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  1. Petar Petrenko

    Photo Captions

    InDesign's drawback is that it does not support captions on anchored pictures! It would be nice if Publisher offers option to add captions on all 4 sides of the picture: Above or bellow for the caption; Left or right for credits of the photographer or photo agency. With the appropriate text rotation.
  2. Petar Petrenko

    "Minus" symbol

    Length of the minus symbol is equal to the length of the horizontal line of the + symbol.
  3. Petar Petrenko

    "Minus" symbol

    Even other math symbols offered in this menu are not supported by majority of the fonts.
  4. Hi, it would be nice to have "minus" symbol under "Text > Insert > Math".
  5. Thanks guys for this version. Would you be so kind to explain a little bit better how does this work? Is it connected only with IDML or we can use it anywhere: in text, find/replace...? I tried entering this code g+03c7 with adding space after it (hoping it will auto insert the glyph), with ENTER, but nothing happened.
  6. For me, there are 3 fields where the A-Team should be focused urgently: RAW development: addind the featyres RAW Therapee has Filters: converting all destructive filters to non-destruciteve and moving them into FIlters folder. Removing the Studio and: associate the panels with appropriate tools, some of them keeping it always opened Some of them to be activated with function keys.
  7. Petar Petrenko

    Word Count

    To calculate the price for the customer, maybe?
  8. Let's say I've created two global colors: G1 and G2. I insert some objects and assigned them G1 color with different transparency, tint and noise values. If I change the G1 color everything works fine. But if I assign G2 color to them, all attributes are resseted. BTW, you should put tint slider together with opacity and noise sliders.
  9. Petar Petrenko

    Find/Replace and Alternates

    Cyrilic fonts are usually made by Russian designers and don't care too much to implement all cyrilic characters. In these examples 3 MK (Macedonian) chars are missing.
  10. Petar Petrenko

    Find/Replace and Alternates

    Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Calibri, Candara, Corbel, Constantia, Consolas, Cambria... they all have all Macedonian, Serbian... italic chars, but the "problem" with them is when used in InDesign, alternates for 4 specific glyphs are not shown next to the non-Macedonian... characters as Adbe does with its fonts (Arno Pro, Minion Pro...).
  11. Petar Petrenko

    Text Styles improvements

    Create a few lines of text with bullets (or numbers) like this: qwerty asdfgh zxcvdffgfg and try to align them toward or away the spine. You will see that only text moves. Bullets stay on their porevious position.
  12. Petar Petrenko

    Find/Replace and Alternates

    Thanks for the suggestion, but it is out of question. The institutions control with Acrobat which font is used. So, it must be Times New Roman. BTW, does it support cyrilic alphabet? Imay use it for other projects.
  13. Hi A-Team, Months ago I started a topic about finding/replacing all glyphs but I couldn't find it to continue on, so I have to start this one. It was about adding glyph tab in Find/Replace to search and replace for those glyphs that can't be entered to this panel simply by typing it with the keyboard or simply by copy/pasting. I am concerned about a few specific cyrilic italic glyphs used not only in Macedonia, but in Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro, too. In that topic you suggested me to use open type alternates feature which works great. Really great. But... I won't start this again if there is not something problematic. Open type alternates work great but only with fonts made by Adobe that, somehow, marked these specific characters as alternates. And this is not a case with fonts that come along with Windows such as Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Cambria... where this characters are not marked as alternates and Publisher's open type feature is not in game for these fonts. Some of you may ask why do I have to use these fonts when there are much better choices like Adobe's. The answer is that most institutions like courts, faculties... are stucked with them. Recently I started to work with some of them and when I offered Minion Pro, Myriad Pro... for their substitution, I almost lost them as customers. So, I am asking you: are you willing to add this feature in Publisher that will be usefull for other purposes too, or I'll still have to use InDesign for special occasions.
  14. Petar Petrenko

    Text Styles improvements

    Bullets and Numbers still don't follow the text in .523 beta.
  15. Petar Petrenko

    v.518 problems with importing XLSX files

    Publisher's table cell linking is another welcomed feature. That will allow easy text flowing among cells. Best for making calendars, for example.

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