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  1. BobsDaubs

    A small collection of AD Texture Intensity brush experiments

    These are nice. Thanks for the share.
  2. BobsDaubs

    Inktober-themed brush set by Kyle T. Webster

    Thanks for the share Alfred.
  3. BobsDaubs

    Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com

    I just added these to APub and they look awesome. Thanks for the share.
  4. BobsDaubs

    Painting Inside Selection Changes Opacity of Brush Strokes

    I noticed in your screenshot that in the context toolbar, wet edges is ticked. Wet edges causes your brush strokes to be kind of like watercolor which has transparency. If you untick wet edges, I think your problem will be solved.
  5. BobsDaubs

    Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors

    Thanks so much for sharing such awesome assets.
  6. Hi, The problem is when the iStock file is opened in AD, the image part of the file is not over the work area. If you zoom out a bit you should be able to see the image and use the move tool to reposition it in the work area. Edit: Same thing with the Shutterstock file.
  7. Here is another affinity forum post that has a hack that addresses this issue.
  8. Hi danklim, Try this. Go to File>New When the dialog box opens make sure to tick the box for Transparent Background. The file will then have a transparent background.
  9. An alternate way to achieve this: 1. Select the objects you want cropped to 2. Copy the objects (ctrl c) 3. File > New From Clipboard Now you have a document cropped to the size of your objects.
  10. Check out grammarly.com It will check your spelling and your grammar at the same time right here in the forums. Best of all, it is free.
  11. Is the layer locked on the layers panel?
  12. BobsDaubs

    Named colours color palette to share.

    Thanks for sharing. If a screenshot of the palette was included, more people would potentially download it.
  13. @owenr & @JimmyJack Thanks very much. I wasn't aware of the Alpha choice. That works a treat to adjust the intensity of the mask layer.
  14. I was attempting to accomplish this by doing it the way @gdenby did it above, which is very similar to the way it would work in Photoshop. I have attached an afdesign file showing a simple t-shirt mockup I made to illustrate the technique. The purpose of the texture is to reveal the shirt color underneath the graphic to simulate the shirt being washed and worn. In PS, a levels can be applied to the mask layer to reduce the effect of the texture. I didn't see a way to do reduce the effect of the texture in SpoonGraphics' method or gdenbys' method. If I reduce the opacity of the mask layer, it just makes the graphic more transparent. Changing the blend mode of the mask does nothing as far as I can tell. I realize my method is very different than what you showed me, but I think my way is what I would do to distress a graphic on a t-shirt. I am just curious if I can affect how much the mask reveals of the shirt beneath. Thank you @firstdefence for your help. T-shirt_Mockup_test.afdesign
  15. On the download page for these washed and worn textures, near the bottom of the post, he talks about how to use the textures in Photoshop. He also talks about using levels on the layer mask to decrease the effect of the texture. I can make the layer mask with texture in AD or AP, but I can't apply levels to the mask. Is there any way to apply levels to an existing mask or is there some other workaround?