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  1. I did it, but now, my name and the name of my son are listed in the "Shipping Details". What if they ask both of us to be present to pick up the package?
  2. Hi, I want to buy the workbook, but because you don't send it to Macedonia, I want to send it to my son, instead. In the "Shipping Details" his address is displayed correctly, but there is no name of the receiver. If it is sent with my name, he will not be able to pick it up from the post office. How can I see the name of the recepient?
  3. Have you tried "Fllod Select Tool > Tolerance:" with small values like 1%, 2%...?
  4. Of course, all objects in your artwork must have global color assigned first.
  5. There is no equivalent of InDesign's [Body Paragraph] in Publisher. [Body Paragraph] is part of InDesign. All other paragraph styles are created by user. No one user defined paragraph style can have the function of [Basic Paragraph].
  6. What about using global colors? Select an object and change its global color and all objects with that color will recolor.
  7. [No Style] resets all paragraph (and character 😩) formatings. [Basic Paragraph] immediatelly formats placed text.
  8. The text being placed is automatically formated with this style. And it is editable as any other style.
  9. Pitty that Publisher doesn't have something like [Basic Paragraph] as InDesign. It does just what you want.
  10. Hi, I placed a print screen image in Photo with CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+N, adjusted the crop area, pressed ENTER to crop it and Photo crashes.
  11. Hi, having in mind that creating new keybord or remaping existing on Windows OS is almost mission impossible, I would like to suggest to allow adding shortcut keys to specific glyphs (if possible) in glyphs palette that will be in function only when editing text. Outside text box shortcuts in "preferences" will be in use. Or, maybe, to add something like "ukelele" for Mac OS.
  12. Yon can't expect to get a third one by mixing 2 spot colors. They are not transparent. Offset and spot colors (Pantone...) are completely different types of colors.
  13. Spot colours are used for different purposes: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/printing-spot-colors.html#:~:text=Spot colors are special premixed,a spot color%2C too.)
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