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  1. Oh. You just use your finger.
  2. It seems a little strange that there’s no way to select your white balance point. Am I missing it? I see Auto White Balance in Adjustments which is not the tool I’m looking for.
  3. On my US keyboard, the key to the left of 1 is the `/~ key. Unmodified, the character is `. With Shift, the character is ~. I'll use `/~ to describe the key itself. The keyboard shortcut for Shift to Next View is, by default, CMD+`. When I press the CMD+`/~ keys nothing happens. When I press SHIFT+CMD+`/~ I get the correct response. When I change the keyboard shortcut to SHIFT+CMD+~, the opposite occurs. Pressing CMD+`/~ then produces the desired result. I know sometimes third party software could override some global key commands but I haven't noticed any other key commands not working. For instance, CMD+S will Save and CMD+SHIFT+S with Save As.
  4. REEEEALLY would like this added feature.
  5. Just checking that I'm not missing a function. Is it possible to create new page presets? Otherwise I'll just work with templates to Save As for new docs. Affinity Photo Mac v1.6.7.
  6. Is there a published list of Keyboard shortcuts for Affinity Photo for MacOS? I've been unable to find one and have a few questions / suggestions. For example, switching between open canvases.

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