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  1. I had no clue that's what 'Absolute Sizes" meant, so many thanks for your post! This was exactly what I was looking for.
  2. As per the title, Designer crashes instantly every time, when selecting 'Export'. And before I get shouted down, I'm only posting this here for the benefit of others and the hope it gets picked up for a fix, I realise Ventura is beta
  3. Thank you so much for the detailed reply! I will have a watch through the video and get my head around creating vector brushes, thank you.
  4. That solution is genius! Very clever thinking, thank you. This will serve my purpose until I get my head around creating vector brushes.
  5. I'm guessing I need to make my own custom brush here, but is there a quick way to create a path that has arrows for its stroke, as below please?: I'll need to use this to create a path that curves around other shapes, so the angle of the arrows follows the curve, if that makes sense!
  6. I'm being daft here, but where on earth is the table panel for adjusting tables in Designer? Since it lets you paste tables from Publisher, I assumed I would have the ability to edit them?
  7. I asked this a long time back during Publishers beta testing phase and there wasn't a clear solution - hoping by now it's a thing - how can I add rounded corners to a Text Frame please?
  8. I can yes, the file is fine and although it's a file that's backed up to iCloud it's stored locally and fully downloaded. It's how all my other documents are held and I don't have any other issues with other Publisher docs. It won't let me re-link any of them, BUT I can create a new picture box and import the image that way, so Publisher has no issues accessing the files. I'm confused!
  9. I have one rogue Affinity Publisher document that for some reason has an issue with Links inside the Resource Manager being listed as 'Access denied'. All other Publisher documents are fine. Using Mac OS Monterey + latest Publisher build. I thought it was something to do with Full Disc Access, but ticking this on makes no difference. Any ideas please?!
  10. I'm struggling to find some decent PSD mockups that work in Affinity Photo. Appears to be hit and miss with Smart Objet support. Does anyone have any links to some resources (happy to pay) that work well with Affinity Photo please? Looking to make some brochure / poster / exhibition stand mockups to show off my work. Thanks!
  11. YOU'RE A STAR! Thank you for the tip, that will save me a load of time. Wish it worked like that when using the Resource Manager but this is a great workaround. Thanks!
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