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  1. MattP

    Expand Stroke Issues

    Thank you! I'll take a look! (it's not the 'expand stroke' function itself that's causing the issue, it's the boolean operation 'add' that I run on the results to remove overlaps that's causing the problem - I need to fix this though, so hang in there and I'll take a look!) Edited to say: I've just tried this in my latest beta build (I've not released it yet, but it will be and it succeeds - but I still maintain there's a problem with the Boolean operations that causes some issues and I'll try to fix that
  2. Thanks, @predick This is already fixed in the next beta build:
  3. I agree The reason that the arrowhead works suddenly if it's rotated is due to an error with the arrowhead that I'm looking into - it has nothing to do with the expand stroke function itself Interestingly, I took your curve and tried the bit that has a problem with the expansion in Illustrator - it also shows problems. For example, here's the segment of your curve that causes our problem, zoomed in in Illustrator, before and after expand stroke... I think I've fixed ours now and I'm just testing the solution and making it sure it hasn't had any side-effects...
  4. I'll ask for this to be looked at - that's not good at all
  5. MattP

    Boolean operations

    I'd be very interested to see an example of this with any operation other than 'Divide'. Divide is different to the other operators and needs some attention...
  6. MattP

    Expand Stoke

    @Mark Oehlschlager the start/end nodes are the most likely of all to have issues due to the fact that a freehand pencil/brush tool has lots of noise at the start/end. I suspect @retrograde used a Pen tool to create the source curves? Using your pencil/brush freehand approach, if you cleaned up the start/end nodes and then hit expand stroke, you'd probably find the results make a lot more sense. I'm just trying to say that the result of the Expand Stroke is correct, but the input given to it (from using the Wacom) is noisy, so you get noisy data out at the end, if that makes sense? Yes, I do wonder if the 'tolerance' of the fit could be a user-adjustable parameter... Matt
  7. MattP

    Banana death in vector :)

    Wowwee!! That's great - well done!
  8. MattP

    Divide Operation …

    Hi Alex! 'Divide' is not implemented correctly and really needs reimplementing... It introduces strange shapes and arguably just produces the wrong outputs (as shown). The other operations are working better now, but I need more time with 'Divide' still... Matt
  9. MattP

    Expand stroke weird results

    Exactly this - I've obviously missed an 'if' for this case - it'll be very easy to fix, but I messed up. Thanks for spotting it!
  10. MattP

    Expand Stoke

    Hi Kevin, If you have any examples where it is introducing nodes you think it shouldn't, can you send them to me? It should be *exactly* the number of nodes required - it works mathematically but with a tolerance and our tolerance is more accurate than the one in Illustrator which may occasionally produce an extra segment - but in theory if you took that segment away (and made it the same as the result from Illustrator) and zoomed in you'd start to notice the result doesn't match the source stroke as well... So I'm *very* interested in extra nodes - but perhaps only to validate that the extra nodes were actually needed - if it turns out they weren't then I have a problem to fix!... Thanks! Matt
  11. MattP

    Expand Stoke

    I’m just glad it seems to be working okay! any problems then just pop a bug report in about it and I’ll take a look!
  12. Status: Beta Purpose: Features, Improvements, Fixes Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer Mac App Store: Not submitted Download: Download Auto-update: Not available. Hello, We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first beta of Affinity Designer 1.8 for macOS. Affinity Designer 1.8 is a significant change to the currently shipping 1.7 version. Files edited in this version will not be backwards-compatible with the shipping 1.7 version. As such, we would not recommend using this 1.8 version for critical or production work at this stage. It is inevitable that there were will be a number of issues with 1.8 but we hope these will be minor and aim to resolve any issues very quickly, so please use it and explore the improvements, but also do keep in mind that you may find snags and we would appreciate your help with finding and reporting these to us. If this is your first time using a customer beta of an Affinity app, it’s worth noting that the beta will install as a separate app - alongside your store version. They will not interfere with each other at all and you can continue to use the store version for critical work without worry. With all that said, we hope that you will enjoy the new capabilities introduced in this release and we look forward to any and all feedback you give to us. Many thanks! Matt Fixes Overhauled the “File -> New” dialog - user templates are now supported Implemented unified toolbar for appropriately modern macOS versions Improved the results of Expand Stroke Improved the reliability of Boolean Geometry operations Fixed issues with grids which appeared to jump while zooming and had issues with gutters Improved dragging objects between artboards (takes into account "Edit All Layers" toggle) Improved geometric add to allow a single shape so we can unite shapes to remove overlapping areas Improved SVG export to not simplify structure, as some people require the original structure Fixed Styles to show styles that would normally be invisible Fixed selection of artboards and / or contents Fixed EPS import sporadically failing to load objects Fixed PDF export so embedding colour profile always converts image colour spaces to match the profile Fixed crash when loading some corrupt JPEGs (valid image data, but corrupt following data) Improved embedded document bounding boxes Fixed deletion of brushes / styles / etc to actually remove the raster data (to reduce file size) Fixed PSD export to include checks for empty rasterised layers Fixed PSD export of hidden layers Fixed angle cursors when the view has been rotated Fixed Layer Effects not handling changes to document DPI when the dialog is open (using Points as a unit would continue to use the old DPI) Fixed crash on vector export for specific arrangement of composites and clips Added Remove Columns button on the context toolbar for Designer and Photo for text frames with columns for documents created in Publisher Improved memory use with branching undo history and with replacing image nodes Updated PANTONE Solid and Bridge Palettes Fixed Create Palette from CMYK images results in RGB colours Improved performance of operations with large selections and improved performance of making selections of large numbers of objects Fixed selection problems with multiple objects of varying line weights Improved PDF import support for DeviceN bitmaps based on LAB colour space Improved PDF export of clashes between bitmaps with/without k-only Fixed PDF export "Rasterise nothing" allowing through bitmaps with alpha channels Fixed crash importing PSD files containing embedded colour profiles with unicode characters in their name Improved performance of PDF import with groups containing more than 5,000 children Fixed OpenType that could fail to apply 'liga' near end of line Fixed Text Justification to split ligatures correctly Improved PDF import matching of unknown fonts To be notified about all future Mac beta updates, please follow this beta notification thread To be notified when this update comes out of beta and is fully released to all Affinity Designer customers, please follow this release notification thread
  13. Apple have known of this issue and reproduced it in 2017 - apparently their loader fails for greyscale/monochrome images (ie RGB images where the image contains only greys) when there is 0% transparency in the image. They have 2 workarounds - the first is to make the image slightly off-monochrome (!!!) and the second, better one, is: Store the image as an MTLTexture asset in Xcode and then the conversion is done at build time, not runtime and that will work. Hope that helps!
  14. It's probably just something I've missed with regards to the 'Scale with Object' setting on the Stroke? Perhaps?

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