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  1. Hello macvolker and welcome to the Affinity forums🙂 This thread was originally started because a user on a new Mac with an M1 chip is/was only able to launch APhoto once and is now unable to launch it at all. You may get more informed help for your specific issue if you can start your own thread regarding your problem saving files. But first I would suggest you read this FAQ post to see if this might be the cause of your problem: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/106104-faq-why-do-i-get-the-error-failed-to-open-file-or-failed-to-save-document-when-using-affinity-apps-purchased-from-the-mac-app-store-macos/ And reading through this thread may also offer some help perhaps: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/54689-cannot-save-save-failed-because-you-do-not-have-permission-to-create-a-file-in-that-location/
  2. I don’t know if this really helps any but out of curiosity I have just had a quick play with the source PDF, provided earlier in this thread, in APub 1.8.6 and then again in the 1.9 Beta. In 1.8 virtually nothing is selectable on the second page without going into Outline Mode, as suggested by MickRose In 1.9 beta all the second page text would seem to be editable without any obvious issues. I didn’t have a lot of the fonts used in the PDF, so just went with the font replacements as offered on import. But it worked. So it would seem to me that APub is doing something different and/or better in the Beta version, than in the current retail version?
  3. In relation to vonBusing’s post above, the previous Designer beta does have a 'Check for Updates' menu item but it only seems to see the the first 1.9 part of the build number and so offers no update. Should it not be seeing the point release part of the number too? In this case .0.11 and offer to update?
  4. Hola Roberto, y bienvenido los foros🙂 Di me, como cerras la programa? Si cerra lo con el botón Rojo, arriba a la izquierda de la ventana, eso solo cera la ventana, no cerra la programa. Si miras el ícono de la aplicación en el Dock, tendrá un pequeño punto negro debajo del ícono que indica que la programa está ejecutando todavía. Si hace clic en el ícono, la aplicación volverá a enfocarse y el nombre y las opciones del menú ahora se mostrarán en la barra de menú del sistema operativo en la parte superior de la pantalla. También puede hacer clic con el botón derecho en el icono del Dock para ver una lista de archivos abiertos anteriormente y hacer clic en uno de ellos para volver a abrirlo. Si esto no es lo que está experimentando, tal vez pueda proporcionar algunos detalles más.
  5. Yes that’s right, for production work you should both be using the latest retail versions only which is currently v1.8.x Also any file made or edited and saved in beta 1.9.x will not open in 1.8.x
  6. Hello pindsvin and welcome to the Affinity forums🙂 Which Affinity app are you using? The content is there but is a bit messed up with content being way off the visible canvas and you will have to zoom out a bit to see the “missing” content. In Photo go to; Document > Unclip Canvas. Or in Designer go to; View > View Mode > and un-check Clip to Canvas. This happens sometimes with PSD documents but don’t ask me why!
  7. The fact that you were able to follow @firstdefence's instructions successfully and provide that copy to test, would suggest to me that there has been some form of “internal” error with the original file. As the one you posted works correctly I would say dump the original and use this one Though it is quite rare, these internal hiccups do occasionally seem to happen. Why? I have no idea! But at least being able to copy the content into a new file is a way out. To resize an Artboard, in the Layers stack select the Artboard you want to resize so that it alone is highlighted in the layers stack. Now select the Move Tool and grab any one of the resizing nodes now outlining the Artboard, and drag to resize.
  8. Thank’s for the screen shots, though unfortunately we still can’t see the Layer stack to see what’s going on in there. In the tabs, above the panel saying Unsplash in your screenshot, the layers stack should be the tab marked ‘Ly’. Click on that to show the layers. Is it just this project that’s not letting you Save or Save As…? Or all projects? If you don’t mind it being publicly accessible are you able to post the troublesome file here on the forums for us to poke and prod? Regarding where it says Unsplash, that’s not an advert but the Stock panel. You can access three different online stock image sites via this panel which offer free to use stock images. (though it goes without saying you should check each sites T's & C's regarding what you can use the images for).
  9. I can’t add much to what the others have asked but would add that on trying to open the exported SVG file, Vectornator opened probably because it is designated as the default app on your Mac to open SVG files. If you right click on an SVG file, (or any other file) on your Mac and choose ‘Get Info’ from the context menu, the ‘Open With’ field in the Info window will show you which app your system will default to to open the selected file.
  10. Going back to your third post; Clearly the left side is white and the right checkered but what is causing the blue line down the middle where this change in appearance happens? A screenshot of the entire screen including the layer stack may be helpful.
  11. Hi Polygonius, yes it was the right path I posted. In your screenshot it looks like you are not in the ‘Application Support’ folder in your ‘Home’ ‘Library’ folder. Here’s a screenshot from my 'Home' folder to the AP beta ‘user’ folder. Note, in the beta apps and apps bought directly from Serif the folders do not start with “com.seriflabs.” but just use the apps regular name e.g. ‘Affinity Photo Beta’.
  12. Hello Adri3n and welcome to the Affinity forums 🙂 Looks like it's just got turned off. Try going to; View > Show Toolbar
  13. The beta apps live in; Your Home folder > Library > Application Support. Affinity apps bought directly from Serif also live in this location. I too have been copying the ‘user’ folder over to the beta app, and vice versa, for some time now and as yet have had no problems after doing it. Just remember though, it is a “hack” and not a recommended procedure and one day it may go pear shaped!
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