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  1. You are right. But I would bet that it used to work the way I described - double click on the actual image layer opened the image in Photo Persona where I could edit it straight away. Thanks for help, guys!
  2. 1. It is JPG image 2. Embedded (but as I said before - that double click used to work with linked images, too) 3. No, I don't see these options within the Context Toolbar
  3. Hi, Until the latest update I used this function all the time - I've created a Picture Frame, inserted an image and if I double clicked this image, it opened directly in Affinity Photo. Just this image, no other layers. I then could edit the image alone in Affinity Photo and after saving it took me back to Publisher. And - it did not matter whether this image was embedded or linked. But now when I double click on the image within the Picture Frame, it only zooms into this layer. And - with the image layer selected - when I switch to Photo Persona in the tope left corner, it stil
  4. Hi guys, 1.9. - good update but unfortunately still missing things that have been talked about here so many times... Search function in Preferences is still totally unusable, for example. Well, let's cross fingers for 2.0. Anyway - could you guys make UI elements actually visible for human beings? Now I'm talking about those too tiny buttons for switching Fill and Stroke and to disable one of these. Check screenshot. I myself have a pretty good eyesight but I have to click at least twice or three times because I just cannot hit the right spot. These two elements could easily be
  5. Nearly one year later... Does anybody know if this has been addressed for 1.9 versions? Still super annoying to get such a tiny preview. PDF vs afpub file previews:
  6. Thanks for the info. I guess I'd love to have all the books updated to the latest version 1.9 but I presume that no one knows when the new print run will be issued. Since Publisher book should be available on Monday I will wait till then. BTW - will we be notified before the Black Friday deal expires? 😉
  7. Hi, I've been working with Affinity apps for a long time now - but I'm still considering ordering the books. I read somewhere that Publisher book will be updated for version 1.9. How about the other two books? It's a quite investment even with 30% off so I'd like to know exactly what I'm buying. 😉 Thanks!
  8. I think that we don't even need Export Persona in Publisher. What can this Persona actually do that the Export window can't besides Slices? I always use Export command in Publisher - see the screenshot above - and then I use either default presets or the ones I've set up myself. The only extra command needed here is 'Create Separate PDF Files' as in InDesign.
  9. No, taky mi to nejdříve přišlo složité, ale nakonec se ukázalo, že je to hračka. Učíme se každým dnem, ne? 😃
  10. OK, now I get it. But the problem is only solved in case I need the exact same Picture Frame with its given dimensions. But if I create a new document where I need to have Picture Frame of different size then it doesn't help at all. It will have the Scale to Max Fit property but I will have to resize the frame which in the end will be even more work. The dedicated button would certainly help here.
  11. Sorry but how exactly? Where in Settings? It's not in Preferences and I cannot find any particular settings for Picture Frame.
  12. Hi, 99% of the time I use Scale to Max Fit when placing picture into the picture frame. The dedicated button next to Properties is set for Size Picture Frame to Content. It would be super useful if we could assign it to different behaviour. I for example have never used this button. Yet every time I place the picture I have to click on Properties and set Scale to Max Fit. It could save me one click/little bit of time. Thanks!
  13. I've found a way to do it! Apparently it's got nothing to do with the color space/profile. All that was needed was to blur the layer with the circle with the amount of 100 - 200px, and then rasterize this layer so there is no color banding. That's it. Yeah!
  14. Hi guys, First time I tried to use gradient for print and cannot figure out what's wrong. ;) Check the screenshots. On the display the gradient looks perfect. In the exported PDF it looks awful. I've tried circle with radial transparency 0-100% added, and also white circle with white to transparent gradient. Same result. Midpoint is at 40% and I even tried different transparency/color values for this midpoint but it's still the same. is there a simple way how to achieve this gradient for print? Thanks.
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