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  1. I like 90's music and films... but I don't want to go back to 90's desktop publising software.
  2. I can't think of a more BASIC and NECESSARY feature for Publisher. And more knowing that previous programs of Serif (PagePlus X9) implemented it. Do you understand something? Not me...
  3. I agree with all you say. My first option was the Appearance menu, but there you can't do nothing with groups. Maybe some day
  4. Thanks, Debra, but this is the solution that I'm using right now and the one I want to avoid ;).
  5. Hi! I wish to apply a stroke to the contour of a group (formed by some objects). There's a way to do it without creating a merging object with all the grouped objects and moving it back (indeed, that's the way I'm doing now...)
  6. The new V2 UI is more likely in some aspects (like monochromatic icons, I like it) but in others are a lot worse. For example, that icons to select type of paragraph alignment or table cell strokes. I upload 2 examples, V1 version: V2 version: In V2 version is almost indistingible what are you selecting. I must move back and front my laptop screen and my head, like a little owl! In both versions, anyway, when you select a field to fill with a value, the blue remark around the field box is so small that is dificult to see. It must to be very evident what field are you selecting. I encourage our Affinity friends to fix that little things that do the Affinity Experience a bit (or very) dissapointing.
  7. I have the same problem in Windows 10, 8 Gb RAM, working with empty tables, setting up them it crashes randomly. I can't say very much, no problems in V1.
  8. The trick is in the Export Persona. You create a sector containing all the pages that form the spread (only the pages, don't need the bleed) and export that sector to pdf. That's all. You'll have the complete spread with bleed and cropmarks if you select them.
  9. Hi! I would like to suggest to the Affinity team to use the UI style light in the tutorials, as not on all the screens where I have seen them (iphone, ipad and desktop monitors) it is seen with the ideal clarity. Thanks!
  10. Hi! It is very annoying not to be able to resize that window and work with more than a handful of sections. I can't find any reason to make this window with fixed size. Is it possible to make this window resizable? Thank you! Windows 10 + Affinity V2 Universal License
  11. COPY / PASTE from Scripting Forum, TonyB (Moderator): Affinity will support Javascript and also have a 'C' based API binding interface that people can use to write plugins. We will also have the ability to create UI to support their scripts and plugins with dialogs and panels. We have a team developing this but the amount of work is very large so unfortunately users will need to be patient. Crystal clear, mates.
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