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  1. This is an Affinity Publisher feature
  2. MattP


    Really excellent work!!!
  3. MattP


    Really wonderful - top work!
  4. MattP


    Holy heck!!! ALL vector!?!?! Wow!
  5. Very well done! That looks great!
  6. MattP

    Mk1 Golf GTI, v2 Progress (AD)

    Very much looking forward to seeing this!!!!
  7. MattP

    eGPU support

    Unless there is zero copy to bring the data back from the GPU (ie the GPU is literally operating on a piece of in-cache cpu-addressable memory) then it will be too expensive to speed anything up until our whole pipeline is ported to Metal. The iOS version of Affinity shows how well a hybrid CPU/GPU architecture can run - it's stunningly quick - but this is because Apple's chip design allows for the GPU to operate on truly shared memory. An external GPU cannot do this. Again, if everything was ported to Metal so there is no reason to bring data back to the CPU then an eGPU will help - potentially an awful lot, but until that happens it will not accelerate most tasks much at all - and may even be slower. The future will bring the changes you're interested in, but that will happen slowly as there are many, many lines of code to port...
  8. MattP

    eGPU support

    I don't know what more to tell you that you don't already know... As I explained a while ago, an eGPU will not help you with Affinity performance at this point, so it's a bit of a non-starter generally. However, if you're seeing glitches zooming then that means there's a bug in our Metal implementation that needs fixing - and that will get fixed when I get chance to look at it... I know the potential for eGPUs to accelerate your device is alluring, but as I've said before, Affinity will not go any faster by adding an eGPU and because we're constantly throwing new textures to the GPU, it may actually slow things down vs using your much weaker internal GPU... Thanks, Matt
  9. MattP

    Affinity won’t open on my Mac

    Hmmm, that's very odd! Our iMac is the Mid-2011 21.5" i7 model with HD 6770M running 10.9.5 (13F1911) so I really would expect that you'd be able to run without issues... Without reinstalling the OS, I think we're going to draw a blank on how to fix it as something is obviously wrong that's out of our control - but as a last-ditch attempt, would you be able to try adding a new Admin user (System Preferences -> User & Groups) and seeing if it will run when you login as that user? It's easy and quick to delete that user again afterwards and at least you'll have ruled out any user-specific installed applications that might be messing with things. I must confess that this is not something I've heard of before and I'm sure we've had your specific model in the office over the years, so I wouldn't expect a problem. If you get no joy and you're unhappy to upgrade to a different level of OS X then I really would just pursue the refund route while you're able to Thanks again, Matt
  10. MattP

    Affinity won’t open on my Mac

    Hello! I've tried to reproduce this on our old iMac 2011 model running Mavericks (same patch version as yours) and it works correctly... Can I ask exactly which iMac you have? Is it by any chance the 2009 model with Radeon HD 4850 chip? I don't think we've got one of that age to test on... Let us know which model you've got and we can go from there... The crash report doesn't actually list the call stack in any threads, so I'm assuming it has to be a crash while initialising the app itself (ie before it even runs any of our code and is just loading dependencies) so if your machine has an issue with this and cannot be updated to anything newer than Mavericks, then I'd suggest that it may be best to request a refund from Apple as there may be no solution from our side? Thanks in advance, Matt
  11. MattP

    Affinity Designer - Vector chocolate cake

    Good heavens!!!!!
  12. We won't release anything until it's ready, and we won't be showing pictures of what we've got until we're nearly ready because other people can copy our UI in the meantime! It makes no sense for us to tease a UI until it's nearly ready for sale... 2 months since the last posting is surely not discouraging is it? There's nothing new to say and development takes time - great things don't just pop into existence without many man-years of work!
  13. I can give you the information that it is on the roadmap as you can see, but I have a number of other things to do before I get to it. I do not believe it will happen this year. The other tasks are issues/bugs which cannot be worked around, so they must take precedence. I'm sorry this does not align with your view on what's most important, but everyone has different use-cases and I must do things in the order that makes most sense, sorry The features will be added as we have said they will be, but the ordering of these additions must be fluid and must happen whenever makes most sense. Thanks, Matt
  14. Hi Ian, If you type '0.07pt' we will use that value, but the UI is set to a default 1 decimal place precision so the number will be reflected back to you as 0.1pt - it's actually using 0.07pt, just as you asked for though. You can change the UI's precision in the Preferences - just go to Preferences -> User Interface -> Decimal Places for Unit Types: -> Points and set it to whatever would make sense for your purposes Thanks, Matt
  15. Hi, sorry but I don't think Export Persona has a variable available for the document name at the moment, if that's what you mean? Your English is much better than my French, so please don't apologise at all! Thanks again, Matt