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  1. Finally a response! Update from my side: I just installed the Affinity suite on my new computer and have exactly the same problem. I now use PowerToys to be able to quickly load any of the three apps.
  2. A treasure trove! Thanks so much for all these how-tos! Wishing you a Happy New Year!
  3. Go to https://affinity.serif.com/ and log in to your account (click the little person pictogram at the top right. It's not clear whether you own v. 1 or v. 2, so choose the relevant button on the page that opens up and proceed to the download options. Affinity has these EULA conditions: As a private individual, you can download, install, use and run for personal use, one copy of the Serif Software directly on each computer running either (depending on your purchased license) Microsoft Windows (“Windows Computer”) or macOS (“Mac Computer”) that you personally own or control. So, there should be no issue when downloading and registering the app.
  4. This is the first time that I worked with the Table tool and I must say it's not an easy one to master. So, thanks again guys for helping me out here. I created a template for the months and saved it as an asset. Now I can drag & drop a fresh copy for each month and customize it as Anto showed in the video.
  5. Png (unlike jpeg) files support transparency and that's what you want when removing the white background.
  6. Indeed, you mentioned rebooting. So sorry, I hadn't read your post carefully enough. Hope you get the issue sorted!
  7. Shouldn't your page preset be A5? Then you don't have to select 'fit to printable' in the print settings and no resizing will take place.
  8. @walt.farrellWalt, I followed the download directions you linked to and placed the three Dutch dictionary files into C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\2.0\Dictionaries. However, after a restart, there's no option to change the document language. In the Publisher 2 help file, it still lists directions for version 1.
  9. So, you believe that missing out on an imaginary 10 to 20% discount is worth all this racket?
  10. A non-argument as that was the condition under which you originally purchased DAW. Affinity didn't or doesn't offer such a deal as that would be unsustainable knowing that the apps and customer accounts (including the forums) are being and will for years be continually developed and serviced by a team of software engineers and support staff who need to be paid.
  11. Windows 10. Very strange that this new app installation procedure doesn't create desktop (or Start Menu) shortcuts. Skype and NVIDIA Control Panel, by the way, are also installed in the WindowsApps folder and shortcuts can be found in the Start Menu. I followed the directions as mentioned in this FAQ: This works but when I right-click the icons and opt for 'Pin to Taskbar' only empty shortcuts ('black icons') are created there. They work but you first have to hover with the mouse over them to see which app it concerns. Unworkable, so I had to unpin them again but would really like to have quick links in the taskbar again.
  12. Fact is that On1's upgrade came a month before Affinity's, so the time between your purchase and the upgrade was much shorter. However, I can feel your pain. I would approach Sales again and paint the full picture (again) and ask them if you can get a refund for version 1 and pay the current price for version 2.
  13. That's too bad. Did you buy version 1 at the full prices or was it already discounted?
  14. I understand the sentiment but there is a reason Affinity didn't offer a separate upgrade discount and you may have missed their explanation: In addition, Affinity doesn't -- and simply cannot -- cater to everyone's wishes but overall I find the staff very respectful and considerate. Their continued presence on these forums shows to me that they're serious about making the best apps possible and, in the process, develop a healthy and cordial relationship with us. That's how I experience their appreciation of me and all other users.
  15. Here's a quick(er) overview of some of the main new features in Publisher:
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