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  1. Wow! This is simply stunning, mind blowing and unbelievably brilliant. Could look at all the detail for hours. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. George
  2. Very, very cool. I think the It and Up ones are my favourites. Not too sure about the Terminator 2 one, the lava relection looks a little odd IMHO. Overall, though, great work. Look forward to seeing more,..... George
  3. Cracked it. Thanks! Saved me a whole lot of bother there! Phew! Can't thank you enough! George
  4. Many thanks owenr! That's exactly what I'm trying to do, but I can't reproduce this using your instructions. The expanded stroke doesn't look right at all. When I set the stroke with of the combined object it's all wrong (it expands both inside & out the line regardless of the settings I use. I' not using the beta. Always stick to the MAS version..... Any ideas?!? Cheers, George
  5. Yo folks, i have a question. I have been trying to send my 'eejits' logo to a engraver who require a vector output. I created the logo using a font and then the outline effect. When exporting to pdf (or any other file format) the effect is nowhere to be seen. Basically I want to engrave the dark brown lines as shown in the pic. Any ideas? I've tried recreating it with a stroke but it doesn't look the same. George P.S. When is .dxf going to be an export option?
  6. Hell's bells this is brilliant. Soooo goood! George
  7. Everything floats down here. Even brain cells. Meet the newest eejit - eejitus floatsdownhereium
  8. I really like this. A lot. A great wee design. The only thing that bugs me a little is the shadow under the eyes. Other than that it's really cool. George
  9. Swweeeeeeeeeeeeet Livin' Lord that is simply eye poppingingly amazing. Stunning stuff and an exemparly example of the power of AD. Mind Blown George
  10. Very cool. Like the others have said, love the shading and colours on this piece. Nice technique. George
  11. Dang it, this is good. lovely feel to it. George
  12. Totally agree with what Ronnie said. Great advice! I've always (and still do) start with good ol' pencil and paper. Best place to start. Take time to learn the basics (in fact, you never stop learning), stating with lines and shapes and then combining them to construct things. Don't try to be perfect straight off the bat or you will end up frustrated. Take your time and practice, practice and practice before opening AD or AP. When you're done practicing, practice some more! Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you create. George
  13. I think it looked awesome as it was. What a great illustration, looks utterly wonderful and perfect in my eyes! George
  14. This is, undoubtedly, the coolest thing I have seen today. Top drawer stuff! George
  15. Cheers! Hmmm, not seeing that myself. You could be right though, in the world of eejits, who knows?!?! George