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  1. I wonder what the hold up is with this?!? A SERIF developer's input into DXF/DWG Import/Export would be more than gratefully received.... George
  2. eejits

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Congrats mate! Well deserved! George
  3. eejits


    Hahaha! Nice one! I'm sure we can butcher it further to make it Scottish sounding.... George
  4. eejits


    thisIdo. Cheers. Glad you think so. I aim to please! George
  5. eejits


    Thank you Stuart. Appreciate the comment! George
  6. eejits


    Hey o!!! Hows ye all doing?!? Good I hope! Here’s a new wee eejit for your viewing pleasure! Meet eejitus couldnatakeanothermoothfulium: a greedy wee critter that stuffs himself silly. But never fear, a good burp & a fart later and he’s ready for more! Diners beware! George P.S. I have recently launched eejits on Patreon where I am uploading exclusive sketches, art & posts as well as sending out great eejit rewards to supporters. If you like to help my merry band o’ creatures then you’d be more than welcome over on www.patreon.com/eejits Thank you!
  7. eejits

    Print quality poor - direct from AD

    Thank you. I have uploaded a photo too, to show the error in printing I'm getting. George
  8. eejits

    Print quality poor - direct from AD

    Where do I send it? George
  9. eejits

    Print quality poor - direct from AD

    Ok D/loaded 1.704 and printed the same file but it is exactly the same. There is, what looks like the continuation of a rectangle that is behind another object, causing a discolouration/fading of the object and a distinct line. This only happens when printing direct from an AD file using AD. Does not happen when I print an exported PDF of the same image. Annoying. George *edit* in fact, I just opened the PDF inside AD, tried to print it but it comes out with the same unwanted effect. Again, this does not happen if I print from the PDF through Acrobat.
  10. eejits

    Print quality poor - direct from AD

    Will do. Hopefully that will resolve the issue as it's a tad annoying to create something you think is great for it then to print out rubbish direct from Designer. Cheers, George
  11. Hey guys, When printing my stuff direct from AD 1.6, the print quality is very poor. Murky colours mainly, resolution is fine but there are some strange colour overlays sometimes. However, when I export to PDF and print from that file instead, the print comes out perfect. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue. I'd rather print direct from the file rather than having to create extra files just to print. Cheers, George
  12. eejits

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Damn. That's a wonderful, wonderful selection o' art. You have a great eye for design and realising it through the tools in AD. Excellent stuff. George
  13. eejits

    I designed an art book in Publisher Beta

    Wow! That looks amazing Love the distinct style of your art! Congrats! George
  14. I asked the same question on Twitter regarding any update on adding DXF export option. They're hopeful it'll be something that comes in a future update..... No other details were given, I'm afraid. George
  15. eejits


    Thank you so much for the lovely words. Warms the me heart, that does! Thank you. George