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  1. Tatyana

    Error with the size of the artboard

    Hello, MIB! Thanks for the answer! perhaps I'm not quite clear about the problem, I'll try to describe in more detail. I created a mounting area in the AD without decimal places 46x76mm, then, I exported via persona in PDF. The layout was sent to the printing house for printing, on this day I receive a response from the printing house that there are decimal signs of 46.21x76.2. The question is why in the created document with numbers without decimals, when exporting to PDF, which opens in the illustrator, decimal signs appeared. Here's a video that was understandable. BUG.mov
  2. Hello everybody! There was a problem with the size of the mounting areas. When you open the file PDF in the illustrator appear decimal, in the settings of the AD all the values are set to 0 How to solve this problem, there may be a workaround that would not make any changes to the size of the artboard each time. I attach a screenshot that would be understandable. Thanks for any help. Tatyana.
  3. Tatyana

    Crash Affinity photo

    Hi Meb! Thanks a lot for the answer, I did as you wrote, now the program works))) Thanks again for the help!
  4. Tatyana

    Crash Affinity photo

    Hello! Thank you very much for the update! There is a problem after the update is downloaded via AppStore affinity the photo does not start, a welcome screen is displayed and the program closes. There were 6 attempts to open the program, but each time the program was closed. Error reports were sent to the apple. I also attach the report here. What could be the problem? Tatyana. ошибка.rtf
  5. Hello everybody! I also have frequent failures when exporting to PDF, no complicated and multi-page editing areas, the files are easy. The program closes.
  6. Всем привет! Большое спасибо разработчикам для новых плюшек в программе :)))) и, конечно , на мой родной язык русский :) У меня есть ряд замечаний и предложений В картине № 1 - переставлены местами «по вертикали» «по горизонтали». И предложение заменить имя кнопки «Done» с «Применить», потому что «Готово» означает, что действие выполняется, осуществляется. В картине № 2 - Заменить слово «Экспорт» на кнопку с «Экспорт» В картине № 3 - Заменить слово «Группа» словом «группа». Слово «группа» призыв к действию. Tatyana Привет всем! Спасибо большое разработчикам за новые плюшки в программе, :)))) и конечно же за мой родной язык русский :) У меня есть ряд замечаний и предложений На картинке №1 - перепутаны местами "по вертикали" "по горизонтали". И предложение заменить название кнопки "Выполнено" на "Применить", т.к. "Выполнено" означает что действие сделано, приведено в исполнение. На картинке №2 - Заменить слово "Экспортировать" на кнопке на "Экспорт" На картинке №3 - Заменить слово "Сгруппировать" на слово "Группа". Слово "Сгруппировать" это призыв к действию. Татьяна
  7. Tatyana

    Pattern Brush Packs

    Good brush! Thank you!
  8. Hello everybody! Thanks to the developers for the release of the new beta version)) I'm certainly very much looking forward to the innovation of working with fonts, and that's finally happened))) for me it's very convenient, though a bit blurry hat, but you already know it)))) Special thanks !!! :) :rolleyes: For my native language Russian, :D in fact, I already doubted that he would be))) for me it was very unexpected and pleasant)))) :) There are some flaws, I attached a screen shot, where the red line showed that some words were hidden. And errors in the spelling, I have yet undetected :) ))) When working with glyphs, the program crashes, I sent the report automatically to the apple.
  9. Tatyana

    font scale

    Hello everybody! Thank you for the release of Affinity designer. Perhaps this is not a significant problem, which I reported yesterday https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29383-font-flicker/ The new version of it remained, I made a short video that would be understandable. Tatyana Без названия.mov
  10. Tatyana

    font flicker

    Hello everybody! When choosing a font, the font appears flickering, he jumps, and very difficult to choose the desired font. Eta has been a problem, someone lecturing post, I do not remember who. And yet, proshodit flicker when selecting a font size, I made a little video that would be understandable. Tatyana. Без названия.mov
  11. I have the same problem when exporting to PDF is rasterized text.
  12. привет Teo У меня есть дочь 12 лет, но спасибо за предупреждение ;) , не уверен, что еще пересилить 2 девочки, было бы трудно для меня.
  13. Hi Matt! I also do not have this panel Tatyana.
  14. Tatyana

    A strange bug

    Hello! I have the same there is a problem. I disabled the "show selection in panel" and layer selection works fine for me.