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  1. I would say it's a bug. Blue shouldn't turn into green when the opacity is adjusted. If doing the same thing with a yellow stroke (not outline), the behavior is as expected when changing the opacity.
  2. Very nice effect, smaldell! Thanks!
  3. You're the best, Trent! Thank you for these practical and enlightening tutorials!
  4. I also notice a lag in APh brushes that I don't see in, e.g., Xara Designer Pro. Funny thing is, I don't see this lag in Affinity Designer neither in the vector nor pixel persona.
  5. This YouTube tutorial might help you create a wintery effect. In addition to thomaso's brush above, these brushes for drawing fallen/laying snow might be just what you need to turn your picture into a perfect Xmas scene.
  6. I really appreciate your tutorials, Trent! They're snappy, yet packed with lots of information and tips.
  7. You contradict yourself, Wim. the OP actually asks for something new, not for a fix.
  8. I would be nice if Affinity Photo, next to filter plugins, could also handle automation plugins, allowing plugins such as Topaz Photo AI to send back enlarged photos.
  9. Great video again. Thanks. One thing, though, the perspective of the 'walkway' text looks a bit off compared to the 'stop' text. The latter seems to lie a bit flatter while the former seems to point more upwards. Might be the font and its size....
  10. In addition to the blur effect, the Erase Brush Tool might come in handy in creating the desired feather effect.
  11. Perhaps I misunderstand your remark as you only have to download the lens flare PNGs, drag & drop them in APh and adjust the position and blend mode & options.
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