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  1. For I while I was going somewhat mad trying to get this to work (the fill tool was exactly what I'd been trying before) and suddenly realised that I was still using the tooth and notch settings from v_kyr's example rather that those made by haakoo. Result -- two sorts of designs potentially useful elsewhen. Thanks to you both, CPC
  2. Well, learn something every day! Thanks for that; and for alerting me to 'Symbols'. I suppose much more is made clear if one carefully watches all the tutorial videos but my mind best absorbs what fits with current projects.
  3. As usual I try techniques shown here and I found an attractive pattern by setting the 'Curvature' to its maximum negative value. Any suggestions how to do a bitmap fill of the petals rather than the background?
  4. I checked on https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ and found vaguely similar but nothing exact. Another option might be to stack copies of your text. Choose font and write, convert to curves and make the fill white and the outline black. Attached is a quick Publisher project including the (sorry so sloppy!) history. CIRCULAR FONT.afpub
  5. Ivandigital, Strange! I've examined your project file and the only hint I've found -- but not a solution -- is shown in attached screen shot. Visible in pixel mode at extreme magnification is not only your mystery line but additional grey pixels previously unnoticed against the white background. It looks like anti-aliasing along the diagonal but I've no idea why there should be any such artefacts on the horizontal and verticals. Regards, Carl
  6. misergarth, Trying to open you project gave this missing resource error. I said I'd try and find it and the problem file was identified as 'bernie-logo-black.eps'. I did a jpg export as a full A4 sheet but the photo of Bernie appeared a a nearly complete blur. Edit: I clicked 'Yes' before; going to 'Resource Manager' gave more information. Regards, Carl
  7. JohnG, Here a clip is what I see... I may be confused (missing something) by your description. To me 'original image' is the jpg/bmp used for the art text bitmap fill. Any changes being made in the adjustment layers are non destructive -- the original image remains unchanged. The effect of the adjustments are displayed in a rendering of the image in the project window. I'd reserve 'final output' for a bitmap export or for a print-to-file PDF. Notes: My earlier example was done in Publisher but I switched to Photo here to be sure I was doing the same thing. Again it's not bling, but as simple an example as possible to show WYSIWYG dynamic changes. Could you (and perhaps GaryP and firstdefence's distressed look as well) please post your project file? Regards, Carl BC_adjust.mp4 BC_adjust.afphoto
  8. Is this what you want? With my bit-mapped filled text layer selected I went to the top menu and chose Layer >> New Adjustment >> Colour Balance. My sister's Bloomsbury fabric pattern certainly isn't 'bling' but I can easily make whatever adjustments I want while it's there filling the text. No need to '...go back to the original'.
  9. Greetings, and a comment, from Australia. Macek said "...I have found the solution..." but doesn't say what he did. A person searching the forum for help on 'text styles' will no doubt find these posts. but no useful information. Not asking for a thesis but a few words would be useful thanks.
  10. GaryP, Could you please post your project file? SO far I've only used bitmap fill text with bevelled stroke. Thanks, Carl
  11. Josef, I've just tried this using N-Up printing and think the method will work for you. I designed each page on a full A4 sheet and then did the printing as shown in the attached image of the Print dialog. Some of the setting may be, as suggested by V-kyr, printer dependent. The setting for 'Double-sided:' was a guess and resulted in the image being upside down. I'd assume the 'Flip short side' would be OK or I could flip the design. As my designs did not extend to the very edges there was no problem with the printer's required narrow margins. I didn't worry about printing any cut mark as it's exactly half the sheet. n.b. So far I'd only used N-Up single sided for jar labels for jams and pickles using 9 repeats, 3 across and 3 down. Regards, Carl
  12. Zbigg, Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but doesn't the 'Transform' studio provide the functions? Just set the rotation value to zero in the little text entry box. To align you would have to read the rotation value for the first object and then set it for the second. I use copy / paste! Regards, Carl
  13. lettergothic, The values you seek are displayed in the 'Character Studio' panel. Place the text cursor between two characters for 'Kerning'. If a group of character are highlighted you get 'Tracking' value in the next window down -- all the spaces are adjusted. Regards, Carl
  14. dmont76, It depends on what you want to do to your single letter but if you convert to curves (to change the shape say) your text will no longer be editable. My suggestion is: 1. Using one of the text tools (Frame or Artistic) do a click + drag to select the single letter. 2. Go the the Character Studio. 3. Do what you want! I've changed the font size of the 't' from 30 pt to 60 pt as a simple example. Hope this helps. Regards, CPC
  15. Robert, I'd suggest your trying printing 'N-Up'. I've been using it for labels for my jars of jams and pickles. You may have to experiment a bit... My designs (Affinity Publisher) are created at full A4 and then printed with multiples retaining the A4 proportions. Quick check... Create a new document with the page proportions of your coupons and then print N-Up 3 across / 1 down. Note you need to choose to appropriate 'Fit Type' to scale. Regards, Carl
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