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  1. I agree that a way to modify brush hardness with the mouse is good, however it should be IN ADDITION to a keyboard shortcut. I still use Photoshop occasionally for work and it's massively convenient to adjust brush size and harness with the keyboard at the same time. If there were a keyboard binding to brush hardness in place, you could easily set it whatever key is most convenient to you. That is all that I'm asking for
  2. @Fixx I'm not sure how SHIFT + [ / ] aren't universally usable, could you explain that to me? It seems to me those would be at least if not more universal than CTRL + ALT + Left Mouse up / down. And yes, *if we had* key access we could reassign them. I really wish that the Affinity team would add a keyboard binding to brush hardness!
  3. Hey @Fixx, thanks for your response. I should have been more clear. Yes, I can use the keyboard + mouse setting as you mentioned, but for some reason when I release the mouse, the cursor moves down to the bottom of the screen, which is incredibly annoying and makes it impossible for me to use the feature. In Photoshop, the same keyboard [ and ] buttons are used to control the brush size, and SHIFT + [ or ] can quickly modify the hardness. A similar or the same key combination in Affinity's apps would be highly practical and greatly welcome. Until I can figure out why my computer is behaving in this weird way, I am forced to use the hardness setting in the Content toolbar to control the hardness and it's very inefficient.
  4. Hello Affinity, The [ and ] keys are used to modify brush size up and down. Can you please consider adding a modifier to these keys for brush hardness? I know we have the CMD + ALT plus left mouse button drag up / down for this, but (for some reason, this does not work properly on my computer) and is not as simple as as a basic keyboard + modifier shortcut. THANK YOU AND PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
  5. @MEB I still haven't been able to figure this one out, but as an aside, could I make a request for a brush hardness keyboard shortcut? Just like brush size can be adjusted with the square brackets, could possibly shift + square bracket or something similar be included in a future update to modify the brush hardness? That'd be super. Thanks!
  6. Hi @Jon P, I tried @T. Payton's advice about and set Paste to not store clipboard data from Affinity apps. This seems to have done the trick for now. Cheers, you two!
  7. Hey MEB, I don't think I have any menu apps or 3rd party utilities running or installed that would modify the mouse settings. I just created a new user on my computer and tried there. The problem is not present on the other user, so something must be going on with my main user account.
  8. Hi Affinity, The new keyboard + mouse method to adjust the brush size and or hardness is very cool. However, when I release the mouse, my cursor locates at the bottom of my screen. Is this the by design? It makes the function unusable. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!
  9. Hmm! Hi Jon, I do use the Paste clipboard manager. Could that be the problem?!?! https://pasteapp.io
  10. Hi Jon, I've uploaded the one shown in the video, the Sleeve Stripe Bomber and the Knit Bomber Jacket. The Ottoman Mixed Media Jacket is embedded, for a comparison.
  11. Hi Jon, thanks for looking at this. I'm uploading my file now. It's, uh, a little on the large side....
  12. Hi Affinity, I am working with a large document that contains many linked / embedded files. Double-clicking on a linked item that looks one way in the file, opens a linked file that can look quite different. If I embed the file instead, then double-click to open it, I can see the layers as they appear in the main file. But, then when I click on any layer... CRASH! Screen_Recording_2020-03-18_at_8_23.36_PM.mov
  13. Hi Affinity, I've been having a very frustrating couple of days. I'm seeing two issues, I will start another topic for the other one: linked / embedded files not behaving as expected. Anyway, when I open an embedded file, rearranging layers, turning off layer visibility, and copying layers is causing Publisher to crash. Please fix this.
  14. I've also noticed that file recovery does not function as usual with these crashes.
  15. Photo just crashed as well. I can only assume it's related. Here's the crash report, if it's helpful. I've also uploaded the Photo file. Crash-109268-2.txt
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