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  1. I quite agree..more than thrilled with the Three they've created..absolutely wonderful!
  2. I can see merit to this method, tho I’d prefer an application-wide toggle.
  3. In the case of lorem ipsum, this is especially important. is this done at the system level or within designer? thank you!
  4. Woo. Hoo. Also meant to add that I'm very grateful - and likely others are, too - that this will be fixed..SUCH an important feature for an iPad.. Thank you!
  5. Yeah that icon / widget does hide, but my hand makes it unhide, and take instructions from the side of my hand. I need to try a glove maybe..
  6. Could there be a way to more absolutely hide / show the interface in iOS Photo and Designer such that, while hidden, the interface would not re-appear unless the hide/show widget is clicked again? No matter how the user draws, no matter how close to the edge the user gets, no matter what part of the hand touches any part of the screen. IOW, the interface would stay hidden until and unless the User again taps the hide / show widget? That kind of functionality could be very powerful for many people, I’d venture. Thank you!
  7. When I click the hide interface widget in the top right corner, the interface disappears, but re-appears while I’m drawing. Are there...degrees of hiding in AP? Ought the interface remain hidden until it is un-hidden? Are there new meanings for hide? Aside from un-hiding itself, the interface permits unwanted color changes to the brush. Very not-good.
  8. The scenario I’m envisioning - actually dealing with - while working at home is that we use adobe at work, but it’s a resource pig, and simply not as good as affinity products. I’d prefer to work in Affinity at home, yet be able to save out something which ID can open for our eventual return to the office. If I had my way, we’d simply switch over to the Affinity line-up.
  9. Is there a way to go from Affinity Publisher to InDesign? Can Publisher Save / Export a file which ID can open? Have others dealt with this question?
  10. OP here: I didn't adjust the brush, only the color in the color studio. Having opacity "stay put" would be extremely useful for painting different colors in the same opacity. Yes, you could remember that you set it to 38% but when you're in the zone, you just want to paint, not configurate sliders. 🙂
  11. Can anyone confirm: in HSL color mode, using a brush, if you've set Opacity to other than 100%, then change H, S or L, Opacity reverts to 100%?
  12. So... We have to allow fingers to select and use tools - which is extremely problematic - in order that the color picker tool can pick a color which can then be used by the brush tool*...because the color picker tool doesn’t like the apple pencil? this is mission-critical functionality to be able to sample a color in an image so that we can paint / draw / brush with that sampled color. I know that Affinity Photo can produce excellent work, so how do artists sample and use colors in images they’re working on? thank you! *which, by the way, doesn’t work. You still have to instruct the color studio to activate that picked color for the brush to use it, to say nothing of the incomprehensible clunkiness of getting the “color picker tool” to even pick a color in the first place. Am I right to assume that the developers have this problem on their list of things to fix? I in no way intend disrespect; all affinity tools are excellent, and no software on earth is issue-free.
  13. I’m confused. If i use the color picker tool to sample a color in my photo or drawing, the color will be picked, yet the brush won’t then use that picked color?
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