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  1. First, second, third... why it just not dissapear when you clear the search fields?
  2. Hi, I would like to replace space with non-breaking space in Publisher. I tried a lots of combinations but they just didn't work.
  3. I found what the problem was. Thanks. The text was wrong in Word not in Publisher. But, I noticed something new. When I enter a text in Find/Replace, all the sentences where they occur are shown. That is OK. But, now, if I remove the text from Find/Replace, all sentences are still in the Result dialog box. Aren't they supposed to dissapear? Also, it would be nice if the sentences where replacing is done, when doing Find/Replace step by step, to dissapear?
  4. Hi, I need to change one letter with another in the text I am working on. If the text is formatted italic, bold... the letter appears as normal (without adopting the local formatting). Is there any setting I miss?
  5. We don't need a variable or such. It's up to Affinity to change the relative rule width calculation. Instead of applying percentage to the ruler width it should be applied to the text frame (column) width.
  6. If you want to export an Affinity document into PDF, there is an option to convert text to outlines: File > Export > PDF > Embed fonts > Text as curves.
  7. Would you be so kind and expand this feature to be used as objects caption with additional options to select the position (up, down, left or right)?
  8. Please, add sliders to the other elements as for "Number of copies".
  9. As a work arround you can Copy/Paste the text into Word and then Copy/Paste it into a text frame in Publisher or Designer and Photo.
  10. I don't think so. The problem on my Mac appeared when I disconected the second monitor.
  11. Huh. I've already shutdown the Mac. I'll try it tommorow, but anyway, this must be sorted out by A-Team.
  12. Hi, I have attached second monitor (LG 32") positioned on the right side of the MacBook laptop in Display Settings and everything was OK until I disconect the LG. Now, when I open a new document in any Affinity apps (beta or retail) I can't get the full page with <COMMAND> <0> or any other shortcut. It looks like the upper and right part of the page is lost on the second monitor. The tools and Studio panels are lost, too.
  13. Thanks guys for all your effort building such great apps and making our jobs easier and joyful.
  14. Hi, can we get these two improvements: Em- and En-space for the first line indent? Improvement on footnote relative (%) ruler width. For example, let say the ruler width is 40 mm and the text frame width is 120 mm. If we change the 40 mm with 30% in the box, the ruler width will become 12 mm instead of 36 mm because it is calculated from the ruler instead of the text frame width. Please, correct this "bug". The relative value of 30% (in this case) must stay in the box so, when we resize the width of the text frame -- the ruler has to be resized, too.
  15. After 23:59:59 comes 00:00 which is a start of a new day. So, it is absolutely OK.
  16. I hope they will be able to span multiple pages and have table notes, too.
  17. The purpose of master pages is not what you did. Their purpose is to show object(s) you put on them on document pages to which you have assigned a master page. If you want to change the font in a document (imported or not), you can do that by applying paragraph or character style on selected portion of text.
  18. Noooo. On the contrary. Live preview should be added to many features in Affinity apps. Just like Xara has.
  19. They are much too sensitive even when combine them with CTRL or SHIFT.
  20. I tried to replicate rotation of the line and the star using parameters entered by Ash, but I can't get the same result even with different transform origin setings.
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