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  1. Then wouldn't the help guide be plain wrong and misleading? I mean, it could just be the case, but who knows at this point? lol. Would love anyone from the official dev/support team to elaborate on this
  2. Exactly, but the option you highlighted makes the setting "Snap to shape key points" completely redundant. I'm still confused lol
  3. Again, I'm literally quoting the help guide built into Affinity Designer (the same one that's available online) and that's exactly what I'm trying to figure out—what is the start/end of a rounded corner that the "Snap to shape key objects" setting is supposed help me snap things to.
  4. I'm quoting the built-in help guide as the wording is a bit confusing and I cannot replicate what's described there. I know how snapping works in general. Not meaning to sound like an ass, but I'm not an amateur, so no offense but this answers nothing. Would love @MEB to help if possible—or anyone who can actually show me how Snapping to Shape Key Points helps align nodes to the Starts/End of a Rounded Corner specifically. The only thing I actually managed to snap nodes to (with this setting) was the center of another shape as shown by @MEB. I'm creating training materials for Affinity users in a company I work for, and this is confusing the hell out of me 😵 Would appreciate your help!
  5. @MEB Another confused individual here. Could you please explain how "Snap to shape key points—when checked, aligns [objects/nodes] to key points on shapes, such as the start and end of a rounded corner" ? With this setting enabled it seems I can only allign nodes to the center of certain objects like MEB showed in a video before. I'm working on a video tutorial on snapping in Designer but I'm really struggling to find a scenario where nodes would align specifically to the start of a rounded corner.
  6. Seems to me like many people commenting and shooting down reasonable requests are Sunday design enthusiasts with no real world design experience. I work for a big international company (purposely not saying the name but the devs are most likely aware of their big clients) and we're trying to adopt all Affinity apps on a massive scale but many of my (and not just mine) suggestions or feature requests are dismissed by the community. Features (mostly UX stuff, not even tools) based on other software (and not just Adobe) which are proven to work. It really puzzles me sometimes whether Serif wants to target professionals or is Affinity going to end up being just a better version of Photoshop Express and the like.
  7. "Select Same" and "Select Object" need toolbar button shortcuts ASAP Lovely update though ❤️
  8. "Select Same" and "Select Object" need toolbar button shortcuts ASAP :D Lovely update though <3
  9. By a fixed amount. That's the whole purpose of overriding snapping to adjust stuff freely and quickly.
  10. Yes. But if you want to slightly nudge it without snapping, you have to drag it much further only to be allowed to disable snapping with ALT. But seriously, why the need to have the same action assigned to two modifier keys?
  11. I thought "Studio" referred to the workspace/combination of different panels. But yes, that's what I meant.
  12. Thanks Bruce, I appreciate your answer but I'm struggling to find anything positive about it to be honest. The problem is that you must move the object a little bit and let Affinity snap it to something, and only then you are allowed to hold ALT to override snapping and move the object back to where you want it to be. In my humble opinion you should be able to override snapping right away, and if you want the object to be duplicated you should be able to combine it with another modifier responsible for its own dedicated action - CTRL to copy. That's one thing I actually think Illustrator does better and I really cannot see a good reason for the way Affinity currently does it.
  13. Would be great if you added a dedicated Stroke panel in Photo, just like in Designer. Personally I kind of hate using the flyout menu to adjust my outlines.
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