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  1. After opening a previously saved document and working on it for a while, the next time I go to save it thinks the file has read-only permissions and doesn't allow me to save. I have to save as a new file name. I'm always excited when new (scarce) updates drop because I think it's going to smooth out all the problems, but some aspects always seem to get worse, and the new features are underwhelming. I've been trying to use Affinity for about 4 years now and I've finally just had it with all the bugs and performance issues and lacking features. I think I'm ready to go back to evil adobe. What a bummer.
  2. @walt.farrell The size of the top stroke covers the lower one. It's the same color as the background. See on the "ar"? the light stroke is above the dark, so when it grows bigger it will cover up the dark stroke.
  3. Also after manually setting the same stroke weights on the 'b', I used "add" to merge the curves together and it randomly set the light stroke to 0.3pt. Also, why can't I add a second stroke when I have multiple items selected?? Why is it still like this? I wouldn't have to copy/paste style if I could just apply a second stroke to multiple curves at once! Multiple strokes has always been such a buggy mess. Please fix.
  4. I'm trying to copy and paste a multi-stroke style from one curve to another and instead of pasting a 10.5pt and 28.6pt stroke to the new curve, it adds a 448.3pt and 28.6pt stroke to it. Windows 11 AD 2.1.0 AMD Ryzen 3900XT Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
  5. @Dan C Using the beta is not a viable solution for those of us who use this for professional work, because as stated on the beta page: I really hope y'all take some serious consideration in changing your development pipeline to allow critical bug fixes to get released in their own updates. This list of bug fixes for 2.1 is INSANELY long. There's no reason all these fixes should be blocked by a big feature update. We've been dealing with crashes every 2-15 minutes for MONTHS now. It's just so utterly disappointing. Please, I beg of you all as a fan of this suite, do better.
  6. It's annoying that we have to wait on hotfixes for critical bugs because you guys want to bundle them in with feature updates. Just push out bug fixes on their own. Designer has been almost unusable for me since the last update.
  7. These garbage apps crash every 1-10 minutes. When it happens to stay alive longer than 10 minutes, switching tools lags for like 2 seconds. Windows performance is embarrassingly bad on powerful systems. How has this not been addressed yet?
  8. STILL having this issue in Designer 2. Guess I'll give up hope this will ever be addressed. EDIT: It only removed the vector brush when I reset pressure. Can we get this fixed please? If I select 'solid' line style it should remove the vector brush regardless of what the pressure is set to. EDIT 2: Welp, the second I try to reapply stroke pressure it reverts to the vector brush again. Ridiculous.
  9. After the most recent update, Designer seems to freeze and crash for me around every 10-15 minutes, always when trying to zoom. I'm about ready to start paying the Adobe tax again. This software has just always been terrible on Windows. 😭
  10. These performance issues are not new to V2 for me. All my Affinity apps for Windows have always had awful performance, from Windows 10 to 11 across multiple PC specs. I'm currently running a Ryzen 9 3900XT 12-Core CPU and a RTX 3070 Ti GPU with 32GB ram on a M.2 gen4 SSD and these apps are all extremely laggy. There's a short delay when selecting/deselecting everything. Just awful to use. I am so sick of Windows optimization seemingly never being improved for the multiple years I've been using this software. Utterly disappointing. It runs better on my comparatively weak 2017 Macbook Pro. I've been such a cheerleader for these apps to other designers but I'm really losing faith that they will ever get these to actually run well for Windows. Very frustrating that they aren't putting more resources into this.
  11. AD version: OS: Windows 11 Home, version 10.0.22000 Build 22000 When I have the color chooser window open, if I select an object and change its fill, and then select another object, everything in the window updates except the hue slider. It updates if go from object to object without changing the color, but if I change the color of one object, everything I select after that doesn't update the hue slider. See attached image where hue slider is in yellow are when it should be around pink/purple.
  12. AD version: OS: Windows 11 Home, version 10.0.22000 Build 22000 I've noticed that when selecting this object, even though it has a 40.6 pt stroke, the slider ball stays all the way to the left at 0.
  13. @Hellodesigners Two years later and the performance is still pretty bad for me on windows. I've even upgraded my pc to a 12-core Ryzen CPU and still using my GTX 1070 graphics card. Still disappointed with performance with or without hardware accel.
  14. Running into the same issue. Saving a document and it doesn't show up in my iCloud folder in Windows 10. Also tried exporting as SVG and still nothing. Tried to force a sync by changing a filename in Windows, but the files still didn't show up. EDIT: After exporting to SVG and emailing it to myself and then saving it to my iCloud Drive subfolder I was trying to save to in the first place, it finally synced and showed the afdesign file
  15. Even after the big 1.10 "performance" update, Affinity Designer and Photo still run like trash on my 12-core ryzen 3900xt and GTX 1070 GPU. Even on a simple document with relatively few layers, sliding adjustment layer parameters is extremely sluggish. Moving shapes around is jittery. I've seen no noticeable improvement at all. My 2017 Macbook runs the apps better than this. It feels like all development focus is put on the MacOS versions and Windows users are left to suffer with sub-par performance. Very disappointing to think I'll finally get a "huge boost in performance" and have it behave exactly the same.
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