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  1. Petar Petrenko

    Recolor Artwork

    My example was for starting a design from scratch, not if you get it from a customer. At very start you create all colors as global.
  2. Petar Petrenko

    Recolor Artwork

    I don't understand you. You can use global colors all the way in your design(s). You can change their definition any time and see your design with different color. If you don't change some color it will be a kind of static.
  3. Petar Petrenko

    Recolor Artwork

    I find global colors more convenient to work with. Can't understand why A-Team keeps static colors, still.
  4. Petar Petrenko

    Recolor Artwork

    What kind of adjustment do you need? If you want to change the color to all of them, it would be nice idea if you defined that color as global.
  5. Sorry for this late reaction. What about this: Yoi put a table(s) on a master page (as templates) with added columns and rows headers and now you have to populate the empty fields on the working pages. And you have a few hundred pages. So, you have to unlock the master layer on every page to be able to work on it? It is very time consuming. That is why I insist on Quark's way if master pages solution.
  6. 1. Have you read my post carefully? My second sentence was: IDML yes, but not INDD. 2. Quark had is high price even before Adobe came with CS, so Adobe was in position to manipulate with their price and to lower it to destroy Quark.
  7. Petar Petrenko

    Thanks for arrowheads but...

    Yesssss. Finally. Thanks A-Team for the arrows and multiple strokes and fills. They are really great. Only one thing I couldn't find out. I can't add multiple fills and strokes to the artistic text. Is it possible at this moment and how?
  8. Petar Petrenko

    Thanks for arrowheads but...

    Did you try to change the stroke size?
  9. Hi, there are a lot of cases where we have to do repetitive tasks like: remove spaces before interpunction signs; remove spaces at the end of paragraph; replace 3 dots with elipses... ...... So, I think it would be very useful if you add a feature that will save all these multi Find/Replace settings for future use. They must run in a loop until all replaces are done. Not to stop at the end of the file so we need to restart it over and over until it shows that there are 0 replacements. Something like it is shown on the picture I attached.
  10. Suppose I am wrong. Didn't check color profiles. Thanks.
  11. Petar Petrenko

    About the performance improvements

    It is better to start ASAP before they stuck with C++ or whatever language(s) they use. They can start with loading module and user interface first.
  12. Petar Petrenko

    About the performance improvements

    You must try it to believe it. It is written in assembler, it is complete bitmap editor plus some vector and layout features. It is less then 50 MB.and has myriad of features for it's size. It is portable. It is 32 and 64 bit. https://www.pl32.com/ Just visit this site and the download page I gave it in the previous post. You can even download it's manual to see all the features.
  13. Yes, Gausian blur is in FX and the "color overlay" should be "color burn" (as mentioned).
  14. Hi, please, follow these steps to see the differences: Open any Windows app (if you have Mac please try on them, too); Open this image and make a duplicate layer; Apply "Multiply" to the upper layer; Apply 15 px "Gausian Blur" and "Color Burn" inside "Color Overlay" from "Layer Effects" Repeat these steps to the other 4 apps. What I got: Designer and Photo (retail versions) have the same results; Designer and Photo (beta versions) have the same results but different from the retail ones; Publisher has different results from all other 4 apps.