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  1. Hello, and thank you for the reply! I couldn't actually recreate this in a new document. However, this is the file that has the issue, and I am able to recreate it even on a second machine running 1440p: https://www.dropbox.com/s/llbewi4ebqo0ak3/RhinoRandomColorIcon.afdesign?dl=0 (The video is low resolution due to my capture software only wanting to capture a part of my screen on that machine, which was 1080p.)
  2. To clarify: I want to work at a high zoom level, say 1500% or higher. At the same time, I want to see a preview at 100% size (preferably live). Is this possible on the iPad?
  3. Can someone move this to the bug forums please, because I'm starting to think this is more a bug than something I did wrong...
  4. I had to search the internet to find out how to export with transparent background as well. That option is really well hidden. From a usability standpoint, the "default background" in a document has traditionally always been considered "transparent". The Export Persona is great, but it should really recognize that when you are exporting a file format that can handle transparency, the option should be front and center. EDIT: Also, this thread isn't the only one showing that many users are confused by this... here's just a few more I found... I just noticed that there's a second way to do it without the persona, but even that one is a bit convoluted:
  5. I am designing a 24x24 pixel icon, and for optimal workflow I want a 1500-3000% zoomed window AND a 100% zoomed window. I was very happy that Affinity seems to support this, AND update both windows in real-time! Super well made, and absolutely awesome! However, the selection behavior suddenly becomes extremely strange an erratic. It actually seems as if the zoomed window has proportionally the selection size of the small window, in that I can click way off an object, and it will still get selected, and resizing handles will be active way, way outside of the highlighted object, and snapping (which I didn't think I had turned on) goes across great distances. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug?
  6. Thank you all. This was the correct procedure: Rasterize to mask Merge to below
  7. eobet


    I would also like cryptomatte support. We're about to test a new open source cryptomatte plugin for Photoshop at work, so it can be done: https://www.exr-io.com/exr-io-2-00/
  8. That is what I thought it was, and that is what I want. Imagine that the red image is the photo I want to take on the shape of my black and white image. So why did that not happen?
  9. I chose "mask to below" on a pixel layer with a black and white image on it and ended up with what looks fine to me in the layers panel: But my image is still 100% red instead of being transparent with a red sketch on it... ...what am I missing?
  10. Affinity Designer desktop allows for adding ordering options to the top menu. But in the iPad you only have a confusingly similar "insertion targets" which looks the same but don't seem to do the same. It would be much friendlier to new users if ordering options were located at a similar position in both applications, and the top menu feels more logical than the transform menu on the lower right side. (At least allow iPad users to customize the top menu, perhaps, as you can on the desktop.)
  11. I am also missing these shortcuts in the status bar at the bottom of the window. None of what either of you are saying works to resize the brush (same for the clone tool). This has worked since CS4 or earlier, and I honestly don't think I can go back to not using it...
  12. I registered to add my "vote" for this feature as well, and I have to comment, "favouritism" is a really, really WEIRD reason to not participate in an official community forum. Compare this to the Procreate forums, where the developers are very forthcoming with feedback, even marking threads as considered/under development and so on. Also, the McNeel forums (creators of Rhino) have staff answering questions literally every day (I have no idea how they have time/can afford that).