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  1. Those are your words and your interpretation of what's been said so far: Two links: Proprietary DAWs on Linux: https://en.wikipedia.org//wiki/List_of_proprietary_software_for_Linux#Digital_audio_workstations Proprietary 3D apps on Linux: https://en.wikipedia.org//wiki/List_of_proprietary_software_for_Linux#3D_graphics Are these companies drowning to your knowledge? The two largest creative software giants are in list two. Though I suspect Adobe has since removed Linux support after acquiring Substance. I could be wrong. But alas, since misinterpretation and bias is the king of this discourse, let me remove myself from it.
  2. Let me quote myself. You were the one who chose to stray.
  3. When people use the words ideological or realistic, they tend to mean improbable or impossible. I'm not saying that's what you meant or even that you are of that mindset, but I feel those words are now cliches. Does human life not already have perfections scattered throughout? Your favourite coffee or meal. Your favourite person. Your favourite vehicle. It is absolutely necessary to blend the two.
  4. This right here. If Flatpaks were made universal like Java attempted to be and all these companies and developers contributed to the code... ๐ŸคŒ
  5. Er, no. It was in reference to: Proprietary systems are hindrances to development on a whole because it's mostly done for selfish reasons rather than "It won't work the way I want it to unless I create something new." OR "This new thing makes everything better, but it can only be used with our 'optimized products". Again though, that's a whole other topic. A far larger one.
  6. Linux now has three universal file formats for apps: Flatpaks, Snaps, and Appimages. They work on pretty much every distribution of the Linux, with Flatpaks being the most likely to be used by larger companies. Hence, they (software companies) don't have to think about any individual distributions. Furthermore, there are many people who would switch to Linux but don't because the very same companies don't make apps for the platform. I use Linux as my daily driver but will sometimes boot into Windoze when I have a specific software need that cannot be fully satisfied on Linux. For instance, some of my previous design files and assets are in .afdesign or .afphoto formats, and as such, I have no choice but to boot up Windoze. This brings up another issue of proprietary file formats and incompatibility, but we're not getting into that. <-- However, just think about how Apple was forced to use a universal port. The world of personal digital devices will be better for it. Hello .odt .ora .html .svg .obj ๐Ÿ‘‹ All this to say: as much as you think that Linux users and the potential profit is next to nothing, it isn't helped by both potential full-time Linux users and hesitant software companies not being willing to take the first true step. It'd be nice if people and companies didn't need to be forced to do the right thing and just did so off their own volition.
  7. I send money to the software developers for Blender, Krita, and NovelWriter on a monthly basis, as well as three creatives (one writer, one artist, and a Youtuber). And I hate the idea of subscriptions. So... Say again? ๐Ÿง The majority of Linux users don't leave Windows or Mac to avoid paying for software. They leave it because they can't afford to buy a new computer when their Windows PC starts running slowly and they learn about Linux's minimum resource usage. They leave for privacy and/or security. They leave because they think customizing a desktop without having to hack it is cool. And so many other reasons. Anyway, please stop spouting your negative ideas about Linux users and stick to the actual facts.
  8. I'm just gonna can it here for myself until V3. Will wait for the .exe/.msi files before buying (if I decide to buy, that is).
  9. Yeah, I get that. If I was strict on open-source tools I wouldn't be on this forum in the first place, but there are few companies that are fully proprietary that actually listen to their user-base, like Milanote (alternative to OneNote). They actually have a voting system for what users want alongside things they would like to add. Here's what I mean: https://poll.milanote.com/tabs/2-planned
  10. I feel like this guy just likes to argue, which is sad. If users want/need the standard .exe or .msi files, that's their choice. Most users would not have expected to get this new format. And some users like the freedom to install the apps to wherever they choose. Also their choice. Respect it.
  11. Blender may have taken years to get where it is today, but look at how much it's improved in just the last 5. Now, imagine if a corporation like Serif were to actually take suggestions from their community more seriously (not saying they have to be open source). And like Wanesty said, open source is really not a bad idea. The community-driven development team could be exactly what's needed to take another financial chunk out of the creative software market. But, I'm no developer and Blender, Krita, and Wordpress are my only references.
  12. Regarding this: Flatpaks, Snaps, and the universal AppImages now exist, so they no longer have to consider a particular Linux distribution (OS) - just Linux in general.
  13. Just wanted to say that the fact that users need to go through all that IS the problem. Privacy features being turned on and advertising or data mining features turned off should be the default on all systems, services, etc. But people will say "It's normal, so don't fight it.", like the GDPR doesn't exist. "Normal" doesn't equate to ethically/morally correct.
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