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  1. MattP

    Inktober Deep Space

    Very nice!!!
  2. MattP

    Affinity Ferrari

    I'll tell you one thing for sure - you're not the 'total amateur' that you claim to be! That really looks brilliant - great work!
  3. MattP


    Awwww - thank you so much! It means a lot to read such nice comments - thank you!
  4. MattP

    Rainy Day

    Awesome work!
  5. MattP

    Tea cup illustration

    Good lord!!!!! :O
  6. MattP

    Digital painting with Affinity Photo

  7. MattP

    Bike Frame Paint Templates (AD)

    Very nice!
  8. MattP


    Yes, that's correct
  9. MattP


    You'll be able to see bleed in Designer 1.7
  10. MattP

    Mural process: AD vectors transformed the end stage

    That looks amazing! Really great work!
  11. MattP


    The bug you mention is already fixed for the next version that has a 'Show Bleed' view menu item
  12. Separation preview will be a feature, but I don't think it will happen before the initial release - although I could be wrong?
  13. Click the thumbnail, it should start downloading the file (it's 469MB so will take a while - a progress indicator will move around the thumbnail's border). When it's downloaded, click the thumbnail and it will open