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  1. Hi SmullDesigner, The toolbars and panels can be docked to the screen or floating, depending on what you like. Just go to 'Window' and try clicking 'Separated Mode' to toggle between the two modes. Is this what you mean? Thanks, Matt
  2. Thanks Francky, just for your info, you can already change the nozzle size/hardness by holding down Ctrl and Alt (Option) before you start dragging. Hope that helps! Matt
  3. If you're saying that the '.beta' folders are created after launching/closing the App Store versions then... yes, that sounds wrong! It's not going to be harmful, but it obviously wasn't intended!
  4. That looks GREAT!
  5. Totally inspirational - you're an absolute master at this!
  6. Sorry, I meant that he was hiding his artwork away, not that Hokusai was hiding away. Should've been more clear
  7. Oh WOWSER! Awesome work! How on Earth have you been hiding in the shadows for so long on this forum! We need to see more!!!!!
  8. An eGPU is definitely a fantastic thing for certain applications, but for others it cannot help... Basically, our Metal view is throwing hundreds of textures per second up to the graphics card as it renders new tiles of the document, so requires fast throughput (fastest is the integrated card, obviously) but then draws them with a very simple mesh and a not-too-complicated pixel shader, so there's not a lot of benefit from a faster GPU. Affinity Photo allows Metal compute acceleration of raster operations, but this can require the data to come back from the card afterwards in certain scenarios, so if you have an eGPU then it would take a comparatively long time to get the data back so everything would appear slower than just doing it on the CPU in the first place. The iOS version of Photo shows just how fast the GPU acceleration can make things if you don't have to wait to get the data back again... (data can be read/written by GPU and CPU without copying to/from on iOS)
  9. No it hasn't - this has not changed... The Shape Tool does not tell you how many objects are selected as the status bar is already far too full telling you what the modifier keys do, but the Move Tool tells you how many objects are in your selection
  10. Run up Affinity Photo and immediately hold Ctrl as you click to launch it. Check the ‘Clear user data’ option and continue. The failure is related to the OS bookmarks that point to the plugins you previously specified - it will get fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience
  11. An eGPU will not help you with Affinity performance, I’m sorry to tell you... Affinity is heavily threaded on CPU and only needs a small amount of GPU... an external GPU may actually make things worse for Affinity performance at this point...
  12. Hi! This was deliberately removed a few beta versions ago - and we did talk about it a fair amount because I used to like it but we rationalised that maybe I was the only person who actually did this, so removing it wouldn't be a problem... Basically it was to fix issues with the Apple Magic Mouse which generates sporadic gesture scroll events at random during mouse drags. These events look identical to those that are generated deliberately during the interaction you describe, so we had no way at all to tell whether to scroll the view or not, and Magic Mouse users were getting infuriated that their view was incessantly moving around without them asking for it... It looks like we can just add this back in but put a preference item to disable the behaviour so that we have both camps happy, maybe? Thanks, Matt
  13. I've seen this before too - but only ever on documents with complex structures and all snapping options turned on... I believe that Ben is already rewriting all of this to be dramatically faster in the future, so you should never see this message in the future...
  14. On High Sierra right now I’d use OpenGL - it’s not quite as smooth but you’re guaranteed to get no strange things happening. I have to assume there’s a Metal fix coming in High Sierra soon as we aren’t the only developers to have found quite a few oddities that we can’t work around...