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  1. Oops, I was about to correct my post but you beat me to it. I must say, it's difficult sometimes to keep track of the different functions and features in the different apps.....
  2. Go to Text on the menu bar and select Show Special Characters.
  3. Hilltop


    To toggle the grid on and off, use this key combination (Windows): Ctrl+'
  4. @AndyQ Sometimes a workaround is the only way to go forward. I'm sure the brushes will get some more attention from the devs but probably not any time soon.
  5. You can change the 'Rotation' setting to adjust the angle. You can also do this with the left and right arrow keys.
  6. Hilltop

    Simple hatching styles | Einfach Schraffur Stile

    Thank you, Norbert, very nice and useful!
  7. Hilltop

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    407 and counting... These are very nice, thank you so much dcarvalho!
  8. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/
  9. Not many and I'm sure it will be addressed in an upcoming update. Until such time workarounds will have to do.
  10. Thanks for the acknowledgment but apologies are not necessary.
  11. Elements will not shift automatically and you wouldn't want that to happen anyway because you placed them purposefully. You may have to add a page or make adjustments (resizing, deleting) to some of the other elements to make room.
  12. But what happens to the added object when other text is added to the body? Doesn't the object then sit in the wrong place as this isn't linked to a particular position in the text?
  13. Aha, I see. Would indeed be a nice feature.