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  1. Hello, I think the icons for Curved and Barbed arrows has been switched with the last two Triangle arrows options. I think it was also the case in beta, but I'm not sure I don't have a retina display so sorry for the « low » resolution screenshot
  2. Hello! First, I'm very glad to see that 1.7 has arrows! I'm a physics teacher and that saves me a lot of time in drawing vectors However, that would be great to have the options “Place arrow within the line/Place arrow and the end of the line” independent for the Start and End of a stroke. That would help a lot in drawing vectors. For exemple, the application of the force is usually represented by a point and I like it to be centred on a very specific point while I like the arrow not centred but his tip on a specific point. Thanks!
  3. Yes, that's what the stroke might actually do and I understand why it's not trivial to achieve. But what I meant is, when we have a stroke at a certain width, we can see the limit of the stroke. This limit is, I suppose, a curve that Designer compute for rendering on screen and printing. And I guessed it's done in a different way so we can't get it as is. Or it's just not implemented.
  4. Thank you, that worked! I was indeed working from a picture of about 250 x 250 pixels in 72 DPI that I opened in Affinity to reproduce a character on it. Just for the test, I chose 6 decimals of precision and scaled up my document to the max I could (256000 px). The stroke expansion took a fews seconds to compute and there's now an army of node points That's interesting. I now just need to scale just a little bit up like 10x or 100x. Thanks! However, it would be interesting to understand why the Affinity team can't « extract » the curve that is generated to render the stroke width.
  5. Well I'm not the OP of this thread and since my knowledge of Affinity Designer is very very low, maybe there was another way to do it precisely that I wasn't aware of...
  6. Well, "Convert to Curves" is precise and I use it. However "Expand Stroke" is not always precise, unfortunately. That's what I use now but I have to correct the path by hand after. You can see the difference in my screenshots. The red object is the stroked that I expanded with that function. You can see the difference with the yellow stroke. Thanks anyway for you reply
  7. Well I'm looking for creating a bezier path of the stroke outline, similar to outlining some characters. No pixels
  8. Hello! It's been 4 years and a half since this thread began. Is it implemented yet? If yes, I can't find how to to it :) Thanks!