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  1. Thanks Garry, I use the applications in the same way as you. I was only curious if I was missing out on something, but it seems I'm good 🙂
  2. Hi Sean, A screencast, as well as the crash log is attached here. I am using the plain macOS Font Book, as seen in the screencast, with close to 300 fonts installed. This is 1.8.1 (all apps crash for me, photo designer and publisher). Yesterday, the apps would crash as soon as I started typing in the font list, today it took some effort... so it seems to get better with time :-) I hope the crash log points to something conclusive. This is on a 2019 Mac Pro, 12core 3.3Ghz, 48GB ram, Radeon VII GPU Screen_Recording_2020-02-28_at_09_28_04.mov Affinity Designer_2020-02-28-092855_Mac-Pro-2019.crash
  3. Just a question out of interest. Users who have Publisher and Designer/Photo, do you still launch those apps individually, or do you use Publisher as the main app and use StudioLink ? I have all three, and I seem to have stuck in launching them individually, but I am thinking that might not be the most efficient way. otoh, when using Publisher mainly, I seem to have lost all the persona's (panormam, develop, slicing/export...) is there a way to access those when using StudioLink ?
  4. Yes indeed, I just updated with the "check for updates" function. Thanks. Glad that the Designer/Photo StudioLink versions do not have the crashing bug when searching in the font list.
  5. I have and use all 3 Affinity apps, Photo, Designer and Publisher. Due to bugs I updated to version 1.8.1 this morning for Designer and Photo, but Publisher is still at version 1.8.0 and now the StudioLink won't work because of the version mismatch. Will we get a Publisher 1.8.1 soon ?
  6. As reported in the Designer forum, Affinity Photo also crashes when searching in the font list :
  7. I can reproduce this any time. First I type some text in the document, and then I try to change the font. When searching in the font list, upon the second character I enter in the search field, Designer crashes. (Photo too, Publisher seems to work fine). This happens since version 1.8, and I just updated to 1.8.1 and the same bug is still present. I am on macOS 10.15.3 and both versions come from the Appstore, if that matters.
  8. I would really love to have a function to search layers by name. I often have to deal with documents that have close to 100 layers (don't ask, they are provided by the client this way), and digging through the list of layers is insanely time consuming. The dark side has had this function for ages, and I understand that this might not be easy to implement, but this would make my job so much easier, so therefor this feature request.
  9. I just noticed a UI bug with the colour panel in Designer 1.7.1 The colour picker area is placed over the sliders, making them inaccessible. This only happens when I select RGB. All the other colour panels work fine. This also happens when I detach the colour panel from the right studio. Sorry if this was already reported, I searched, but couldn't find any mention of this.
  10. toutou, no problem.. I thought it was funny RM f/g, indeed, that's the place ! I previously added it to the library folder on my backup drive... which is why it didn't show up in the export dialog...duh... Thanks everybody for the assistance.
  11. While I do appreciate the help given, it is not what I have asked. Twice, I have mentioned that I am on macOS, which is the fruit logo'd computer that does not run Windows. I know how to choose profiles in all Affinity products, and how to select them on output. My question was : where do I add the icc profile in macOS so that it becomes available inside the Affinity suite ? Sorry if I was not clear enough..
  12. Yes, I know how to export a PDF and change settings, but I can't seem to add any custom icc profiles. I'm on macOS, and there is the colorsync utility, and also folders where display icc profiles seem to live... but if I drop this print icc profile in that folder, it doesn't appear in publisher. The icc profile I'm supposed to use is ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc In the export dialog there is a ISOcoated v2, but I'm not sure if this profile is 300% or not.
  13. I must be overlooking something obvious, but I can not figure out how I can use custom colour profiles when exporting to PDF. I need to send an advertisement to a newspaper, and they have provided me a custom icc colour profile that I need to use, but how do I do it in Publisher ? (I'm on macOS)
  14. I agree, For me, Capture One has always been the gold standard for shadow/highlight recovery. To be fair, the OP appears to be working on an 8bit file, which tends to bring out the milky look when recovering shadows/highlights. But fwiw, Affinity Photo has the same symptoms when working directly on a RAW file as demonstrated here. I'd love a better shadow/highlight tool in Affinity Photo.
  15. Many thanks >|<, that worked perfectly, and I wouldn't have found this by myself...
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