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    Truck Chair

    Nawet nieźle ;)
  2. In patch / stamp and other similiar tools where source can be set, there's option to rotate it, but what would be also useful is flipping (mirroring). That's all folks. Thank you for attention.
  3. It's easier to operate on small values, also there will be no need to do math (yay) So let say I want to rotate object clockwise by 67 degrees. That's easy - just enter 67. But when rotating counterclockwise things starts to look more complicated. I must calculate 360-67 to know it's 297... damn 293. See? What about just entering -67, and moving on? (maybe I mixed directions, but general idea still holds up)
  4. gabriel_komorov

    Expanding Stroke amazing precision

    Yeah, but this is exactly what such post will be for: - "X has currently lower priority, beacuse we've discovered critcal bug in Y" - "Still working on Z, we want to make Za and Zb ready before final release" I'm sure you have someone who can write exciting words about forgotten boolean or unnecessary if I know from experince that users can turn dev life in to nightmare, but also know that dev can change user's mind with interaction in right place
  5. gabriel_komorov

    Expanding Stroke amazing precision

    Things I mentioned as far simplier, really are... simple. I've written few lines of code in my life, and things like persisiting prefernces/settings are basics of basics, it's literally next thing you learn after "Hello World". Well, maybe he was upset after disocovering such extraordinary feature... Anyway, we can only hope that now, when Publisher is finished, they can focus on delivering what's missing I guess you can call it an attempt at sarcasm, but hey - at least we're talking now Thank you for your post, this is what we (users) miss - more transparent communication. It's far better to keep us updated, than telling that bug is acknowledged, and then go silent. Such assuring is what can turn frustration to patience. @MEB Maybe it's good idea to create pinned post, where once per month we can read about stuff you currently work on? Not any detailed descriptions, but something like @MattP posted. "This month we started to work on feature X. Y is coming nice, we' currently testing it. Dev was assigned to look at Z and he already wrote some code" You know - such heads up, so we know that you really listen and care
  6. gabriel_komorov

    Expanding Stroke amazing precision

    I would say this is critical bug, however is it also more complex? I don't know, but you acknowledged it many, many months ago, and at this point I have theory that it's your petty revenge on users for their critique/demands. Above is also true for a lot of other, far simplier requests - workspace manager, sticky preferences, more intuitive settings screen etc. Petty revenge I say. How reporting a bug is ridiculous or clownish?
  7. gabriel_komorov

    Is it just me?

    I can only imagine horrors of registration you've been through
  8. Due to lack of native solution I present you Spaceman It allows you to backup and restore workspaces of Photo, Designer and Publisher. There's also sync option if you want to have same UI in Publisher personas and standalone applications. Spaceman is command line tool with very straightforward operation, backups are created in folder from where it is started. Feel free to suggest further improvements and give me a shot if you found bug! Edit: There was a problem with compiled .exe so now I'm sharing .bat file instead (and also for peace of mind of @CLC ) Spaceman.bat
  9. gabriel_komorov

    Two things Affinity can learn from Xara

    Also it's same way as in Corel. And of course it's waaay more logical, quick and intuitive than Affinity's approach. Yes, I praise Corel for a lot of things, however it lacks in some areas, so there's your chance Serif There's nothing wrong with being "isnpired" by good and established solutions
  10. No, it has perfect sense. In fact this is exactly how it works in Corel - guides have their own layer, and each one is treated like object, so you can group them, rotate, move, delete etc. separately or in bunch. You can even change their color to make them more visible in certain scenarios. Current implementation of guides managment by Serif is very cumbersome and not intuitive at all.
  11. What title says. Steps to reproduce: place picture stretch it to cover bleeds, switch to Photo, marque selection can't be drawn on bleed. However when moving existing marque it can overlap bleed with no problem.
  12. I experienced regular crashes when editing constarints in Designer and it's personas. Sometimes on first change, sometimes after few clicks in Constraints panel. Standalone programs are not affected as far as I can tell
  13. It's very subiective opinion. I wholeheartly despise Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm sick every time I must do some work with them. They are powerful but also one of most unintuitive and illogical pieces of s... oftware, worse being only Gimp Not to mention bloat. On other hand, Corel up to X6 while lacking in some areas, had quintessential UI and UX. So for me Affinity is middle ground between those two, better than Adobe, and and comparable with Corel (here better, there worse, but overall - comparable) You can build working business with Inkscape and Gimp if you really want.
  14. gabriel_komorov

    Guides Manager

    +1 it's intuitive and logical behavior
  15. gabriel_komorov

    [WINDOWS] Spaceman - Workspace Manager for Affinty

    Hold your horses boy, and take a look at this ugly bat
  16. gabriel_komorov

    [WINDOWS] Spaceman - Workspace Manager for Affinty

    All config files are stored in /AppData/Roaming/Affinity what you do with this knowledge is up to you Damn, you mean you can't run it? I planned to share .bat but whole thing was hacked in a rush, so it's not prettiest piece of code. Besides is better to give useres something that just works, no questions asked. Oh and this way it can have nice icon too
  17. Not official one. But here's short summary: Photo - for all photo, bitmap, raster editing needs (like Photoshop or Corel Photo Paint) Designer - for all things vector (it's middle ground between technical capabilities of Corel Draw and artistic Illustrator) Publisher - for putting all above togheter in publications like books, multi page leaflets, brochures etc. Features overlap due to interchangeability of file formats, so you can edit Designer file in Photo or vice versa, but each program has it's own general purpose
  18. gabriel_komorov

    Studio layout: Save and load

    So here's Spaceman - workspace manager for Affinity I created due to lack of native solution. It can backup and restore workspaces. Also allows syncing between Publisher personas and standalone apps.
  19. gabriel_komorov

    Saving Interface Layouts

    So here's Spaceman - workspace manager for Affinity I created due to lack of native solution. It can backup and restore workspaces. Also allows syncing between Publisher personas and standalone apps.
  20. In Publisher each persona has it's own shortcuts, now when I'm exporting them what is included? All three sets of shortucts or maybe only those for currently configured persona? Same for import - say I've exported shortcuts from Designer. Now I want use them in Publisher's Designer. So I go to Shortcuts > Designer > Import will it work?
  21. Maybe it's time for two monitor setup
  22. Had same weird problem, but there's a workaround - as source set screen instead of window, then canvas will be recorded
  23. gabriel_komorov

    CorelDraw Palette for Affinity Products

    Thanks man! Was going to do the same but it's hard to find time
  24. Yes, I know. This is the same as in Corel It seems that I'm just stupid... Coming from Corel it never came to my mind that sharp node is already "curved". I assumed that it works same way. F***in LOL at me for not checking obvious . Now it makes sense

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