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  1. Hi Dan, didn't have the chance to follow up yesterday. Thanks so much for this awesome support. This helps a lot! Highly appreciated. I'll work that out as you recommended as soon as I have the chance.
  2. Hi Dan, I just uploaded a ZIP file with 4 versions. The initial version is from August, 30th with no changes. All other versions I used inspired by your idea. But I couldn't get it to work. In some cases the picture frame moves to the text bloc above where it doesn't belong to. Also in some cases it doesn't keep the format which is pretty time consuming to correct. But maybe related to my lack of knowledge. Thanks again so much for your help!
  3. Hi Dan, thanks so much for your reply, your idea and your offer. I really appreciate it! Unfortunately I just started a one way business trip yesterday. I am not sure if and when I have the time to follow up with your idea or offer. I just wanted to let you know in between. I'll definitely will come back to this topic at least the week after the next. Thanks again! Cheers, HaPe
  4. Hey all, I wonder if there is a way to move content over different sites. I created a document with an overview about products. Each of this sections (groups) on the page contains text as well as two images. When a new product has to be added it should be on position 1. This means I ideally like to move all other products over all pages one step down and insert the new one on top of the document. Of course the movement has to be precise so that the relative positions of the products over all pages stays the same. A screenshot is attached, which hopefully helps to make clear what my goal is. Is there a way to realize it without the need to move each and every of the sections manually? Thanks!
  5. I actually have this problem using a MacBook Pro, running Sierra, V. 10.12.4. Any solutions? From Photo to AD seems to work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sz34q4t9kqb0zk7/2017-05-12_15-31-08.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7fyyl4oy9ireh9/2017-05-12_15-30-25.png?dl=0
  6. This is awesome work! Highly appreciated. Thanks so much for sharing this great manual.
  7. Hi, I often have to work with graphics from PDF files. They're divided in hundreds of layers. I know the function to find a specific part in the layers and I also know the kind of "force selecting" by pressing the Command key. But that doesn't help really because in most cases the objects that I have to select together aren't neighbors in the layer panel. Mouse framing either doesn't help it selects simply nothing. For example I have to catch all these objects with one action. In fact, there's many stuff around it. ;) Is there a simple way to do that avoiding to select them character by character and group them? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, and regards ... hp
  8. Found out the solution: I just resized the document using the document settings. ;)
  9. Hi Dave, not sure if I'm getting you wrong: That is what Acrobat shows ...
  10. Hey, today I tried to open a print ready PDF document. If I open the same document in Preview, in Acrobat or even Safari it loads as it is with all stuff for printing. If I open the same document in AD, it opens just the area inside the cutting lines. Is there a way to open it as it is or where I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance, hp
  11. Hello MEB, thanks for your help. This works fine for me. Maybe this feature would be nice for AF also for users that don't own both programs. This helps also for a few things. But may PDF documents contains a huge amount of shapes. So it isn't easy to find the right one to be edited or it will take very much time. I provided a link for my example. I am searching for a very quick way to fill transparent areas like the marked one and AF or AD should simply know which is transparent and to be filled and which is white, black or any other color. I believe you'll probably know this feature from even Photoshop Elements. Screenshot I tried the selecting brush but this takes very much time too and ain't really exact enough for those purposes. In other cases the selecting tools are much better than PS but in this situation I am searching for a better way. The help file couldn't help me. And BTW: I was looking for a crop tool in AD like in AF. I know that I can forward my document from one to another and back but I think an easy way to crop would be nice in AD too. Thanks again, kind regards hp
  12. Hi MEB, I have the same problems like basement jack. I often have to copy graphics from PDF documents to use them in high quality for special guides or so. I have to know, which of the imported content is white and which is transparent. But there is no chance to know this except in the already exported PNG. "Erase White Paper" does nothing in my case. In addition: is there a way to lets say select and delete everything that is white outside closed (black) paths or shapes (from b&w PDF documents)? Until now I used Photoshop Elements in which I was able to do this with a magic brush that selects everything inside or outside shapes and I was able to delete the fill easily. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance and BTW: I love the Affinity Tools like Photo and Designer. Keep on the good work. In my opinion it would be nice to have he forums separated for Designer and Photo. Just a thought ... Kind regards, hp
  13. Hi Alex, this is really amazing. I didn't think about the layer clipping possibilities. It's so easy and looks great. So thanks again for your kind and really quick answer and help. All the best, hp
  14. Hi Alex, today I tried to fill a few of my puzzle pieces with a pattern/image like your example shown in your thumbnail (flowers). I tried several ways, like placing an image, boolean operations and creating styles. I didn't find a way to create a style using an image or a group of filled curves from which I created the picture. http://hape13.de/Files/Pics/Snagit/2015-07-08_11-20-56.png Thanks for your help, kind regards hp
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