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  1. Colors disappear when I switch to Russian or default. I also checked other languages, the palette is broken, it works only in English.
  2. Hi, Patrick! I think I found the reason for the lack of color samples. I installed English, instead of my native language, Russian, and a color palette appeared. I believe that this is due to the language barrier. See screenshots that I took in AD. The same situation occurs in Photo and Publisher.
  3. Hi, Bri- Toon! Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, resetting all user settings did not give any results in the return of the color palette. Resetting the settings was done as you wrote View> Studio> Reset studio., As well as reloading the program with the Ctrl key pressed, the panel is still broken.
  4. Hello to all! There is a problem starting from version on the Swatches panel in colors, gray shades, colors, gradients are not displayed. I thought it was one glitch or errors, but during several beta versions the panel with color swatches does not work. The same problem and AF, color and brush are not displayed. I reset all settings, it does not fix this problem. I would appreciate any help. Tatyana. Запись экрана 2019-04-26 в 16.07.56.mov
  5. Tatyana

    Stroke changed appearance (split)

    Thank you very much, it helped, I put the miter on 10
  6. Hello to all! Something strange is happening with the stroke, with the scale it changes its appearance, I made a small video that would be understandable. Also, buttons for selecting the connection of corners are jammed, you have to look for a place where it is active. Запись экрана 2019-03-12 в 14.08.27.mov
  7. Hello to all! Thanks for the new beta, and the arrowheads I found out there is a mismatch in the size of the panel in the stroke and the panel of the appearance, there is a small video that would be understandable. Запись экрана 2019-03-04 в 17.40.47.mov
  8. Sean, files sent to your internal dropbox. Let me know if you need anything.
  9. Hi, Sean! Thank you very much for the answer. I also noticed that the settings of the document are a different size. Initially, the document was created in A4 format, then the artboard was changed to a different size. I attach a screenshot of the export of PDF. I can send the source file of the AF Designer as well as export the PDF file to your mail or cloud if you do not mind. Write me where to send the files. Tatyana
  10. Hello to all! Thank you very much for the new beta and new features with Affinity. There is a problem, I created a new document in AD beta size 180 * 210mm + 3 mm for bleed, resolution 300dpi, then I exported this document to pdf and opened it in AFPUB, the size has changed a lot, decreased and dpi increased 2 times . So this document I opened in the version of AD 1.6.1 the document size has changed and the resolution also increased 2 times. Made a little video that was understandable. There are also a very frequent collapse of AD Beta when working with raster images and fonts. All reports are automatically sent. Tatyana Запись экрана 2018-12-01 в 14.16.03.mov
  11. Tatyana

    Error with the size of the artboard

    Hello, MIB! Thanks for the answer! perhaps I'm not quite clear about the problem, I'll try to describe in more detail. I created a mounting area in the AD without decimal places 46x76mm, then, I exported via persona in PDF. The layout was sent to the printing house for printing, on this day I receive a response from the printing house that there are decimal signs of 46.21x76.2. The question is why in the created document with numbers without decimals, when exporting to PDF, which opens in the illustrator, decimal signs appeared. Here's a video that was understandable. BUG.mov
  12. Hello everybody! There was a problem with the size of the mounting areas. When you open the file PDF in the illustrator appear decimal, in the settings of the AD all the values are set to 0 How to solve this problem, there may be a workaround that would not make any changes to the size of the artboard each time. I attach a screenshot that would be understandable. Thanks for any help. Tatyana.
  13. Tatyana

    Crash Affinity photo

    Hi Meb! Thanks a lot for the answer, I did as you wrote, now the program works))) Thanks again for the help!
  14. Tatyana

    Crash Affinity photo

    Hello! Thank you very much for the update! There is a problem after the update is downloaded via AppStore affinity the photo does not start, a welcome screen is displayed and the program closes. There were 6 attempts to open the program, but each time the program was closed. Error reports were sent to the apple. I also attach the report here. What could be the problem? Tatyana. ошибка.rtf
  15. Tatyana

    Pattern Brush Packs

    Good brush! Thank you!