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    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.4

    You guys are well-oiled machine. Every time I forget about updates, one turns up – usually an excellent, meaty one, like this. I hope you're proud of your team! There aren't many devs so creative and productive. I'm really excited to see what you come up with as Designer for iPad! cheers, - pbass
  2. Yes, some kind of icon on the Layers palette would be great. Only a minority of graphics people keep a keyboard connected to their iPad – otherwise most of us would just use a laptop.
  3. Maybe you could include the idea of an 'S' (for 'Solo') button in the Layers panel – or perhaps 'I' (for isolate), would be more appropriate. Thanks, - pbass
  4. I appreciate it! Saves me the trouble. cheers, - pbass
  5. Thanks MEB. Boy, that is a feature I use constantly, on desktop. :^/ It's the quickest way to compare your work to your original; and lets you compare the current histogram to the original. I would really like layer isolation to be available on iPad, even when no keyboard is attached. Audio mixing desks/boards (which let you blend tracks or channels – like layers) have an isolation feature called Solo – there's usually a button labeled with an 'S', on each channel strip. That'd be massively helpful for Layers. Cheers, - pbass
  6. Hi, In Photo for iPad, what is the equivalent of Option-Clicking a layer, to (in audio terms) 'Mute' all the other layers temporarily? I.e., to visually isolate a layer's display. Thanks in advance, - pbass
  7. Ok, a lightbulb just went on! I had thought that Pencil tool could start off with a 'Texture Line' Style (i.e., a vector brush); but I realize now that when you select that kind of Stroke, it automatically goes back to pure vector line ('Solid Line' Style). I hadn't noticed that before. You can change a Pencil line's Stroke to 'Texture Line', after the fact; but not while drawing. Got it. The developers' choice of a double-sphere colour-picker for the vector Brush tool confused me – with no fill available, it can only have a stroke, right? (Even if the stroke is derived from bit-map image.)
  8. I see I made typos in my OP, and referred to the Pen tool when I meant Pencil tool – now corrected. I was pointing out the differences between the Pencil tool (not the Pen tool) and the Brush tool – both of which can draw vectors with 'Texture Line Style'. {<—My misapprehension, see next post.} (Although the Pencil can have a fill, I'm talking about both tool's Stroke.) Wondering specifically about the reason for the Pencil & Brush's different Colour-pickers.
  9. {I mistakenly said Pen tool a couple of times (corrected); I meant to only compare Pencil & Brush in Draw Persona.} In Draw Persona, both the Brush tool and the Pencil tool {<—wrong! see below} can be used to draw with vector brushes (StrokePalette>Style>'Texture Line'). The obvious differences between Brush & Pencil (that I can see) are: - The last drawn Pencil tool line is automatically selected – not so for Brush tool. (This would be my criteria for picking one over the other.) - A Brush tool line cannot have a fill. - While the Pencil tool's stroke colour can be chosen with the Colour-Pickers 'stroke' ring, when you use the Brush, the Colour-Picker switches to two 'fill' circles. ¿ What is the thinking behind this? Why does the vector Brush's Colour Picker have two circles? thanks, - pbass
  10. [Designer] Hi, Is there another way to convert nodes, other than going to the Pen or Node Tool's Contextual (horizontal) Toolbar, and pressing buttons? Like, shortcuts for: Convert to Sharp or Smooth node? Or Reverse Curve? I already have keyboard shortcuts for Close and Break Curve – whose toolbar buttons are right beside the Convert ones. But those are the only Pen or Node Tool shortcuts I could find in the Prefs. Two related things I would love: - A way to 'pull' Control Handles out of a sharp node (or pop them back in to make a sharp point), via some modifier key(s) with the node tool. (Like: after-the-fact editing of a path, not while drawing it.) and - When you're manipulating one of a node's Control Handles, for a certain modifier key(s) to cause its opposing handle do the exact same thing – i.e., stay in perfect symmetry/mirror image. Including, on a non-smooth node, the control handle angle. That would be _so_ handy! (It's available with 3rd party Illustrator plugins) Thanks for your attention! - pbass
  11. pbass

    A Spring Day Illustration AD

    Anyone see the animated movie 'Coraline' (2009)? In a sinister parallel world, the heroine's family all have black buttons for eyes. Über creepy; and symbolic of surface personality that doesn't match what's going on inside the person! Well I'm wary of what's going on inside those flowers. ~:^{
  12. Hi, [This is a repost of what I posted last week – somehow it missed the attention of Serif/Affinity folks. Thanks for reading! https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37639-node-control-handles-%E2%80%93-distinguishability-in-designer/?p=187464] Request for better visual contrast between Smooth Nodes and their Control Handles. Blue Circles, all! Because the Control Handles are only distinguishable by being a bit smaller, when you've selected a bunch of nodes, it can be a real visual challenge to sort them out. It's not a big deal if you're mostly drawing straight lines. But when you draw complex, organic shapes (like sketching in vectors with a stylus), you get long lines full of nodes, and when you select them, it looks like a string of blue Christmas lights! Click attached JPG, 2 views of the same path: Top is with nodes unselected, Bottom is selected.) The Control Handles make it look like 3 times as many nodes. Personally I'd prefer if Control Handles were either - a different colour than nodes, or - a different shape, or - both. (Or customizable in Prefs!) Thanks, - pbass
  13. Wow, that's pretty impressive. :^) Hopefully if there's an option to turn that on, there'll also be options for its strength, & for general accuracy of tracking. Around when is v1.6 due, btw?? Thanks, - pbass
  14. Hi, When I freehand sketch ('Draw Persona'), Designer makes certain choices when interpreting my Vector Brush-ed or Pencil-ed lines into vectors. ¿¿ Is there a preference or settings dialog to control how accurate the resulting sketched path is?? Like: many nodes for 'Accurate', fewer nodes for 'Simplified, etc.? thanks, - pbass