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  1. Hi guys, Recently, AD has been behaving strangely. I'll be working away when the tools become unresponsive (although I can switch tools, they don't work as they should). The node tool doesn't behave well when trying to select mulitple nodes. Entering a txt value into the stroke with via the keyboard doesn't work - entering in say '3' changes the last created item to 30% opacity (the slider in the stroke profile/dialog box does work though). The first thing I notice when this happens is the cursor doesn't change after selecting a new tool or trying to enter text. A quick fix is to switch between documents if I have more than one open or shut down & restart AD. This is happening with any document I have opened or created, so it's not file specific. Any ideas what is going on? I'm not using any Betas and am running the latest version of the MAS. I'm not too sure but this might have started happening after the lastest update to MacOS High Sierra. Cheers, George
  2. Yeah, I feel exactly the same way. If you are able to create a quality product, then why not have all the control and market it & sell it yourself. Of course, it's a lot, lot harder but the rewards are greater, I feel. Been the same way with my card game and if I ever do books, I'll travel the same path as yourself. Inspiring stuff. Keep going loon! George (Bit o' Gary Vee coming out o' ye there!)
  3. Good luck though. At least it IS heading in the right direction. How you getting on with publishing? Do you have a publisher? Yeah, I'd love to get a 'wee eejits' series out. Plenty o' characters in my sketchbook to work with (I did start something alooong time ago) but I struggle with the stories/format/ideas. All the best my friend, George
  4. Thanks Mandu, If I was better, I could probably use the Pencil tool in combination with my Cintiq but unfortunately my hand isn't that steady for smooth black lines. I'm not sure what you mean about being unable to edit paths/curves. I tweak the lines using the Node Tool all the time. I can also erase bits of lines away (well, it's more like using masking but the end result is the same). It's not a bad workflow once you get used to it. It could be better but I'm getting on great with it. Thanks again for the comments though, it's always great to talk shop with other like-minded individuals. George
  5. Excellent work loon! Glad to see it taking hold and strating to gain traction. Well deserved....! George
  6. Thank you! All the lines are done seperatly with the pen tool. All the colours are shapes (in a layer under the lines usually), plotted to fit the character and the lines. Then I use Pixel layers inside each of the shapes to 'paint' the shadows/highlights/textures, etc. Hope that helps, George
  7. Haha! Yeah you're right of course, but he doesn't have any fins/flippers/swimmy bits either. So who knows?!?!? Cheers! George
  8. Meet eejitus narwallyius: a fish (whale?) outta water. Was happily swimming in the ocean till his mum told him to nip out and get something for tea! George
  9. I know, I know.... hence why there's not many takers! Thanks for commenting (as always) Alfred, George
  10. Here's a lost soul. He's been 'first-footing' around Scotland, hoping to be the first visitor to people's homes after the New Year. Unfortunately, there's no takers for his customary gift of a lump o' coal! Teehee!! George
  11. Thank you! Glad you like them. Thanks for taking the time out to comment, much appreciated. George
  12. It's been a busy holiday for the wee eejits, but that doesn't stop eejitus jockfrostus skipping through the glen! George
  13. Nah, don't think so. It's been a while since I created a new eejit that was finished and good enough to share. Thanks for the like and comment though. Cheers, George
  14. i thought it about I created a new eejit, so here's something Christmas-sy?!? Say hello to the newest member of the eejits family: eejitus bah-humbugium A not-so-sweet creature with a disdain for anything festive......
  15. Wow! This is simply stunning, mind blowing and unbelievably brilliant. Could look at all the detail for hours. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. George