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  1. True, you MOVE the page you're dropping between the pages of the spread.
  2. You must not apologize, we understand the current circunstances. Thanks, Dan, and Happy new year!!
  3. Hi all, and Merry Christmas! I want to know if there is a way to add metadata read from an image to fill in a caption, for example. I use to do it a lot in Indesign, it saves me a lot of time and errors. Thanks!
  4. I agree with all of you. Object styles that you can't edit are almost usefull. That is a great Indesign feature, 'cause you can even apply text styles (+ next style - it saves us a lot of time!!). Another MUST HAVE.
  5. I agree. But if you can create a style with them, you can apply it in data merge without problems, I think. Ah, ok, thanks!
  6. Thanks for your support, Bruce. Nope, I wish to include this option in a PARAGRAPGH STYLE, under Capitals: Who use (or even understand) Titling or Unicase options?? The options of Text / Capitalisation menu are more natural and useful, but we cant apply them in a paragraph style, as you can do in Indesign (and other pro apps). I hope you have it clear now . Greetings, Jose
  7. Hi all Yes, I have seen a request like this, but the solution seems a bit unreal for me. It doens't really matter if Serif implemented the feature in Text/Capitalization like an action or whatever, or how other brands have implemented it. That really matters is that isn't logic (for me, of course) that a text format option can (and must) be applied by hand but not by paragraph style. In the end, all formatting is an action, isn't it? I every year format some dietaries, and I have created various python scripts to generate the fields that I'll add using data merge (sometimes not only texts but images). In Indesign I only need to use paragraph styles to format all the texts (some in all caps, others in title case, whatever client whishes). In Publisher I must generate the texts almost in final format, so I must create one file to every client (or more, if client wants to see more options, and clients ALWAYS want to see more options), or revise EVERY PAGE in EVERY DOCUMENT to apply some text formats manually. Not very efficient, isn't?. And in this world time is never enough (actually is always missing). And this is only one of the lot of possible examples that you must use this feature. So I must continue to use 2 programs when I want to use only 1, because Publisher Data Merge is better than in Indesign (at least it supports double-page spreads, not like the Adobe application). Someone thinks like me? I think yes If so, I look forward to your support in this post. Greetings from Spain, Jose
  8. Hi all. My data: Windows 10 (updated today) Hardware acceleration OFF Publisher version: My problem: When I use Data Merge Manager and try to use Page Range (From To) in Merge Pages, if I try to change the page using the up or down arrows, the value changes to the final page in the document after show briefly the value -2147483648. Then, you can click whatever arrow you wish, the page's number doesn't change (but every time you click it, you can see -2147483648). I have attached a video that show it perfectly. Strange, it's not it?? Greetings from Spain, Jose Publisher bug.mp4
  9. Nope! In InDesign you can export the doc as spread or as individual pages. You don't need to create multi and single page versions of the same doc. We all know that there's another way to do it without spreads of more than 2 pages. But like we have say, it's a practice very prone to errors, and more difficult to make changes in the width of pages. I see it almost every day at work, working on client's book covers designed in Illustrator, for example. So yes, i'm sorry to say, but this feature is a MUST in every pro publising software, and Publisher haven't. Yet.
  10. Every time I see there's a new version of Publisher, I install it and I run to see if "spreads of more than 2 pages" is between the new features. And, every time, I end up disappointed. I swear, I can`t understand why this feature isn't implemented yet, when Serif PagePlus X9, the grandfather of this Publisher, have got it...
  11. Hi Mark! Good explanation, the best i have seen until now, about why we can see multiple sources at Fields window. Thanks!
  12. Hi mate! I had the same confusion. Like moderator Gabe answers me, Hi @Jose Alvarez, Sorry for the delayed reply. You may be confused by the fact you can only preview one data source at once and previewing one will hide the other. If you turn off all previews you will see the field placeholders. The preview works that way because that's what will happen for the output. You can only merge a page with one source at once. Merging 2 different sources is not an option. Maybe the window should only show the file chosen to merge.
  13. I refer to this window. It's only useful for pdf forms? Sorry, I believed that was for more general uses.
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