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  1. Hi, I've noticed a few times when exporting characters (from 1.8.4) to other apps, see the video attached. It previews fine but then when I import into an animation app it breaks the character apart. This also happens when importing the svg back in to Affinity... Just downloaded and tested the 1.9.07 beta and it still happens, I created a circle, then used the pen tool to create 3 strokes and placed them within the circle then export selection without background as svg. When opening that svg back up in Affinity the strokes are no longer within the circle. DAnni.mov Screen_Recordin
  2. With the creation of Professor Fox this may take a new direction. He potentially could have his own spin-off, but hoping to keep him together with the the original characters. This is a challenge I never expected when I started this journey, it's growing beyond what I originally imagined. Head over to the website to see all the exciting updates so far: mystrawberrymonkey.com
  3. Thanks @eejits! Strawberry Monkey has always loved what you're doing and the direction you're going in... A full on animation series would require an animation studio, I was on a recent webinar from Blue Zoo animation and learnt a lot, happy to share privately what I've learnt. Final Cut is a video editing software but with a few plugins you'll have a lot of fun. After Effects, Toon Boom etc is really where animation lies. However, if you're comfortable with the Affinity apps, you'll love Final Cut! I would check out Character Animator and look for tutorials on YouTube from Okay Sam
  4. So, I was on a webinar recently by an animation studio and found it very useful plus the costs of a 52 week 11 minute show costs millions to make! Anyway, playing around with some more ideas using Affinity Designer and Final Cut. Eventually I’ll put something together to pitch to a studio. As much as I would love to, there’s no way I can do this all on my own. Who's joining Professor Fox in his super duper flying machine? There's space for you all @MattP @eejits Tree_Rocket.m4v
  5. The long term goal is for these cute little characters to star in their own preschool show. As this grows and develops, I'm realising I can no longer do this own my own and will need an animation studio involved. A couple of animation events are happening online over the coming months, I will be paying close attention... Untitled_Project_1.m4v
  6. •New Character Alert! Why, hello there! Look it's Phillip 'the dapper looking' fox! Introducing Phillip to Strawberry Monkey and the rest of the gang. Excited about the new direction and journey this is taking me on... Head over to mystrawberrymonkey.com to see the rest of the exciting updates and some free games and activities for your own cheeky little monkeys.
  7. 5 Years later and I'm still glad that you find this useful! 5 Years later and Affinity still ROCKS!!! Although, they may be a better way of approaching this, to be fair I don't even remember creating this post! 😯 Thank You! Allan
  8. Thanks George! Still waiting for your book to make its appearance...
  9. Trying to keep sane and busy, so I've been spending time updating and making changes to the website. There are also loads of new games and activities for parents to download for their cheeky little monkeys to keep them occupied! Click the link below and and check out the updates. www.mystrawberrymonkey.com
  10. Whilst we’re living in challenging times, how can you and your cheeky little monkeys keep yourselves occupied and show your thanks to our incredible NHS staff at this difficult time? There are loads of free games and activities on our website: mystrawberrymonkey.com We've also just uploaded some activities and posters for parents to download and for their kids to colour in, then they can display it in their windows to show our support for NHS workers. #ThankYouNHS
  11. Ohhh My! We’ve just launched our brand new range of cards. It's something we've been wanting to do for a while now...Check out the full range at Thortful! https://www.thortful.com/creator/MyStrawberryMonkey
  12. The long term goal is to turn the children’s picture book series in to a cartoon. Whilst I’m not an animator, that’s a road I’ll eventually head down. But for now here’s this! I think the focus might have to change and start to write a script and start putting a storyboard together. House Animation.mp4
  13. I've always been a fan of combining illustrations with photography, it adds another dimension to Strawberry Monkey and it allows me to be a little more creative! I've
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