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  1. Get off your high horse. Most of the time on macOS apps are installed by drag and dropping a .app bundle that we copy wherever we want. macOS is not iOS or iPadOS.
  2. Well, I issued a refund and will keep using v1 instead. Underwhelming update after a hyped teaser few days prior. Ressources should have been spent into more wanted features that were asked for years on this forum instead of reworking the UI.
  3. Large Font UI Size replace the words with abbreviations. That's not good, imho.
  4. If everyone is going to write in his own language we can end-up with one different language for every post and it's becoming a mess.
  5. Yes, Apple also think that Macs have vertical screens now...
  6. Yes! That's exactly why I felt nauseous the first seconds of using v2. The flat design, the lack of clear buttons and text field made me feel like using the Adobe suite that lacks a good visual UX that gives a warm feeling while using the app. Then I saw the Export panel and I wanted to barf...
  7. They tweeted a reply to me about the export panel and they're working on it and they will push an update to it later.
  8. I think the 40% discount is more than fair. Even if that's for everybody. Not rewarding v1 users is understandable for them to keep an attractive price for everyone with no subscription.
  9. Those new icons, I agree it's better for most of them. But not the stoke panel ones, imho.
  10. I made two screen recordings that shows pull down menu vs. the icon menu for exporting, and the bad choice of a scrolling interface. v1: v2:
  11. I don't want to know but I can only imagine. An Electron app... yeah... scrolling hell
  12. Yes, but now you have to scroll and resize the export window to see them all. Why not having those settings on the right of the other settings? Modern UI seems to be done for vertical screens... Like the new Systems Preferences in macOS Ventura. Everything is vertical and behind a scroll wall...
  13. I like the new icons because they are more vibrant and colorful. But they still are in the new flat design way that f* up the entire UI and I understand your point of view. v1 made me think I was using a robust app : While v2 make me feel I'm using a badly designed app with no Human Interface in mind. I don't know, that's the flat design that gives me the creeps...
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