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  1. Unfortunately, my Mac cannot find the information folder you need. My Mac was rebooted several times, and also tried various search methods, but it did not give any results, I honestly am completely confused. I reset all program settings, and it helped, the second panel no longer appears. Hooray! Take care of yourself!
  2. Hello! I sent you the files by the link that you wrote, but I'm not sure that I am sending the necessary files, my Mac cannot find the files by the search that you wrote, I did it manually.
  3. Hi, Sean! The second panel appears when working with brushes, after I switch to the pixel drawing mode and then back to the designer. Here's a video Запись_экрана_2020-03-30_в_20_21_46.mov
  4. - Привет! Я нашел ошибку в Affinity Designer в версии 1.8.2 macOS Mojave, есть две панели кистей, я не сделал большое видео, чтобы сделать его понятным. Запись_экрана_2020-03-29_в_14_25_06.mov
  5. - Привет! У меня также иногда возникает эта проблема, цвет заливки на панели исчезает. Сначала я подумал, что это быстрая прокрутка слоев, не успевших загрузить видимость, затем при тихой прокрутке элементы с цветной заливкой стали исчезать. Я использую mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
  6. Hello, MIB! Thanks for the answer! perhaps I'm not quite clear about the problem, I'll try to describe in more detail. I created a mounting area in the AD without decimal places 46x76mm, then, I exported via persona in PDF. The layout was sent to the printing house for printing, on this day I receive a response from the printing house that there are decimal signs of 46.21x76.2. The question is why in the created document with numbers without decimals, when exporting to PDF, which opens in the illustrator, decimal signs appeared. Here's a video that was understandable. BUG.mov
  7. Hello everybody! There was a problem with the size of the mounting areas. When you open the file PDF in the illustrator appear decimal, in the settings of the AD all the values are set to 0 How to solve this problem, there may be a workaround that would not make any changes to the size of the artboard each time. I attach a screenshot that would be understandable. Thanks for any help. Tatyana.
  8. Hi Meb! Thanks a lot for the answer, I did as you wrote, now the program works))) Thanks again for the help!
  9. Hello! Thank you very much for the update! There is a problem after the update is downloaded via AppStore affinity the photo does not start, a welcome screen is displayed and the program closes. There were 6 attempts to open the program, but each time the program was closed. Error reports were sent to the apple. I also attach the report here. What could be the problem? Tatyana. ошибка.rtf
  10. Good brush! Thank you!
  11. Hello everybody! When choosing a font, the font appears flickering, he jumps, and very difficult to choose the desired font. Eta has been a problem, someone lecturing post, I do not remember who. And yet, proshodit flicker when selecting a font size, I made a little video that would be understandable. Tatyana. Без названия.mov
  12. Hello! I have the same there is a problem. I disabled the "show selection in panel" and layer selection works fine for me.
  13. Hello everybody! This copy of the file with an amazing gradient, I downloaded it as soon as he entered. Tatyana. Gradient palette for Affinity Designer.zip
  14. Hey, Jon P! Thank you responded to my letter. I took a dump, as you said, but the problem remained (( Just do a little video, that would be understandable. I can send my working file to check, if necessary. I use macOS Sierra version 10.12 Tatyana Без названия.mov
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