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  1. After creating Grids like you did (Creating column and row rectangles and apply edit - divide to them) A lot of layers come up… (which are individual shoes) I don’t understand how do we do It in quicker way after this step. Could you tell It in detail this part please?
  2. @Alfred Do I duplicate the base layer 55 times and drag the grids into them one by one for masking?
  3. I want to extract parts in a specified size from an rasterized image. For example every shoe from this image. Sneakers I want the size of the extracted images are consistent. Like 2 x 2 cm for every shoe image. How do I do this?
  4. Sorry. by mistake I shared the pdf file. Here is the affinity file; Grid Template Affinity.afdesign
  5. Sorry. by mistake I shared the pdf file. Here is the affinity file; Grid Template Affinity.afdesign
  6. I Can Not Resize The Object I Created Without Changing Its Proportions I try to resize the grid template I created by holding one finger on the screen and dragging the other. However The little boxes shapes distort. Can you tell me how to resize them without distorting the proportions please? Grid Template.pdf
  7. I change CMYK Opacity Sliders at Color Studio for the prints. I tried 80%, 50%, 30%, 10% and printed them on the same color. (The page has Grid Template I created) But It does not make a difference. Why? How can I try the different shades on the print? Grid Template.pdf
  8. When I add contour to a line (Let’s say 3 cm) It adds 1.5 cm below the line 1.5 cm above the line So I have to move It 1.5 cm above later with the Move Tool. How can I make It add 3cm contour starting right on the line?
  9. Ok. So there is no template for this. Thank you very much for the answers.
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