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  1. I already spend most of my time in Designer and Publisher. The only reason I created a post in the "Feature Requests & Suggestions" section is to encourage the folks at Serif to consider providing the same functionality to Photo that already exists in their other two companion apps : )
  2. I'm not sure I would agree (but acknowledge a high probabllity that I could be wrong). I'm guessing most often a document is started with a very specific size or resolution in mind. The mere fact that Photo allows you to Clip Canvas or Unclip Canvas suggests to me that the Document and the Canvas are two distinct entities. Personally I like to play with objects moving them in and out of a picture, therefore it would be nice to be able to see those objects on the canvas while also working on the document. However, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a professional image editor so my work flow ma
  3. Clip to Canvas is a very useful feature found in the View menu (View Mode). Clip to Canvas allows the user to see or hide assets that are on the canvas, but are not placed in the current document layout. Clip to Canvas works fundamentally the same on both Affinity Designer and Publisher. However this same functionality does not exist in Affinity Photo. My initial thought is why, and beyond that, can this feature be brought over to Affinity Photo? It just seems like it would be a good fit for Photo as well.
  4. Are you working on a Mac or PC? Do you experience this kind of lag in any of the other Affinity programs? Just being curious.
  5. An excellent suggestion, however a more useful solution (for down the road) might be to add the unit button to the Transform panel so that regardless as to the location of the Transform panel, the unit selection button is always right there and readily available 😊
  6. In my workflow I often want to check and see what my design in pixels would look like if I were working in a different unit of measurement. So when I'm adjusting the object size in the size boxes in the lower right corner of the screen and then must travel to the upper left corner of the screen to change units and then travel back to the lower right corner, this does not feel quick to me : ) And yes you can enter alternate units in the size field, but the current unit stays the same. Not helpful if you need to see the results in a different unit value. Indeed it doesn't take up as mu
  7. I don't use Indesign so I don't know what that might look like. And I'm only a casual user of the Affinity programs, but I have to say I like the way color is handled, but then again I have very little to compare it to : )
  8. Suggestion: Some software programs place the width and height measurement unit name outside the measurement size boxes. This makes selecting and changing sizes easier and clicking on the unit name is also used to change the measurement between different units of measurement. I've attached a short video to show how this is set up. Could this be a possible future option for Affinity? Width Height measurement window.mp4
  9. Just a suggestion, it would be nice to have access to the Tint slider directly in the CMYK color window. Currently when Tint is opened that window replaces the CMYK window. Placing both together could be useful.
  10. Are you working on a Mac or PC? What version of the OS are you running on your specific platform?
  11. I was just trying to identify the location of the settings mentioned by fde101 above. Sorry if I created any confusion.
  12. For anyone else who struggled to find the correct location for these settings : )
  13. If I click on the little red eye that shows additional text and then click on the bottom center or right center node, the frame expands to fit the text on my Mac. Running Publisher version
  14. That is exactly the information I was looking for. I don't think I ever noticed the red connection symbol before. Thanks.
  15. I've watched that tutorial several times, it does not address unlinking or moving text frames after they have been created.
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