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  1. Well, if it was me and it only happens with this one file I would be inclined to just start again from scratch with the image in a new file. Though you might try and copy/paste the adjustment layers etc… over to the new file and see how that goes first. I once had a Designer file the just plain refused to export no matter what I tried. Eventually I gave up and copy/pasted everything to a new file and it exported normally no problem. I think just very occasionally something in an individual file gets corrupted somehow and manifests itself in strange ways.
  2. Hello all, No it’s not a Mac specific bug. I can export from Nicolas’s file without any artefacts. I changed nothing in his file, and tried exporting from Photo Persona and Export Persona in different formats and different jpeg quality resolutions. All without a problem. Is this artefacting only happening in this one file?
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    Hello Etdronehome, Publisher is letting you know that it thinks you have misspelled those words! You can change if /when it should do this by going to Text > Spelling, in the Menu Bar.
  4. A curiosity indeed! I just tried your document and found this only happens with the Artistic Text tool. And only in this document. It works fine in any other document I make. Even set to ‘No Style’ the Artistic Text should still be visible. Something is preventing the Artistic Text tool from working properly here. Try starting a new document, dose it persist?
  5. Hello Dave, There is currently a beta Photo available, which says it should be considered as a stability update to the MAS version. Maybe give it a try if you are on a Mac. More details here:
  6. Well, if was me I would just reach for the vector Pen Tool and trace over it. And then tweak and refine to test with the Node Tool.
  7. On a Mac, Go to one of your RAW files in Finder. Right Click on it, choose 'Get Info…' In the Info panel that opens, go down to 'Open With' and change it to 'Affinity Photo'. Bellow the 'Open With' field there is a button marked 'Change All...' Click that and your Mac will now associate that file type with Affinity Photo.
  8. Ah I see. No I to have not found brush parameters that can be directly assigned to the Pen buttons. What I have done on my pen is to set the forward button as Ctrl+Opt. Like this if I hold down the forward button while dragging Left/Right or Up/Down on the tablet I can control brush Size and Softness.
  9. To set up the Wacom for Affinity Photo you will need to add Affinity Photo to the Tablets preferences. With the tablet connected to your computer, open System Preferences. At the bottom of the window you will see your Wacom tablet icon, click on that to access the preferences. There is a preloaded default called ‘All Other Apps’ this is used by the tablet for all no specified apps. To add specific apps, in the row ’Tool:’ choose ‘Functions’ for setting up the tablet & on-screen controls or Pen for setting up the pen. Next click the ‘+’ button at the right end of the row ‘Application:’ to choose a specific app like APhoto to add. After that the exact functions that you wish to bind to which tablet, pen or on-screen controls is entirely up to you.
  10. I think what Callum needs to know is from which site are you trying to obtain the update, the Mac App Store or the Affinity Store? As the app can only be updated from the store it was originally purchased through, any potential solutions to your problem will depend on first knowing this information.
  11. I would also add that the sample files are only held in temporary storage on Macs. On restarting your Mac the example files are wiped from the system.
  12. Hello VIPStephan, “Move Inside” is the name of the other command that is currently using the shortcut you just entered. If you want to free-up that specific key command for another use, you will still have to hunt down “Move Inside” manually to change it but at least you now know it’s name!
  13. markw


    At the start of a given Project/Exercise you will find a web address starting with; https:// This is the link you need to use to get the relevant project resources. As you progress through a project you will sometimes see a green panel saying for example; Resource: some_photo.afphoto This is telling you which particular resource you need from the downloaded Project/Exercise file.
  14. Hello Mike, Here’s another possibility if you don’t want to remove or obscure all the text, just selected parts. You could use noise filters clipped inside some vector shapes. The shapes can be positioned quite precisely and stop any unwanted spill of the noise into the surrounding text. Vector shapes could also be used on their own without the Noise Filter to completely remove the text. In the attached they have a slight gradient with colour noise to match the surrounding stone. File attached for you to have a play with. Obscured Text.afphoto
  15. I too would wish this! Not everyone has reliable 24/7 internet access even in 2019! The old tutorials on Vimeo always had a ‘Download’ button just below the video. As the new videos are also hosted on Vimeo, please could that download button be reinstated? Please!