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  1. Could it be an issue with your printer settings? Like you might have ‘fit to screen’ checked (think that’s what it’s called). If it’s the setting I’m thinking of, sometimes it has the effect of shrinking objects you’re printing
  2. Have you tried using the Pixel tool under the Pixel Persona as a place to start?
  3. Might be hard to cram into that space, but as an ‘inbetween’ tool like photoshop touch... 🤔
  4. Drag and drop looks handy... but there’s something about a simple ‘Copy and Paste’ that I miss... The fact I can copy from Procreate to Designer but not from Photo is a bit surprising.
  5. I can’t copy from Photo to Designer on iPad (can copy from Procreate... 😬). I’ve used the main menu and touch gestures but to no avail
  6. Sketched in Procreate and finished in Designer on iPad (I’d use Photo, but the touch gesture paste isn’t working...). Looking at uploading a process video soon
  7. Post some of your art, and someone might point out a technique or process
  8. It sounds like a complex string of actions, to be able to automate the removal of text from the bubbles. I think I’m probably approaching your problem in an overly simplified way (I would probably, just use some white airbrushing in a layer on top to hide, but I’m sure that’s not what you’re trying to achieve). Alternatively, if this helps in any way, I like using Channel selections to cleanly separate all black elements from all white elements. Is this something you use? Anyway, I hope it works out for you
  9. Depending on how precise angles, curves etc have to be, could you try drawing over the overall shape you have here with the Pen tool. Or at least, trace on side, copy, mirror, and combine the shapes for symmetry. If the bottom line is you want to achieve a complete, outlined shape, then I definitely see how’d I’d solve it, unless there’s an extra detail I’m missing 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I think the solution to the problem might lie in Expanding the stroke, so it’s treated as a Fill instead, if you haven’t already tried that. Good luck with it though
  11. I think DTG printing works best with solid colours, but I don’t think it excludes, gradients, fades etc. Redbubble use DTG for T-shirts, and they have a wiiiide variety of styles and designs uploaded
  12. I don’t have the desktop version in front of me, but I save strokes with varying widths all the time. I think it’s under Profiles in the Stroke menu. Although I mainly use the Pen tool, it should work with the Pencil tool too
  13. Hard to completely avoid that, especially when the subject has dark hair, and is placed on a dark bg. You might look into using Channels to make selections, it’s a process I use for selecting hair, fur etc
  14. If you use the Expand Stroke command on a stroke, it will be converted to a solid fill which can be Subtracted from any other solid fill. This might help when your trying to isolate certain areas. You might have to Ungroup each of the letters and Subtract the outlines from the original shapes individually to avoid ‘unexpected’ results. Might help
  15. You need to have Snapping turned on, and then open up Guides. Create out a horizontal or vertical guide, when you drag either over a circle, it will snap to the mid anchor points of that circle. Then you just draw a rectangle on top which will also snap to that guide line, and then Subtract the shapes. There’s a vid below FullSizeRender.mov
  16. If you use the magic wand tool to select the white around the image first and then switch to the crop tool, the crop might snap to the original selection ( it works in Photoshop 😬)
  17. You need to look into using Channels to make selections when trying to select or mask hair, fur etc., and avoid that ‘halo’
  18. Do the curves have to be on separate layers for what your doing? If not, I’d copy them to one layer, add a fill, remove the stroke, select all the pieces, and then combine them using the Add option under Geometry. Then apply a stroke and remove the fill to see if it works 🤷‍♂️
  19. Are you looking for a way to isolate black elements, or isolate white elements?
  20. Have you tried using Channels to make selections, can be useful for things with uneven edges like hair, fur etc.
  21. Sounds like you might have to convert to a file type like Gif or PNG for a limited colour range... can remember if Desktop version of Photo has an export for web option like Photoshop does, but that might be a route to reducing the colour range
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