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  1. Petar Petrenko

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Ah, I understood. Thanks, Patrick.
  2. Petar Petrenko

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    No, I don't have any external hardware connected.
  3. Petar Petrenko

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Sorry, I don't understand. Would you be so kind and explain it to me in more details, please?
  4. Petar Petrenko

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta -

    Both instalations (Designer and Photo) weree extremlly slow. It took 10-15 min. each!!! Where we can find Dial support for Highlights/Shadows and Shapes? I opened both dialogs and they looked the same as in previous version(s).
  5. Petar Petrenko

    Warp text feature in Affinity Photo

    missnakes or pancakes.
  6. And maybe they can't see the full potential of this feature. Maybe in your training videos you should enumerate all fields of use for the appropriate feature(s).
  7. Maybe they are too complicated for some users? Maybe they are used to use something they learned long time ago?
  8. Well, let'em keep something in secret. Not everything is for public.
  9. Petar Petrenko

    Forum software bug?

    Yes, I also just had noticed this. +1
  10. And maybe user definable angles? Something like this in Illustrator?
  11. So, if Affinity is preparing Designer for iPad, I suppose we will have to wait a little bit longer for Publisher because IMO they are working on all three versions of it -- Windows, OS and iPad.
  12. Petar Petrenko

    Another Publisher Sneek Preview?

    Yes, it will be stable because of its predecessors experience.
  13. Petar Petrenko

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Maybe we will get double surprise -- Publisher and v. 1.7?