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  1. See attached reports from cpu-z and gpu-z DESKTOP-MO84CMU.txt
  2. OK, I've tested few things and it appears that hardware acceleration is responsible for most of my problems. When disabled it makes tremendous change to performance and stability. I've integrated graphics Intel® UHD Graphics Family @ 1920x1080, latest drivers, Windows 10 Pro 20H2
  3. They are very general - can't pinpoint anything specific. Just imagine using software in pre-alpha state, and you should have pretty good idea of my issues.
  4. Another bug ridden installation checking in. 1.85 was perfect, but 1.9 ist total hot trash can full of garbage. I must save - literaly - after every cursor move because crashes are random and frequent. Performance is abysmall - even switching between tools can cause few seconds of hang (or crash). Was very excited for 1.9 - recommended it left and right, then update drops and... it's total disaster. Probabbly all people I talked into trying Photo are now installing Photoshop. Maybe I sound harsh, but my whole proffesional environment is based on Affinity, and now I'm left with nothing - in current state I can work more efficiently in Paint.
  5. Yes I get it, but the line is drawn in questionable place. No one expects painting tools in Designer, but if we already have shape tools in Photo, so why not give full control on effects they produce, like stroke? It's just common sense. Spliting features just for sake of difference isn't best idea IMO. It works in layers panel, you can delete by dragging on recycle bin icon
  6. Genereally idea of appearance is interesting, but in current state flawed by some issues: - When Designer file is imported to Photo, there's no way to change fill or stroke of shape with few appearances set. Why? Because there's no Appearance panel in Photo. BTW disparity between obvious features are baffling to me in Affinity. Why Photo misses Stroke Panel? Or why Designer doesn't have proper document preview implementation as Publisher? Etc. It's all doable in all apps anyway, only is long and unconvinient. - When Appearance item is clicked, then pressing DELETE key deletes... object. Seriously? - Appearance item can be dragged on recycle bin icon, but dropping it there doesn't delete it.
  7. When Include printer marks > Include page information is checked instead of just filename and page number, spread / artboard name should be added also.
  8. That's it! Thank you! This will be helpful too. Windows 10. Given above answers I'm curious what this option is supposed to do
  9. View rotation is neat feature when working with some foldable designs, but it's implementation needs few tweaks. First - rotation is reseted to default when switching back from another document. Second - rotated view shouldn't change objects behavior. What I mean - rotate view by 180° and try to add text - it also defaults to rotated! Same goes for all dimensions in transorfm panel, arrange and align etc. It's very confusing. Just rotate view and leave rest as it works at 0°
  10. Some files I work with contains groups of 100s of objects, what would be convenient - while clicking object on artwork layers list should jump to it. Because finding selected object on loooong list takes to much time!
  11. As title says - when object is selected, then it's boundaries are highlighted with blue outline. But sometimes, especially when working with small objects or fine outlines it's impossible to see what's going on. Is there a way to disable it, so selected object is indicated only by handles? If not can you make it a feature request?
  12. It's easier to operate on small values, also there will be no need to do math (yay) So let say I want to rotate object clockwise by 67 degrees. That's easy - just enter 67. But when rotating counterclockwise things starts to look more complicated. I must calculate 360-67 to know it's 297... damn 293. See? What about just entering -67, and moving on? (maybe I mixed directions, but general idea still holds up)
  13. In patch / stamp and other similiar tools where source can be set, there's option to rotate it, but what would be also useful is flipping (mirroring). That's all folks. Thank you for attention.
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