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  1. Thanks for the work around Paul, would still like to see the developers fix it though
  2. Expanding strokes has unexpected results. This is awkward if you can’t reliably convert strokes with weight variance, especially for something like a logo that you’ll want to distribute as a fully outlined, no-fuss PDF (see vid below) 6E588D56-26D1-4044-947A-0F87042D8BB8.MOV
  3. Actually, just on this, is there a way to simultaneously move the far right and far left nodes so they're exactly level? Basically I want to be able to control wether the mid node is above or below the outer nodes (while the outers are at equal heights)
  4. Yeah, got a quick reply, cheers! cant believe I didn't think of putting in a middle node on the pressure curve
  5. I’m having trouble applying a nice, smooth varied weight stroke on shapes. Where the two end nodes connect, there’s no even transition, am I missing something? (screenshot below)
  6. Is there a way to vote for what new features might be implemented?
  7. Apologies @MEB, you did.Just excitement at the prospect of additional path editing tools, meant my brain glossed over that point too quickly
  8. I need these features too btw, ready to leave Illustrator behind
  9. Your suggestion for 2, erasing the path, really is a workaround, and not a substitute for preserving the original path qualities
  10. I’ve had a few ‘ready to exit Illustrator’ requests too, so close
  11. Oooh, this would be a great feature, Select similar color etc in Illustrator was so useful
  12. Designer has been an excellent substitute to Illustrator, but a Width tool to vary the width/tapering for Strokes on the fly, would be amazing. And while we’re on the subject of Srokes, if Affinity Designer ‘appropriated’ a Smooth, and Eraser tool, I would leave Illustrator behind in the dust!
  13. I getcha, I suppose I'll have to embrace the differences. And like I said it looks like it does have loads of great features. Will miss the purity of Illustrator's pen though. Thanks for the feedback
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