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  1. When setting up a grid with gutters I can get them top, right and bottom but the right-hand side always starts with the actual grid square. Is this a “by design” thing? Which would seem odd to me
  2. Have you tried making randomly shaped vector objects to build the gas clouds? Lowering their opacity and/or applying large amounts of Gaussian Blur to them. The blend modes of the shapes could also be played with for more interaction between cloud shapes.
  3. I’m finding that when I change an AP document’s DPI and pixel size downwards before exporting the final image to the size and DPI that I want, said exported final image always comes out still retaining the working documents original higher DPI. The new pixel dimensions are honoured but not the new DPI.
  4. Hello wstewl and a Happy New Year I’m afraid this answer might not be terribly helpful to you but I’ve just tried your two files and had no problems adding them to Assets. Not sure what to suggest now? Other than have you tried the old standby of restarting the App and/or your computer and trying again?
  5. Thank you so much Alfred, you are a life saver!
  6. Seasons greetings to you all Bit of a long shot this, but do any of you good people here by chance know what font this is? Have spent more hours now than I really wanted to searching font sites yesterday, there’s just too many of them!
  7. Hello kontrafuss, Yes it’s a bit of a bug and not intended behaviour but do any action that causes the screen to update, e.g. a slight zoom or move of the canvas, and the guides sort themselves out.
  8. Hello Daryll and welcome to the Affinity forums Don’t worry, everyone was a “noob” here at one time or another! I confess though that I’m not too sure what menu you are referring to… The studio panel which occupies the whole of the right side can be shown/hidden via; View. As to what’s in the Studio Panel, and where, is entirely up to the individual to arrange as they find useful. Here’s a screenshot of how mine is looking today.
  9. Sorry to have to say this tiresome bug is back again in the latest Designer 1.6 beta1
  10. Just wondering if there's any more news on this?
  11. Hi MEB, Sorry for the delay replying. Just to reiterate, all Styles display as they should in Designer. As it has no option for turning Metal Acceleration On/Off like Photo dose, I assume Designer dose not use any acceleration and hence why I only see the problem in Photo. I don’t have my work Mac with me right now but hopefully can upload the relevant files to you tomorrow sometime.
  12. I’ve noticed that with some, but not all, third party Styles that I have installed in Affinity Photo that they can display incorrectly in the latest v1.6 releases. The culprit seems to be Metal Acceleration, as turning it Off corrects the issue. The screenshots show how things should look and how they look with Metal Acceleration turned On with effected Styles. As you can see it’s a mess! Also the thumbnail cogs in the Styles panel of any of the effected Styles change to square thumbnails. The affected styles in my screenshot are; Metal Styles, Fire Styles, Grunge Rust Textures.
  13. So I decided on “full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes!” And installed the fonts regardless of the dire Font Book warnings! I restarted Font Book after installing each set of fonts, (as the app became hugely sluggish). I then Validated each set of fonts again, as suggested by R-C-R, and removed the duplicate copies Font Book found within these sets. Font Book is now happy and says the remaining ones are safe to use.
  14. Thanks Alfred and R-C-R for the reply’s/suggestions, I don’t have time right now to try again. But will try loading them into Font Book again tomorrow.