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  1. Yes. Let me assure you and all others that I am editing a raster image and not a placed vector, or any mix of vector and raster elements.
  2. What I noticed in working with my Easter image is that Photo can “hang on” to the selected tool only for so long. I have to save, quit Photo, then relaunch and resume working until the next time it fails to acknowledge the tool being selected. To me, it feels like a bug.
  3. trying to work with the lasso tool to make a selection. somehow Photo thinks it should be the hand tool, with hand tool functionality. IOW, move the image around the screen. Yet lasso tool ICON still is selected. Feature or bug?
  4. I'm trying to isolate a shape from the background and the selection brush tool does OK until it suddenly selects the entire image! If I can see the change in tonality of one shape over another, why can't Affinity "see" it, too? Same with the flood selection tool. It's almost like these tools are blind in a manner of speaking, but both the software and my aging eyeballs are both seeing whatever the video card throws to the monitor. Is there some level of selectivity besides "all or nothing?" thank you!
  5. Removing the √ made no difference by itself. However also removing the | did seem to fix the problem, or rather allow me to slice then export as svg Periods appear to be OK maybe for now I'll just keep my vector layers alpha-only, then maybe change the name to what I need it to be in export persona. Makes the workflow less smooth.
  6. Yes, and thank you for looking: svg slice fail
  7. I think the answer lies in the fact that AD doesn't know how to export a slice containing live text to SVG, which is puzzling.
  8. in vector persona, I got my intended artwork just so, selected, went to export persona, saw *only* the intended export item, but couldn't check it in the slices layer. It has a red circle with an exclamation mark next to its name, but it won't tell me the meaning of that symbol. what's the problem here and is there a way to solve it? Thank you!
  9. I might refer to it as a pull-down menu and it offers custom, constrained and a few other choices.
  10. OK, yes, that's the secret: one must pick "Constrained" from the pop-up. Thank you!
  11. Ah! A clue. I’m at work but when I get home I’ll look for that pop up. I was looking for something like it..sounds like I might have whizzed right past it.
  12. Exactly what you show in your screen capture.
  13. whether I hold the shift key or not, as I scale the cropping grid over the image to get the crop I want, the aspect ratio I typed into the appropriate fields does not hold! How does one instruct Photo to hold the aspect ratio the user has typed in? Thank you
  14. Thank you for confirming, NewEmoji Conventions I'm used to, perhaps others are, too: drag out Crop "tool/marqee" - whether freehand or preset aspect ratios Use any corner or side control handle to change size, aspect. if preset chosen, drag corner, aspect automatically kept at preset values click/drag somewhere within the area of the crop "tool/marquee" to move it When satisfied, press Enter to approve and implement the crop and the set values and positioning
  15. So, I can easily set my crop ratio (6:4) however when I either try to scale the crop area or move it, there seems no way to constrain size, movement. I am accustomed to holding the Shift key to constrain, either scaling or motion, but this doesn't apply to the crop tool in Photo, which cancels the benefit of having a custom, user-settable ratio. It seems only to be free-hand/unconstrainable..good sometimes, but we also need to have constraint available, too! Is there a way to A) constrain crop ratio as I scale to include more or less of an image and B) constrain to axis as I move the cropping grid to where I want it? Thank you!