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  1. Hello: Apart of these bugs of the packaging function, the help says you have to delete any image or font you don´t want to include in the package after creating it. When you delete any image from the folder "Images" of the package, the deleted image is still appearing when you open the package. I think this is a bug too. Thanks.
  2. Hello: I think that with the contour tool and boolean operations you can do it. Regards.
  3. Serif said time ago, they don´t want to keep a roadmap visible for customers, because it generates complaints later. Apart, you want a vote system for new features. What about a hybrid system consisting in Serif said some features they were considering to develop in a short time and users could vote which of them are more usefull? Serif was not obligated to hear features they are not prepared to develop, so they wouldn´t receive complaints later; and also users can make a mini roadmap, even helping Serif to see, which features they are thinking, users really don´t need, saving time n
  4. Solved. The solution is to give colour to the strokes of every masks. You have the masks with a white fill, so paint the strokes with white. It shouldn´t be work in this way, because the vector masks didn´t have strokes initially; but now we know masks are affected by both parts: fill and stroke. Gabe, is this gonna be modified in the future? Apart of the solution, the same selection filter is a very good piece of news for the 1.9 update, but for example it doesn´t have an option to select all masks. It would be great to give more power to the filter. Thanks. te
  5. Hello Pauls: If with pinning you mean anchoring (sorry for my english), I only set the image anchored, not with any special settings... Thanks.
  6. Hello Pauls: Here you have. It´s very simple. Bug.afpub I have discover right now, this problem only occurs when the page where we want to put the image doesn´t have any line (although it was blank). If we have created lines in the tarjet page, Publisher does not crash. Thank you.
  7. I have discover right now, this problem only occurs when the last page doesn´t have any line (although it was blank). If we have created lines in the last page, Publisher does it Ok. Thank you.
  8. Hello: This fail remember me to this post, not solved yet: Regards.
  9. Hello: If we have an anchored image to a text frame, and we want to duplicate the image with ctrl+lbm (left bottom of the mouse) and drop it in other page, Publisher crashes. Thank you.
  10. Well, the second use of the Flow Text botton must be countered since the last anchored image in the document...I think...
  11. Hello all: When we have an image anchored to a text frame, and we want to create a new page with a new text frame using the Flow Text boton (the triangle set at the sides of the frame), we can do it once, but if we want to use it twice, the images anchored disappear from the document. Nevertheless, the images are still appearing in the thumbnails of the pages pannel. In the following picture, we have a text frame with an anchored in-line image. Now we use the Flow Text boton: The first use is ok, the image still appears: The s
  12. Hello all: Again with this topic... With the new Contour Tool of the 1.9 update, I have been cheking this new tool and if the possibilities are close to an offset path tool. Well, I am not a professional of graphic design, but I think that 2 options that I´m going to write below can be very usefull as and offset tool with fully customizable strokes. I hope anyone tells me what they think... Option 1 - Appereance panel I insist with the Appereance panel... We have a circle with 3 strokes, and the white one we want to be transparent in the future.
  13. Hello: I think this issue regarding differences between the color chosen in the table panel and the color applied to the table in the document when the document is CMYK is fixed. Nevertheless into the dialog of editing the table format, the color selector keeps allowing select RGB colors although the document is CMYK. Regards.
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