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  1. Petar Petrenko

    Swaping characters

    That is while typing. What about if you have to check another ones text for errors?
  2. Hi, it would be nice to have a feature, as a shotcut, for swaping characters. Something like: place the cursor between "h" and "t" in the word "hte"; press the shortcut key; the word has chnaged to "the".
  3. That person is Catalina Furutuna (as I mentioned before) and you just commented on her post about the Ghent test.
  4. Obviously, I didn't notice your FB comment. If so, I wouldn't start this thread. Sorry. BTW, why any app is going to fail on this test? I just wonder.
  5. A Quark user Catalin Furutna counted 98 errors. I put this link for A-Team as a guide to make PDF export excelent.
  6. I found this link to PDF test on an Quark FB page: https://pdf-aktuell.ch/pa/language/en/disastrous-pdf-x-4-compatibility-with-new-affinity-publisher/?fbclid=IwAR3RmRuzr2-OpoZe0z4PNKRlJ83mqilHNJjGgQ1kv-zVwUWbcHs_Vwpifns
  7. Petar Petrenko

    Studio Link

    Sorry, I didn't noticed.
  8. Petar Petrenko

    Studio Link

    I never said I'm dissappointed of Publisher. I just don't like how Studio Link is implemented.
  9. Petar Petrenko

    Studio Link

    I'm just complaiming for a job partially done. If they claim the complete apps are integrated, then they had to do that, not to ommit their personas. When I click on a Photo persona to edit a Photo document with multiple layers, I expect to start immediatelly to work on it, not to additionally click on "Edit Document" and then again on "Photo Persona". BTW, negative criticism is needed also, to keep the Team awake. They must not fell asleep as Quark did it when on v. 3.31 and slept for abount 7 years.
  10. Petar Petrenko

    Studio Link

    Oh, lucky me. I found another [By Design] feature.
  11. Petar Petrenko

    Studio Link

    Maybe I think a liquify tool as a specific function?
  12. Petar Petrenko

    Studio Link

    That way I would launch the appropriate app which is not what I want. If so, why do we need Studio link then?
  13. Hi, I'm interested why, when using Studio Link, the appropriate apps are not loaded with their own personas?
  14. Petar Petrenko


    Sorry, I quoted you wrongfully. This is the correct qoute. Here you said that you want to import footnotes into Word not from it.
  15. Petar Petrenko


    Who said Publisher? I meant Word. You wrote IN Word, not FROM it.