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  1. I need this feature as well. I use it often for book covers. The spine is a single page sandwiched between two of the regular pages. That way I can control the spine size easily as pages come or go during the design process. Another use: Folded covers. This just gives you precise controls, not fiddling with guides which are unreliable and error-prone.
  2. Hi, When moving assets around the canvas, the objects jump around uncontrollably and parts of the screen do not render correctly. In the video, my cursor moves slowly and smoothly (it's not recorded). The object jumps around abruptly, not matching the movement of the cursor at all. This can go as far as the object moving beyond the boundaries of the visible area of the canvas on screen. This makes Affinity Designer completely unusable to me. Reinstalling, turning snapping off, etc. do not fix this. Mac OSX 10.15.7 MacBook Pro 2019 Mid with a graphics card Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB Affinity 1.8.4. AffinityBugs.mp4
  3. Apart from the absence of object styles, this is the number 1 feature that keeps me from switching to Publisher. Please add it soon.
  4. I second that this is the nr1 request for me and a constraint when switching from InDesign. I need to control text frame style properties centrally.
  5. Hey. I want to create a systems palette for collaborators to use the CI colors in all programs. How should I proceed?
  6. Hi, almost every time I want to move a swatch into the right order in the Swatches panel, Affinity Designer crashes on MacOS 10.15.6 and Affinity Designer 1.8.4. This is a fully reproducible bug. This feature is broken.
  7. Hey, I am using Publisher to layout some diagrams as the pinning and column features are better in Publisher. To export these diagrams and name the exports, I have to always switch to Designer. This is pretty tedious. Either add slice based exporting to Publisher or let us switch pages that are viewed in Designer. Right now, to switch a page in Designer, I need to go back to Publisher, select it and then go back again, and that for every single "artboard" or page. Thanks!
  8. Hey, it is impossible to drag objects around the artboard now. I can drag and then the cursor suddenly jumps to a completely different position. See attached video. Needless to say this makes working with AD impossible as you experience this during each object drag. A major bug. Mac OS 10.15.4. AD Version 1.8.2 Bug_Moving.mov
  9. Hey, there is a major rendering bug which makes Affinity Designer unusable on Mac. If I adjust curves applied to an image, the artboard no longer refreshes. I don't see my edits. I need to rerender the workspace by zooming in and out to see the changes. This bug has been around since about three months and nothing is happening. Any ETA on updates for Designer? This happens with all rendering settings (Software, OpenGL Basic, OpenGL, Metal) This is also happening in the Affinity Designer Beta I uploaded a screenshare of the bug. Weirdly, it works for some images and for some others not (see second video). Affinity Designer.mp4 Affinity Designer 2.mp4
  10. If this was the case, how would it be possible that importing colors through Sketch and Zeplin results in correct colors? Sorry, I am not a developer so I don't really understand your code or the rather technical explanation. All I see is that I have an SRGB file and colors get shifted in Keynote even when I select the exact same color profile.
  11. Hi, After 3 hours of debugging I want to share my learnings with the development team of Affinity. 1. I created a global palette in Affinity. 2. I exported this palette as a. CLR file 3. I wanted to use these brand colors in Apple Pages and Keynote so I opened this CLR file in the Mac Color Picker there. 4. I noticed that all colors have been changed and shifted. They are no longer the same colors and they no longer have the same color values. That is right. The color values in RGB have been shifted. These are not the defined colors in Affinity. 5. Typing in the values that Affinity shows manually results in the same color. 6. Exporting the colors as CLR from Sketch and Zeplin results in correct colors. It's only from Affinity Designer that colors are shifted. This must be some kind of color management issue from Affinity Designer. I have the file set to standard SRGB. How can I export the palette for global use across MacOS without color shifting?
  12. Hey, Symbols are almost unusable in the current implementation as it's very difficult to have the update in the way you want with the synching feature. They broken and can reproducibly crash Affinity Designer. Because you cannot update a symbol's contents easily, if you want to replace the layers within a symbol by dragging them into the symbol in layers palette, the new layers usually do not get recorded by the symbol and do not get repeated in other instances. Quite often, the symbol results in being completely empty if you delete its original layers. In the layer palette the orange bar is still there but no new elements become part of the symbol. In this situation, you have an empty symbol frame, which has no boundaries or position in the coordinate system, and layers which are indicated as part of the symbol by the orange bar UI but they are not technically. Quite often these new layers become invisible on the artboard. If you want to then cmd+z your way out of this mess, Affinity Designer reproducibly crashes. Symbols are currently FUBAR and cannot be used even for the most simplest tasks such as multiple color versions of a logo with the same base geometry. It's more work to update a symbol definition than to just avoid using the symbol and copy and paste everything. Please rewrite them from ground up. Take a look at Sketch or Illustrator for examples of how to implement this basic functionality. Kind regards
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