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  1. Hilltop

    Washi Tape Assets

    Thank you v_kyr, that's one fun set!
  2. Thank you, these look very nice.
  3. Thanks, but I'm not really clear. Is this the old set, as it mentions version 1.6, or is it the new set and should it say 1.8?
  4. Thank you v_kyr. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!
  5. Hilltop

    Xmas Trees

    I had forgotten about them. Aren't they beautiful!
  6. Good for you, you guys deserve it to take some rest. Enjoy the Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all.
  7. Handjojo, you managed to get the attention of the authorities here, so I'm sorry, but no deal. 😉
  8. Just received it. It's my first Affinity Workbook. It's gorgeous and will be very useful for me to get better acquainted with Publisher. Thank you team!
  9. Thanks for the links. Indeed, no reasons given and nothing new to make me any wiser. I'd better drop the issue but surely someone will fire it up again somewhere in the future...
  10. It might actually be interesting for users to set up the device themselves because they can fully customize it to their needs. Problem might be which icons to use for the various keys. Perhaps a company like SideShowFX might be a source. They already make LoupeDeck icons for various apps, as well as for Affinity Photo (not for LoupeDeck but for TouchPortal and StreamDeck).
  11. Sure, but if people here want out-of-the-box Affinity support, they would have to talk to LoupeDeck and not Serif, as some did earlier in this thread.
  12. So, I guess you'll have to go to LoupeDeck and ask them for Affinity-app support. It doesn't seem to be a Serif issue.
  13. I quickly browsed the results of your link but could not really find anything pertinent. Could you give the link to Affinity's answer to this question that has been discussed 'many times before?' I take issue with you that my question doesn't belong in this thread because it's in this thread that you announce the upcoming publication of the Publisher workbook, upon which I immediately ordered the book. I am looking forward to its delivery, but I also would like to work with a digital version because a 'coffee table style book' is not the ideal medium to use as a workbook. I must say I don't quite understand your reply.
  14. Patrick, would you care to explain why a digital version will not be available? A "No" is always easier to accept if an explanation is given. Now users can only conjecture as to Affinity's reasons, such as copyright and royalty issues. I'm sure Affinity appreciates the fact that (many) users prefer working with a digital version. Some reasons are: the already mentioned search function, no large desk footprint, increased portability, updateable by Serif as new app features come out, lower price, no shipping issues. I'm sure the list is longer. You see, I need a good story for when people see me in front of my computer screen with a big how-to book and wonder what has happened to me. 🙂 And a proper justification for myself at all those times the book will have become a bit more outdated as I download a new APub version, starting with 2.0. 😞
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