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  1. Or press the spacebar and keep in depressed for as long as you need a clear view.
  2. From the Help file: "Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform. Try this if you are experiencing performance issues with the default option."
  3. Have you tried to select Preview Mode on the Toolbar at the top?
  4. Perhaps good to just do a little trial & error. You drag & drop the second image away from the image in the picture frame to prevent it from replacing it. Then you can move it over the first image which you can resize by double-clicking it. Once you have satisfactorily positioned both images within the boundaries of the picture frame, group the picture frame and the second image.
  5. Don't drag&drop the image onto the other image but next to it. Then move it with the Move tool. You can resize both pictures by double-clicking on them. Once you're done, you can group the two pictures and return to the Publisher Persona.
  6. What about compositing the two images in Photo, export the result and then place it in your Publisher file?
  7. Wosven means that you can also use two picture frames instead of one, place them side by side and trim/crop them.
  8. You can just drag & drop the picture into the file you're working on.
  9. Place one of the photos in a picture frame and use the Photo Persona (assuming that you have Affinity Photo installed). There you can add the second picture and do additional editing. Once you're done, return to the Publisher Persona.
  10. Aha, a work in progress...
  11. Have you tried the 'Tiled' option in the 'Model' drop-down window in the File/Print dialog?
  12. Interestingly enough, Affinity file formats are not listed as recognized by XnViewMP: https://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/#formats