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  1. In your screenshot I see that the BenQ is not set to it's default resolution but Scaled (More Space). What happens if you set it to Default?
  2. As far as I know, no there is no way to show an overview of all Spreads in Designer. Nor a way to convert them back to Artboards.
  3. Hello Specific, When you reopen the document in Designer, look down at the bottom left corner of the window. You will see navigation arrows to take you to each artboard in turn. Note, if you want the document to remain as created in Designer then it maybe best not to convert it to Spreads when opening it in Publisher.
  4. Hello Jack, Sadly yes, many others have reported the same problem. You are not alone. Basically under Catalina there is no round trip from Apple Photos and Affinity Photo. It’s just plain broken, sorry. Serif are actively working on getting it fixed but can’t at the moment say when.
  5. I don’t really have anything much to add to what unni, Platatino and walt have already said, just that if helps to identify your target file, the numbers breakdown like this; Example file: 20180909175347.autosave = 2018 09 09 17:53:47 Year Month Day Time
  6. If the History panel has closed try going to View > Studio and make sure History has a tick next to it. Perhaps a screenshot of what you are now seeing might help here?
  7. Hello American, I’ve put the History Tab in the Left Studio. I have key command; Shift < to open said Studio. Now when I click on the History Tab in there it displays the full height of the screen.
  8. Hello RFBriggs You could use the Place command. Go to File > Place. In the window that opens scroll down to where it says Media in the left Sidebar. If you may need to expand that entry and then click on Photos. At the top of the window you will now see two entry’s for Photo Booth and Photos. Click on Photos and then navigate to your desired image. Once selected left click and drag out on your canvas to place the image at your desired size.
  9. Hello chwebb1 and welcome to the Affinity forums I’m really sorry to have to say this but at the moment it’s not good news I’m afraid.
  10. It seems to me that this whole subject of using Affinity Photo as an external editor with Apple Photos is getting a bit confusing here on the forums. There are at least 3 other threads also about it now I think. And now with Catalina being the de facto macOS we might see more people with problems. From what is being posted at the moment on the forums, my summery of the situation as of today would be that if you are on Catalina then there probably is no way to do the round trip using Affinity’s extension; 'Edit In Affinity Photo' or by right clicking a photo and choosing; 'Edit With Affinity Photo'. Both these methods seem to be broken in Catalina. If you are on Mojave or earlier OS then you maybe have a 50/50% chance that the 'Edit In Affinity Photo' extension still works for you. For some it works for others it doesn’t. No one seems to knows why. But again the right click; 'Edit With Affinity Photo' method is broken here too. In fact this has been broken for a very long time.
  11. Hello WillFire, I think you may be able do what you are after using LUTs (Look Up Table) Olivio Sarikas has a good introduction to using them on his YouTube channel here:
  12. Really sorry to hear that chaunce322 As Dan C said there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who and when, will be effected by this bug. User rwakeford found another workaround to this “Edit In…” extension bug in his post hear:
  13. Hello all, I got the ‘Edit In Affinity Photo’ extension working again today! See my post here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/58871-editing-in-ap-from-apple-photos/&do=findComment&comment=530098
  14. I’ve got the ‘Edit In Affinity Photo’ extension working again! With the release of Photo 1.7.3 I was hopeful that it was fixed, but found that the ‘Edit In Affinity Photo’ extension still wasn’t working for me. So I saved my 'user' folder of all that I’ve added to Photo over time and then used AppCleaner to remove AP and all it’s associated files and folders that AppCleaner could find, some 4GB in total! Emptied the Trash and restarted my Mac. Re-downloaded AP from the App Store, replaced the 'user' folder with my old one and fired it up. And all is good again between AP and Photos!
  15. I can't be sure, but sadly some of the later language in it was turning abusive so I suspect that’s why it was removed.

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