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  1. In V1 I could simply toggle grid visibility with shortcut - it worked for all images. But in V2 toggling doesn't work for newly opened files - I must first open grid dialog, select preset and then toggling works. Why this extra step? This is stupid, massively counterproductive, annoying and unintuitive. 99% of times I just want deafult preset to be loaded. Can this be done or is it again Serif being Serif?
  2. I believe I have everything set-up correctly. I'm on Windows though, maybe that's the problem
  3. They don't even show up for me. I've added folder from Topaz, also copied files from there to default Affinity plugins and still nothing. How you manage to get them in Photo?
  4. I'm working on little program that will handle backing up and also syncing workspaces (from standalone apps to Publisher). Will post about it on forums when it's ready
  5. Exactly. Special snowflakes whine because they are treated equal. Only thing that I totally get is if someone bought V1 in past ~three months now can be a bit bummed. I guess Serif to be totally fair, could offer for those customers refund for V1 if they're willing to upgrade. But even without this... it's still about $200 for full suite of semi-pro apps. Show me a better deal.
  6. Sure thing, we should discuss! It wasn't directed at you, just general reaction to recent amounts of bullshit
  7. CorelDraw have (had?) export to ttf, but it was so basic and broken that I don't know anyone who would use it. People are ridiculous in their demnads. We had video editing, 3d software, website builder, font editor. What next? Torrent client, media player?
  8. So... you're complaining about 60% increase in 6+ years time span?
  9. Exactly, why even bother with adding measure if it's nonpersistent. 90% times when you need to measure something is to show the client / contractor what exactly they dealing with. So far it's the biggest dissapointment in 2.0
  10. @Stokestack What you even argue with dude? You have similar tools with slightly different purpose, use right one for your task and be done with it.
  11. No matter where you install C:\ProgramData\Roaming\Affinity will be used to store, well... program data. That is user prefernces, temp files etc.
  12. Honestly it looks like edit of original posted by OP. If he got them staright from iPad in Apple Store I doubt if "original" original floats around the web
  13. First three are essential. If we speak strictly about Affinity Photo you can consider Colour Balance and Selective Colour, also Split Toning may come handy. Vibrance likely won't be useful. Remember that depending of your source photos, there may be some areas which require individual adjustment - that's where masks and brushes will be needed. Genarlly speaking - editing a photo is so much more than applying predefined setting with single click. While basics are easy to grasp, mastering the skill can take months if not years.
  14. Ok, I feel thre's a lot of confusion here. I try to clear things up, and keep it as simple as possible. First of all what you asking for is impossible to answer (what combination of adjustment is needed to make photo look certain way) if we only have "after" photos. Second, there's no magic LUT, adjustment, effect, plugin, whatever, which once applied will give your photos desired feel. That's because each photo needs indivdual treatment - simple as that. Each photo has unique set of values which must be corrected in specified unique way to produce consistent output. And that bring us to third point - your best option is manual editing. Take photo you want to change and play with adjustments - HSL, curves, shadows / contrast. Do it enough times and you'll start to intuitively feel what needs to be done to particular photo for desired effect.
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