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  1. Again, your work has left me speechless!!!! Outstanding!!!!😎
  2. Well, that is strange? Dose it happen in all documents for you or just this one? Here is a short recording of me selecting Helvetica Bold, which is what I get. HelveticaBold.mp4
  3. Hello Roger-Luc and welcome to the Affinity forums🙂 It’s possible that I’ve misunderstood your issue, but I don’t think I’m seeing your problem here. If I choose Helvetica Bold, I get Helvetica Bold. It is not rendered italicised. Could you post some screenshots or perhaps a file that consistently demonstrates your issue?
  4. Here’s a quick recording of the different results after selecting an area and then using cmd J. First on an Image layer and then on a Pixel layer. cmdJ.mp4
  5. This sounds to me like you are working on an '(Image)' layer and not a '(Pixel)' layer. In order to duplicate a selected area, first make sure the layer in question is labeled as a (Pixel) layer in the Layers panel. If the layer has the word (Image) it will first need to be converted into an (Pixel) layer by right clicking it and choosing Rasterize. This will then allow you to work with the individual pixels that make up the image rather than the image as a whole. You can read more about Layers in AP here: https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/pages/Layers/aboutLayers.html
  6. Unfortunately this is a known and long standing issue with the Affinity range and there are several other threads about it on the forums. The thing with this bug is that, as of now, there are no known steps that will always trigger it. It is quite random. As such this makes it very hard for a programmer to find the cause and fix. So I fear it may be with us for some time to come still.😧
  7. By default I think the History panel normally lives at the bottom of the Right Studio Panel? But if it isn’t active, go to; View > Studio > and select History. Note, all active Studio panels in that list will have a tick next to their names. In the History panel you can use the slider or click on the individual actions to go back/forwards though the steps. Looks like you've got great results already though!😎
  8. Here’s a quick example of using a vector shape drawn with the Pen tool as a way of introducing colour to a specific area in an image as suggested by Joachim_L. File saved with history so if you have the history panel open in Photo you can step back though the process. Earing.afphoto
  9. Hi Tim, and welcome to the Affinity forums🙂 The good news though, is that all the Affinity apps are currently on offer for half price on the Serif store, so now is the time to repurchase!😎
  10. Your screenshot shows what I would expect to see if you have performed a right click on the word ‘to’ in your text with the Text tool. To move the Text Box to another position you need to switch to the Move tool and then you can drag the box to where you want it.
  11. I’m still on Mojave too and yesterday updated both Designer and Photo on the Mac App Store. Photo went without a hitch but Designer would hang at about 90% took 3 goes before finally completing. There were widely reported issues with nothing downloading from the MAS site for us Mojave users last month but Apple seems to have finally sorted that out now. I've certainly had no problems updating other apps via the store recently. As for warnings about compatibility I’ve never seen one of those given for the Affinity apps. No idea why you should be seeing that.
  12. I’m on OS 10.14.6 and Flood2 is working for me. I think this is most likely a Big Sur specific problem (possibly a Catalina one too?) This sadly doesn’t help you Raymondo I know, but it dose seem this is something only fixable by Flaming Pear.
  13. You can use Font Book on your Mac to validate all the fonts on your system. And it will flag up any bad one you may have. Apple have more about this here: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/font-book/fntbk1000/10.0/mac/11.0 Once you have cleaned up any dodgy fonts it could be a good idea to then restart your Mac in ‘Safe Mode’. As when starting in ‘Safe Mode’ some system cashes will be emptied including the Font Cash where problem fonts can sometimes hide. To start your Mac in Safe Mode, hold down the Shift key as the Mac starts. Startup will take longer than normal and when complete,
  14. I feel your pain Paul😧 As no one else on these forums seems to be experiencing such dire crashes, I’m afraid to say it’s like to be related to something specific to your system and/or the files involved. As always these things happen at the weekend so not too many Serif staff around at the moment to help. But if you could post more details about your OS the files involved and attach the crash reports I’m sure someone tomorrow from Serif will respond soon.
  15. Well, in your video that looks about right and what I would expect to happen. To get the effect I think you wanted, I would use a vector shape; Ellipse, give it the Layer Effect; Gaussian Blur. And then clip the image with it by dragging the Ellipse shape onto the thumbnail of the image in the Layers panel. Finally adjust the degree of Blur to taste.
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