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  1. Hi @Alan9940, I see no reason why Merge Visible wouldn’t flatten all the layers (even with multiple adjustments) in a single, new raster layer. Is it happening with other projects too? Maybe you can record a video/post the file you have issues with here, so other users/mods to take a look at it?
  2. I’m a huge fan of the original Star Wars Trilogy too, and this is such an incredible composition, and both versions are absolutely fantastic! Ten times Yes for that, a night time version would look beautiful!
  3. I hope you Linux guys will eventually get Affinity working 100% through Wine. No harm done and Serif gets to sell even more copies at no extra development cost. There’s always some users being against stuff if it’s not benefiting them personally; when I asked for certain missing (and quite crippling) Affinity features on iPad I got the absurd response from a folk here that iPad doesn’t deserve better. Oh well.
  4. The last picture is a very nice cat portrait. Myself I share my home with two ferals (now they’re more or less stray and much more comfortable around humans). I don’t think it’s anything wrong with the way you shared your work here — Thanks for sharing!
  5. Erased; I was criticizing the iPad’s “save bug”; not hidden for the sake of replies’ context.
  6. Erased; I was criticizing the iPad’s “save bug”; not hidden for the sake of replies’ context.
  7. Beta Publisher for iPad before the official release? Highly unlikely (wasn’t the case with either of Photo or Designer for iPad, afaik) but we’re probably a couple of months away from the official release anyways. At which point (after purchase) we’ll hopefully have the option to enroll in the public beta.
  8. That’s a (recent?) Publisher for Desktop presentation recorded with an iPad (judging by the 3 blinking dots at the beginning). There won’t be any video leaks with Publisher for iPad, considering Serif’s secrecy.
  9. Hi @BenjaminBugl and welcome to the forums I tried to join the curves with IPad Pro 2021 and it crashes every time. I moved the curves to a new document and it still crashes the app. Same thing happens with both Photo and Designer. I don’t think too many nodes is the issue but I have no idea why the crashes occur, sorry.
  10. Hi @Mike Swartzbeck, For the Save option to appear inside the document, you must first save the document from outside the project. The Save function does not appear if the document does not have a "physical" save over which you can save over. (I hope that makes some sense.)
  11. Hi @Mainecoon364, you need to activate the snapping function from Nod Tool as well (Snap to geometry of selected curves — will snap moving node to the same or different curve's path or node) https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Tools/tools_node.html?title=Node Tool (Scroll a bit to Snap — Controls node snapping)
  12. Hi @Antor and welcome to the forums I think this post might be useful for you: All the best!
  13. Hi @Mandu, You can add a vote for an Affinity iPad Light Mode here, if you wish It’s one of the most requested features, and something that personally I miss a lot; hopefully we’re not too far away of a release date
  14. My 2gb iPad Pro from 2017 runs everything just as M1 does, I just boot it. Affinity Designer works great. I had half an hour Designer, Photo and Procreate opened and nothing crashed. It still works great. I think it is laughable that people are attempting to defend Apple with this. Studiolink is possible on 4bgram PC’s, as advertise by Affinity itself, and they’re going to tell me that 6gb 2020 Pro with a killer processor is not powerful enough to run 4 apps at the same time?! (the other four are meant for external display) It’s plain and simple planned obsolescence and nothing else. Edit, I brought up Desktop Studiolink only to show that PC can deal with many pro software opened at once, while being much less powerful than iPad Pro 2020. I’m not criticizing Serif at all but Apple.
  15. Hi, Where did you get those rumors from? There are some (?) signals that Studiolink will be announced tonight for iPad (probably tied with the iOS 16 release date, so months away still) but I heard no rumors of 2.0.
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