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  1. I think it works best without the tail. Awesome work btw!
  2. Every time i have an embedded object and I double click on it to open it, as soon as I move an element (shape/layer/text/anything), a red screen flashes up and the app crashes out. Every. Single. Time.... Starting to get annoying. Mac 2020 5K - Monterey Version 12.1 (crashed before OS update as well) Affinity Designer 1.10.4
  3. Peeps. Are you ready? THE CLANS ARE COMING! The evolution of eejits is happening. Find out more on www.patreon.com/eejits George 4DDCB07D-7994-43CE-A24E-0C5E2F493AFF.MP4
  4. Aww. Thank you so much. I don’t think I’ve had such a wonderful review or write up. You’ve really made my night. I’m just so happy they got there safely. Good ol’ UK/USA post offices! I really hope that this is the year that a lot more kids and parents take notice o’ my wee eejits. They’ve been bumbling around here long enough, some of them have eaten all the biscuits and others are annoying the dog. They really need to go out into the wider world and explore. Release some o’ that pent up energy!! Man, I so happy. Thank you once again for the kind words! George
  5. Happy Hogmanay and New Year to you too, to everyone here. Thank you for your kind words, I look forward to hearing what you think about my wee book and its rhymes. I love your A lost soul wee rhyme! 😂 what does the last line mean though? Does he have more than just coal? I’m working on new eejits stuff for 2021 and then we’re off to the big boys! Exciting! George
  6. I’m loving all this wordplay. It’s great fun trying to wrestle words together into a correct form, flow and funniness. Brilliant stuff. I should have hired you guys when I did my book!! George
  7. Thank you so much my dear. They’re now winging their way from Scotland to you in the USA. Hopefully they get there soon and safely. I agree. It would be a dream (one that I am chasing) to get eejits into large stores like that. I’m looking at the success of the Trolls franchise and wanting to emulate that (like many people are, I suppose). thanks again George
  8. I love them all! I absolutely understand the meter and syllables stuff of poems. It’s what I struggled with when creating the new eejits book. It’s full o’ creatures and rambunctious rhymes. Obviously there are some better than others but it was a lot of fun working them out and trying to get the meter right. It’s bloody tricky. Thank you guys for your continued inventiveness and creativity. Your inspiring me to get my finger outta my ass and get more eejit Greetin’ Cards done. I only have two in my shop..... George
  9. Haha thanks Peter and for the rhyme too. That’s stellar work that! Looking forward to seeing where all this takes me and my eejits! Woohooo! Can’t wait George
  10. Thank you. I’m hoping it’s going to be a FANTASTIC year for eejits! George
  11. Oh hello guys and gals! Missed you! Thanks Guys for the comments, continued support and the questionable rhymes (in fact - they’re a lot better than what I can do!) 😂😂😂 I haven’t mentioned it here but this year I entered ‘eejits’ into the Brand Licensing Europe contest - LicenseThis! a contest for unsigned brands to get into the licensing biz! I am delighted to say that I won the Character & Animation category!! This will hopefully open a lot of doors for eejits next year. 2021 will be awesome whatever happens. Can’t wait to see what happens. Cheers guys, George
  12. Superb stuff. Always love seeing you add more and more to the work you do on My Strawberry Monkey. It’s a shared dream - I’d love to see eejits animated too. It’s not something I can do myself. Nice to see you take the reins yourself. How is Final Cut to work with? Look forward to seeing where the My Strawberry Monkey goes next.
  13. ...and here's another one! (two in one afternoon - I am too generous! 😂 ) Meet eejitus jokesium hoaxium - another critter that likes to play tricks and scams on others. This time unsuspecting Nessir hunters and tourists!
  14. Jeepers, it has been a long, long, while since I've popped on here to share some eejits with you guys. Everything you see here is now exclusively done on Affinity Designer on the iPad. Its blast to work on (there are some niggles but nothing major) and it's great to be able to work from anywhere and get outta the office every once in a while! On another note (and as discussed above), in my attempt to fix the http://www.eejits-online.co.uk website, I completely knackered it. So there's nothing there at the moment. Most of my stuff is now posted on Instagram and Patreon (which is crammed full o' exclusive content and I would love for you guys to check oot). Anyhoo, enough rambling. Here is the eejitus definitelynotmrtickle-ium - a creature that loves to trick and scam others (and is particularly fond o' giving the odd wedgie!)
  15. Hey peeps, Having a lot of issues with Designer crashing when I hit print. Happening on a more frequent basis now.... Any updates forthcoming that may resolve this issue? Cheers, George
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