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  1. I’ve noticed that with some, but not all, third party Styles that I have installed in Affinity Photo that they can display incorrectly in the latest v1.6 releases. The culprit seems to be Metal Acceleration, as turning it Off corrects the issue. The screenshots show how things should look and how they look with Metal Acceleration turned On with effected Styles. As you can see it’s a mess! Also the thumbnail cogs in the Styles panel of any of the effected Styles change to square thumbnails. The affected styles in my screenshot are; Metal Styles, Fire Styles, Grunge Rust Textures.
  2. So I decided on “full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes!” And installed the fonts regardless of the dire Font Book warnings! I restarted Font Book after installing each set of fonts, (as the app became hugely sluggish). I then Validated each set of fonts again, as suggested by R-C-R, and removed the duplicate copies Font Book found within these sets. Font Book is now happy and says the remaining ones are safe to use.
  3. Thanks Alfred and R-C-R for the reply’s/suggestions, I don’t have time right now to try again. But will try loading them into Font Book again tomorrow.
  4. So I was going to install the free fonts into Font Book on my Mac but Font Book says there are serious problems with them and that I should not install them! So to install or not to install?
  5. Hi Chris, It’s a new Touch Bar Macbook Pro with a Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB memory. And automatic switching with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 630. I confess I have no idea which GPU is actually being used at any given time!
  6. Hello again, Actually I don’t have the second screen attached at present. I’m on the move a lot currently! Well after some poking around yesterday, for me at any rate, having Metal Acceleration turned on in AP’s preferences is causing the issue. If I turn it Off all is as it should be.
  7. That was a fast response! OK attached here is are some screenshot of what I consistently get with the file I sent you and the image that you posted above. As you can see in the After section, it’s just empty… Just to let you know I probably won't have internet access again till this Friday, so pleas forgive any delays in posting here on my part.
  8. Thanks Chris, I’ve PM’ed you with a link to the troublesome file.
  9. The FFT Denoise filter seems to be broken for me in Photo beta5. When I try to use it, in the Before/After view, the After view just shows an empty canvas chequer pattern. And if I click Apply, that’s exactly what get, an empty canvas!
  10. Yes same here, PDF for all the same reasons MEB stated, unless another format is specifically asked for by the client.
  11. Hello all, Ok so this isn’t a link to another “How To…” tutorial about colourising old photos but I did find this short video very interesting on the subject as a whole:
  12. Thank’s Justin, the explanation is much appreciated. So I was just misunderstanding how best to use this tool Now I find myself wonder if the good Mr Ritson could do one of his excellent video tutorials demonstrating how to get the most out of this particular tool?
  13. Ideas, anyone?
  14. Yes, same here for me too with beta5, no Inpainting
  15. Just bumping this again in light of the latest Photo beta5. Is this tool working as intended? I’m still getting results that I would not expect but that may just be me not understanding what this tool is designed for. If so what are it’s use cases that make it more desirable to use than one of the other retouching tools, like the Clone tool for example or even just doing a Select/Copy/Paste? In the attached very short video, why dose the brown fur turn green when placed over the grass? Even though the Texture Only option is un-selected. I eagerly await enlightenment! Video link: