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  1. Many thanks for letting me know, will keep an eye on future beta updates
  2. A simple A4 flyer that contains around 20 (albeit hi-res) images was created from new. The file size of the document was around 750 meg, so I changed all links from the default 'embedded' state to 'linked'. Re-saved the document but its still 750 meg - I assumed it would reduce significantly now nothing is embedded?
  3. ConnectCreative

    Can't remove a bullet

    Hi, apologies, afraid I no longer have it since I started again to get around the issue. Second time round it works fine. It probably has something to do with a mix of text styles being used. Starting again with a fresh un-styled text box sorted it.
  4. Brilliant! Many thanks for taking the time to explain this, appreciated.
  5. New to bullets in Publisher and trying to get my head around a couple of points. Since AP won't show the Text Ruler when text is selected within a table cell, I use the Left Indent option within Paragraph pallet to indent the second line of a bullet (the text that gets wrapped around). However, it appears the Left Indent works differently when selected within the Paragraph pallet to when I adjust it using the Text Ruler? As an example, create a bulleted list within a table cell, need to adjust the wrapped around second line indent to be level with the first, I can't use the Text Ruler within a cell so I click Left Indent in the paragraph pallet and it adjusts the left indent for ALL text (as I suspect it would). So how do I achieve this when working with text in a cell? Most likely missing the obvious here....!
  6. Most likely me doing something stupid, but if I delete a bullet from a list, like below, I can't remove the space (backspace will not delete this space and move the cursor up to the previous line, if that makes sense? All I can do is type a new bullet in the space, I can't remove the space? Please let me know what I'm doing wrong?!
  7. ConnectCreative

    "Failed to save" error

    Out of interest are you using Google Drive or a cloud based backup that runs in the background? I've also found that there appears to be no relationship between master page items and the crash too.
  8. ConnectCreative

    "Failed to save" error

    My drive is backed up via Google Backup so sounds correct, although I don't experience this issue with any other Affinity product. Thanks for looking into it!
  9. ConnectCreative

    "Failed to save" error

    This might help too - appears when I try to reopen the document (although if I quit AP and reopen, the doc opens fine):
  10. ConnectCreative

    "Failed to save" error

    FYI - deleted everything off the master pages and the problem is still there. Even copied content into a fresh AP document and the problem gets carried over, even with no association with a master page.
  11. ConnectCreative

    "Failed to save" error

    Ah, brilliant, thanks for the update. Guess I can get around it by removing the offending item off the master page for now then.
  12. As per title, getting a "Failed to save document.." error in latest beta. Pops in randomly after working for a few minutes. Not saving anywhere special, just to my SSD. Using on a MacBook Pro and Mojave.
  13. Not just graphics but also tables - I produce many 'report' style documents over many pages that contain tables. Without the ability to have tables flow within the text I simply couldn't use AP. Which would be a shame because its the mutts nuts
  14. Yes that will help in some instances but generally I'd need it to flow with the text. In a 100 page annual report with lots of tables this would currently be a dealbreaker, I'd have to use InDesign instead (much to my annoyance!).
  15. Ah, ok. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm quite surprised given that this is a pretty basic thing, it kind of hinders my ability to produce any large documents that contain tables, of which I produce many. Here's hoping it gets considered for the first release!