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  1. When I draw with the pen tool in the Designer persona, I can’t get points to snap to angle so that for example, two points would snap to horizontal axis. Is there a way to do this? Edit: Found it. Snap to Geometry under the menu with the magnet icon.
  2. When moving an object relative to others, you see those small spacing numbers which help you see distance and balance one side to the other. Is it possible to make those numbers linger just a bit longer? This may sound weird, but in the time it takes me to move my eyeballs from one number to it’s other-side counterpart, the numbers disappear or time out. Such useful information! Thank you
  3. Is there a way..a setting..which controls whether things off the page can be seen, the same way that items not on an artboard in Designer can be seen? Thank you
  4. So, based on what I believe the procedure is, I opened the Designer file - the green safety knife - in Publisher. selected the layers of the knife, copied, and pasted into publisher. The order of some layers got muxed up and the line weights of one or two items was gotten wrong / made fatter. Screen capture attached shows the knife - I selected layers of items which out to be in front - highlighted in purple. Is this a typical for those who’ve done this move? Thank you
  5. Is there a trick to doing this? I copy layers of the illustration - either singly or multiples at once, but Publisher does not offer Paste. Do you mean: copy layers - while in Designer, in this case..in the “child” document, then switch to the Publisher app, then Paste?
  6. Good to know, and thank you. I just converted the image to Linked (per the help file) but switching to Designer persona still doesn’t reveal the illustration’s layers. Is there a scenario in which one can edit on layers of a designer (or photo) file while still in the afpub layout? If so, how is that scenario achieved? Thank you
  7. If I have an illustration created in Affinity Designer, and Placed (embedded) into an Afpub layout, then choose Designer Persona, shouldn’t I get the illustration’s layers as well as Designer’s toolset? It isn’t happening for me in the file seen in the video. Maybe I don’t clearly get what’s possible in Publisher. Dont get AD Layers in Publisher layout.mp4
  8. Agreed. The card I used is a US card. Since I’d provided every bit of information requested, the failure to go through was puzzling on my end as well. I’m glad an alternative payment method was provided.
  9. The resolution took the form of going the paypal route, as others had done. Thank you for asking.
  10. Video shows that Snap to Nodes is on / active. Handle never snaps to the node…I end up settling for as close as I can get manually. Thoughts? Thank you EDIT: “Snap Handles” is the relevant choice in this example, and it works. Snap To Node Fail.mp4
  11. I suppose it won’t do to have two Files windows open side by side, then drag your files from the V1 folder to the V2 folder — then to open into V2 and save / overwrite back into the V2 folder?
  12. Thank you..I’m using techniques from your answer to get the shape control I need
  13. I don’t get what you mean by ‘tapping join again.’ After I tap Join, the points are joined, and the Join icon is greyed out. Is the 2nd tap somewhere else? Thank you
  14. This is an elegant alternative to be sure, but is there a way to modify shapes with node tools which doesn’t distort the shapes as they’re being modified?
  15. Trying to make a disc shape with thickness, like a coin begin with an ellipse, copy-drag, convert to curves, split into two halves, join the end nodes of each half, you get a join based on curved endpoints. The desired goal is that the resulting join be a straight segment, so the resulting shape would be the disc’s side face, as though the circle had been drawn vertically downward in a straight line. Converting the endpoints to Sharp, either before or after the Join operation distorts the shape. This strikes me not so much as a bug, but as a less-than-ideal outcome in that the resulting shape is distorted compared to the intended shape owing to those end points behaving like smooth ones instead of sharp ones. Put in simpler language: I want to create a cylinder with straight vertical sides, and I want to leverage the curve of the existing semi-circles to achieve it by joining their endpoints with straight segments, and I don’t want to fiddle to “correct” the shape after it’s been unwantedly distorted by Join. 😄 I’ve uploaded the file shown in the video, with the semi-circles un-joined. Thoughts? shape changes convert points.mp4 join distorts shape.afdesign
  16. Thank you, StudioJason I just experimented joining endpoints of two zig-zag straight-segment lines I created with the pen tool. Converted to curves, selected my points, hit Join and Shazam! It joined the two points straight away - with a straight segment. Maybe the Join function doesn’t “like” it when a stock shape, like a square, is broken apart, then its ends joined? Anyway, knowing that points might behave differently than expected is helpful..gives one something to deal with.
  17. I played with this some more. Could not find any “reverse” tool for nodes. I got the shape I was after, and the video shows my steps. What gave the first two nodes the idea that they were curve nodes? The two open triangles came from a square, and I modified no points, except after the first Join procedure gave that wonky curve which went well off screen. Thank you for any clues. shape made had to change point types.mp4
  18. I did exactly what your video shows. Did you do anything else not captured in your clip?
  19. I began with a square, split it into two open shapes, and tried to join them so that the result would look like a squashed hexagon. Instead, the shapes closed into two triangles. So, I see in the video, it’s reporting that the “close” operation just happened, not “join.” Merging the two open triangles and then choosing close didn’t produce a different result. I can think of other ways of getting the shape I need, but I’d like to be able to nail it with these path tools, too. Thank you cant join shapes.mp4
  20. Video shows clearly…I’m trying to change “Style” to “lead-in paragraph.” Publisher isn’t having it.. Am I wrong to try to do this under “Edit?” style name doesn’t change.mp4
  21. Excellent! Thank you. Where is the shortcuts icon for those using a physical keyboard? EDIT: it appears along the bottom when a working with text.
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