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  1. ConnectCreative

    Master Pages not applying correctly

    I had no idea you can apply more than one master to one page? How does that work? Which one takes precedence?
  2. ConnectCreative

    Master Pages not applying correctly

    Ok, thanks for letting me know. I kind of assumed that's precisely what Master Pages are for, if they don't amend the size then its not really a Master Page so hopeful this gets added before the release.
  3. I have a document with x2 master pages - one A4, the other 10mm wider at 220mm x 297. When I either create a new page (selecting the relevant master) or drag a Master on to page to change it properties, the size of the page does not change. I assumed if I had a master set at a certain size, dragged it on to a page, the page would use the size of the master applied? Small video to show what I mean: https://www.loom.com/share/25ec5e34b32f42cd87a951d4a46b5525 Assume I'm going about this the wrong way?!
  4. Agree, I think they need a little refinement. What's most frustrating is trying to get the column resize arrow icon to appear, hovering over the line between two columns is very hit and miss and feels awkward.
  5. Many thanks, I'll take a look. I use the table panel to adjust most sizes but its a shame there's no option to 'turn off' the auto table resizing. I can certainly see where it would be useful but in this instance its a bit of a pain.
  6. Many thanks! So is there a way to type sizes in rather than shift+drag then? I ultimately need to type sizes in rather than drag so I can be precise.
  7. Maybe its me not using tables correctly, but when I need to enlarge a particular column within a table, for instance the 'Comments' column below, is there not a way to get the table to simply enlarge its overall width without it trying to retain its width by reducing the size of columns to the right of it? I'd like to manually control the width of columns but Publisher keeps adjusting other columns to compensate and keep the overall table the same size.
  8. ConnectCreative

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta (

    Same problem here. Although more of an issue is when I try to save something, the item 'vanishes' when I go to place it in A Pub, I just get a blank artboard. Sample file attached - try and place this in Publisher. pipe.afdesign
  9. It would be a great feature to be able to apply strokes to individual sides only, unless I'm missing the obvious and its already there! Example on the right is what I was looking to achieve.
  10. ConnectCreative

    Editing text in cells bug

    Many thanks, have done
  11. ConnectCreative

    Editing text in cells bug

    Yes, no problem. Is there a way I can send you the file as a private message?
  12. ConnectCreative

    Editing text in cells bug

    No problem, here you go: https://www.useloom.com/share/fc5044f6691f42159d03242ade3e0b67
  13. ConnectCreative

    Editing text in cells bug

    Hi there. Sorry for my brief explanation. I'm using the latest beta - version on a Mac running 10.14.4. Not sure what you mean regarding 'copied table' but this is a document created in a previous beta that I'm trying to edit. Further investigation - its very dependant on zoom level - I have to be zoomed in quite close before this will work as expected. I it helps I can send a quick vid?
  14. Prior to the latest beta I used to be able to double click a table cell to edit the text within. In the latest beta this is very sporadic, works sometimes but most of the time it ends up either selecting a completely different cell (to the one you're double clicking in) or no cell at all. Normally, 'no cell at all' is the usual scenario.
  15. Thank you! Finally, is there any way to rearrange the rows easily?