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  1. Ohhh My, Look it’s Bertie! The cutest little piggy in the preschool world, Oink Oink 🐽 This was a lot of fun to work on… It's Bertie.mov
  2. @eejits Ohhh My! It does indeed, it's great to see the growth from two characters in to what it's become... Yes, thanks to @peter 😀 Thanks, a lot of learning and changes along the way...Many more to come!
  3. It does indeed! And yes, just a shape with reduced opacity if I remember correctly.
  4. @peter Thank you. Getting Lee Evans on board would be amazing! The studios will always have their own agenda and people they would like to use…
  5. Thank you @peter! I still remember walking into a local shop and them asking me if that was me on the front of a local paper, it was and I wasn’t expecting to be featured. Gotta treasure up those good times and create memories. .
  6. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but BBC ignite feels like a scam. I remember reading that if you get down to the final two, they want to see a little animation project put together from a studio and if you wasn’t chosen out of the two, you would owe the BBC £xxx.xxx.xxx for them paying the studios and creating the animation. Which would mean any studio that took on the project would immediately be in debt. 😂
  7. Just like old times! It’s been a minute or two… I’ve always been inspired by your work and progress. We’ve touched based a few times over social media and via this forum where it all began. And we share a few common goals! I’m sure we’ve learnt a a lot along the way! As I’ve shared previously, your work with eejits reminds me of the Mr Men/Little Ms series. It’s definitely been an eye opener with studios and book publishers… Keep pushing, keep progressing, keep on doing what we love!
  8. Wow, has it really been two years, since I last came here!? How time flies is what they say...😂 I've busy with other projects and life and a little creative rut. Anyway, love coming back here to see where it all started, the books and characters were actually an add on to my design work initially, then over the years it's grown into it's own thing. Here's another before and after, such a contrast. The two main characters and the rest of the project have had a 'glow-up ' 🤣 The first image was one of my first for this project and the second was something I put together yesterday. On reflection, I definitely rushed into this in the early days but I've learnt a lot along the way.😀 Allan
  9. Great to see my latest piece now on display at the Hoxton cabin in London! Feel free to check out the rest of my art Click here
  10. The Puppeteer Latest piece created in affinity photo. Another thought-provoking image open for discussion... This will be available soon from my website and on display in various locations in London. Stay tuned... 👉🏽 www.allanthompson.art
  11. My art is now hanging up and looking very colourful @hoxtoncabin a great little bar in Hoxton, London with some excellent coffee. Happy to finally see my work created in Affinity photo now in bars and exhibitions!
  12. The Polluted Mind! Unload your mind from all the pollution and noise we collect, store and think about that mentally drains us. Created in Affinity Photo, I usually start on the Mac then switch to the iPad for when I need more precise control using Apple Pencil. To see the rest of the collection, head over to allanthompson.art
  13. LOL, Thanks @Gee Whiz, she's one of my favourites too! Appreciate your feedback and Support!
  14. So, after sitting on this project for far too long I decided to submit my art to a few galleries. Below is a list of my upcoming exhibitions, based in London or online for now. Check out the website and the events page for more details. www.allanthompson.art
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