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  1. Learn how to use the Insertion tools / insert target in Affinity Designer. These tools help you to target where a new object is to be placed in your layers. Cheers
  2. Hello Designer! Check out my Affinity Designer Tutorial on how to use the corner tool and corner type with lots of tips along the way. Hope this helps
  3. Toltec, I am not comparing the programs, I only used PS as an example so that all those using AD could show me how they go about making this grid in their own way, thats why i'm here, to ask questions and learn. I have ceased using PS and Ai, and bought AP and AD when they first came out as I believe this software in amazing (Southend better stock up on ice creams this software is going to be a big hit ) There is a perspective grid in AP which should do the job for the perspective i'm looking for, then i can simply trace (so to speak) in AD. Thanks for all your help guys
  4. Thanks for that I totally get you, I followed your steps and it works, but it took a bit of playing around with the amount of points on the double star. fair play It also reminded me of my school years drawing things like that. Hats off! I'm not sure i'm allowed to include links here, but here is a video of a grid being made in PS, this is the kind of easy and quick way I was referring to
  5. Thanks Gdenby and Callum, Looks like there is currently no way to quickly make this happen. But you have given me inspiration so I thank you for that. I love that 80s style!
  6. Thanks Callum, I appreciate the link, but i was wondering whether it could be made a quicker way by using the grid system on AD and then manipulating afterwards. You can do this on PS, id love to see it on AD!!
  7. Hi all, I'd like to know how to make a vanishing point grid like you would see on 80s movies and games. Anyone here know how to make it on Affinity Designer?
  8. Hi all! Im creating some new raster brushes for use in pixel persona, i'd like to know what your thoughts are on the best dimensions. So far i've been making my document dimensions 1000px by 1000px (300dpi), would you say this is big enough for everyone to be happy or should i make it bigger? thanks a bunch
  9. I would also love to have the option of having editable column based grids just like Waffl explained: 'Is there any way to setup column based grids, for example a 12-column grid with custom gutters and so on? I suppose one could manually create all the guides in the 'Guides manager', but it seems a bit cumbersome.' I tried creating it with the guides but it was too much hassle
  10. Hey guys, I did a design job the other day and was asked which companies used Affinity Designer. It would be interesting to know which companies have switched over completely from illustrator. I know that there is one in Portugal that has made the switch completely. Its still very early days for Affinity but i think its going to go far :) I love it
  11. Hi, I am going to make a set of Icons in the material design style, Has anyone got any tips on what size i should make my document, and what grid i should use etc? i took a look at googles guidlines here and underneath is a snippet, how do i create an edge of 1dp? DP unit gridAndroid expects product icons to be provided at 48dp, with edges at 1dp. When you create the icon, maintain the 48-unit measure, but scale it to 400% at 192 x 192 dp (the edge becomes 4dp).
  12. A_B_C ! Check out the tutorial and overview of my design, thanks for your help, i couldnt remember who to credit in the video but pointed everyone to this forum, cheers. here is the Link
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