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  1. Save failed because the device is out of space. Do you wish to save the document to a new file? I came to work this morning and am trying to save documents. Both Designer and Publisher are giving the exact same error. I have over a terabyte of disk space available. I also tried to save to a network drive with the same results. No other program on my Mac is having problems. I notice there is a file saved when I do this but if I try to open the file it says "The file type is not supported."
  2. Anybody else having problems with stroke filling in gaps between just not display correctly? This is just a font with outline. I have tried expanding the stroke and that did nothing to fix he problem. I cannot send files to printers because they are all having this behavior. This is killing my production! And More.pdf
  3. I have been using this logo that was created in AFDesigner for a couple of years. Now with 1.8 it does not render correctly when printing or exporting. Notice the black triangles. The-Logos.afdesign
  4. I need to have straight single quotes, but they get changed to curly quote. I went into preferences and turned off the "change to quote to typographical quote" and that works for a double quote, but single quotes are still curly.
  5. It was not working so I restarted the program and they showed up.
  6. With most apps, I can copy and paste the text into tables. For instance, I can copy a row or column of text from one spreadsheet and enter into another. I can seem to do with with publisher tables.
  7. You should start with an application that has the most frequently used tools. If you are going to do a multipage document you would start with Publisher. If you are doing graphics or logos start with Designer, and then if it is photos use Photo.
  8. I may be missing this but I cannot find how to keep margins on the top. If I create a background or a graphic it hides the margins.
  9. Without the ability to save the develop settings with the RAW file makes Affinity Photo nearly worthless for professional use. The user can spend a long time adjusting the develop setting and may not even be satisfied with the results and wants to come back to it later. Or a client may want a tweak to the adjustments. It appears now you have to commit to the settings or start all over. I know a profile can be saved but that is to difficult when working with many files.
  10. Yes, I am aware of the sidecar file and what is what I meant by saving a developed RAW file. I have tried saving the photo an afphoto and then going back to it. The "almost the same" is not the same. If a client does not like your edit you can just revert to the original and start over. This seems like a simple fix for Affinity and should have never been overlooked, just write the development settings to file.
  11. Well, that means don't want to purchase this software. I use the Mac so I can't get by using the finder and Smart folders as a catalog. Not being able to develop my raw files and saving them kills the deal.
  12. It does not appear that the .aphoto has the ability to go back to the development persona in a meaningful way because the original raw settings are gone. In other words, you have to keep the raw file if you want to go back to the original.
  13. I am using a trial version of Affinity Photo. I currently using Lightroom and PhotoShop. I am confused about the workflow. I can open a RAW file and edit it, but there is no way to save it. It says I have to develop it. Once I developed it, it saves it as an afphoto file. Then when I open either file again and go back to the develop persona the adjustments are not there. I cannot revert back to the original settings. Does this mean I cannot save a RAW file with adjustments for later use?
  14. I did not see that you can apply more than one master page to a spread. That works. I have a master page just for numbers.
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