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  1. What the absolute F? It's 2023? How is this an acceptable UX? At least when I when to recent files and opened it again, Designer told me that a recovery file existed and then I got back to where I was and was able to save it, but why did this have to happen at all?
  2. Affinity Designer 2 did not have auto trace either, I don't think? I can't find it any menus...
  3. I could have used this feature too, but for me there's a very important criteria: Simplification must be done on a curve angle basis! That is, most simplify operations today just operate on the entire curve regardless of how sharp parts of the curve are, meaning that corners in a long curve potentially get smoothed. That's like 90s stuff, so in 2022, I expect a good smoothing algorithm to be able to keep sharp angled parts of the curve sharp, but remove unnecessary points in straighter areas.
  4. Not for me, completely ruined a drawing that has some very obvious dire need of simplification: Going to have to look at Illustrator or Inkscape again I guess.
  5. You can select objects in Designer 2 which are less than the currently selected on in width OR height, but I personally find that rather useless. However, what would be incredibly useful is the ability to select something that's less in width AND height! One real-world use case I immediately would have is to clean up exports from other applications, which can often produce thousands of very, very small lines which you want to get rid of...
  6. I'm updated. Affinity 1 didn't crash. Affinity 2 is very, very crash happy. Crash again on photo which was edited on the iPad and now is back on the desktop...
  7. Anyone else notice this? First time I went into the brush panel after install it crashed. Now that I went to quickly undo something and show a layer I hadn't shown since opening, it crashed. Two crashes in an hour, whereas the old Photo was rock solid...
  8. Affinity Photo 2: Add Mask to some layers Select those layers Apply a perspective tool Result: The masks don't get transformed by the perspective tool Expected: I think this should just work? If the default mask is somehow set to not do this, I think it's a UX issue...
  9. Here's an example: Those leaves should have a green, transparent color and not black. Shouldn't Affinity use it's "inpainting" (horrible name, btw 🙈) algorithm to try to find the proper colors?
  10. 1. Use the node tool 2. Select some nodes 3. Open the Select menu Result: Menu option says "invert pixel selection". Expected: Menu option should say "invert node selection". Bonus bug: You can't copy said nodes and paste them as a new object (you'll get the entire object instead).
  11. 1. Create an Affinity Design document 2. Draw something in it 3. Add some guide lines 4. Add an art-board that's smaller than the document size Result: Guide lines not only move, but if they end up outside of the art-board, they become un-selectable. Expected: Since all curves stay in place, guidelines should also stay in place. If they end up outside the one and only artboard, they should disappear or remain selectable.
  12. Thank you for the detailed explanation! I will experiment with this.
  13. For some quick and dirty photo matching 3D renders, I just bash a background photo onto a equirectangular layout and save it out as a HDR. This enables me to import it into a 3D application and use it for fake environmental lighting and reflections. However, sometimes the lighting comes out really flat, even though it's quite a high contrast photo. The reason is of course that the RGB colors in the photo doesn't have any values that extend in the HDR range. Is there a way to fake this? Is there a way to boost RGB colors into the HDR range in Affinity Photo? I tried with Gamma & Exposure in the 32-bit preview panel, but that's just a preview, isn't it?
  14. There's a good solution provided here, but it only appears when you select the Move tool. Two UX improvements would be: 1. Add a "lock transform" to the context menu of each child. 2. Add a small symbol to the layers panel on each child to show that they are locked.
  15. I just tried the cryptomatte output of Blender 3.1 with Affinity. Does not seem to be working very well... but I might be messing up a step or two (it doesn't work out of the box at any rate).
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