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  1. Have object selected, need to zoom in, finger gesture zooms in on desired object, then “moves” elsewhere; IOW, the ultimate zoom view is not what I zoomed in on. Trying to zoom in on the word, “Iris.” Happens frequently. Video shows the issue. Is there a fix or workaround? Thank you. AD zoom fail.mp4
  2. Is it possible to instruct iPad Designer to change the dimension of an artboard to user-typed dimensions, without distorting anything on the artboard? Seems like I should be able to, but the controls I’ve tried, such as “resize document,” or the “transform studio” don’t result in what I’m after. Thank you
  3. DWright - I need to get into the habit of taking screen recordings when these weird thing happen. I tried to re-create it but could not.
  4. Public beta of Publisher for iPad?
  5. Is there a way to either clear out styles which seem to accompany new-table creation, or to impose existing Document styles onto the table? As I typed, I got this weird pink italic style - not a style of my creation. I tried selecting the entire table, then clicking on the style I wanted - no help. If you had a truly large table, having to correct that cell by cell would be tee. dee. uss. thank you for any clues about this.
  6. Does this work in 2022? Can’t seem to make it happen.
  7. My bad..I whiffed on that question. Yes, after the restart, I resumed work on the same file which had just taken an unusual amount of time to save, and found that subsequent savings took the usual amount of time - for this file, a few moments. Thank you
  8. I did a restart after seeing the abnormally-long save. Had to force quite Designer, but my changes had been captured. Thank you!
  9. Screencapture shows the two corner points I’m working with. The right one will round using the Corner tool; the left won’t. It appears to be just one point. Object is a curve. Any clue what the issue is? Thank you CantRoundBottom2Corners.afdesign
  10. Thank you, Dan. iPad Model: 12.9” iPad Pro 2nd Gen; iPad OS 15.5; Save Location during delay: iPad > Files > Affinity Designer Pallet_iPad_Better_Perspective.afdesign
  11. I’m working on a file that’s about 77kb and is not complex: few shapes, no gradients. I just Saved and the spinning gear and “Saving” have been on the screen for several minutes. Given that this is a small, relatively simple file, what could be the reason for this unusually long save time? thank you
  12. sounds like a wise position. Thank you, Walt.
  13. So…is the speculation that only the latest iPads will be able to run Publisher, or we just don’t know?
  14. I looked for that file, but can’t spot it. I must have continued my trouble shooting, and gotten some answers about what I was seeing, and modified the file. If I see this issue again, I’ll capture a clip straight away and post it. Thank you for your help! EDIT: I just tried to re-create the issue by building a similar file with 3 layers, noise on one of them. I can not reproduce the problem, either. Might this be one of those things that happens when the iPad is due for a reboot?
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