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  1. Second video is out, still made with Affinity Designer ! My FR are the same, though I found other issue while working: The need for Live Filter in Affinity designer (mostly, pesperctive) The need for free transform tool Ways to resccale text or layer to 1:1 Would be nice to have updates on this ! Best,
  2. @Joachim_L It shouldnt be an issue, only few octets per layer max.
  3. Thanks for the vid. Indeed it requires position and aligments manually. But If you have also to redo font and all paragraph settings of a multi lines pragraph with different formats, custom spacement etc, it will be tedious. It will only be usable on simple cases.
  4. A workarround could be to resize with Live filters but the only one which allows that is perspective. Not as simple cause points are modified one by one but... at least origibal font size is preserved. Simpler: make a copy of the Text layer as backup.
  5. @R C-ROh my mistake ! I didnt realize they were serif right from the start. At the time afifnity came out, serif had other software like DrawPLus etc and win only, contrary to AD which was MacOS only, But I just checked and you are 100% right ^^ I edit my post.
  6. @haakooIf you are speaking about this This reset text font etc... It doesnt actually rescale my font layer.
  7. @haakooI don't see this men entry, can you make a screenshot ? How to Rever default ? Not that I'm speaking about text with multiple font size in it.
  8. @Joachim_L Oops sorry? I was answering to the wrong thread ^^ Double clicking on middle works do resets Proportions, but not original scale indeed. Seems like "original scale" data is lost in the transform process.
  9. @Joachim_LI was trying to scale my text layer by a fix percentage on the transform panel, mouse scaling doesnt show any % tooltips and would be less precize.
  10. @MEBThis works but it means we can't adjust Text Frame by a Percentage in Transform panel.
  11. I was looking for this feature too. Scale and Proportion layer reset Anyone has a workarround ?
  12. @Dazmondo77I understand the frustration, though I won't blame Affinity, They have been bought by serif, which surely need to lots of reorganization for the people there, (and the whole thing without changing business model) And they do provides regular updates with bug fixes. The software isn't abandoned at all. The most notable feature the brought since 2014 is Windows Support which came late in dev and which was certainly very hard to do. And they were in fact preparing Publisher. I think they needs support, to keep the passion up, and clear feature requests without having to hav
  13. @snuffleberries Definitely. The strong point about filter is that it can be turned on/off and be applied to all layers below, even if you add new one after the filter creation. It can also be copied from one doc to another. But for sure more transformation tools in general will be nice.
  14. @R C-R yes definitely, at least we have a day, There is other feature non implemented in any app that I will enjoy a lot and will for sure bump the related thread at some point (randomization for eg.. :p) @Dazmondo77 Interesting wrap technique for sure... Now I want it too ! ^^
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