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  1. I'm not sure why it works like that in both instances, it feels unintuitive after using 'other' collect for output options in different software. If I'm collecting a document together in order to gather all images and fonts, I don't understand why that would change the nature of the files behaviour from then on. I just want to gather the images, not change how the file works. Not being able to just open it after and make a a quick amend and save seems bizarre?
  2. Just done my first 'Save as Package' with 1.9 beta and its corrupted the document. An example is shown in the screen recording below, but to explain: I used the Save as Package feature, collected my job and quit Publisher. When I've come to reopen the file, Publisher shows the package screen again (rather than just open the document). I have to click 'OK' to open the document. Secondly, if I now make changes to this, I'm unable to save anything. Screen_Recording_2021-02-18_at_12_08_35.mov
  3. I can imagine it becomes a real pain when you have lots of images constantly updating! Hope for a fix soon.
  4. Sadly it isn't, I'm using the latest beta and its still there. Thanks for the workaround tho.
  5. I'm about to send a brochure to print and converting a large number of linked images from RGB to CMYK. I've converted the colour format/profile of my linked images in Photo, returned to Publisher and clicked 'update' on the modified linked image. Boom! ALL my updated images have now resized in Publisher, leaving me to manually resize each one again. I could understand that happening if I'd of resized them in Photo, but all I've done is update the colour profile. Why have the changed dimensions in Publisher?
  6. Running on Mac OS 11.3 and get the following error when I select 'Check for updates' from within Publisher: Affinity Publisher Beta can't be updated, because it was opened from a read-only or a temporary location. Use Finder to copy Affinity Publisher Beta to the Applications folder, relaunch it from there, and try again. But that's not the case, its installed in the Applications folder as normal?
  7. I've attached a screen recording to demo, but just noticed in 1.9 on Mac OS Big Sur that when I group an object that has items with text on a path, it goes Pete Tong. Screen_Recording_2021-02-08_at_10_40_51.mov
  8. I reported this too, its a known bug and they are aware of it.
  9. Isn't the long load something to do with Rosetta /M1 ? I thought it should only do it on its first launch then every time thereafter be fine?
  10. Glad my eyesight isn't on the way out just yet then. Thanks!
  11. Just updated to 1.9 and maybe I'm going mad but the clickable target to clear an items colour (for want of a better description) as become a tiny little pin head of an icon - I'm sure it wasn't like that in 1.8? Or maybe I'm getting old Not very user friendly.
  12. Great to have an Export Preview, but I expected it to be part of the Export window UI rather than an additional window to the left, personally I feel it looks a bit untidy at the moment. Also as others have mentioned I expected a zoom of some kind, wasn't clear I could do that after a quick look.
  13. I personally think it would be best to hold off implementing PDF passthrough feature until the placed preview matches the actual original PDF (even a super low res one, I wouldn't care). For example, if I'm producing a newspaper filled with hundreds of PDF adverts placed as passthrough, although they may well export fine in the final output I'm not filled with confidence working on a document that looks wildly different to the final outcome. Just my opinion, not a criticism in any way! But this is a FANTASTIC feature - I'm loving the pace at which Publisher is developing
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