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  1. Hopefully the new version will work better for you...
  2. Great! Clip to canvas is the key - thanks!
  3. Bravo!!! That's just beautiful! Awesome work!!!
  4. I'm still struggling to reproduce this. Are you using an RGB/8 document or something else? If I can reproduce it, I can fix it!
  5. Lots of good suggestions, thank you! We would struggle with number 12 in particular as our artboards are containers - hence they clip their contents. The example you show is from illustrator which has artboards that are basically just background areas drawn specially - they do not contain the items placed over them. If you only wanted one artboard then we could do this as you’d not actually use artboards at all - just a normal document with single spread. The background of this kind of document could happily be shown/hidden as it would not clip its children
  6. I’d not noticed that behaviour, but I’ll try it out when I get chance Thanks for the heads-up!
  7. Hmmm.... not happening for me, otherwise I would've fixed it! Is anyone else able to reproduce this? Thanks! Hang on: Have you set the 'Retina rendering:' options to something other than the 'Automatic (Best)' setting?
  8. Status: Beta Release Purpose: New features, fixes Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer Mac App Store: Not Submitted Download: Here This beta version represents a substantial change to our codebase and as much as we have tried to ensure the quality of the code, it should be considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing. In addition it is definitely worth noting that files created in Affinity 1.6 may not open in 1.5 so always make a copy of your important documents before opening them in 1.6 to ensure you do not accidentally overwrite them and are unable to open them in your 1.5 version. To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it. Fixes/Improvements: Fix for 2 Layers panels showing when using 'Find in Layers Panel' Fix for Magic Mouse 'scrolling while dragging' issues Fix for poor visibility of marching ants in Metal view mode Fix for screen flicker when marching ants are visible in OpenGL view mode Fix for issues with commands (including Undo/Redo) failing on older operating systems (Mountain Lion and earlier) Fix for a couple of SVG import issues Miscellaneous other fixes and tweaks
  9. I've simply disallowed attempts to scroll whilst in a mouse drag - I'm not sure how many people were honestly benefitting from the ability to do that anyway (probably just me, haha!) so it's not a great loss and simplifies a number of things... (I'm packaging up the new beta and uploading it right now - should add a post for it in a few minutes so you can give it a try!)
  10. This issue was resolved for the Metal view and also for Windows. Our OpenGL view would take quite a bit of work to fix and with Metal being the default view going forwards (it's automatically selected in Sierra and High Sierra) then I thought this wouldn't be too much of an issue... I'm happy to consider it though if it's going to be an issue?
  11. To make the artboards render correctly in pixel preview mode, it's currently necessary to make sure your artboards are aligned to whole pixels. Creating new artboards does auto-align them to pixels now, but you can then manipulate them to make them off-pixel... I know this is a pain and I will fix it in the future - but it requires the document to be drawn aligned for each artboard whereas at present we are aligned for the document and draw each artboard into it, so it's a fairly dangerous change to make at this point... We're definitely going to focus on stabilising things (constraints and symbols in particular) now...
  12. Lion should work just fine - if it weren't for the fact that we've got a bug in this Beta that breaks it! We've already got this fixed and I'll update the Beta tomorrow (hopefully) so you'll be able to use it again
  13. This may explain something - we're all using it directly on our desks (which are surprisingly clean - at least visually!) and we're not able to reproduce anything strange no matter what we try! Interestingly, I've added a fix earlier that will just stop the misbehaviour in its tracks, so the next beta should resolve the problem - even if you go back to the old mouse mat, haha!