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  1. Thanks, @gabriel_komorov! This is fan-freakin'-tastic. 💝
  2. Fantastic! Just what I needed. Thank you, Aammppaa. Related question: is there anyway to change the trigger above? I'm having a heck of a time mastering that trick without invoking the context menu (on right click).
  3. Same question as OP. I'd love a way to click-convert to smooth or smart node points.
  4. Thanks, Aammppaa! I definitely didn't search before posting. Good reminder. Glad there's a workaround and fix in the next release. 👍
  5. Trying to do a simple subtraction of one shape from another. The result is seriously botched (see attached video). Anyone know why this might be happening? Ways to avoid it from happening? I had been using the Corner tool, but had since converted all nodes back to sharp in both shapes prior to performing this boolean operation. This is definitely impeding my workflow. Designer-substract-weirdness.mp4
  6. Did you do the texturing inside Designer? If so, how?
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