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  1. If you are on a Mac running High Sierra you might try the following ... Export your Affinity Photo document as a Photoshop file .psd. Open that file in the Mac's Preview application. From Preview go to the file menu and down to Export to PDF. When I did this on a test file the result was a pdf doc showing version 1.3 This may introduce other issues and may not ultimately helpful, but I thought I'd pass it along anyway. Good Luck : )
  2. TheOtherRoland: If you go to System Preferences and create a new Admin account, log out and then reenter the newly created account, does the problem still exist when you launch the Affinity app?
  3. rusty5

    Standard proxy icon

    I use Apple's standard Proxy icons every day. They have multiple uses, one of those being to quickly identify a files path. Most users will have files saved in any number of locations, so access to the files proxy icon is a real time saver. Please consider adding Apple's Proxy icons to Affinity documents. Examples attached.
  4. Affinity Designer 1.5.5 - is there a quick and easy way to change or convert a Frame Text box into an Artistic Text box? Yes I could copy paste content into a new new text box, but I'm just wondering if there is a built in conversion option I'm not seeing.