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  1. randomjames

    Serious issues with 1.7.2 vs 1.7.1

    Here's a better image of the T-Mobile comparison. Each art board has issues in 1.7.2; it's as if the work that was done with it wasn't saved, however it is present in 1.7.1. I really appreciate you looking into this!
  2. randomjames

    Serious issues with 1.7.2 vs 1.7.1

    Here's an updated image from the Continental deck to focus on the problematic art boards... I'll upload the working file to you dropbox...
  3. randomjames

    Serious issues with 1.7.2 vs 1.7.1

    Ok, one more... I've opened another file in 1.7.2 and have seem more oddities: layers that won't show, page headers not visible, colours not showing properly...
  4. randomjames

    Serious issues with 1.7.2 vs 1.7.1

    Jon, here are a couple more files for troubleshooting: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l39sty4fkvbwqzp/Troubleshooting 1.7.1.afpub?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vrfp4ylebuawbvq/Troubleshooting 1.7.2.afpub?dl=0 I've found that by hiding some of the layers that aren't showing properly, the page headers that aren't visible will reappear.
  5. randomjames

    Serious issues with 1.7.2 vs 1.7.1

    For additional background, the images were originally put together by a colleague in Photoshop. I've never had an issue in the past with dropping Ps files into Affinity apps—the only issue I've seen is with Color Fill layers, which behave weirdly. Also, I've noticed that the file loads in 7 seconds in 1.7.1 when the app is closed compared to 45 seconds in 1.7.2 when the app is closed.
  6. randomjames

    Serious issues with 1.7.2 vs 1.7.1

    Hi Jon, thanks for taking a look at this. When you open the file in 1.7.2 you'll notice significant differences from 1.7.1. If you move and zoom around the document you'll see colours flickering and changing as well.
  7. Today I built and edited a file in 1.7.2. It contains a combination of linked files and image groups. I used StudioLink throughout the process to edit pixel layers and correct colours. My computer was slowing down so I restarted it. When I reopened the file, layers and pages appeared as if I hadn't done any work at all; linked images and image groups were as if they'd been reset to their original appearances. To troubleshoot, I opened the file in 1.7.1. There, it looked just as I'd left off in 1.7.2. However, I no longer had access to StudioLink so I had to edit the pixel layers by copying and pasting into Photo then copy / pasting back to the embedded file in Publisher. This is a serious issue for my workflow. I'd like to step back to 1.7.1 until there's a fix for this, however my versions of Designer and Photo were purchased at the Mac App Store and I'm not sure how to step them back to the previous versions. Below are images that show the difference between the two files... Help?!
  8. I'm working on a large project with multiple art boards. Since updating to 1.7.2, some of the masks and layer groups are broken and causing issues, which I can't seem to fix. Below are links to two files containing four art boards—each with problematic components—one saved in 1.7.1 the other in 1.7.2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l39sty4fkvbwqzp/Troubleshooting 1.7.1.afpub?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vrfp4ylebuawbvq/Troubleshooting 1.7.2.afpub?dl=0 When opening the large file in 1.7.2, I encountered the message below, and the file failed to save as well.
  9. randomjames

    Intermittent Leading Issues

    Damn... you're right. Leading Override was on and set to an arbitrary number. Not sure how I'd overlooked that, as I'm aware of that function... Also not sure how it became set to a value different than the default, as I'm pretty sure I'd just copy/pasted the text from elsewhere... Anyway, that seems to be sorted now... thanks!!!
  10. Experiencing some intermittent issues in Designer with leading. The text in the attached file does not change when the leading values are adjusted. Leading.afdesign
  11. I am also experiencing leading issues in Designer.
  12. @MEB ... I'm trying to get my company to switch from the Adobe CC to Affinity... but missing features like this make it a real challenge to convince my colleagues to make the jump. Is there any way I / the community can encourage / bribe the devs to make this common task more simple? Some apps allow a modifier + mouse click to delete a node (proper delete, not just remove node). We don't need much just basic vector features: Delete node Delete segment Knife / scissors Find same fill / stroke weight /colour P L E A S E !!! We're begging!!! LOL
  13. Hi Affinity, Would be super handy to have an arrowhead like the example attached for making dimension lines. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  14. Switching between the Designer and Photo personas in Publisher is even sweeter with a keyboard shortcut. I've set mine to Control + D and Control + P (on the Mac), but you can set your own to whatever you like. Then change the shortcut set from Publisher to either Designer or Photo and add a shortcut for the Publisher persona. I chose Control + R. Enjoy!
  15. Make sure to open Designer and Photo when Publisher is also open. This will activate StudioLink for the first time.

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