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  1. Hi, extremely usefull will be if you make "outer shadow" part of a text styles (beside some other layer effects -- if not too much to ask for). Quark has in its Preferences a "flexy space" which is set to 100%. It is useful for users/customers who want double space at the end of the sentence. How it works: If you enter 200% it simulates double space, 50% is half of the width of regular space. Any other percent value is acceptable. This way you can tailor the width of the ending space to the customer needs with only one move. This is also a nice feature I would love to see in Publisher.
  2. Here it is what I got with Copy/Paste a single page from ID to Publisher: as you can see the text styles are imported into Publisher (highlighted style corresponds with selected text).. This is OK. as expected, footnotes are not imported because Publisher doesn't support this feature, yet. pictures are not imported too, because they are anchored (inline) into text. Publisher doesn't support this feature, either. as you can see, the font for the selected title is not OK. There is a question mark in front of it. I don't know what the problem is. and the font is not displayed in text style panel. It is not recognized as well. It is a problem, too. Anyway, if you set the correct font in text styles panel, everything will be OK. So, when A-team will give us footnotes and inline pictures, Copy/Paste will be of extremly great help with native ID text and probably with Quark.
  3. Are there any Acts of Standardisation, some other Laws or similar, where it is said that everyone must use Adobe products otherwise they will be prosecuted? I don't think so. Everyone can use the software he is used to and deliver the customer PDF, not source.
  4. Is it something new: affinity-publisher-customer-beta? No more public beta?
  5. +1 and we can enter the dpi/ppi value somewhere in Preferences.
  6. Not like that. In tables, a cell must be converted into picture frame (Quark) to accept the picture. Not as an anchored picture.
  7. Hi, it would be perfect if we can put pictures inside table cells.
  8. Petar Petrenko

    Cropping To Size

    But something is cooking. They don't allow any new posts in some groups. It has to be pretty soon.
  9. Petar Petrenko

    Points, Milimetters

    Yes, it should be #,## for metric system and #.## for the other one.
  10. Hi, when I deselect "Show Text in Points" in "Preferences > User interface" like in picture MU 1.png, and I click on a "Text Height" to change the font size, I get the list like in picture MU 2.png which is unusable. The list must be like in picture MU 3.png. Also, it would be great if you add a option in "Preferences" like in Freehand where we would be able to add a list of values separated by space for font sizes like in picture MU 4.png to override the predefined ones. The user should be able to enter as much values as needed.
  11. What I meant with this was before cutomer beta. Why should I use spread setap when there exists document setup? Great.
  12. Heeey, it works great. The only problem so far are pictures (not imported with copy/paste) and footnotes. Styles are OK.
  13. 1. Is it so complicated to be added in some future beta release? 2. Yes, I know that, but what if there is a need to change the margins on a whole document? Changing the margins on a specific page(s) can be done by creating new master page. 3a. Great!!! 3b. in ID and Quark there is a small letter on page thumbnails in "page" panel which indicates the master page name assigned to that page.
  14. Hi, Please A-Team, can you make a video tutorial about "Grouping Text Styles"? I can't understand it at all from Publisher Help how does it work.
  15. Hi Patrick, why "bleed" is part of the "document setup" and not a part from a "new document"? Also, why there is a "margins" tab in "spread setup" and not in a "document setup"? An empty "Master Page A" must be created together with a new document and all pages in "pages" panel must have a label of the assigned master page.