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  1. The space bar is not needed to move a selection area, just click hold anywhere inside the selected area after drawing it out and you can drag it to another position. For altering the selected area, in addition to using the standard Selection modes of Add, Subtract, New, etc…, you can also go into QuickMask mode (or hit the Q key) then switch to the Move tool which will allow you to resize, rotate, shear, and again move the selection area.
  2. Fixed this anomaly by recreating my custom stream and deleting the original one. And January 2020 now exists!
  3. No spoke too soon, it’s stopped again! Here’s a screenshot of my filters. If you spot something I've set wrong let me know
  4. Hello Walt thanks for that, I really hadn’t noticed the tabs at the top there! I was on Browse. Yes, putting it to Activity works for me
  5. I know as of the start of January the Condensed display of posts got broken, and still is, but I’m also finding now that the filters; Ownership, Following, Time Period etc.. have stoped working properly for me too. For example; if I set Ownership to content I have posted in and Time Period to ‘Any Time’. I only get results up to the end of December 2019. It’s like January just hasn’t happened
  6. Hello Davideo, Is this old post from MEB of help to you?
  7. It plays fine for me here Garry. Using Firefox v72.0.1 Like Callum suggested, although the original poster had closed the windows they had not actually quit AP. In general on Macs clicking the red traffic light button closes just the window not the app. But quite a few apps, including some from Apple themselves, don’t respect this old Mac convention and will in fact close the app. This inconsistency can understandably lead to some confusion at times.
  8. Wasn't sure if I should start a whole new post about this issue but this is actually happening now in ALL three beta apps, not just Photo.
  9. With a held click on any icon/button in the top Toolbar, for example the Photo Persona button, it is possible to translate the entire Publisher window around the screen. This should only be possible with a held click in an empty portion of the Toolbar.
  10. Just watched the video you linked to, and he did pretty much what I would do and it consistently works as expected for me. Really not sure what’s going wrong for you now…? If you are able to make a screen recording of it not working for you that could be useful to see. It could just be a one time aberration perhaps. Have you tried shutting down and then trying again?
  11. Like IanSG says if you could point us at the tutorials you were trying to follow that would help greatly in seeing where you may have gone wrong. My first thought though is that if you ended up with something looking like the attached screenshot, then after selecting the figure in your image then maybe you hit ‘New Empty Mask Layer’ by mistake rather than choosing ‘New Mask Layer’.
  12. The betas are complete apps in themselves and are totally self contained. So any unresolved or new bugs in the betas can not interfere with the retail versions of the same apps. But for the beta versions to run, each time one is launched it will first check to make sure a corresponding retail version of it is installed on your system. If no such retail version is found then the beta will not launch.
  13. Fantastic photos Dan! Love them! 5 years ago I had a German Shepard, and yes, just like you 60 or 70% of my photos were of him! Hope you don’t mind a snap of Chulo here.
  14. If you have not already found it there is a beta now that can mostly work with Apple Photos on Catalina. It can be found here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/104964-affinity-photo-customer-beta-180163/

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