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    Masking Issues

    OMG, or "Allah Allah" as they say in my country ( Turkish Cyprus ). I have my logo now and can do whatever I want with it. This is really the Egg of Columbus story : I'm the King of the Hill now. The symbol on the right is called a "Nazar", the ubiquitous Devil Eye in East Mediterranean, supposed to protect you from the demons, always. May it protect you all as well. Thanks to you all to show me the way. Dominique
  2. Dominique Prudhomm

    Masking Issues

    And changing the Blending Mode, the Radius or the offset does not change anything. Same for the Fill knocking checkbox. I'm lost in this jungle.
  3. Dominique Prudhomm

    Masking Issues

  4. Dominique Prudhomm

    Masking Issues

    Not embarrasing at alI ( I feel myself like an idiot most of the time ) I created those shapes in Sketch, which I am more familiar than AD . You can round every point of your shape, then substract another shape. You have to be very precise but it works well Having said that I feel like an idiot, this is the proof: What did I do wrong, following FirstDefence solution ?
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    Masking Issues

    Ok ok when I say very close I mean I have to adapt my file to this. Don't take it badly, I spent hours trying and trying and got almost crazy. Did the same experiment in Sketch, and no way. Thanks, Beautiful Minds, to help me understand Dominique
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    Masking Issues

    Almost, but very close, I will experiment with that. Thanks so much !
  7. Hi There, and thanks in advance to anyone who will help me to understand how it works ( or never will ) - I'm using two shapes, identical, with a gradient in each (1 Original shapes) - The left one I added a shadow to separate it from the one at right - I want to keep only the overlapping part of that shadow, on the shape at the right and make the rest of the shadow invisible, so I can composite the result on whatever background I choose. - A simple mask does not work (2 Mask Positive) - A negative mask ( shape punched in a rectangle ) works mainly, but I can only use it with a flat background and use the same flat color fir the mask (3 Mask negative) I hope this makes sense, and that there is a solution other than rasterize... Again Thanks to anyone who can shed a light on this Dominique
  8. Thank You drphoto. That answers my question. As much as I love Affinity Photo, and as an Apostle, trying to convert my corporate clients to switch, things like this one are a real pain to explain ("Are You Serious? Cropping to a pixel size not possible anymore?) Ok I will live with it for the time being, but frankly...when you have dozen of files to export correctly every day, cropping should be quite basic, right ? Anyway, I don't live in the Bahamas, so my life does not depend on that: It's just very annoying. Again Thanks for your time replying to me. It confirms that I'm not that idiot after all. Dominique
  9. Hi There, Firstly I apologize if I ask something that has already been answered in this topic - or another. I did read a lot of posts in this thread, but I'm still confused. As a Web Designer working in Affinity Photo 1.7.1 on MacOS Mojave, I have dozens of templates, but this on summarize my question: - My document size is 1500px by 1500px in 72dpi - I want to crop it to 1000px by 1000 px still in 72dpi (no resample needed then ). That works perfectly, but it's time consuming to input the parameters each and every time. - I want to save this as a crop preset. Impossible if I don't choose "resample" in the dropdown menu. - When I apply the preset, it shows my parameters ( 1000 x 1000 in 72 ) but the crop is 1500 x 1500 and if I apply it does not crop, it resample- the typography but not the visual ) Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't comprehend what's happening. I had a bunch of presets like that in the previous version of Affinity - all lost by now., how nice is that... Thanks to anyone who would take the time to shed a light on this. Dominique
  10. Dominique Prudhomm

    The file could not be opened because permission was denied.

    So. - Affinity doesn't launch suddenly, and hang indefinitely without any error message at all. - If you want to launch an Affinity File you get " Permissions Denied" as a fantastic message. And all that because you have too many Fonts activated ?! Thanks to this Forum to spare my Life, because I spent three hours figuring out this one. "Permissions Denied" Very useful message, Thank You very Much.