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  1. Sorry I was so rude to comment on your post. To avoid such situations in the future I will not comment any post in Affinity forums in the future.
  2. Use "Geometry" tools like: select the rectangle and the left most circle and ALT click on "Add" (geometry); select the newly created object and the next circle and, again, ALT click on "Add"; and so on. Now, you can CTRL click on any object if you want to manipulate it. See the "Layers" panel, too.
  3. "Desired word spacing" can't go beyond "Maximum word spacing". You have to set "max..." first (which goes up to 400%).
  4. I don't agree with Affinity team that the apps are made "by designers, for designers". If it was true then they would take care for speeding the workflow not only how apps deal with processors' cores. Maybe icons are made by designer(s), but the workspace is certainly not. They definitely need someone with experience for this kind of work.
  5. By "reaction" I meant new features, not comments on the forum.
  6. This is the same Quark offers. Just much simplier and elegant.
  7. Mike, Don't get me wrong but I was not asking for an answer to my thought. Your post must be addressed to the Affinity team so they can resolve the problems with the software. Every users opinion is very precious for them and something like this that come from an experienced user is very valuable. So, IMO you must go on and "put on paper" all your problems you have and motivate them to make our favorite apps to be even better. I would like to hear what other problems you have, too.
  8. What is so risky? I never read in their forum or on Facebook page, any user had problems with their approach since very beggining.
  9. If all Affinity users live with this idea in their minds all the time, it will happen much faster. Don't underestimate the power of the Subconscious Mind.
  10. They simply had to copy Quark's concept. Everything you have on master pages is unlocked / editable / movable on any page by default without any link broken.
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