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  1. Petar Petrenko

    Default Color Values

    Oh, thanks Lagarto. I didn't noticed it was RGB. Sorry guys I confused you and thanks for helping me solve the "problem".
  2. Petar Petrenko

    Default Color Values

    When I open new document, I select the default Black swatch and I get this result in "Color":
  3. Petar Petrenko

    Default Color Values

    You lock the color model to be default when you start the app.
  4. Petar Petrenko

    Default Color Values

    But, I am not. I get those values shown in the screenshot.
  5. Petar Petrenko

    Default Color Values

    Yes, and in ALL 3 apps.
  6. Petar Petrenko

    Default Color Values

    No, My workspace is for years in CMYK color space (PageMaker, Quark, InDesign). And those values I found are the same like in Photoshop. InDesign and Quark had always K100 definition for Black color.
  7. Petar Petrenko

    Vertical Text Alignment

    No one paragraph is going to lose its setings and will act accordingly to them. Paragraph with locked baseline grid will still follow its rule as the vertical aligne paragraph.
  8. Petar Petrenko

    Vertical Text Alignment

    It will just push it on the next page. But, in this case both paragraphs will keep their settings, which is not the case if the vertical aligment is only text frame attribute.
  9. Hi, shouldn't these values be by default: K100 K50 at least in Publisher?
  10. in InDesign, Quark and Publisher Vertical text algnment is a text frame attribute. In many cases it is not very usefull like in a linked text frames of a book because if, for any reason, text is changed, the vertical aligned text is moved to another frame where it is not any more, ant the text frame with veritcal alignment seting is now ocupied with some other text which must not be vertically aligned. For that reason, I suggest this attribute to become also a part of paragraph styles where we can decide (with check box) if text has to be vertically aligned within text frame or between two paragraphs and have settings for space before and after.
  11. Petar Petrenko

    Publisher unable to group fonts properly

    Thanks Mike, but I don't know Allan, neither how to contact him. I would appreciate any info about it.
  12. Petar Petrenko

    Publisher unable to group fonts properly

    I was experimenting with Microsoft's Candara typeface wich has 6 fonts (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Light and Light Italic). I replaced the "problematic" Bulgarian/Russian glyphs with Macedonian (4 in total) and renamed the disk file to "55 Candara" and appropirate Font names inside the font. I did it with "Type Light 3.2". When I installed them, Publisher showed me two groups: 55 Candara (4) 55 Candara light (2) instead of "55 Candara (6)". BTW, they work fine regardless they are divided into 2 groups. But, it would be better if they are displayed as original Candara.
  13. Petar Petrenko

    "Text as curves" doesn't work

    You are absolutelly right Mike. Acrobat automatically OCR the text. I tried with InDesign too (convert to outlines) and the text was still editable in Acrobat.
  14. Petar Petrenko

    "Text as curves" doesn't work

    Yes, it is empty, but I can select the text when "Edit PDF" is activated and a font name appears in the pannel. I expect that, when clicking on any character (glyph), it should be the only one selected and displayed no font name on the pannel.
  15. Petar Petrenko

    Footnotes on Paragraph level

    Here is another feature that must be added: In InDesign "Story" is missng in the "Restart Numbering Every: (Page, Spread, Section)" (as shown in the picture in attachment). Something very important is missing. Another feature "Restart Numbering in This:" must be added. There was a case when I needed to start footnote numbering in another story from number different from 1. But, because InDesign doesn't have "Story" I had to choose "Section" and it changed ALL sections numbering in the document because it lacks "...in This" feature.

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