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  1. Great to see my latest piece now on display at the Hoxton cabin in London! Feel free to check out the rest of my art Click here
  2. The Puppeteer Latest piece created in affinity photo. Another thought-provoking image open for discussion... This will be available soon from my website and on display in various locations in London. Stay tuned... 👉🏽 www.allanthompson.art
  3. My art is now hanging up and looking very colourful @hoxtoncabin a great little bar in Hoxton, London with some excellent coffee. Happy to finally see my work created in Affinity photo now in bars and exhibitions!
  4. The Polluted Mind! Unload your mind from all the pollution and noise we collect, store and think about that mentally drains us. Created in Affinity Photo, I usually start on the Mac then switch to the iPad for when I need more precise control using Apple Pencil. To see the rest of the collection, head over to allanthompson.art
  5. LOL, Thanks @Gee Whiz, she's one of my favourites too! Appreciate your feedback and Support!
  6. So, after sitting on this project for far too long I decided to submit my art to a few galleries. Below is a list of my upcoming exhibitions, based in London or online for now. Check out the website and the events page for more details. www.allanthompson.art
  7. A few more pieces from the Coup De Tete Series and a brand new site for my artwork... www.allanthompson.art
  8. Watching the Joe Wicks documentary on mental health last night made me think about one of my pieces I created a couple of years ago. I called it ’The Storm Within’ created to represent our internal battles. www.allanthompson.art
  9. The Diver. This piece was created to visually represent how we as humans so easily allow others to dive right into our minds. We allow their opinions, their words, their negativity to get deep down within us. Yet, it is us who suffer in silence, we become ill, stressed, depressed! Let's close our minds to that negativity and only allow positive thoughts in. http://allanthompsonart.etsy.com
  10. The Barbed Queen. Latest piece in the series, hopefully it will up on my Etsy by the weekend. http://allanthompsonart.etsy.com
  11. Thank You @iuli I've heard of many cases like yours, It definitely feels like more protection is needed for sellers. Whatever platform you're on, unfortunately there will always be those who seek to take advantage, both sellers and buyers. Sorry to hear about your experience, I've seen similar feedback across multiple platforms including this forum. People love to complain, no matter what. Even if you go out of your way to support your customer, negative feedback will happen at some point. Unfortunately we can't please the world... Thanks for your suggestions, currently working on my seller message! Allan Thompson
  12. I started this project (photography art based on human behaviour and the mind) in Affinity Photo about 3 years and did nothing with it. Recently dug up my work and felt inspired again and set up shop with Etsy. The majority of my prints are now available from my Etsy store! Only took 3 years to get here... http://allanthompsonart.etsy.com Allan
  13. Finally managed to get the Etsy shop up and running for the wall prints after the test prints and a few technical difficulties along the way. 13 so far, I will be creating and uploading more over the coming weeks! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MyStrawberryMonkey
  14. Test prints for the wall art arrived from the printers, looking good! These will look amazing once framed. Hopefully, not too long and they'll be up on the site.
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