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  1. Much better solution would be to make a bootable backup of C:\ disk. You will have fresh reinstall in cca 5 minutes.
  2. Maybe it would be better to get a key for every persona you buy.
  3. Maybe they will expand their offer by option to buy the core app with possibility to buy the personas you need for your work?
  4. Can't you run it under an older version of OS X installed on some virtual machine?
  5. Hi, would it be a good idea if Publisher could import Quark's XTG files? It does not contain pictures, just text, but IMO it will do a really good job by importing a formated text and text styles into Publisher.
  6. @AuthorAuthor maybe it is a good idea to move our suggestions into a new topic. I don't believe anyone from A-Team can see them burried here.
  7. Just to quote myself: drawing pies and arcs Corel's way can be implemented not only on elipse but on many other shapes (like cog...), too. Drawing a cog pie or cog arc... it could be interesting.
  8. Changing the node types could be done by modifier keys CTRL, ALT and SHIFT. Double click on a line segment creates a node, double click on a node, deletes it. Drawing a line with mouse dragging creates a curve, when CTRL is pressed it starts a line from that point -> FreeHand.
  9. CorlDRAW has a briliant way of creating pies and arcs from Elipse Tool.
  10. There is, again, a little suggestion for the Designer's Tool bar: It can be used for other two apps, too. There are second level tools (like Node Tool, Corner Tool, Fill Tool, Transparency Tool, Vector Crop Tool, Color Picker Tool) which you can't use directly to create an object but after that. So, their place is on the Context toolbar assigned to an appropriate tool.
  11. Yes, I agree. I asked for this several times but without an answer. No one to pick up the phone. Only one like in FreeHand instead of Pen Tool, Pencil Tool, Vector Brush Tool. In CorelDRAW you can delete control point with double click.
  12. Maybe it would be nice if we have this option in paragraph styles: if one word is on a last line then use "Body text narrow" also use "Body text".