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  1. Is this a possibility? I’m working with placed images, and it would be great to open the photo tools right there. thank you!
  2. Can the refresh of a renamed artboard happen as soon as it’s name is changed? As it is, moving the artboard is the only thing I’ve found that does it thank you!
  3. when I saw the massive increase in file size, I’d already added my content, and was merely adjusting size and position of the images, doing a little “surgery” in Photo persona.
  4. Very informative. Could it be that Publisher has to create a “space” for all of the interoperability which is to come, and once the artist really gets busy, that space fills up with what Affinity products require to keep that environment operating..applications talking to one another, enabling non-destructive editing, etc? could save history also be a factor?
  5. So, upload the .afpub alone..or along with all of the images?
  6. The file is now 1.31GB. I have the same number of pages, even less text and the same number of images. I have made adjustments to the images. Is that responsible for the ridiculous file size?
  7. Yes. Set up a document with facing pages. Apply a guide on the master page - in my case I have one master page. see the guide with guides set to display. In Document setup, un-check ”facing pages.” in my document I can’t see the guide I set on any of the child pages. Re-select facing pages and the guides reappear.
  8. To click on a tool icon where there are more tools - necessitating the flyout - you must click and hold even if the tool you want is already displayed. If I want one of the other tools, I must hold until the flyout appears, select the too, I want. But (imho) I shouldn’t have to do that if the tool I want already has its icon as the one displayed for that toolset. I’m a big key command fan, but there are times when I like to see and click icons, too. edit: I’m having a different experience with the flyouts just now..it’s inconsistent..sometimes I have to hold down the flyout just to select the tool whose icon is already showing, sometimes not,
  9. Yes. Very little text. Each page has a page number, and 10 or fewer pages have a one-sentence note to me to remind me to change something about that page.
  10. Could you clarify “sample file” please? I’m working with proprietary materials.
  11. It’s actually up to 520.7mb I’ve worked on far more complex files which were smaller, but in other layout software.
  12. In the neighborhood of 200mb..maybe 220 or so.
  13. My images are linked, layers not rasterized. Thank you
  14. No, they’re all Linked. thank you
  15. When I had my Publisher document in facing pages, I could see on every page the guides I placed on the Master page. When I de-selected facing pages, these same guides can not be seen though they are still right where I placed them on the Master Page. I hope this is useful.