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  1. Thanks George! Still waiting for your book to make its appearance...
  2. Trying to keep sane and busy, so I've been spending time updating and making changes to the website. There are also loads of new games and activities for parents to download for their cheeky little monkeys to keep them occupied! Click the link below and and check out the updates. www.mystrawberrymonkey.com
  3. Whilst we’re living in challenging times, how can you and your cheeky little monkeys keep yourselves occupied and show your thanks to our incredible NHS staff at this difficult time? There are loads of free games and activities on our website: mystrawberrymonkey.com We've also just uploaded some activities and posters for parents to download and for their kids to colour in, then they can display it in their windows to show our support for NHS workers. #ThankYouNHS
  4. Ohhh My! We’ve just launched our brand new range of cards. It's something we've been wanting to do for a while now...Check out the full range at Thortful! https://www.thortful.com/creator/MyStrawberryMonkey
  5. The long term goal is to turn the children’s picture book series in to a cartoon. Whilst I’m not an animator, that’s a road I’ll eventually head down. But for now here’s this! I think the focus might have to change and start to write a script and start putting a storyboard together. House Animation.mp4
  6. I've always been a fan of combining illustrations with photography, it adds another dimension to Strawberry Monkey and it allows me to be a little more creative! I've
  7. Ohhh My! Guess who's got themselves stuck up a tree... Thankfully our favourite firefighter Harriet came to the rescue. Harriet is my latest character, creating her has added some dynamics to My Strawberry Monkey, and has made me rethink about some of the roles the other characters play. Stay tuned!
  8. Thanks George! I'm starting to put myself out there more and telling the story behind My Strawberry Monkey, it helps to have this written down as I'm sure I'll create content from this.
  9. We're super excited about this! Check out this interview we did with Affinity about our journey with our children's picture books and preschool website over on Affinity spotlight, hopefully it will provide you with some inspiration! Affinity Spotlight - My Strawberry Monkey
  10. Ohhh My! Maisie and Strawberry Monkey spent the day down on the farm with Mr and Mrs Horse today. Looks like they had a fun time! What have your cheeky little monkeys been doing today?
  11. Daddy's home! Daddy's home! Guess who's excited to see Daddy Monkey? Do your own cheeky little monkeys get this excited when Daddy comes home? Loving the the direction My Strawberry Monkey is moving in, not a path I expected when I started, but it's very exciting! Stay tuned for some more revelations and exclusive insights and something that I'm very excited about! Not sure how my tiny little brain comes up with all these ideas, I love getting inspired by my surroundings and creating images, and then analysing them: What do you see? What’s the setting? Are they young or old? Animals or human? What are they doing? From questions like these, I then create more images, then I start to tell the story based on the images, as they say a picture paints a thousand words. It’s definitely an alternative approach, however, this is what works for me! Allan Thompson
  12. Here's a look at where Strawberry Monkey used to live and where he lives today! Yep, we've had the builders in...
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