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  1. @Red Sands, An admin said regarding the removal of the save function “Unfortunately we had an issue with Save within the document burger menu which had the potential to cause some serious issues. We took it out in 2.0.2 as saving from live docs was the safe solution. We plan to put it back once we figure it out.”
  2. Edit, please disregard this post; I had no idea that the the removal of within the document save function is not intentional. The issue was addressed by an admin here: I had issues with corrupted documents in the past and a couple of times I lost a bit of work (could not open the document any longer after, ironically, I closed it to save my work; no more such issues since 2.0.4 update). But regardless of this, getting rid of in-document save is absolutely not a solution and I think that Serif should reconsider this action. I don’t know of a single iPad editor that do not let users to save their work natively within the document. That being said, from what I see it’s still possible to in-document save using an external keyboard (which in my type of work I have to do quite a lot; I’m using personalised shortcuts), and hopefully this will not change.
  3. As far as I can see old posts can no longer be changed after a certain period (I think around two weeks).
  4. @ericosmosNEW, Fortunately it only looks corrupted (it seems to be a visual glitch), so after getting the shapes out there’s nothing wrong with them. It remains the issue of not being able to place and work with linked files in APub.
  5. Hi @ericosmosNEW, I’ve just modified a linked AD design in APub and you are right, none of the changes were retained upon opening the file back in AD. I think you should post a bug report, if you want to. Edit — I could not replicate the bug because I stumbled upon a bigger issue. Every single linked file I tried afterwards gets “corrupted” in APub. Nothing helps to fix the issue, and so far I could not find similar issues reported in the forums. Will reinstall all the apps later when I’ll have the time and I wil post a bug report if this persists. Regards.
  6. @fde101, Thanks for the heads up, I’ve misread it as pen tool 🤦‍♂️ Post hidden.
  7. Hi @EsseEffe, It’s still a bug in 2.0.3; it’s still under investigation according to Serif, but as far as I can tell the standalone apps are not affected, only the StudioLink. You can add to the topic bellow if you have new info and you wish to. Regards.
  8. The second tap adds a new node overlapping the node which ends the previous curve. It’s not document-specific. At least on v2.0.3, M1 iPad Pro 256gb iPadOS 16.2 — all StudioLink personas are affected, but standalone Affinity Designer is fortunately not. Below a comparison between studiolink vs affinity designer. Regards.
  9. Unfortunately this bug is back, but only in StudioLink (it works in the individual apps). Restarting StudioLink does not solve the issue. It is not document specific. I will record a video when I will have the time. Regards.
  10. Hi @Callum, Sorry for the very late reply, I somehow missed this. Closing the document did not reduce the file size. No other documents open. For what is worth I think it was the result of copy/pasting a very large amount of objects, multiple times. Gabe came to the same conclusion 2 or 3 years ago, but I cannot find his post right now (will update this reply if I will). I had no issue in 2.0.3 but I do not do this type of work in affinity anymore either. Regards.
  11. Fantastic illustration, and makes for a great opportunity to revisit Abbey Road. For me it’s perfect as it is.
  12. As OP said, the in-document save options are included in the iPad’s Help manual: Hopefully next year if Serif team will deem this topic worthwhile, we will get an official response on the matter
  13. It’s probably not what you’re looking for, but the only way we can save from within the document is with external keyboard and shortcuts (cmd s for new save/ shift cmd s for new copy — we also can customise these). It’s a strange omission on the iPad to have no virtual options from within the document, and one of the reasons I had to start using an external keyboard.
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