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  1. Hilltop

    Create & Edit Masks with Red Overlays

    @smadell That made it clear. Thank you for the video tut!
  2. Hilltop

    Create & Edit Masks with Red Overlays

    Thanks for the explanations, smadell, and for the suggestion to just use the micros....
  3. Hilltop

    16 Neon Styles in assorted colours

    Looking great, summersara, thank you!
  4. Hilltop

    Create & Edit Masks with Red Overlays

    Thank you, smadell, but I somehow cannot wrap my head around the approach and example you present here. I will need some time....
  5. Hilltop

    Sheet of simple jigsaw pieces

  6. Hilltop

    Sheet of simple jigsaw pieces

    Thank you for the useful resource, Garry!
  7. Hilltop

    AffDes&AffPhoto:Protractor (Assets) -re-upload

    Thanks, Catlover, very well done and useful!
  8. Hilltop

    Graphic Novel Effect

    I agree, it gives a nice effect.
  9. Hilltop

    Graphic Novel Effect

    @smadell Thank you for this effect. Looks pretty good. @Steps I looked at the Cartoonize site but couldn't make sense of their product offerings. What is the difference between the various versions?
  10. Thank you for that tip. Didn't know about it and couldn't find it in the Help file.
  11. I see. I added a default style to the various categories. You're right though, a simpler solution would be welcome.
  12. Click on the hamburger icon on the top right of the styles panel and select Remove Category.
  13. Hilltop

    Texture Brush Packs [Dots]

    Amazing brushes, Stuart, giving a lot of design options!
  14. Go to File/Document Setup and check 'Facing pages'.
  15. Oops, I was about to correct my post but you beat me to it. I must say, it's difficult sometimes to keep track of the different functions and features in the different apps.....
  16. Go to Text on the menu bar and select Show Special Characters.
  17. Hilltop


    To toggle the grid on and off, use this key combination (Windows): Ctrl+'
  18. @AndyQ Sometimes a workaround is the only way to go forward. I'm sure the brushes will get some more attention from the devs but probably not any time soon.
  19. You can change the 'Rotation' setting to adjust the angle. You can also do this with the left and right arrow keys.
  20. Hilltop

    Simple hatching styles | Einfach Schraffur Stile

    Thank you, Norbert, very nice and useful!
  21. Hilltop

    Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day

    407 and counting... These are very nice, thank you so much dcarvalho!
  22. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/
  23. Not many and I'm sure it will be addressed in an upcoming update. Until such time workarounds will have to do.
  24. Thanks for the acknowledgment but apologies are not necessary.

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