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  1. Thank you for confirming, NewEmoji Conventions I'm used to, perhaps others are, too: drag out Crop "tool/marqee" - whether freehand or preset aspect ratios Use any corner or side control handle to change size, aspect. if preset chosen, drag corner, aspect automatically kept at preset values click/drag somewhere within the area of the crop "tool/marquee" to move it When satisfied, press Enter to approve and implement the crop and the set values and positioning
  2. So, I can easily set my crop ratio (6:4) however when I either try to scale the crop area or move it, there seems no way to constrain size, movement. I am accustomed to holding the Shift key to constrain, either scaling or motion, but this doesn't apply to the crop tool in Photo, which cancels the benefit of having a custom, user-settable ratio. It seems only to be free-hand/unconstrainable..good sometimes, but we also need to have constraint available, too! Is there a way to A) constrain crop ratio as I scale to include more or less of an image and B) constrain to axis as I move the cropping grid to where I want it? Thank you!
  3. I know that I can clear a Master page from a child page, but this also makes the elements from the Master page vanish from the child. Is it (will it be) possible to A) break the link to the Master, yet B) have the items remain on the child? IOW, the once-master page items would now be local to the child page. Thanks!
  4. thank you, v_kyr I accept this about Publisher. Yes, it is beta software and we accept it as such. Thank you for posting this.
  5. The folder/file structure is the same, created prior to creating the first publisher file. I have installed Publisher updates. if I need to-relink the literally hundreds of images...wow...ugh Edit: as it turns out, Publisher asked me to re-link only a handful of images. I would welcome a feature that would enable something like "Here's where all the pictures are, now go git 'em!"
  6. My folder structure contains publisher documents and images and other resources, each to its own folder, inside of a parent job folder. I just launched the latest version of a book I'm working on and I'm being asked to locate missing resources. This is a first. Also, I have several hundred images in my document..it feels like I'm going to be asked to re-link all of them, since it hasn't told me how many resources it can't find. Shouldn't a publisher file "know" to look in the folder from which I got the images? And, once I've taught it where the images reside, couldn't it do the relinking itself..taking advantage of the power of the computer?
  7. As of v, each item in the document represents a "layer." How does Publisher handle different layers schemes, such as: a different header for a different layout images on one layer, text on another..especially important when there are only black-plate changes! keeping various elements on different layers; turned on or off depending on the end purpose or client? Thank you
  8. I don't see how to get a document from AD..from its "Library" area into either Files or iCloud. the hamburger menu on the file offers: Close, Rename, Duplicate, Save and Move out of Project Where else should I be looking? Thank you! Edit: - Nevermind..the answer, or maybe an answer is to drag the document icon into the Files>Cloud "pane." Hope this helps others!
  9. I think I will try experimenting with candidates settings. I'm wireframing a website and so my grid is on a layer underneath all else and that relationship needs to be that way. thank you for the suggestion, Simon Edit: I changed the candidates to "All layers" - this might work well in this particular document because I shut off all layers/groups except for the page "chrome" and the layer I'm working on. Were all layers visible, I could see how AD would have fits trying to calc all the many candidates to show, and I don't think it would be much fun for the artist to try to tweeze the way through the potentially hundreds of candidates being shown, either!
  10. I'd like that, MEB..private link to upload to..I think it could help the community. I just took the other respondent's advice, tried the move s-l-o-w-l-y and it didn't help...object still didn't snap to certain lines, nor were those lines "called out" by AD as being snappable. Strange..earlier in the day yesterday, it worked beautifully.
  11. I just made 2 objects which I want to be child to a group. not cropped, just in the group. AD either doesn't "want" to allow this, or wants to crop the object into another one. what is the move that lets me put an object into a group?
  12. I get that I can click on child objects to access them inside of groups, but why, when I go to copy drag, do groups open?
  13. I've been working with a file for 2 hours. I have everything related to snapping turned on, and when it actually happens, it's great. Sometimes it doesn't and I can't see why. I've changed no settings. I'll move an object or group closer and closer to a line - which is a snappable item - and AD lets me breeze right past it. Is there something I'm missing?
  14. Thank you, Steps I’ll take a look at the assets panel, per your suggestion. As for the percentage of placed graphics, I would hope it would reflect the percentage of the image’s actual size, and that Horizontal % be separate from Vertical.
  15. that the transform panel show the percentage size of a place graphic ability to put assets off to the side of the pasteboard and have them be visible (sometimes this works) a library to stash images, groups, layouts ability to edit a placed image in an image editor..maybe this is one of those things coming later on