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  1. I was certainly aware of the shortage of cards right now, but I had not connected it to another Bitcoin craze. Disgusting. Yes, I'm actually quite deterred currently by the scalper pricing, but was hoping to be able to wait it out. I appreciate your recommendations above. I'll expand my search. (I really hope manufacturers start blocking their cards' ability to perform crypto mining soon; I'm sure they'd figure it out in the face of a government mandate.)
  2. Thanks for the the suggestion; I've updated my signature. And, thank you for checking that with your sister. (If she happens to know, I'd also be quite interested in her systems specs around RAM, CPU, and motherboard.) Looking now at the post you linked. 👀 I'd missed that earlier. Thanks!
  3. I recently purchased an AMD Radeon Pro w5500. This is from AMD's "workstation" line of cards (the blue ones). In theory, these GPUs are tweaked in such a way that they should be optimized for "workstation"-esque activities, whatever those are—rendering video, maybe? At any rate, I'm not a gamer, and I wanted to go with AMD, so I figured the Radeon Pro was the direction to go in. Fast forward a few months... For whatever reason(s), the GPU routinely crashes. Like, a lot. I've had to turn off gpu acceleration in Affinity settings. I'm about to ship the card back to AMD for a replacement, but I'm not convinced that will solve my problems. So, I wondering if any forum users might have a recommendation for a card that works particularly well with Affinity programs. I'm a bit scared of AMD now and am considering some variant of the RTX 3080. But I'm open to whatever is best. As an aside, any other Radeon Pro (on Windows) users here? Have you had similar issues? Thanks! Chris
  4. Thanks, @gabriel_komorov! This is fan-freakin'-tastic. 💝
  5. Fantastic! Just what I needed. Thank you, Aammppaa. Related question: is there anyway to change the trigger above? I'm having a heck of a time mastering that trick without invoking the context menu (on right click).
  6. Same question as OP. I'd love a way to click-convert to smooth or smart node points.
  7. Thanks, Aammppaa! I definitely didn't search before posting. Good reminder. Glad there's a workaround and fix in the next release. 👍
  8. Trying to do a simple subtraction of one shape from another. The result is seriously botched (see attached video). Anyone know why this might be happening? Ways to avoid it from happening? I had been using the Corner tool, but had since converted all nodes back to sharp in both shapes prior to performing this boolean operation. This is definitely impeding my workflow. Designer-substract-weirdness.mp4
  9. Robert, thank you! I've been using that utility since Windows 8. I never knew Windows 10 came with that functionality baked in. That's awesome!
  10. Did you do the texturing inside Designer? If so, how?
  11. I may be the only person in the world who cares about this. Ha. I found another light utility that allows for scrolling inactive windows. It breaks regular (non-Ctrl) scroll in Designer, but ctrl+mouse wheel still zooms. I can live with that on both fronts. Again, thanks.
  12. I did—this guy. Stopping the process restores normal mouse wheel functionality to Designer. I sure do like that little utility, but it's nice to know what the issue is. Thanks for your help, Mark.
  13. Hi, Mark. My mousewheel appears to work exactly as expected in all other programs. It's just Designer where I've noticed an issue. Thanks!
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