, I can't ever remember seeing another Adobe user use application windows, apart from when doing a bit of freelancing at a place that also used PC's, but it turns out application windows is the standard for PC users. I'm currently working on an Affinity1 job which needs to go to a V1 user, but have to say Separation mode is not perfect maybe 95% there, but still has that standard Mac welcoming, free, feel, such a shame we now have the dogs dinner float mode ---- PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE Serif bring back separated mode ๐Ÿ˜ž
  5. This is now working as expected for me = just needed to quit and re-start pub - all my needed presets added back and in place๐Ÿ˜„
  6. Yes clever workaround - would be almost usable for me if you could set up as you want and save a studio pre-set like you could with separated mode in V1, so you can easily move back and fourth, but this doesn't work, it saves and splits off the studio panels but you have to manually engage float view in window and undock tools and manually move the main window down to the bottom and switching presets back also involves a bit of faffing around, I'm hoping the inability to drag and drop between windows is just a bug? and real shame about using mac Applications shortcut to view thumbnails of all Affinity file windows you have open (a godsend for flipping over to the file you want in a couple of clicks, especially if you have loads of files open)
  7. Are you saying you are actually printing the PDF directly from both InDesign and Publisher to a fiery Rip? - if so Affinity doesn't support proper printing to PS devices. In my testings, any CMYK data will first be converted to RGB, and vectors rasterised before hitting the Rip and converted back to CMYK ?!?!?!?!? so pretty useless in a pro-print workflow or for colour proofing, which is a huge shame. Your only option for printing accurate CMYK output from Affinity is to save as PDF/X and either dump on your Fiery or open in Acrobat pro and print from there although Acrobat reader can also send accurate CMYK - or just print via Indesign. I've not ran print tests from V2, but I'm guessing theres no change, as this would be a pretty major feature.
  8. Some of us need to send work and collaborate with users that can't upgrade to V2 either because of a production Mac / PC that won't upgrade to Affinity's min spec OS or they need to use other apps that don't run on AFFinity's Min spec OS.
  9. ACE - Last week I was trying to re-order page presets, tried all obvious ways of doing this but they wouldn't budge and it wasn't possible - after just reading MikeTO's Tip I thought I'd try again and it's it's working as you'd expect ------ Great stuff ----- looks like it just needed a quit and re-start๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  10. I have always had PS cs5 checked in Accessibility on both my macs but have always had the crash on quit?!?!? - if I remember right this behaviour only happened after upgrading to El Cap - for me as long as PS is stable while i'm using it, I'm happy, I've just learned to live with the crash on quit - Acrobat 9, InDesign and Illustrator all quit fine Great you got it sorted - or did it mysteriously sort itself? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
  11. Wow - can't you have another blast at getting a licence - Packzview is really great alternative option to Acrobat pro and has dug me out of a few holes of having to re-boot or go to another machine just to check seps in Acrobat9. If only we had another concrete option!?!?!?!
  12. I'm with you Walt - I earlier went off on a bit of a rant about the lack of a back-save option, as I have a couple of clients that can't move to V2, that I occasionally send Affinity Pub docs with all layers, FX, masks, groups and wot-not in place, and the copy paste from V1 to V2 option is a decent enough workaround for single page documents, but not really ideal for say a 300+ pg catalog - but I've now come to the conclusion that I'll just do their jobs in V1 - it still works great for me, and if I want the odd warped vector or whatever I'll copy paste from V2
  13. For a moment I thought I'd missed a major feature upgrade to the Deform filter which on the face of it looks like it is a Puppetwarp equivalent but sadly it's still the same Deform filter we've always had, although the non-destructive Mesh warp is a killer feature it's still no puppet warp, if you need puppet like limb movement. At the moment you can only achieve similar functionality by (in the case of the previous dog example) you put all the dogs limbs on separate layers and use a deform or Mesh warp (now prob the better choice) to warp the limbs into the position required - the end result is similar to what's achievable with puppet warp, but involves a much longer process to get the required result ---- just had a thought NON- DESTRUCTIVE PUPPET WARP ----- WOW now that would be a feature, especially if it would support raster and vector Anyhow, I'm chuffed with V2 --- great work Serif folk๐Ÿ‘
  14. Yes truly awesome but this is the first stage of Affinity's vector warp ability. I'm guessing and hoping it will continue to evolve like many of the features from the first version of Designer 8 years ago - even so I'm an happy chappie as vector warping was my No1 need and MattP has done a brilliant job๐Ÿ‘
  15. This is common behaviour so I gather, which effects me also, but always seems stable enough until quit. not sure what to suggest with Acrobat 9, as it's working fine on both of my Macs. you could maybe try Packzview https://www.packz.com/downloads-info/ which is a total life saver, offering similar pre-press features to Acrobat pro when dealing with PDF's destined for print in Catalina + but also works with El Cap and Mojave - Packzview along with VectorStyler have enabled me to adopt a Affinity 2 workflow, only really having to worry about supplying V1 files to a couple of clients and the odd bit of PS cs5 puppet warping, plus I still do capacity brochures and book jackets in InDesign as it saves a stupid amount of grief being able to do more than Affinity's limit of two page spreads, Multipage spreads and a slug area was my No1 wish for Pub 2 although on the whole really happy with Affinity 2 as features will come eventually (fingers and toes crossed)
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