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  1. Affinity keeps adding new features. This makes the performance problem increasingly difficult to detect. I would stop adding functions to the application and urgently solve this error (at least it works as well as V1)
  2. Gentlemen, Automated testing. So they won't forget anything. Yes, I know they use them, but I would add that it is better to wait than to present software with errors.
  3. totally agree, you are absolutely right. Please hire professional testers. Don't use your customers. There are users who have worked very hard to submit malfunction reports. And they don't do it because they want to, but because the application doesn't work.
  4. These colors irritate. I don't know why they changed. they were perfect. Those red buttons (error messages) burn my eyes, they distract me and I don't take it off because I have to use them. The interface with the blue markup was perfect. If something works why change it. They just change things that people were happy with. Now they have unhappy users for modifying the interface.
  5. it has grown because it is a killer software (freehand, fireworks). Affinity V1, you don't have to think to start using it. I've used Photoshop and Illustrator for 15 years and I still don't like their interface. People move to affinity because it's so easy to use and hooked. If affinity starts to look like adobe, I prefer adobe because it has better tools. I use affinity because I feel very comfortable and that's important. That being said I don't like V2.
  6. You're right. I don't know why, but V2 doesn't hook me. I don't care about opening V2 than Illustrator. V1 could not stop using it. that version was addictive.
  7. you're right. Looking at the layers panel makes me dizzy. The type of layer is information that is not necessary. And that point is not understood what it is. On the other panel you didn't have to think. This new one saturates my brain. I want to enjoy, not think. Affinity don't be Adobita. UI V1 is better, it frees up memory to think about our projects, and not waste time on the program.
  8. vector patterns with symbols, that would be great. It would attract more users such as fashion designers. very useful also for any type of design.
  9. Very good Affinity, I like the idea of not creating new panels like adobe and using the same ones we know. I wish it could be filled with vector symbols. With that we would have solved the vector patterns. It would be an amazing dream.
  10. export quality is bad in Designer and Publisher if you compare it to photoshop or illustrator. And the weight much higher than in those applications. Solution: I have to export it as pdf for printing and import it with Illustrator and export to png. Also a screenshot has more quality than the export. Please, affinity, can you improve this? I also think it is urgent. I do not think it is very accurate to say that we use another application. Sooner or later all users will have the same problem.
  11. now I have to constantly be looking at the keyboard to press those 3 keys. Most of the applications I use work with Ctrl+Y. You needed adobeilustrators to feel at home.
  12. sorry, I meant Ctrl + Y (redo). After 5 years, why do we have to configure it now? please leave that as it was.
  13. and the one that does not have v1? v2 is back to the past. Incomprehensible, users testing the application.
  14. The same thing happens to me V2 is not intuitive. For example, the export person will not be used. In V1 I use it perfectly. Another example is all the unnecessary information in the layers panel that makes you dizzy, in v1 the layers panel was perfect and very minimalist, don't make me think. Layer styles have disappeared, there are only a few. Double clicking on the magnifying zoom no longer puts it at 100%. Cannot be undone with Ctrl + Z as standard, 5 years using the shortcut and now you have to set it by hand. Modern interface? It's the same but more complicated and you have to do more steps. I am not commenting on the performance because now it is not usable as before with any equipment and it blocks as if the frames per second dropped, it slows down. Affinity, people who use Adobe and others are here because they want a "Don't make me think" interface. We can pay triple but keep it simple. At the moment I continue with V1.
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