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  1. Yes, sorry about this - I'm aware of this issue on rectangles. I was trying to fix it for the next update, but it's more than a trivial change so I need to look a bit deeper into the problem... You can temporarily work around this by just applying it to a large circle and clipping this within your box/text instead. Sorry for the inconvenience...
  2. Hi, TLDR; Just because we haven't fixed your issues yet, doesn't mean we're not working hard and fixing important bugs. I'm genuinely very sorry that you've been impacted by these issues that affect your productivity and I really do apologise that they have clouded your enjoyment of the product to such a large degree. No reported bugs are ever forgotten, nor are they ignored. They will be fixed as soon as we can get to them. As you're aware, these issues haven't been addressed yet and they are important for your use-case. I know I'm probably asking the impossible, but do also consider that there were other issues that may have been similarly adversely affecting users in other areas of the application and that we have been fixing all of these issues as quickly as we can. Again, I know my apologies will go no way towards making you feel better, but you have them anyway - and also my reassurance that the issues will get tended to. Many thanks,Matt
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    Very nicely done!
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  5. Just to update you, we've been testing a potential fix for this issue since yesterday - fingers crossed we've got it! EDIT: Still not right - trying a larger change!
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    WOWSER! That looks GREAT!
  7. Hi Cloud-Yo! Seriously, there's nothing to be concerned about - no harm will come to anything, it's just a software error either on our part or Apple's. Either way, I have to make some changes to the hardware rendering support and I think it might simultaneously fix this problem by calling different functions, so hopefully this issue will go away soon. Many thanks, Matt
  8. This really does look like a hardware presentation issue - either on our side, or Apple's side... I'll look into it, but as to whether it can damage your iPad, I'm going to categorically say it won't - Apple would not allow software to kill your hardware - if things get too warm (which is the only bad thing software could do to your hardware) then the CPU/GPUs will just throttle back and it will cool down.
  9. Whaaaaaaaat? I thought I was really really clear above. I'll be as clear as possible now. There's NO problem. Stuff takes time. If you want it sooner but broken, then that's great, but we don't. What's the point of releasing to an alpha/beta/whatever if you're not happy yourself yet? Hope that makes more sense? Matt
  10. There's no 'priority' issue here. I'm the Project Manager (and Lead Developer) of Affinity Designer, so I'm busy working on my next release (AD for iPad) whereas we have a whole team of developers working on Affinity Publisher and have had for a long time now. My post was really about apologising I've not been around as much as usual (because I'm very busy!) and about reassuring you that Publisher is still coming along nicely from what I can see... I'll move on to help out the team with Publisher imminently, sure, but it's not like there's been a pause while everyone waits for my help! They're much better at Publisher-specific stuff than me anyway, so I just need to help out in the areas that I'm good at! As with any of our products, they won't be released until we're actually happy with them, because at the end of the day, nobody wants software that doesn't really 'work' properly! It's difficult from my perspective to imagine what we could have done here to make customers feel less frustrated by the lack of progress?... Development of good software is often an iterative process - it's SO unlikely you'll just hit the sweet-spot on your first go at typing something and you'll need to start again with new knowledge and try something a little different - that process is notoriously terribly difficult to estimate how long it takes. In a world where it only matters if something actually works or not, then maybe your first go would've been good enough and maybe timescales are easier to guess, but we're looking for a great solution, not just any solution... So Publisher seems to be taking a while when viewed from the outside - but there's no 'problem' here, everything is going great and we're converging on something special - but rushing to reach a goal before it's truly ready would just be a terrible idea and would setup the product very badly for the future. I think the 'teaser' video for Publisher we released was partly to show that it really was happening, and partly because we're really excited to show it to you! The guys working on the product are doing their job, but it's also something they're passionate about, so they're proud of their work and want you to enjoy it. The alternative was for us to have never said anything about Publisher at all but then customers would just wonder what we were doing that was meaning we weren't updating Photo/Designer very often recently and then would get frustrated. Hang in there - it's on its way and it's going to be good!
  11. Really sorry about the lack of updates - some of this is down to the fact that there's very little to update you on regarding Affinity Publisher (still looking good, still on track for Beta - to the best of my knowledge at this point) and some of this is down to the fact that Affinity Designer for iPad has been occupying 100% of my time recently as I get it ready for launch. That situation will change. Soon. So hopefully you'll see more obvious progress over the coming months...
  12. The B-Spline tool was added to DrawPlus X8 with the code that I wrote for Affinity's B-Spline support... We already support B-Splines in our backend but we need to write the tool to allow them to be created and manipulated. It will happen at some stage (and this has been stated previously), but we cannot say in what order these features will appear....
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