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    I thought the whole point of cryptomatte was to get perfect cut-outs, yet when I followed that video's instructions, I ended up with not only a black edge, but no anti-aliasing: Also, building on what the previous poster said, there's a free OpenEXR plugin for Photoshop that supports Cryptomatte and the way they do it is to put each object mask in its own layer. Together with control click directly in the viewport, selection works pretty well with that method.
  2. Why does the iPad have to have different user interface than the desktop app? It’s way worse, not intuitive at all like Procreate, and apps like Clip Studio Paint have the full deskriptiv UI on the IPad anyway and it works just fine. I want to use the iPad version of Affinity Designer, but: The layer options, settings and buttons panel is so much more convoluted and difficult to use on the iPad compared to the desktop. I’m even having a difficult time changing the gradient colors on an object, because on the desktop, I just click in the fill in the appearance tab, but that menu on the iPad is so obtuse I just don’t understand how to use it. Also, this might be obvious to some, but I cannot find the live pixel preview on the iPad. And menus I have zero interest in, like the Assets and Symbols, cannot be dragged off and closed like on the desktop. Currently, I’m only drawing small things on the iPad where the pen is better, and then moving to the desktop for all other things.
  3. So I guess this has to do with the hardness setting and perhaps spacing as well? (These two brushes are just the Basic soft and hard brushes with added pressure sensitivity on flow and size.) Still very weird that a softer brush gives an uglier harder edge... And there's no softness setting on the outline effect. So I guess I have to stick to hard brushes if I want a usable outline (that's fine, it was just a bit weird).
  4. Compare the soft stroke on the inside, to the very harsh anti-aliasing on the outside: I hope this will be improved in the future, because this is nearly unusable, sadly.
  5. eobet

    Change order of slices

    Adding my vote to this. What is the reason that slices cannot be dragged to be re-arranged like layers can be, as it seems to be the exact same UI control as the layers?
  6. Oh, my god, thanks! Why isn't that option enabled by default??
  7. Thanks, the double click worked, but I still have this situation: EDIT: No idea why the cursor is displaced in the video... grr.webm
  8. Ok, what I see in that video is what I want, but that's not how my Affinity Designer works. It never merges. How did you get that behavior?
  9. When I create a closed shape with the pen tool by clicking in a few places and finally clicking where I started, I expect the first and last vertices to be merged, but that doesn't happen. They get placed on top of each other. 1. How can I disable this silly feature and make it so that they are merged by default? Also, when I want to continue a line, I select it with the pen tool, select the vertex I want to continue, and then click somewhere else... but instead I get a new line which I dont' want. 2. Again, how do I get the pen tool to automerge/continue my old line? Finally, is there no merge vertices command at all in Affinity Designer? Do I first need to connect (and make sure that the curves are reversed so that both red ends are near each other)? I hope I'm wrong, because I find that to be incredibly tedious.
  10. I have, several months and one release ago: But I guess I have to live with horrible, 80s style floating windows.
  11. Since having two windows with different zoom levels open at the same time is bugged anyway (and also requires you to have ugly floating windows on the Mac), please allow an advanced setting for the Navigator window to actually show a 100% pixel perfect preview. This would be great for creating icons.
  12. I want to edit a mask with levels and curves, but I don't know how to do it in Affinity. What's the correct procedure? I can't intuitively figure it out. If I select the mask and press "rasterize", nothing happens. If I select the mask and try level adjustments, the mask disappears from the viewport.
  13. I mean, I would understand it if it was easier to use, like Procreate is compared to desktop Photoshop, but it isn't. It's just confusing (and I see similar sentiments around the web). Some other apps, like Clip Studio Paint, is 100% the same on the iPad as on the desktop, and it works. Wouldn't that have been easier for Affinity, rather than trying to reinvent a wheel, which so far doesn't seem to have much air in it and is rather lumpy?
  14. Nope, still not convinced that sculpt mode doesn’t work in screen space. I’m editing a big blobby area in a small corner, and 90% of the time when zoomed into that corner the large area inverts to only encompass the newly created stroke and the old stroke segment forcing me to undo. It’s 100% aggravating.

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