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  1. Swweeeeeeeeeeeeet Livin' Lord that is simply eye poppingingly amazing. Stunning stuff and an exemparly example of the power of AD. Mind Blown George
  2. Very cool. Like the others have said, love the shading and colours on this piece. Nice technique. George
  3. Dang it, this is good. lovely feel to it. George
  4. Totally agree with what Ronnie said. Great advice! I've always (and still do) start with good ol' pencil and paper. Best place to start. Take time to learn the basics (in fact, you never stop learning), stating with lines and shapes and then combining them to construct things. Don't try to be perfect straight off the bat or you will end up frustrated. Take your time and practice, practice and practice before opening AD or AP. When you're done practicing, practice some more! Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you create. George
  5. I think it looked awesome as it was. What a great illustration, looks utterly wonderful and perfect in my eyes! George
  6. This is, undoubtedly, the coolest thing I have seen today. Top drawer stuff! George
  7. Cheers! Hmmm, not seeing that myself. You could be right though, in the world of eejits, who knows?!?! George
  8. Forgot to add this one, it's a commission I did for a local diner. Not a mascot but for them to hang on the wall in the restaurant. I likes it, the client loves it!!
  9. Hello again! It's me again! Back with another creature for your viewing pleasure. Again! Pleased to share with you the latest eejit in the clan: eejitus topknotwhatius - a follower of fashionable trends (or at least they used to be). What's a Top Knot not? Cool, that's what!! Hope you guys like him. As always, everything was created in Affinity Designer with a little use of Frakentoon's wonderful texture brushes! George
  10. Holy smoke, this is brilliant! What a great composition and end result, love the use of textures. George
  11. Yeah! This is awesome, love the texture-y feel to this guy. The three layers also add depth. Great work. George
  12. Hahahhahahahahahahaha! True, very true! George
  13. Thanks A_B_C! Now I think about it, I should have added a puddle o' piddle behind him/it! Cheers, George
  14. Thanks jer! I forgot to mention that this critter was (almost) completed during one of my first ever live streams over on Instagram (@eejits). Those are a lot of fun, but getting the camera/phone set up to record my tablet's screen is a bit o' a pain. I need to figure that part o' it out better. Cheers, George
  15. Here's the latest eejit to join the troupe! eejitus gwimbilum - a creature that gets paralysed with excitement when meeting someone new!! Hope you like him, George P.S. Of course, if there any suggestions for any type of creature you'd like to see, then leave me a reply or message. Cheers!