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  1. Hi @carl123 Yes! Are those brushes the legacy brushes? https://affinityspotlight.com/article/get-legacy-affinity-brushes/ Thanks for your help, Sam
  2. Hi @MEB Why can’t this be a default setting for new projects? I have to redo a project, with over 30 art-boards, because of the 1 pixel gap problem. I’m creating vector brushes and the small pixel gap creates a line around the brushes. Thanks for your help, Sam
  3. Hello, I've been reorganizing my vector brushes on Affinity Designer and came across an issue. What are the category names of the default Affinity Designer vector brushes? I have too many brush categories, which caused me to lose track of the Affinity Designer vector brushes. It would have been helpful if Affinity had labeled them as AD brushes, for organizational purposes. I found a link to the legacy Affinity Designer brushes, but not to the current default Affinity Designer brush category list. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/get-legacy-affinity-brushes/ Thanks for your help, Sam
  4. I'm experiencing the same problem with symbols on Windows PC, but this never happened before.
  5. Any news about global styles being included in a future version of AD? I would appreciate a global styles option, if it's possible. As an illustrator of picture books, this option would save me a lot of time and effort.
  6. Any news about global styles being included in a future version of AD? I would also appreciate a global styles option, if it's possible. As an illustrator of picture books, this option would save me a lot of time and effort.
  7. @Lee DHi Lee, Thanks for your help. That's good to know that there may be some possible fixes for nested symbols. Nested symbols, and symbols in general, are life savers when designing with vectors! Take care and have a good day, Sam
  8. @MikeW Hi Mike, Thanks for your help. I will try to do what you suggested next time I have a bullet list in a project. Take care and have a good day, Sam
  9. @Dan C Hi Dan, Thank you for your reply and helping me to understand why I can't give more reactions to Affinity members' posts. Spammers are annoying! I never thought about how they could be a problem before you mentioned it. Have a good day and take care, Sam
  10. Here is my vote for optical kerning. Optical kerning saves so much time and effort. It makes designing more fun too.
  11. I'm confused because some users claim that nesting symbols is possible with Affinity Designer while others claim that there are many bugs associated with nesting symbols. I also have had many problems with nesting symbols not syncing with each other because the syncing breaks for some reason. Sometimes, some of the symbols disappear within the nested symbol.
  12. I'm also having problems with aligning lines of text in a bulleted list and it's very frustrating. This problem seems to only happen with 2 lines of text. I found one solution/fix by: Copy and paste large blocks (https://www.lipsum.com/) of text to simulate the perfectly aligned bulleted list from this AD tutorial video: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337313778/ Copy and paste the text you need in the 3rd line of a block of text. Make sure that the lines of text stay aligned after pasting. Delete the original text that you don't need. I hope this helps other people who are struggling with this alignment problem.
  13. Also, I want to add that I feel positive and encouraging when I can support another person's post on a forum by giving them a 'like' reaction. Other people probably feel appreciated when their post is given a 'like' reaction and supported. A positive community culture is important to foster for long term development goals.
  14. @PixelPest That's such a cute and simple heart! ♥I never even thought about creating a heart that way.
  15. I'm a newbie to the AD forum and am enjoying the positive and helpful community. I was wondering why I get this message when trying to like someone's post on a forum, "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today."? I think it's important for the community, but most importantly the AD developers to know whose opinions people support the most... kind of like a democratic process to understand what the majority of users want. Customer feedback is very valuable because it helps developers to know what features to change and improve upon. Vectornator, another vector software program, has an interesting feedback system for customers that the AD developers might want to look at. https://feedback.vectornator.io/ Thanks for your help.
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