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  1. Great design! They might like it enough at VW to put it into production.....
  2. I'm just learning about Blend Options/Ranges. I tried your settings and played around with them a bit but haven't succeeded yet to get a satisfactory result. Thanks for bringing this option to my attention, though!
  3. Brilliant guys, that did it! Thanks for your help! Earlier I had tried to apply a B-C adjustment to the photo but that didn't work too well. Applying it to the texture is the way to go.
  4. I have this paper texture that I would like to apply to a photo so that it looks as if it was printed on this paper. I tried different adjustment layers and blend modes in APh but each time the photo becomes too dark or too light and loses contrast. Is there a way to prep the paper texture so that I can maintain the overall quality of the photo? I need this paper texture because it's part of a larger design and the creases and spots continue in it.
  5. Thanks Komatös, I didn't know that one. For those who use the PrintSc/PrtScn button for another app, the Snipping Tool can also be used by clicking the following key combination: Windows logo key + Shift + S
  6. Yes, I am. But as I wrote in my post, I like buttons and right-click context menus. Besides remembering the shortcuts to all those panels is not really feasible nor desirable.
  7. Thanks v_kyr for this early X-mas gift. Much appreciated! I'm gonna make one for my partner's work desk and give it to her at Christmas. 🙂
  8. I must say that I really don't like the UI of the Affinity apps. I like to click buttons and right-click context menus for direct action or access and not having to dive into all sort of submenus. For instance, the fact that you have to click View/Studio before you can access a panel I find quite frustrating. I'm using a wide screen monitor and there's all this empty real estate but hardly any way to customize it to my needs and situation. I found a workaround for the studio panels by grouping them into two clusters and placing them in the empty space next to the menu bar. That helps a bit but I had to make the panel groups quite wide to make sure there's enough empty space on the top bar for me to not hit the 'X' by accident when double-clicking to close them and have the whole group disappear. With the new Studio Presets that's less of a problem but still. Of course the wide panels are difficult to move around and block the design I'm working on, so I have to move around the canvas etc. Let's hope they're redesigning the apps interfaces for version 2 and make them much more customizable so that each user can create their optimal workspace!
  9. For the user guide (with many examples), click the cogwheel and select 'User Guide' at the bottom.
  10. Apologies, Garry. I missed the 'headlines' which are clear as can be....
  11. Kudos on the user guide as well, Garry! Extensive and attractively laid out. What about a 'What's new' when introducing a new version?
  12. Did you try the new version 1.10.4 that came out yesterday?
  13. Just start a new thread again and ask the mods to (re)move this one.
  14. It's better to report this in one of the bug forums: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/71-bug-reporting/ They might even be able to repair a corrupted file.
  15. It doesn't, so that's another issue with MS-Word. The only thing that I could imagine is being able to set multiple spellcheckers per document (such as for various English spellings). To be able to check whether the author of the text didn't mix up spelling inadvertently, (s)he would have to activate/deactivate the various spellcheckers and then go through the text and check each positive.
  16. Auto-detect works in MS-Word, even though not perfectly as it gets confused with two languages in one sentence.
  17. @AdamStanislav Thanks! Works pretty well, allowing also for semi-transparent masking (e.g., in the case of glass).
  18. If you choose to work with beta releases, you'll have to content with bugs. Actually, the whole point of beta releases is to flesh them out. So, thank you for your part in making the regular releases as bug-free as possible!
  19. RevTim, thanks for these wonderful 3 lessons. I'm no math fan either and kind of avoided the whole subject but as now feel more familiar with it, I'm interested in what it can do. PS: I think I found a small error in the above text that I underlined. The formula still has a '7' instead of a 'c'.
  20. Very necessary feature, in my opinion, and it should also have a central control panel in which all these resources can be reviewed and managed, including the option for which app they should be activated.
  21. Walt, does that also work when system folders and files are set to 'hidden'?
  22. You can download the dictionary from here: In case you're using Windows, place the dictionary here: C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries. Since the ProgramData folder is by default invisible, make sure that Windows' hidden files and folders are visible (Open File Explorer from the taskbar. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.) Once you're done, restart the app.
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