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  1. Solid take, in my experience the photoshop way is a work around to be honest for forcing .TGA files to have the alpha channel (since the exporting is treated completely different if it is .PNG or .TGA there). The main issue with this though is that sometimes, especially video games, control over the colors where the alpha is zero (or “fully” transparent) is required (premultiplied alpha blending workflows for example). At this point I think it’s better to use something else, .PNG and transparency of the layers (or globally making one like rasterizing to mask with a layer at the very top) works perfectly fine for UI-like assets. For intricate R-G-B-A handling I’m just using substance designer when possible in the end (which also has another set of constraints, like textures there are always power of 2, sometimes a positive, sometimes a drawback).
  2. +1! Just bumped into the exact same thing. Onto finding how to auto arrange them in the meantime. Unity could maybe allow for .PSD support too.
  3. +25 on this one! Nevertheless, loving Affinity Photo more and more every single day. Getting by the very few "workflow changes" (for lack of a better term) when compared to the counterpart in photoshop, it is some promising, the export persona just recently started using it, it's amazing.
  4. Just chiming in, in my several months battle to get rid of photoshop (or at least have an alternative), this format happens to be quite a blocker (mostly because of some Unity 2D workflows import features that happens to be only .PSB and not .PSD for some reason).
  5. Has this been implemented already? I know these posts are from many years ago and found myself in this exact situation. But I wonder if I'm doing it wrong (color, copy merged, paste on the composite alpha) but it just pastes a new layer with what was copied. Thanks in advance, trying to get away from photoshop little by little.
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