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  1. Is custom because is missing the Right and Bottom border of the Context-Menu.
  2. Are more reports about Clear-Type is ON but the text has Gray Anti-Aliasing but still they not making it. Not sure how Affinity has design the Context-Menu of his app but i am pretty sure they can do it if is a custom menu. Like browser, notepad still has that.
  3. I know that new context menu on desktop is the same from Microsoft. Not respecting the Clear-Type setting and is annoying.
  4. @Sean P Please revisit this because is not right and is not by design. I put my mouse highlight. Video
  5. Never see this behavior in other softwares. Just Hide and Show without any flashing is normal. Not sure if you understand because its not show the mouse clicks but when the window is flashing fast and many times is just one RightClick. This appear only if i release the RightClick before the Window FadeOut animation to hide the window completly. I think the problem is because the window is not disappearing instantly when RightClick (Press), and when RightClick (Release) has two animmations (One for FadeOut for old window and FadeIn for new window).
  6. Sometimes the contextmenu is flashing. Is easy to reproduce by right clicking on a laye. Video
  7. If i drag a node with holding Ctrl before selecting it, the transform tab shows wrong number. After releasing the mouse the position is changed. vAThcfNUZi.mp4
  8. My i5-4440 uses 80% CPU, 80% GPU just moving the Rectangle Tool on the Document (1920x1080) with not GRID on a tool selected, empty project really nothing to do. When doing the gradient the CPU 100%, 80% GPU. On Illustrator is max 60% CPU, 80% GPU with grid on CPU 95%/ GPU 100% and is slow, big delay / Gradient 75% CPU, 80% GPU and with GRID on not affecting much CPU 85%, GPU 99%, 100% with not lag Not sure why is the Performance that with even i5 and Integrated Intel HD 4600. But in your case is really weird. But should work more in performance.
  9. In the Pixel Preview the images has Transparent Gaps where the Line is Overlapping and not working as Expected.
  10. Yes i know. And to rename all manually is very slow and sometimes i can't double click to another layer to starting to rename it. I need to use 3 clicks to work. Not sure what is going on when i rename a Layer because sometimes the entire Layer Panel is Flashing to Hide and Show and 1 mouse click is wasted.
  11. I would like an option to start the drawing in the Layers from Top to Bottom. Now is from Bottom to Top. Same when a Layer is created to be positioned to bottom and in the same Tree of the Selected Object. Now i added to top but of outside of the selected object. I have a layer and i selected a child, is created above the parent.
  12. I press it once and its breaks the entire Affinity Designer. - The HotKey not works anymore. - When i press Ctrl+Z or any key with Ctrl its prints a Square in the TextBox and Redo not working. After i check the View, Studio, Patagraph now seams to working. Not sure what happened there but the Character window was not appearing then i press the Show Character. and the app was broken.
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