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  1. Hi Gabe! No prob, you don't need to apologize. 1: Yes, I was confused with that behaviour. Your explanation puts it black over white 2: I don't know macOS version or screen resolution, I saw a screenshot in another post. I only can say you my environment, Windows 10 and 1366 x 768 (laptop). Thank you for your response! Greetings from Spain, Jose
  2. I refer to this window. It's only useful for pdf forms? Sorry, I believed that was for more general uses.
  3. I agree with you, absolutly! A challenge is a challenge, but I can`t get the point to do DM with a table that you can import and format directly... My DM usual tasks are to make certificates (mixing fixed text, data merged and 1 picture), bussiness cards and customizing comercial post or brochures.
  4. Ahhh ok. I'm trying new things, but I have found something: if you see the combined data using your file, every record in the page have HIS OWN copy of the original frame created with DM node tool. So you have so many frames, and SO MANY TABLES, than records. You can`t get row colour alternance 'cause every record is THE FIRST ROW in his own table. Even more: you can create a DM node with 2 rows, and add text frames in both with different paragrap styles (= colour), but you will have the same result. Finally, I can get this: How? I have created 4 DM nodes, and I have popul
  5. Thats a view of your file, combined, with the data merge node moved to the right: I have applied the table style to the table that you have loaded into the node. The columns and text colours are respected, not the rows fill. But you have the other table to do that. Now I have adjusted the tables to a better look. Is that what are you looking for?
  6. Oh, yes, my fault, I worked styles on table definition. I will try again later.
  7. Maybe this? You must create different text styles to every cell format, with his own color... If you press Text / Style arrow in Edit table format, you can create new styles on the fly. I hope that helps you. If yes, a 'Like' is welcome
  8. Something like that? Your DM node is behind the table (one) that I have created. It's very rough, I'm only trying things.
  9. So you put a real table behind the DM node to provide the colours that DM doesn't allows to apply. That's what I was thinking that can be a better solution than the previous you used before, but you showed it before I can say. Good work.
  10. By the way, the Windows version shows me the Data Merge Manager window in this way (and I cant resize it): I have seen OSX version and shows entire window, no needed scroll bar. I'm using Beta in my laptop, 1366 x 768. Enough free screen, I think... Trying Beta, I see that others windows are cutted away, too. And this can't be scrolled... I can't acces to the 2 buttons at bottom.
  11. I have tried to combine data from 2 files. This time I used 2 excel files, previously I tried one xlsl file and one csv one, without result. I click second file fields but they arent added to the text frame. Now I can add fields from both files, but if I have Preview activated in both files, Publisher only shows and combine one of them. If I have preview disabled on both files, I can see both placeholders, but if I press Generate, only fields from first file are shown in combined file. EDIT: I'm sorry, AFP doesn't combine only data from first file. Every excel file have 3 record
  12. Happy to hear it I tried your excel file and crashed on my system, too. In Indesign (using Unicode TXT export from Excel 2019) not problem at all, combined all data. I can't see anything strange in your excel file (or exported txt), so i can't give you an answer. Bring your file to Serif crew, tehy can do tests with it. By the way, I have tried again to combine data from 2 files. This time I used 2 excel files, previously I tried one xlsl file and one csv one, without result. I click second file fields but they arent added to the text frame. Now I can add fields from both
  13. One thing: you can import more than one file into Data Merge Manager, but can you import fields from more than one file into the same document? Im trying and i can't, neither all fields in the same text frame or every file in his frame. I have tried with two files with same structure and can double click fields from both files, but AFP only combine data from first file in Fields panel.
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