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  1. Intel i5 6600K (not overclocked) Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070 16GB RAM M.2 SSD 144Hz 1440p Asus monitor Windows 10 I'm seeing slight improvements in Photo. Tweaking adjustment layers and live filters like Hue or Vignette still a little laggy, but feels a bit better than before. Designer still performs poorly when dragging objects around. Very choppy. Tools themselves seem better. Drawing objects and adjusting colors or gradients is snappy. GPU usage only jumps up by 5-10% when manipulating objects, but it will gobble up as much CPU as possible until it hits 100%.
  2. Trying out the beta with hardware accel turned on. Seems performance of the tools themselves is better. Drawing shapes, changing colors and gradients, etc is very smooth, but grabbing and moving objects around is still incredibly choppy, especially the artboard. My GPU utilization only jumps by 5-10% when moving stuff around, but it will eat as much CPU as possible until it hits 100%. Able to hog about 50-60% CPU while I have my browser open playing a video. Hardware accel doesn't seem like it's taking much advantage of the GPU at all. Bummer. Guess I just have to hope the next rig I build with a beefy ryzen cpu can run these apps better.
  3. Say whaaa? That's awesome I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. It's not file-specific. This happens even on new documents. From what I understand the windows versions don't use hardware acceleration at all. I assume my CPU just isn't beefy enough. I hope they eventually add GPU support for windows. It would be a game-changer.
  5. Yes. It's an annoyance that could be easily fixed. It's a user experience improvement. Do you just go look for feature requests that you deem unnecessary by the way you use the app just to argue with people who support it? Everyone's workflow is different, and for a lot of people this feature would improve that workflow. Why are you even in here?
  6. Sometimes I lay down some text with artistic text because I don't like to have to stretch a box first. I just lay it down to see how it looks as one line. Then if I decide it's too long and I would like to wrap it, I would really REALLY like the ability to covert to text frame so I can start adjusting the wrap. Seems like that case wouldn't be difficult. +1 for this feature.
  7. This happens on my second gen ipad pro. Tapping on the edit menu to close it goes into fullscreen mode. I can close it by tapping outside of the menu, but that actually makes a mark with whatever brush im using.
  8. I'm able to fix mine by selecting the start point and converting it to a sharp point, but yeah this is super annoying and I hope it gets fixed soon.
  9. I just want to add to this thread that performance for me on Windows in both Designer and Photo has been unbelievably abysmal. The attached video shows what it looks like just panning the view around on a very small file with not a lot of elements. The amount of lag and stutter is insane. Any change I make with an adjustment layer in Photo lags for over a second sometimes. WHEN WILL THIS BE IMPROVED???? I've messed with all the performance and snapping settings with no change. My specs: Intel i5 6600K Gigabyte G1 GTX 1070 8GB 16GB Ram Running on an M.2 SSD hooked up to a 60Hz 1080p monitor and a 144Hz 1440p monitor I get better performance on my 2017 Macbook Pro! This is the only thing keeping me from loving this software and recommending it to people. Please do something. Affinity_Designer_2020-04-17_14-33-41.mp4
  10. The pathfinder is completely broken for me in Windows. Here's what happens when I use 'add' on a simple oval and trapezoid. Kind of an important tool to have fail this badly. Please fix.
  11. On a new document, I chose the artistic type tool, clicked on the artboard so the cursor was flashing ready for text, I then opened the font-selection dropdown and started typing ‘mon’ to search for a font. Tried again on relaunch and was not able to reproduce. 2017 Macbook pro 16 GB Ram radeon pro 560 2GB 2.9 GHz i7
  12. I have this same issue on Windows 10. i5 6600k, GTX 1070, 16GB ram, SSD. Dual monitor setup (one 60Hz 1080p, one 144Hz 1440p). Nothing I do to change performance settings changes anything. Has continued to happen through many graphics driver updates.
  13. Though why can't I add a second stroke via the appearance panel to multiple objects at once?
  14. I'm running into an issue in Designer on Mac where I set the fill I want a shape to be when I draw it, but when I do it decides to fill with one of my previously used fills. I don't understand this behavior. Is this a bug? See attached video. affinity_fill.mov
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