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  1. Hello: What do you mean, to create one, or to import one? Bye
  2. Hello Gabe: That´s options "should be" or "shouldn´t be".... I suppose that shouldn´t be disabled, so should be enabled...right? Thank you.
  3. Hello carl123: You are right, the table format panel displays colours in RGB even with a document in CMYK. So, the colour chooser into the panel is not very useful. Thank you.
  4. Hello walt.farrel: This is the icon of align an item into the paragraph instead of floating. Here you have the screenshot. It´s easy to do, only 2 text boxes and press the icon. You can select the child text box, but you cannot write into it until you use the text tool. This is inconsistent with the way you select a non-child text box. Thanks.
  5. Hello: The stroke colour of the table is different from the thumbnail of the table pannel: Thanks.
  6. Hello: I have checked that when you try to use an inner stroke in tables, it doesn't work: Even, when you try to select that kind of alignment in table pannel, it is not allowed to be selected: Thanks.
  7. Hello: I have the same problem when I follow this steps: 1. Make a text box. 2. Make a second text box and nest it to the first one with . 3. Try to select the second one (the nested) to write. It doesn't select. Thanks.
  8. Hello Sean P: Regarding to the issue of the white line, It also appears in this case: 1. Two layers. 2. Select the layer above. 3. Change blending range in order to make appears the layer below over the layer above. Thank you.
  9. Hello Sean P: Thanks for the answer. Yes, I think it was in CMYK. I don´t really remember it, but I used to use the preset of A4 (ready for printing), and it is configured in CMYK. I have tried in RGB and it works as expected: 100% black brush erase 100% the shape. Thank you.
  10. Hello Schlubub: Thank you for the answer, now I understand something more about the requirements of the offset path tool. With your explanation, a Youtube video and some practice I have seen the difference between what I said and what you ask for. Thanks.
  11. Hello: Only for communicating that I have the same issue with the scroll along the document and it is fixed when Clip to canvas is uncheked. I have observed that the problem happens to me in a particular situation: 1. Select master page. 2. Change master page from single (one page) to faced (two pages) or viceversa. 3. Select document pages and try to scroll. Notice that if I do not follow the step 1 and I keep the selection on document pages and then, with right click on mouse change the settings of master page from single to faced or viceversa, this problem doesn´t occur. As a last comment, it can be solved creating a new document page (instead unchecking clip to canvas option). Thanks.
  12. Hello: I have seen several posts about offset path, but I don´t know what are you exactly meaning. Affinity Designer has a posibility of using outline strokes with 2 different ways: appearance panel and FX panel. Way 1: appearance panel Way 2: FX panel I don´t know what is the problem for using this ways instead asking an offset path tool. Thanks.
  13. Al ser de la web de Affinity Serif, puedes descargar el instalador de la propia página. Entra con tu usuario y contraseña. Un saludo.
  14. Hola: No me queda claro si has comprado la versión de Windows Store o de la web de Affinity... Un saludo.
  15. Hello everyone: It shouldn´t make any different, but I have just tried and it gives the same result. Yes, the accumulation is at 100%. Thanks.
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