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  1. I've tried a few different source files (with Import PSD Smart objects where possible turned on) and had no luck at all - they all appear to open 'messed up', like the example below. Same in public release and beta - is this expected behaviour at this early stage?
  2. .. because I'm thick and didn't realise there was a new beta!! Thank you, I've now updated and its come back again.
  3. Just missing from Designer, its there in the Photo / Pub betas. I'm running Designer Beta1.8.0.2
  4. Is there a reason for dropping the 'Print (Press Ready)' option from the revised 'New' document? Unless I'm missing it?!
  5. FANTASTIC! With IDML import this feels like Publisher 2! Are you guys even sleeping at the moment?! Thank you :)
  6. As reported HERE there appears to be a compatibility issue with the latest Mac OS Catalina release. I thought I'd create a new post to highlight the issue, as it currently stands I can't use Publisher on any Mac running Catalina. Basically, Mac's running Catalina are reporting missing fonts when opening documents - the fonts are in fact not missing at all. There's also some shifting of type happening too. Any info on how extensive the issue is / if its something we need to wait for Apple to fix or Affinity? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  7. ...well so it is! Didn't realise. In that case, this is kind of pressing now.
  8. OK, thanks for confirming that. I may hold out to see if future betas fix the issue. Given Catalina is due to drop pretty soon I hope this is fixed - either by Apple or Affinity, as it simply means we can't use Affinity software on the next Mac OS, which is a pretty big deal!
  9. I have a similar issue and believe it's Catalina at fault (or rather, Publisher working with Catalina). I have a Publisher document on my Mac running Mojave that uses the Lato font family. All good. When I open it on another Mac running a fresh install of Catalina beta, Publisher states that certain weights are not installed (but they are, they're exactly the same fonts from the same source). It looks like some of the text has moved slightly as well - its a very complex 100 page product catalogue with tables and all sorts but they should be identical on both Macs. Anyone else have the same issue please or able to reproduce?
  10. Linking all images in a Publisher document still increases the AP file size. I'm working on a doc with roughly 15 images and the AP file is already over 500 meg in size - does linking work correctly yet? I'm placing / linking Affinity Photo images.
  11. From what I can recall in my InDesign days I just selected 'Europe Prepress CMYK' or something like that. I assumed there would be something similar in AD/AF/AP ?
  12. New to Affinity software and creating my first brochure using a combination of Photo, Designer and Publisher. I'm based in the UK - i've noticed the default CMYK colour profile is set to U.S Web Coated (SWOP) v2. Should all leave all three apps as they are or change them to something like Euroscale Coated V2?
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