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  1. I started a test document in CMYK, entered your RGB values and get the dull green as you show. Changed the documents colour space to sRGB, bright green! But not spot on so then re- enter the RGB values and all is well. Again I would say do check your documents colour space.
  2. I wonder what colour space you’r document is in? If it’s setup for CMYK then although you can access RGB sliders you will still only be able to generate colours within the limitations of the CMYK colour space. Which generally excludes zingy bright colours such as your wanted green. If the document is not for print you could change it’s colour space to RGB and have the green you want.
  3. If you are on a Mac you could also “Check” the ‘Stationery Pad’ box in the file’s Info window. Every time you then open that file the OS will automatically duplicate it and it will be in the duplicated document that you will actually be working, leaving the original untouched.
  4. Hello Quarter. Well I too have no idea what’s happening here but after doing the Subtract operation, as you found, there’s no hole punched through, just a lot of nodes in the shape of the N Interesting thing is though if you zoom right in and start moving nodes it soon becomes apparent that you now have two spines forming the letter N, The top one has a black fill thus obscuring the N shaped hole under it.
  5. markw

    Please fix

    Ah, I see. Thank’s owner. To clarify the first post then, if I may be so bold; In Affinity Photo & Designer, using the MBP's Touch Bar to adjust a tools Opacity setting will in fact adjust the tool’s Opacity correctly as desired but the number indicating that Opacity change (top Left of screen) always says 100% regardless. This is a bug.
  6. markw

    Please fix

    Colour opacity slider or Layer opacity slider? Either way I've never had a problem with either using the track-pad. Could you maybe supply a bit more detail regarding your issue...
  7. Basically while the text box was still active, i.e. the blinking, vertical line indicating cursor position within the text is active. A fast double click anywhere outside the text box brought back the move tool. This I used to find supper convenient and fast. Now I get the Shape Text tool which I confess I’ve never needed quick access to. Perhaps what I’ve been used to doing was the bug and now it’s working as intended? But I hope not!
  8. Hello all, It used to be that after using a text tool I could double click anywhere outside the text bounding box I was typing in and get the Move tool back. That no longer seems possible now in the current MAS version? Now the double click changes the cursor ready to make a Shaped Frame Text out of whatever is underneath it at the time. Is this intended behaviour now? Or a bug?
  9. Ah, I see... Thanks for the clarification there MEB
  10. Thanks for the reply Sean will do, but there’s more strangeness today with gutters in my attempt to make a file for you… Where I am right now (with internet) I have an old beat-up Macbook Pro running OSX10.11.6 and I thought to make an example file and send it, (see attached). The thing is on this machine I still get a missing gutter but now it’s the top one that’s always missing?! On my other actual work Macbook Pro running Sierra, as in my original post, it’s the left gutter that’s always missing! I can make a new file on that machine tonight and if it still displays the same behaviour, post it too tomorrow. For now here’s what I have on this old Mac. Edit: I see in my original post I miss-said it was the right gutter that was missing! I meant the LEFT gutter was missing and always starts with the actual square. Sorry for any confusion! Missing Gutter Test RC1 Biuld on OSX10.11.6.afdesign
  11. When setting up a grid with gutters I can get them top, right and bottom but the right-hand side always starts with the actual grid square. Is this a “by design” thing? Which would seem odd to me
  12. Have you tried making randomly shaped vector objects to build the gas clouds? Lowering their opacity and/or applying large amounts of Gaussian Blur to them. The blend modes of the shapes could also be played with for more interaction between cloud shapes.
  13. I’m finding that when I change an AP document’s DPI and pixel size downwards before exporting the final image to the size and DPI that I want, said exported final image always comes out still retaining the working documents original higher DPI. The new pixel dimensions are honoured but not the new DPI.
  14. Hello wstewl and a Happy New Year I’m afraid this answer might not be terribly helpful to you but I’ve just tried your two files and had no problems adding them to Assets. Not sure what to suggest now? Other than have you tried the old standby of restarting the App and/or your computer and trying again?
  15. markw

    Looking For A Particular Font

    Thank you so much Alfred, you are a life saver!