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  1. +1 Linked file will be a very nice feature to have in Affinity Photo. It would also to have way smaller "grading" files for photos, like when you retouch photo with software like RawTherapee. It doesn't create a new file with all the pixels from the original photo, it is just linked to the original one, and it create a very small files (few Ko) for the color grading. Very very efficient, and allows to save a lot of hard disk space ! Thx for considering it.
  2. @Patrick ConnorJust like John, I also find scenarios where scripting is needed. For eg, IN GUI BUilding, you may sometimes have to export X and Y position of all top left layer position. It is so much easy to do via a script than via copy pasting when you have 100 layers... The key to a good API are: Standard language. Python, Lua, Javascript.... So that users can use their own knowledge or learn syntax from a lot of resources. Extensive documentation Ways to debug (console) Lots of privilege (being able to write file, parse file etc) Thanks for taking this request into consideration !
  3. I defintily agree. Having an API will allow third parties to develop new features and extend Affinity's power. Simple scripts can go a long way: for eg, layers name processing can be a game changer in a workflow (for eg, a script to camel case all layers name in a 100+ layers project... it would be terrible to do that by hand). Also, some extensions with UI could be written to extend features. I assume you are familiar with softwares which provides such level of extendability. Thanks for listening !
  4. X-Raym

    Live Paint Groups in AD

    Indeed, some kind of Fill Empty Space tool (or Live paint Bucket) this would be nice for coloring comics strips as quickly as in Illustrator ! Meanwhile, we can use Divide shapes and changing colors of resulting shapes. But contour will not be small lines but a flat shape https://i.imgur.com/6ohNMg6.gifv (there is also other difference with Illustrator Live Paint, like the ability to have gaps)
  5. @Chris BOh I just checked, my Windows 10 x64 Affinity Designer version (download yesterday) is v1.5.3.69. On Apple Store, it is v 1.5.5 https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/affinity-designer/id824171161?mt=12 Maybe it is corrected for Mac but not for Windows ? As far as I understood, I should have a popup window at program start up when an update will be available.
  6. @ChrisB Oh ok! Thanks for your assistance, and nice to see it can/will fixed Definitely a must-have feature for comics-strips line art. (related issue for reference : Dividing overlapping shapes create non consecutive shapes - Questions - Affinity | Forum) Cheers !
  7. Oh ok, I didn't found it when I searched, I guess the problem has been reported with other keywords Thanks for the trick ! Indeed having a 0.1 border seems to visually work. You are right, it is the same in Illustrator, less visible but there. But with Illustrator, you can merge the shapes back without creating extra points. https://i.imgur.com/i34M1CK.gifv, as explained in the Merge two juxtaposing shapes after a divisions create a lots of inside points - Questions - Affinity | Forum thread. (EDIT: just saw in the other thread that the merging bug will be fixed in next release. Nice!)
  8. Hi, When I divide two overlapping shapes, there is a thin blank line between the resulting shapes, showing they are not consecutive. There is a thin blank space between the shapes, and it is visible at export. https://i.imgur.com/wQhEXZK.gifv How to handle this problem ? Thanks for your support ! Related thread (but different): Merge two juxtaposing shapes after a divisions create a lots of inside points - Questions - Affinity | Forum
  9. Hi, If you divide two overlapping shapes, you get three juxtaposing shapes (two shapes, and one other for the previous intersection). When you merge these back into one shapes in Adobe Illustrator, the merging is clean. But on Affinity designer, it creates a lot of points inside. https://i.imgur.com/e1hq0oB.gifv Is their a workaround for this ? Deleting this inside points manually take quite some time. Of course, the problem is even greater if you merge more shapes. Should I open a Feature Request ? Thanks for your help ! Note : I'm testing trial of Affinity Designer, (Win 10 x64), I'm pretty new to it.

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