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  1. Gorgeous set of tools again. Thanks, Stuart!
  2. The suite of three apps is already pro (but still in 'early' development -- version 1.x) and is competitively priced. That's why I and so many others joined the Affinity project. Fundamental changes in marketing and development strategy at this stage might not be appreciated by the presently loyal user base.
  3. Go to https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/ and log in via 'My Account." Click on 'Downloads & product keys' and scroll down to the 'Iconic Fonts'' download button.
  4. Thank you, Stuart! You are so incredibly creative and productive.
  5. Thank you! I like all three of them. Very useful.
  6. They look very nice and useful. Thank you for sharing them!
  7. Much more than an attempt: a big success and immediately bookmarked! Thanks so much, malayali, for this great resource!
  8. I don't see that behavior in my setup but it might be something for the devs to look into.
  9. As far as your first point is concerned, I don't quite get what you mean by 'the glyph browser stays empty". With regards to the glyph browser not showing the complete character when it is too large, I notice this as well. Indeed, trying to get the right glyph is quite a hit and miss in those cases.
  10. 😀 Thanks for the further clarifications. I'll be honest, I use the brushes but don't tinker too much with them....
  11. A few new techniques, as in, not part of the manual or other user guides?
  12. And you keep them coming! Thank you, Stuart, for your enormous creativity and craftsmanship, as well as boundless generosity!
  13. Wow, these look beautiful and are very detailed and adjustable! Great presentation, too. Thank you so much!
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