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  1. I can't find where they are downloaded in my laptop. Is there a way to choose a downloading folder?
  2. Hi, I'm sending you files in INDD, IDML and AFPUB formats. Here are the problems: in INDD all master pages have left and right pages identical; in AFPUB there is additional vertical line between guters; in AFPUB vertical guttters are wider than in INDD; there are some extra gridlines on some pages in AFPUB; master page "None" is missing in AFPUB. Katalog prazen.afpub Katalog prazen.idml Katalog_prazen.indd
  3. I found PSD magazine templates with paragraph and character styles added!!! So, you can easilly open them in Publisher and make some adjustments need it.
  4. Correct description to what you call dynamic styles is dynamic character formating with GREP inside paragraph styles. It is part of InDesign paragraph styles.
  5. just search on Google for any kind of templates and adapt them to be opened with any Affinity app.
  6. These shortcuts are one step toward to, even faster workflow -- assigning studio panels to appropriate tools. For example, clicking on "Frame text tool" should open all panels associated to text -- Character, Paragraph, Text Styles, Text Frame... Clicking on other tool will close these text panels and open different panels.
  7. Hi, it would be very nice if you surprise us with MathML support.
  8. Please, allow shortcuts for Studio Presets. It will spare, at least to me as you see, a lot of shortcuts for future use. BTW, I noticed there are 9 Studio Presets in "Edit > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts File > View". Would you be so kind and explain why are they there for, because they are not listed under "Manage studio presets"? I saw them when I tried my luck to check if there is, by any chance, my new studio shortcut listed.
  9. No, I haven't, and that was the problem, thanks God. May I ask another question: Is there a way to spread column guides over the page(s), not just inside margins, without reseting margins to 0?
  10. Hi guys, can anyone explain to me why I can't create column guides? I tried to change the Gutter, Style, Color -- but nothing. Neither on Master pages, nor on Document pages. Nothing wrong with vertical guides though.
  11. Enlighment, finally. The name "Group" is unfortunately chosen. If it was named "Basic Paragraph" -- like in InDesgn -- everything would be much clearer. Or maybe "Basic Style" with the explanation that it has the same functionality as "Basic Paragraph" in InDesign and that we can have more than one "Basic Style".
  12. On this site www.phoenixaerospace.us you can download the complete Corel Ventura 10 User Guide. It would be nice if the A-team read it and implement some of its capabilities in Publisher.
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