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  1. 1. Create a new document 2. Got to Pixel Persona 3. Press the pixel tool: The selected color is changed to first. 4. Press Flood Fill Tool: The selected color is changed to second. The Color Picker is changing the colors too. How i stop changing the colors ? Just keep the selected color for all tools.
  2. 1. Is not a decimals. How you say is happening only for: 2px, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc I fount another thing, when painting the filling the pixels is behind the brush with 1px. How big its the brush, like 21px, is behind with 3px. And thanks. PS: Is possible to change the icon from panel options, its looks a little blurry.
  3. Are you using the latest release version: Yes Can you reproduce it: Yes Does it happen for a new document: Yes What is your operating system and version: Win10 1809 17763.107 Any unusual hardware: Intel HD Graphics 4600 Did this same thing used to work: The last image was working fine on 1.6.5 Behavior: 1. The brush is on the left pixel like 1% of the size, the right pixel is over 99% of size: Paint the next pixels not previous. + Works fine with the brush 1px, but is is bigger its paint the previous pixels. 2. The input box need to be unfocused like the other input after the content was changed and pressed Enter. 3. I think you see the problem on it. - After i remove the settings from AppData i see to work fine. I don't know from what is. + I think is only for this document. recipe_book.afdesign
  4. Yes. But in Photoshop i don't have this issue. Is the same GPU as WITH and WITHOUT grid enabled. I have another post here: If i make the grid with rectangles the GPU is OK. If i enabled the Build In grid, the GPU is 100% with no points. How you explain that difference between Build In Grid and custom Grid with Rectangles. Should be the same (Both have the same behavior, rendering, etc). Why this big difference. The Build In Grid is not Use the GPU correctly.
  5. Found that after i post, but thanks for response. But that makes the entire document without transforms. I want to use the relative coordinates to artboard. If the artboard is at position (20, 20) to not add the transform to artboard. I don't need this: <g id="Artboard1" transform="matrix(1.83333,0,0,2.75,-22,0)"> An option for that was nice. PS: I think my title is not good for what i want.
  6. When i export a SVG from artboard the path is starts from 12 and not from 0, and adds the matrix with -12. Why is not starts from 0? Is annoying.
  7. The GRID uses too much GPU for nothing. Is more fine to create a grid with rectangles that to use the GRID option.
  8. I have the integrated video card from Intel. Intel HD Graphics 4600, is not compared to a dedicated video card. But that GRID use +55% more GPU when paint... And in the 1.7 is impossible to paint with it ON. In 1.6.5 is still very smooth if is with 95% GPU. I make a custom grid with Rectangles and the Performance is the same like Without GRID. I think the original GRID is redrawing every time you PAINT, scrolling. Not only when you use ZOOM. Why is that difference with GRID ON and the custom GRID with rectangles, really i don't know. No impact to GPU at all.
  9. I try the latest beta and my Intel HD Graphics is 100% with Grids ON. Preset: 1920px - 1080px Zoom: 73.2% Without GRID: In Maximum total CPU 40% and (GPU 55%) In Maximum total CPU 45% and (GPU 56%) With GRID: In Maximum total: CPU 55% and GPU 96% In Maximum total: CPU 27% and GPU 100% - Bottleneck Mo much difference in both without GRID. Now i don't have a dedicated video card but why the Grid in 1.7 is making me Bottleneck and lag ?
  10. 1. The window is flickering and appears other options and the window is changing the size fast and i don't like that. 2. Why is the name of the window 'Export Settings' ? Is not that. Is 'Export File As'. Tested only in Designer.
  11. AndRo Marian

    GPU, disappointed

    Yea. Is uses more GPU not less, for the same task.
  12. I know is from GRID but i have lag in 1.7 with 131% zoom. In 400% is impossible to draw. But why uses so much only to draw a perfect pixel ? In 1.6.5 i have lag only after 400% zoom. In 1.7 all time. And when the Zoom will be with Pixels without decimals ? I say this in other request because the Grid Lines is misalignment with the Transparent background pattern. Sad
  13. The correct position and dimension of selected objects and the wrong position and dimension after the objects was merge.

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