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  1. ConnectCreative

    Linked images still increase doc size

    OK, many thanks for the update.
  2. Linking all images in a Publisher document still increases the AP file size. I'm working on a doc with roughly 15 images and the AP file is already over 500 meg in size - does linking work correctly yet? I'm placing / linking Affinity Photo images.
  3. ConnectCreative

    UK CMYK colour settings

    From what I can recall in my InDesign days I just selected 'Europe Prepress CMYK' or something like that. I assumed there would be something similar in AD/AF/AP ?
  4. New to Affinity software and creating my first brochure using a combination of Photo, Designer and Publisher. I'm based in the UK - i've noticed the default CMYK colour profile is set to U.S Web Coated (SWOP) v2. Should all leave all three apps as they are or change them to something like Euroscale Coated V2?
  5. ConnectCreative

    [Fixed] Text frames crashing constantly

    Me too. Hard to pinpoint but crashing quite a lot.
  6. ConnectCreative

    Insert Filler Text not working

    Good to know, many thanks!
  7. ConnectCreative

    Insert Filler Text not working

    Ah, thank you! I've only just noticed that the Filler Text increases/decreases as you resize the text box so this all makes sense now. Thank you!
  8. Don't know if this is by design but assume its a bug - if I draw a fresh text box and select 'Insert Filler Text', the text within that text box can not be selected using the text tool. If I want to insert my curser into one of the paragraphs, clicking there with the text tool does not work. I can't select (highlight) any of the text, it simply doesn't work. If I create a new text box and manually type some text in, it works fine. Where's the difference? I use Insert Filler Text quite a bit when making design mockups, but this renders it unusable. A short vid to explain: https://www.loom.com/share/61ad145f502e47aea8000865144664ab Although there's no sound, I'm trying to click and insert the curser within the text somewhere and can't.
  9. "As another test I exported the same image as a PDF from Photo..." I meant to say 'PSD' not PDF. For what its worth!
  10. So as a test I place a 115meg afphoto file (linked) into a fresh Publisher doc and save. The Publisher doc is 172meg in size. As another test I exported the same image as a PDF from Photo - now a 157meg file - and placed this in Publisher instead. Saved and the Pub doc is 55meg. In both instances, with it being linked, I kind of expected the Publisher file to be tiny?
  11. Well, thankfully the do indeed open in the latest beta! Hurrah! Not that I'd saved anything critical...
  12. Personally I save everything in native Designer or Photo formats and link them in Publisher. I would of expected this to be the 'default workflow'. I'd assume when a Designer or Photo file gets placed into Publisher a preview is generated for visual purposes and the large file is linked, resulting in a small Publisher file. Is that not the case?
  13. Out of interest, will be be able to open files I created in 330 in the next beta - by this I mean 'working' files, not corrupt ones? Obviously 312 can't open them but if you could clarify the situation for anything created (or saved in) in 330 would be great!
  14. ConnectCreative

    Can no longer import .afphoto images

    Many thanks!