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  1. Yes, it does explain why things are faster when they're grouped. The problem seems to be around some of the picture frame/text flow changes added for Publisher... they should be easy enough to get around so we'll try to sort them out asap Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime...
  2. Hi saikat, Thanks for the file - I'm going to look into this... Designer didn't perform this badly a while ago with files like this, so it can definitely be resolved... Leave it with me Hopefully you can see from the rendering performance that we have no fundamental issues with there being this many objects in the document, but it appears that something in our command architecture is now incurring an overhead, which with larger selections is becoming noticeable. I feel sure we can make this go away... Matt
  3. I've not had time to use it with Designer yet - so many things to do!
  4. No problems, CraftLe@rner! Maybe update us with a photo of your results whenever you get chance - I've always enjoyed seeing how people use their cutting machines! I've got a Craft Robo at home that I've had for ages, but I've not used it for a while...
  5. Here is the test curve svg - the first curve I created. Try for yourself, there is no lying (obviously - why on Earth would there be?) and the results are the results I showed. testcurve.svg And what exactly is the point of you trying Affinity Designer 1.7 when we've acknowledged the problem and I clearly labelled the results I showed as being from Affinity Designer 1.8 Beta. Many thanks for your input, Matt
  6. LOL! Thanks for explaining things to me, very educating, I'll try to do better in the future. So if everything else is so accurate, do you want to explain to me what I'm seeing here? (Blue background, white curve, semi-transparent pink result of expansion) and, just for those commenters who are about to say "But what about CorelDraw? You didn't include it and it would've been perfect!"... (white background, black original curve, pink expanded result) You'll notice that NOBODY has the right answer because - as I stated A LOT before - there IS NO RIGHT ANSWER because one curve does not perfectly become one other curve at an offset - MATHS DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY! It becomes potentially many curves, but in different ways. You need to use an algorithm to generate the offset and the results of the algorithm will vary. So... sorry to break the awful news, but.... we're actually not that bad. Shocker. Double-shocker is the fact that I've actually shown you that we really do actually have a new stroke expansion function and the 'fanboys' aren't actually fanboys at all - they're just not ridiculously pessimistic keyboard warriors. /micdrop
  7. Hi! I'm not sure if it will work or not, but can I suggest you try the options "Flatten transforms" and/or "Relative coordinates" on the SVG export options... I suspect Cricut's software may have issues with hierarchical transforms? It's just a guess though - please let us know how it goes! Matt
  8. @Hokusai - this is just absolutely incredible! What an amazing and inspiring piece!!!
  9. As I said - you deliberately used a small object which you know will go wrong. You can't claim this wasn't deliberate as it very obviously was. Showing that something you know is wrong is definitely wrong is not achieving anything in my book? It didn't help me (or anyone else already contributing to this thread) know where the problem is or show me how good CorelDraw does with something we fail at. If I wanted to, I could show you ways in which any other program can fail at certain functions - I do not as it is not helpful.
  10. To be fair, you did deliberately choose to use a small object there (or a low document DPI) because you know that's what provokes the incorrect behaviour. The results only look so wrong here because of the size it has been performed at. This is currently being fixed, as I mentioned many times before.
  11. I've just unhidden it for you
  12. As I said earlier in this very post, I want an end to the name-calling. It's not helpful. I'm locking this thread now. Nobody has any right to decide that someone else is 'obviously' an amateur because they can use the software and enjoy it whereas the poster cannot: This is a really flawed way of thinking and even if you believe it to be true, you gain nothing by saying it other than alienation and being judged by others as arrogant.
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    This is lovely! Very nice tone and colours, big bold style - I really like it!