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  1. Hi everyone ! So far I used Affinity Designer just on small individual taks or illustration, but I recently had to use it extensively to make an educational video with a friend of mine. This requires to do around 50 different illustrations, mostly custom creations with few assets from Freepik here and there. I had to learn both flat design characters drawing and Affitnity Designer Photo. As a global feedback for Affinity Designer, I want to say that it was a very pleasing software to use (nice UI, no lags, no crash), and I'm glad it has this very nice business model. The video is in French, but here the result : During the elaboration of this work, I find several limitations we could have make it easier. I opended and bumped various other forum threads, but here is a reacap of things I would really love to have for the next series of illustration I would have to make : This one is a must have for me. Almost all my illustrations have some kind of symetry involved. This will really help This will really help making some variations for a duplicated objets. Would be very nice ! This would help making some automation. This would be the Graal and ultimately could solve other issue, like layer name processing etc. It would be very appreciated ! If I had to choose only one, the first I mentioned would be really helpful. Please bump the thread if you agree, hoping it will interest Affinity Designer devs Thx for your attention, Cheers !
  2. ALso neede dthere : a way to free transform corners of a group layer in affinnity designer. Thanks !
  3. @R C-R so there is batch tools/macros in Affinity Photo that can't be found in Affinity Designer... Is there such things in Affinity Publisher as well ? (batch processing tools missing from the other softwares ?)
  4. +1 for random( x, y) support ! I though the noise() function was supposed to do that but it doesn't seem to work in transform panel. In transform panel, it should have a different results for each selected objects if Transform Independently is selected.
  5. It could definitely be on Affinity Designer as well.... +1 for this !
  6. I can see there is a "noise" function in field equations... noise(seed / x, y) Generate 1D noise either from a seed or based on X/Y input. Couldn't that be used to add randomness (it is equivalent to a random() function ?) ? It doesnt seem to work in transform field though. Such integration wouldn't require any GUI changes so it might be quicker to implement. EDIT: I see this has been explicitly requested in this thread :
  7. +1 For full Screen preview ! It would help positioning and scaling for screen devices.
  8. +1 !! This is highly desirable when you have tons of layers ! Similar feature is found on Illutstrator.
  9. Look a real time demo of this feature in Blender (note, because it is a 3D software, it use Gizmos handles instead of regular scale/transform tool, but you see how a simple checkbox can do the trick):
  10. For those who are curious about what this does, here is a before after: Before After It should be on by default IMHO (if it is not already) to avoid surprise and searching. Users can still tweak performance on their own if they have problems. Glad to have found a solution, anyway
  11. +1 for this request! I was looking for a keyboard shortcut for "Transform each items separately" and I didn't find one.
  12. @R C-R the "Lots of privilege" stuffs basically means access to file systems function, for eg having a script to import all files in a directory into the composition, name and color layers based on CSV file, or to export certain layers etc. It would be nice but it is not as crucial as standards layers properties (name, size, color...) for which we could do a lot of nice things without extra privileges. Thanks for pointing the @TonyB answers, it is a while ago but it gives hope !
  13. @dominik Hi, thanks for the suggestion ! This makes me think that the best way to integrate this feature would be indeed to have it has a Transform Tool toolbar button mode switch. This way it will work with mouse, but also with values entered right in the Transform panel.
  14. Yep, we drift quite a bit. I also have posted about API feature requests back in 2018 already
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