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  1. gabriel_komorov

    Affinity Designer 16 Palettes/Swatches flat colors sets

    Don't know about others but Material colors are way off from original - especially blue grey and brown
  2. It's not like you do adjustments blindly though - there's preview how SVG looks at any given moment. So I'm not sure what you trying to say here...
  3. @wigglepixel @Inspirimental https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ Use this for any svg you have problem with. It cleans, simplifies, minifies, prettifies and whatnotifies xml code Never had any problem with importing to AS after running svg throuhg it
  4. After initial selection you can refine it further via "Refine selection" dialog. Also don't expect that any software will take care of everything automatically and do it perfectly. In some cases you still have to do things by hand
  5. For this type of work Photo is better tool
  6. One way of doing this: Duplicate image, make color adjustments on duplicate so discolored area matches original, then use transparency/eraser to blend duplicate with original
  7. For basic shapes ctrl+c in Corel and ctrl+v in Designer works reasonably well
  8. gabriel_komorov

    [Photo] Very slow saving

    ISS Seriously though - to local HDD, what's more - I also have *afdesign file with bitmaps and what not at around 1GB - and it saves in seconds. Loading in both cases have reasonable speed...
  9. gabriel_komorov

    [Photo] Very slow saving

    I currently work with two files - each about 3000 x 4000 px and containing ten layers some with filters, but nothing too fancy. Saved *.afphoto files are 45MB and 150MB, but saving them takes ~1 min. Isn't it too long? Are there any factors which can cause such long times or is it general performance issue with Photo?
  10. Don't know - maybe it's intendent "feature", but it makes no sense so I consider this a bug. Basically - keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons don't respect settings in Align / Distribute panel. I have choosen "to last selected" but using shortcut or button always defaults to "selection bounds". Please fix this, as clicking on panel each time I want align something is very counterproductive .
  11. gabriel_komorov

    3D graphics - is it possible?

    For basic 3D modelling I recommend vectary.com - for quick doodling is perfect, very easy to get grasp of it and with bit of patience you can create pretty advanced designs. And best of all it imoprts svg's which then can be modeled in 3D. Really great tool . But it's online only. Definitely I would pay money for something like this, but as desktop app with few more features (lightning control, some texturing, etc.) So, Affinity, maybe there's something to do here? You guys have done great job with simplyfying advanced drawing/photo software, so why not 3D next?
  12. @buckycore Until tool arrives you can use smart duplicate as workaround. Basically duplicate shape, apply desired transformation to it, and then duplicate again and again...
  13. I've got file with few artboards inside, when I want to export it to pdf via export persona, generated file have one big page containing all my artboards. But when exported by file->export artboards are converted to their respective pages inside pdf. I've tried this with built-in pdf export presets and also with those created by me - result is the same. I guess that one-big-page pdfs can be sometimes desired, so it raises question - is it bug or feature? And if latter, how can I override this in export persona?
  14. Basically what title says - if there's many objects and snapping is enabled for anchors/boundaries then moving any object is very laggy. I get that calculations for all those snap points must be done and that takes power, but some optimization in this area is necessary, as I never experineced such behavior in other vector drawing apps. Also I find snapping dialog and it's options too messy - why not stick just with objects and page/layout? Or at least give us option for easy switch between presets