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  1. I noticed to become a little slow when on exporting and pressing the Manage, clicking some checkboxes and when pressing close is hanging 1 second than usual (instant) and when I look on the Task Manager is eating 1.523.9 MB ram. Just some (max 20 tabs) SVG's 20x20 pixel and when closing all still at 1.5 GB ram usage. After restarting is at 270MB and when opening all 30 items not getting over 360 MB. And is working normal again.
  2. Something like that but to work when clicking on the checkbox to make a layer visible or not. Like a Symbol group and setting to When a child was checked the visibility to uncheck other children.
  3. Random suggestion. Select a list of containers and make them to act like radio buttons when checked. If a container is check to be visible, make others to be hidden.
  4. Would be nice an option on settings to change to old behaviour. And not only for Artboards, for inside too. I see already a feature for finding it with double click on the layer preview. Other thing that I see annoying is if the pixel perfect is selected the paste of repositioning is not pixel perfect. MTl5ihAlGh.mp4 Other weird behaviour is when copy from other document on the new document. I think is related to this as well. Should be positioned at x0 y0 and not outside the artboard. 1a9SwkiFf8.mp4
  5. Happening when resizing, the visual object has wrong transform values. Like the X is becomes: -1148350.063 px after the object has disappear and pressing Ctrl+Z 2w2jtqcLvr.mp4 Sometimes you don't need to do that aggressively, just a simple resize to be bigger, no need to go on opposite side. I have Force pixel check and the transform values still not going to be too pixel perfect.
  6. I mean by suggested if this was already posted by someone else. And will be a improvement if this will be fixed. I mean the objects has the stroke aligned outside. jKuPy6RB64.mp4 untitled.afdesign
  7. I don't see how this would be a feature because more I think is an unexpected result.
  8. Not sure if this was already suggested but the pixels between outside stroke and the rectangle fill has transparent pixels and gets the background color. Would be nice a improvement to this.
  9. I have created an Symbol and I want to pase it to all Artboards. All artboards has different background, but will share the same Symbol (Icon) that I made. The normal behaviour would be to paste it the same on the Artboard if is in focus or not. At least should paste it in the at x0, y0. I think this is weird behaviour because was not implemented property the paste to be allowed on multiple Artboard, Groups, Layers, etc.
  10. Seams to be the same now. I find it weird and not purpose how is implemented. User variables editor should be global on a separated window as Studio -> User variables. Name, Value, Description And on the User variables should be listed all variables like how the are listed. Like: I rather type the text on the Path components and copy to all rather wasting time to add a variable.
  11. This really need to be a thing. If I want to copy an Symbol to multiple artboards I need to paste it individually. Not only for Symbols but on groups, layers... If are multiple selections the paste should work on all if the specific properties can be applied to it.
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