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  1. Does this apply to AD for iPad?
  2. VectorCat

    The Coolest Filters for #AD

    can somebody please describe all of the steps to getting these filters “into” AD? I downloaded and uncompressed but AD sees them a ghosted; I can’t select or make any importing happen at all. thank you
  3. Yet a very good plan b. Thank you.
  4. Understood. Until that time arrives, artists simply draw with the distortion, or maybe do a pencil sketch as a guide, then the “real” drawing over the top?
  5. How is it handled in AD when you want to distort vector shapes, either for perspective or for abstract reasons? do AD-using artists simply draw it that way to begin with?
  6. I’m working on a drawing on and off all day. I pick up the apple pencil, make a stroke with the vector brush and the stroke appears haltingly, as though the iPad is having trouble drawing it on the screen. I make a second, similar stroke with the same tool right next to the first one and it draws smoothly, just as I’m used to on this iPad. what’s even more interesting is that if I undo back to before that first halting pen stroke, and draw a line again, the first one is halting and the subsequent ones are liquidy smooth. anyone ever experience this? FYI, it’s the vector brush, basic Pen.
  7. often, after dragging an image to a project folder, it will end up in a different folder, sometimes it will give no indication that it has been selected for dragging into a project folder, and the destination folder doesn’t change visually when an image is dragged onto it. maybe these woes can be fixed by providing clear visual feedback which tells User: “this image is actively being dragged onto project folder ABC, and if you lift your fingertip right now, it will be placed into that project folder.” As it is right now, the process of dragging an image from being loose in the library to a project folder doesn’t give a lot of visual feedback. Sometimes after I drag an image over project folder ABC, it actually ends up in folder XYZ, causing excess futzing around to remove it from the “wrong” folder into the desired one. Folders which throb, or become highlighted, or which swell slightly — are all common ways of providing feedback that helps the User know that s/he is getting closer to the desired result of moving an image from where it is to where it’s wanted to be. thank you!
  8. VectorCat

    *Possible* bug in Designer/iOS

    I just tried again, and am able to cancel straight away. I don’t get the sense that Designer is struggling to find a printer that I haven’t set up for it. Seems the air is filled with all kinds of wifi-capable devices in our neighborhood, so I can see how a device, asked to print, might have its hands full trying to sort it all out... I hope this confirms a change, and thank you for reading.
  9. In Photo.. I apologize if I didn’t mention which. I happened to be using a keyboard with the iPad at the time but want to be able to do it also with Photo’s own functions. EDIT: I didn’t even see Pasteboard > Copy (plus other functions) when I was earlier looking for such. Thank you! Thank you
  10. I’m not seeing the answer in the Help file. I’d like to copy an area selected using the freehand selection tool and paste it into another image. Does anyone know how this can be done? thank you in advance!
  11. VectorCat

    *Possible* bug in Designer/iOS

    I didn’t mean *paste*; I meant post. The item is attached.. Designer iPad-2019-08-03-152549.ips
  12. VectorCat

    *Possible* bug in Designer/iOS

    Alright...I found the item easily. Is it safe and acceptable to simply post it here? I don’t use any cloud storage.

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