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  1. Cool... the usability on that option could still have been handled better, and nobody has explained that graphical bug, though.
  2. A bug associated with this is that the milter joins flicker on and off when you zoom, especially if they overlap something else: (What I managed to capture above is mild... it's much worse in other cases...)
  3. I can't find the offset in designer. Can anyone let me know where it is? So far, I've tried to add a thick stroke and expand it, but the result is a single curve object, not a compound curve object that I can release, so I'm unsure of how to get to the actual shape I want (without manually deleting all nodes from the shape I don't want... but that's tedious as I have several objects).
  4. Oh... there's a strange, unexplained number entry that appears when you select mitre... apparently, through trial and error, if you increase that number, you for some reason get the expected result:
  5. Guess which is bevel and which is mitre: Mitre misses several joins, it seems...
  6. In the layers panel, there are a row of buttons along the bottom, where the Adjustments and Fx produce rather similar layer modifications. However, the Fx button pops up a new dialogue where you have to make additional clicks to select something, whereas the Adjustment button popups a menu where you can immediately make your selection. This feels like baggage from Photoshop that might be familiar, but feels like a missed opportunity for streamlining and making the UI more consistent...
  7. I had to do an internet search for this today. Very sad to see something like this still isn't possible yet.
  8. But that is not normal! It must be a bug. Can someone please move this post to the bug forum instead? dCNg3fIgdD.mp4 This is so bad! Look at the end of the video: I'm even clicking OUTSIDE of the black circle and it still gets selected! Is this how Affinity is "fast"? By cheating this much? It's not even that fast on complicated documents...
  9. What am I missing here? This is 100% unworkable! I must have enabled some option by mistake: All selection, even single clicks, operate only on the bounding boxes of objects, so the circle with no fill gets selected even if you click on objects inside of it. That is madness. How did I make the program go this crazy?
  10. Ok, so I tried a different PDF viewer, and it turns out the fault lies with Foxit MobilePDF... so much for one of the more popular Windows 10 PDF viewers. (Stupid Microsoft for killing their Reader... I'll never get used to viewing PDFs in a browser.)
  11. Desktop.zip Nothing changed, exporting for print. I'm on Windows 10, though, not Mac.
  12. I have made a simple shape straight in Designer on my master, and it exports to PDF fine... except when I choose the color to be H 0 S 0 L 92... then it exports as white, even though it's clearly grey in Publisher. Switching to C 6 M 5 Y 5 K 0 doesn't help. However, if I don't change the color and instead rasterize it, it shows up in the PDF. Anyone else found this bug?
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